Best Instagram Spy Apps

11 Best Instagram Spy Apps 2024: How to Spy on Instagram DMs

Published on: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 14, 2023

11 Best Instagram Spy Apps 2024: How to Spy on Instagram DMs

Published on: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 14, 2023

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The best Instagram spy app in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is eyeZy!

If your children are quickly growing up and becoming teens, then there’s a good chance that they have probably asked you for a phone over the last couple of years.

As everyone knows with children, once they get something, they want the next thing, and if your children have recently been given phones, there’s a good chance that they also want to jump on Instagram.

They see Instagram as a great way to connect with their friends, and they also see it as a way to potentially make money in the future, considering how many influencers there are out there that are doing this.

However, the issue with Instagram is that it can be incredibly easy to hack into somebody’s Instagram profile, not to mention the number of people posing as teens who are trying to prey on children online.

Of course, if your children are using social media apps like Instagram, you will want to be able to keep track of their online activity, so that you can feel confident that they’re safe.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what we believe to be the best Instagram spy apps that actually work in 2024 so that you can keep track of what your kids are doing online, and have peace of mind as a result.

Best Instagram Spy Apps in 2024

  1. eyeZy🏆 Winner!
  2. mSpy
  3. uMobix
  4. Hoverwatch
  5. Spyic
  6. Glassagram
  7. Spyzie
  8. FlexiSpy
  9. Mobile Spy
  10. iSpyoo
  11. MobiStealth

1. eyeZy

Eyezy - Instagram Spy App

eyeZy can help you with a number of different features when it comes to tracking somebody’s phone, and one of these is being able to spy on their Instagram profile.

This an undetectable Instagram spy app, which means that they are going to help you view direct messages and keep track of what the person is doing on their Instagram profile at all times.

👉 Get eyeZy FREE

They are super budget-friendly, which means that you can make the most of them for less than a dollar a day, and they even offer customer support in more than one language, so that you can stay in touch with them should anything go wrong with the app while you are using it.

You can spy on somebody’s Instagram account through multiple devices, and it is going to send through information about activity on the target device every five minutes so that you can always stay up to date.

2. mSpy

mSpy Instagram Tracker

mSpy is a really good spy app if you want to be able to make sure that you know what your children are sending when it comes to their direct messages.

It’s really good for targeting your kid’s phone and keeping them safe online in general.

This spy app for Instagram offers a number of different features, including being able to manipulate SMS, phone calls, social media, GPS, and more.

👉 Get mSpy FREE

You can easily get into their direct messages on Instagram and their control panel is going to show you all the activity on the target device.

They are compatible with both iOS and Android, and they offer an online checker so that you can see whether your device is capable with their app or not.

The best part is you aren’t going to have to jailbreak the target device in order to use the app.

3. uMobix

uMobix Instagram Spy App

uMobix is a top Instagram spy tool if you want to be able to get full access to someone’s Instagram or Facebook account.

You can also manage their social media profiles and adjust settings according to what you want them to be doing.

👉 Get uMobix FREE

The best part is that they can help you with both iOS and Android and what’s really interesting about this IG spy app is that they always try to be ahead of the curve when it comes to their features, which is why they have some really innovative options, including real-time reporting and an online status indicator.

Their pricing starts at just $29.99, and they also offer new-time customers a free trial.

4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Instagram Tracker

Hoverwatch is another really excellent spy app to use in 2024 that can help both employers and parents remotely monitor devices of employees and children.

They offer their clients a built-in tracking system so that you can gain all-inclusive access to targeted tablets and cell phones.

👉 Get Hoverwatch FREE

They offer a number of different pricing plans, based on whether you were using iOS or Android, and they have extensive features, including phone calls, SMS, location, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media network tracking.

These types of features make it really easy for you to view all your children’s Instagram activity, which means that you can check in on their direct messages, shared links, photos, and more.

