Instagram Not Sending SMS Code? Here’s How to Fix It

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code in 2024

Published on: October 4, 2022
Last Updated: October 4, 2022

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code in 2024

Published on: October 4, 2022
Last Updated: October 4, 2022


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Are you trying to fix ”Instagram not sending SMS code”?

Instagram is a popular social media platform that has more than one billion active users in a month worldwide. People spend many hours on this app every day for various reasons.

This is why Instagram, like other social networking apps, ensures the safety and security of all its users. 

A majority of social media websites, including Instagram, take measures to protect the accounts of their users. This ensures that only you can access your Instagram account whenever you want to.

However, phishers and hackers these days are very clever. They want to scrape information from such apps.

Instagram tries to prevent this and finds new ideas in order to protect its users’ data. One of these ways includes security verification via a code sent by Instagram on your phone.

This is the protection code that is used when you log into your Instagram account.

A lot of online platforms currently, including Google suite services such as Google Drive and Gmail, use the two-step verification process as part of their security measure for logging into an account.

However, it becomes a problem when Instagram is not sending the security code to you. Technology can have some issues from time to time, which can cause such problems.

The Instagram SMS code is important since, with it, you can properly access your Instagram account. Therefore, you must resolve the problem of Instagram not sending SMS codes quickly.

In this article, you will get to know what is the use of the Instagram security code for logging into your account, why Instagram is not sending the verification code to you, and how you can fix this issue.

Important Things to Know About the Security Code of Instagram

As you already know by now, Instagram does email or phone verification to safeguard your account and verify that you are the one who is trying to access it.

So, why is the verification code of Instagram so important? This security code is part of the two-factor authentication, which is quite significant for social networking platforms these days, like Facebook and Instagram.

Many hackers and scammers try to take advantage of the personal data of people.

Instagram sends the verification code to its users in order to avoid this and ensure that the real account owner is logging into their account from a different device or phone.

This is why it is so crucial. It makes users feel secure that Instagram is protecting their accounts.

But, what you should do in case Instagram not sending SMS code to you. It can be quite irritating if you are trying to sign in to your Instagram account but cannot get verified.

Pro Tip: Instagram is owned by Facebook. This means in case Facebook is not working properly because of a server overload or major outage, then Instagram users too will face some issues with its features.

Some of the things that you must know about Instagram security code are written below:

1. Protection of Your Instagram Account

log into your Instagram account

New Instagram account users have to provide their email ID and phone number when creating their account.

This is a compulsion and part of the terms of use of Instagram, which means every user has to provide these details when making a new Instagram account.

And, when you log into your Instagram account for the first time, you have to get it verified via the security code that you will get through email or mostly SMS.

Therefore, you need to set up your Instagram account properly in order to prevent any problems later on, including security changes and resetting your password.

2. Message for “Unusual Activity”

When Instagram suspects an unusual account login attempt, it sends you the security code in order to protect you against hackers.

Moreover, if Instagram finds a new activity on your account, it flags you and asks you to make use of a verification code when you log into your account the next time.

Thus, in case of a suspicious activity or when you are using your account after a long time, the Instagram verification code message helps the right person and not a fraud to log into their account.

3. Sign in Many Times from Different Devices

Instagram can ask for verification when you sign in and out many times. It can also ask for a security code if you are signing in through your phone and you are already signed in on your PC.

If you have properly set up your account and can access your registered phone number, then you can simply get the code on that number and sign in without any issues.

And, if you have any issue, then you can just click on the ‘I’m having trouble logging in’ link that is provided on the page of two-factor authentication.

4. Both Email and Security Code SMS Verification Can Fail

Both email verification and phone verification are essential. However, they might be unsuccessful without notice.

Instagram does not usually send the verification code to email. However, if you are verifying your email, then you will get it on your email address.

In case you do not receive it even after entering the correct email address, you should check your spam folder. If you do not have it in that folder as well, then you can ask Instagram to send the security code again.

