The 10 Best Ways to Increase YouTube Video Views in 2021

The 10 Best Ways to Increase YouTube Video Views

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

The 10 Best Ways to Increase YouTube Video Views

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

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YouTube is well-known in the social media realm as an online streaming platform. People use it to watch streaming videos (paid or free) and as a marketing venue for brands and businesses. People all over the world spend hours upon hours watching YouTube videos. There are those who have created their own popularity and fame on this video streaming platform. 

Another thing this video streaming social media platform has done is the ability for virtually anyone to create videos and income streams. This is one of the reasons this platform has so much content on it. While there is a lot of competition on YouTube, anyone can still be creative enough to gain popularity. Popularity on YouTube relies on sharing video content across social channels. 

The only way to get shares is to get viewers first. You see, it is within the number of views that drives your popularity and helps result in ad revenues. Attracting your ideal audience is a crucial element to becoming a popular YouTuber.

Getting targeted viewers is a big challenge for brands, businesses, and other content creators. The following information will provide you with 10 methods for increasing your YouTube viewership.

10 Ways to Boost Your YouTube Views

#1 Choose Proper Titles


It is too often that YouTube content creators fail to pay attention to good titles that best describe their video content. Consequently, their videos are never seen by their targeted audience because the title does not represent the video content. 

The takeaway about video titles should be that it is imperative to perfectly describe your video content so they get seen by your target audience. Plus, using the proper keywords in your title will boost your target viewership. 

#2 Using Meta-Tags and Keywords


Keywords related to your niche and content help boost your rankings on YouTube since this platform, like Google, gives weight to appropriate keyword search options. After all, YouTube is essentially a video search platform as well as a streaming platform. 

Meta-tags also play a major role in boosting your optimization. Using the right meta-tags for your video content will improve your chances of taking advantage of YouTubes algorithms.

#3 Create Relevant and Topical Content


Relevant content is on-topic with your niche and industry. Topical content incorporates relevant content and trending content (news, articles, etc.) that is of public interest. This combination helps increase your viewership.

For this reason, you should learn to stay updated on current events (trends, news, etc.) when making, titling, and describing your video content on YouTube. Not only will you reach out to your audience, but you may even expand your reach.

#4 Take Proper Advantage of Social Media Outreach

Social Media Outreach

Social media content goes viral when it is shared across social media channels. How does this happen? When friends, family, and followers in your network share your video content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other channels, it has the potential to go viral.

Taking advantage of the wide range of social media platforms is the best way to get your content out  to the public. From there, the public can like, comment, and/or share your videos. The greater your views, the better your popularity.

#5 Effectively Leverage Influencers


Just like taking proper advantage of social media to go viral with your videos, you also need to leverage influencers. Influencers are social media users with a vast following within various niches. It is wise to engage with them to get noticed.

These influencers will share your content to their huge audiences and boost your viewers. By effectively leveraging influencers equals higher numbers of views overall.

#6 Collaboration with Successful YouTubers


Combining audiences is one of the ways top YouTubers engage more viewers. This ideal helps with multiple videos, not just one or two. Naturally, you want to collaborate with similar YouTubers.

This will create a win-win for you and your collaborating fellow YouTubers as you engage with a wider audience. This will result in more popularity, more shares, more engagement, and more revenue over time.

#7 Include Closed Captions

Closed Caption

YouTube has a special algorithm that allows it to actually “listen” to your video content. When you choose “Closed Caption” (cc) in your settings, the cc caption button appears on the bottom of the video and allows automatic subtitles to generate on your videos.

By adding this feature to your videos you are improving your YouTube search engine ranking. Subtitles make your videos more readily accessible while improving the viewer’s experience. Therefore, this option results in more YouTube views.

#8 End Video Share Reminder

Video Share

The final couple of frames on your video should encourage viewers to share your content and subscribe to your YouTube channel. While this may seem like a given, many viewers will watch your video, but forget to like it, share it, and/or subscribe to it as they move on to the next video. They need a reminder to share, like, and subscribe. 

Here’s a little tip to improve the chances of viewers to watch all the way to the end of your videos. Give them some incentive at the beginning of your video to entice them to stay to the end, therefore seeing the reminder to like and share your video and to subscribe to your channel. Asking viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel helps with viewer retention and return.

#9 Third-Party Earned Media Referrals


Some of the best YouTube videos are those that are talked about by other YouTubers or people. When your video content is funny, interesting, topical, newsworthy, informative, or has other value, the chances of a blogger writing about it or talking about it on YouTube are higher.

Third-party referrals help to encourage large amounts of traffic to your YouTube videos and channel. It increases your traffic and sparks more interest with more influential viewers in your target audience. 

For instance, if your video is travel related and discusses the top attractions in a specific town, it is likely to get attention from travel bloggers who will write about it, giving your channel a great boost in viewers. 

#10 Create Longer Videos and Encourage Engagement


One of YouTube’s algorithms measures your engagement by the length of your videos. Top-ranked YouTubers create videos that average around 14 to 15 minutes long. The idea is to create longer videos that do engage your target audience.

Using a call to action statement also helps your viewers engage with your video content. Engagement includes liking, sharing, and commenting. This is the type of engagement that boosts your rankings on YouTube.


These 10 recommendations for increasing your YouTube video views are designed to help you boost your presence on this video streaming social media platform. Remember that YouTube is to video streaming searches what Google is to general internet searches. 

Therefore, keywords, meta-tags, relevant descriptions, and other elements mentioned in this article are all crucial to growing your YouTube audience and increasing your viewership.

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