One of the best things about this spy app is that you don’t need to jailbreak the phone in order to install the app, but just take note that the Instagram spy feature is only compatible with Android, which means that if you have iOS, you might want to choose another option.

5. Spyic

Spyic Instagram Spy

Spyic is another great choice if you are hoping to obtain someone’s Instagram password really quickly, and you can also monitor what’s going on on the target device so that you don’t have to wonder about what your children are doing online.

Of course, there’s a good chance that your children are going to have more than just Instagram as their social media network, which is why these guys can help you monitor Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more.

👉 Get Spyic FREE

You can also get into your children’s direct messages so that you can monitor in real-time, and you’ll be able to access them later as well with information and a time stamp.

This Instagram spy is compatible with iPads and iPhones, and devices that have Android 4 or higher.

You won’t need to jailbreak the phone to be able to use the app, but if you want to use Instagram spying features, this is necessary.

6. Glassagram


Glassagram is a top tool to use for keeping track of your children online, because it is online software that is designed to help you look at any Instagram profile anonymously, and you’re also going to receive all the necessary information about that Instagram profile.

They say the installation process is super quick, and the best part is that you can check out their features for free and check that the system really works.

They say that the app is going to be ready to be used in just a minute. They also provide their clients with real-time updates, which you will get every five minutes.

This way, you don’t have to miss out on anything that your children are doing online, so you can feel that they are safe and sound.

They also have competitive pricing so there’s a good chance that you aren’t going to find another Instagram spy out there that has a better offer.

At the end of the day, this is one of the best spy apps if you are concerned about what your children are doing online and want to make sure that they are well-protected.

7. Spyzie


Spyzie is another really great choice if you’re looking for a solid option to help you spy on your children’s Instagram profiles because it is super convenient, and it’s going to make sure that you feel safe about what they’re doing online.

They have pricing plans for Android and iOS, and it’s going to help you see anything that the user sees, which means that you’ll be able to monitor their private gallery, direct messages, and feed.

You can also look at real-time messages from the target device and in case you missed vital information, or the chat has been deleted, you can just download this chat from the archive that you will be able to access.

You’ll be able to track messages, phone calls, videos, and photos, and you won’t have to jailbreak the phone in order to install the app, which means that it is easy to use.

8. FlexiSpy


FlexiSpy is another really great choice if you want to be able to spy on your children’s Instagram activity, but you want to be able to do it subtly, so they don’t feel like you are hovering over them.

One of the things that we really like about this app is that they can actually help you figure out someone’s password on Instagram and you can also monitor other apps on their phone.

They have different price points, and this of course depends on how much you’re willing to pay, but they can help you not just with Instagram but with Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

They are compatible with Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac, and more.

9. Mobile Spy


Mobile Spy is good if you are someone who wants to be able to keep track of their children online, but you also want a wide variety of features to choose from.

That offer live access to GPS, camera, photos, and social media messages.

Because these guys are really easy to use, and really modern, they are a good choice if you are a bit of a beginner and haven’t really had any experience using a spying app before.

They have more than 42 features available, and they even have a live demo so that you can test them out for free.

They have location tracking on offer, as well as a dashboard where you can monitor everything, and once you have made the most of their seven-day trial, you can make the most of their most affordable plan that comes in at $19.

10. iSpyoo


iSpyoo is one of those IG spy apps that can help you with easy smartphone monitoring, and you can do this both with Android and iOS.

They are a really good choice if you want to be able to see what’s going on with your business, as well as your kids.

Their software is really easy to install and one feature that we really appreciate about this app is that they can help you monitor video calls on Skype as well.

Of course, this is going to be a helpful feature if you are using the app for business.

We also think that they are really affordable, and they offer new-time clients a free trial for 48 hours. Once you’ve checked this out, you’ll be able to pay just $19.99 for their basic features.

11. MobiStealth


MobiStealth has it in the bag, and the best part is that you can monitor someone else’s phone and all their social media networks around the clock, which is a good choice if you are a parent, and you’re wanting to make sure that you are on top of what your children are doing online.