However, you must check that your IP address is not blocked. If it is, then also you will not get the code and Instagram may block you from all its services.

There is no spam folder on mobile devices, which is why finding the solution to Instagram not sending SMS code on your phone might be a bit tricky.

How You Can Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code

SMS Code

Tech issues can happen anytime, such as the Instagram security code issue, which can be quite frustrating.

One of the ways through which you can avoid this issue is by confirming your account information on Instagram frequently.

Through this, your account will have all the latest information, including your correct email address and phone number for receiving the Instagram verification code.

In the case of Instagram verification code issues, you can solve them through various methods.

Remember to enter the correct email address and phone number while creating a new Instagram account. Below are some of the methods to solve the issue of Instagram not sending SMS code.

1. You Should Have a Stable Internet Connection

The first method is to make sure that your internet connection is secure. A lot of Instagram users who have faced the ‘Instagram not sending SMS code’ problem have poor internet connections.

The Instagram app must be able to connect to the internet properly so that it can send the message to you.

Therefore, you must check your mobile network or Wi-Fi, whichever you are using, for any problems. A bad internet connection will also slow down other apps on your phone.

2. Your Phone Should Be Able to Receive SMS

It might be that your phone is unable to receive a message due to some service issues. In this case, the problem lies with your phone network rather than your Wi-Fi.

You can try a different verification mode in this situation, like your email. If you still cannot get the security code on your email after multiple attempts, then you can try the next solution.

3. Provide Permissions to Instagram

You need to provide the necessary permissions to the app so that it can function appropriately.

For this, you first have to log into your Instagram account using the correct password. Then, you need to visit the settings of your mobile device.

Locate the Instagram app and toggle on every button. After this, wait for the SMS code to reach your phone. In case you don’t receive it, then proceed to the next fix.

4. Update the Instagram App

If your phone or IP address does not have any issues, then you must consider updating Instagram before you send the verification code.

For this, you need to visit Google Play Store and download Instagram’s latest version on your Android phone.

If you use an Apple phone, then you have to do the same thing, apart from visiting the App Store on your iOS device.

You can also clear the cache of your mobile device. Android users need to visit settings on their phone to find the Instagram app and click on ‘clear cache.’

Clear Cache

iPhone users also need to visit settings on their mobile device to find the Instagram app and then click on storage and ‘Offload App.’ This step will clear all the junk information on your smartphone.

5. Log in From a Web Browser

You can use a different device to log into your Instagram account. For this, you have to open the web browser on your device and then open a new tab with ‘Incognito Mode.’

After this, you need to log into your Instagram account on this tab and see if you are able to get the verification code now.

However, you must remember that if you use a different IP address, then Instagram might send you a warning for a security breach.

6. Contact Customer Support Team

The last solution is to contact the customer support team or help center of Instagram and tell them about your problem. They can resolve your ‘Instagram not sending SMS code’ issue.

Some other ways to resolve the problem of Instagram not sending SMS code include:

  • Wait for some time and then try again
  • Change your phone number to your latest one on your Instagram account
  • Reset the recovery codes in your account or use an alternate confirmation method

FAQs Related to Instagram Not Sending SMS Code

Some frequently asked questions about Instagram verification code problems are written below:

Why Did I Receive the Instagram Security Code Even if I Have Not Asked for It?

Instagram might send you the code because someone might have tried to use your Instagram account without your permission.

This is why it is vital to activate two-factor authentication (2FA).

How to Log Into Your Instagram without Using a Verification Code?

To get into your Instagram account without a security code, you must click on the option of ‘I forgot my password.’

For this method to work, you must be able to access your email with which you have registered on the Instagram application.

Final Thoughts

Problems in the two-factor authentication process, such as ‘Instagram not sending SMS code,’ can be quite annoying since then you cannot sign into your account.

This is why you must update your contact details regularly on Instagram. You can also make a note of important passwords or recovery codes so you can use them whenever required.

We hope that this article helped you in fixing your Instagram verification code problems.

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