However, don’t think that this app is limited to just parents that have children.

It can also be used for business reasons, and while it might have some of the most basic spying features out there, it is also extremely effective.

It can help you track messages on the target phone, and because it runs behind the scenes around the clock, you never have to miss out on any detail.

Their professional plan is going to cost you $15.99, which we think is super affordable.

How to Spy on Instagram DMs

Spy apps for Instagram are now one of the most popular approaches to monitoring somebody’s Instagram profile.

They are most commonly used to keep children safe from online predators and cyberbullying.

Employers also make the most of them sometimes to make sure that everything is running smoothly when it comes to their business.

Spying apps are what you require if you want to be able to monitor a device or a user remotely, and they can even help you figure out someone’s Instagram password because they come with keylogging features that are going to take note of everything that they type.

How to Install an Instagram Spy App

As we have mentioned already, all of the Instagram spy apps that we’ve talked about on this list today are really easy to install.

All you need to install them is your target phone, email, and an Internet connection.

To begin, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Sign up for free on the Instagram spy website
  2. Download and install the app on the target device. This is going to take less than 5 minutes
  3. Make sure that you disable Google Play Protect before you do this
  4. Configure the app, so that you can ensure that it is unidentifiable on the target device
  5. You are now ready to monitor the target device

How to See Someone’s Instagram Messages

To answer this question directly, you need to know what Instagram has to say about using spy software.

Instagram’s platform policy says that it doesn’t allow access to third parties, but we have since discovered that this is actually not true.

This is because we have tested dozens of Instagram spy apps, and they have all successfully managed to work with Instagram, without any restrictions or suspensions.


Can I Spy on an Instagram Account?

The good news is that yes, you definitely can spy on someone’s Instagram profile.

The most common methods include using a spy app that we have talked about above that is 100% easy and safe, the only downside being that you are going to need temporary access to the target device.

Another way to spy on an Instagram profile is to hire a hacker, but this is a pretty common online scam, and you will most likely lose money.

You could always try hacking the Instagram account yourself, but you are going to need years of experience in IT.

If you know the email and password of the target Instagram profile, you can reset their password, and there is also the option of phishing, but again, you need to be tech-savvy to be able to do this, and the thing is that your target device is going to catch on to this scam quickly.

Spy apps are the most common means of breaking into someone’s Instagram profile.

When is it Okay to Look at Someone’s Instagram Direct Messages?

There are going to be a number of reasons why you might want to view someone’s Instagram direct messages.

We think that the one above-board reason for viewing someone’s direct messages on Instagram as if they are your child, and you’re wanting to make sure that they aren’t being cyberbullied, and they aren’t being exposed to an online predator.

Another potential reason for viewing someone’s direct messages on Instagram as if you are an employer, and you’re wanting to make sure that your employees are spending their work time doing work, and not accessing social media.

It was only OK to spy on your employees if you are spying on a device that they are using that is company property.

Can You Tell if Somebody is Spying on Your Instagram Profile?

Sometimes, spy software can leave a trace, so you might be able to take note of subtle changes which is going to give away the person spying on your Instagram profile.

Some of these changes could be more data usage, or lower battery life, change in phone temperature, and change in screen activity.

If you notice any of these subtle changes, then you might want to see if there is another user on your device.

How to Spy on Instagram DM Free

If you want to spy on Instagram DMs and you want to do it for free.

The easiest way to do it is to sign up for a free trial for one of the apps on the list above.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, what we believe to be the best spy apps for Instagram accounts in 2024 for you to make the most out.

Again, we highly recommend using an Instagram spy app if you have children online that you are trying to keep safe, or if you are an employer, and you’re wanting to make sure that your employees are staying on task when they are working remotely.

As you can see, all of these spy apps have different advantages and different prices, so it all comes down to what you are looking for in terms of features, and how much is in your budget.

Feel free to make the most of any free trials that are on offer, and good luck matching your needs to the best Instagram spy app available in the industry right now.

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