How to Use Proxies with Pokemon Go

How to Use Proxies with Pokemon Go in 2024

Published on: April 19, 2023
Last Updated: April 19, 2023

How to Use Proxies with Pokemon Go in 2024

Published on: April 19, 2023
Last Updated: April 19, 2023


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One of the most talked-about video games on the internet is the famous Pokemon Go. This exciting game about catching imaginary creatures has become one of the gamers’ favorites based on indicators such as the number of downloads, social feeds, and major news outlets.

It has had kids addicted to it, and also millennials and the older generation stoke mainly because of the nostalgia perceived straight from the first tap. 

Pokemon Go can be really addictive, and statistics show that thousands of gamers spend at least an hour daily playing Pokemon Go.

The high level of addiction has seen fanatics find a way to crop up an underworld around the game.

This underworld involves giving users access to more fake imaginary creatures and special in-game powers.

To access these special features, you may have to use proxies, as it allows users from all parts of the world to enjoy these restricted privileges.

Is Using Proxies for Pokemon Go Legal?

The use of proxies to access web content is not illegal unless banned by the government of the country you reside in.

However, many websites and online platforms frown at the use of proxies to access their content.

This is because it gives access to users who may have been banned by that platform and also allows users to bypass certain restrictions placed on their content.

It’s important to know that the creator of Pokemon Go, Niantic, does not condone the use of proxies to access their content, especially in any of the five ways stated below.

The reason for this is that Niantic doesn’t want users bypassing or messing with their well-defined rules.

They have geo-restrictions for specific areas on their contents and won’t want people playing the game from incorrect locations.

Also, they don’t want players creating creatures, cheating, scamming other players, or hacking other parts of the game.

Their main reason for frowning at the use of proxies is that the game is generally meant for children, and it needs to be played moderately.

However, many adults who also play the game or are obsessed with it may cheat to win, and other users look down upon this.

If you are ever caught hacking the game, your account will be deleted, and your collection of Pokemons will be obliterated, leaving no record of your hard work.

Also, you may not be able to create a new account, especially if your real email address was what you used to create the banned Pokemon account.

Luckily, you can bypass all bans and restrictions by using proxies.

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Using Proxies for Pokemon Go Hacking

To successfully hack Pokemon Go to create fake imaginary creatures and special in-game powers to cheat in the game, you will have to use proxy services.

There are several ways to hack Pokemon Go, and proxies are the gateway most of these techniques need. If you want to hack Pokemon Go with proxies, here are five different ways to go about it.

1. To Change Your Geolocation

Pokemon Go Geolocation

Proxies are simply IP addresses that are located in a different location, and help you hide your location from that which your actual IP address shows.

Proxies are software that allows you to change your geolocation and bypass any form of geolocation restrictions due to your IP address. It works well for Pokemon Go, just as it works for all other proxy hacking processes.

When surfing the Internet, you can easily change your IP address to another IP address of your desired location.

If Pokemon Go has blocked you, or you are in locations where Pokemon is not allowed, with proxies, you can unblock the restrictions and enjoy the game.

Also, many internet users don’t like their physical location to be displayed or discovered as it can be done through their IP address.

For this reason, they result in using proxies while browsing the internet or playing Pokemon Go.

If you are wondering what an IP address is, think of it as being similar to your physical home address, but it’s online this time.

It helps the network provider and the website track your location. An IP address is unique to you, just like your actual home address is in the physical world.

From the day you get connected to the Internet, you are given an IP address by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), which carries geographical data.

If you wish to know your IP address, visit

Here, you can see what your IP address looks like and where you are located, unless you’re already running a VPN or proxy service while on the website.

Also, you can pay for proxies located in specific countries or cities. Therefore, when these proxies are enabled, you take on the IP of that country, and it appears you’re accessing Pokemon Go from that part of the world.

Why is Geolocation Important in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Geolocation

Pokemon Go is a virtual reality game mainly consisting of an interactive map reflecting players’ local surroundings.

What the game is all about is interacting with their players’ actual physical surroundings to give them access to certain fun features of the game.

Therefore, the importance of Geolocation in Pokemon Go is pretty obvious because the game is entirely based on players’ physical location.

The information needed to create this is determined through the player’s IP address and smartphone’s GPS signal.

With this, your barbershop might be a Pokemon Gym, your street might be full of children playing Pokemon Go, and that unique coffee joint might be full of Rattata.

However, having access to the game may not be possible for some of its lovers because there are countries where the game is not allowed due to geolocation bans.

If you reside in any of these countries where you can’t access the game, using proxies will help you spoof your Pokémon GO Location.

It is best to use proxies when creating your Pokemon Go account and whenever you want to play the game. This will allow you to bypass Niantic’s servers, thanks to the change in IP address.

When you buy proxies to use for Pokemon Go, ensure you purchase a private proxy that supports the countries where the game is supported.

With this, Niantic servers will believe you reside in the country of your choice and would grant you access to play the game. 

Bare Countries and Geolocation Spoofing


As much as using proxies grants you access to Pokemon Go, your location could still be a hindrance to enjoying its features.

This is because the GPS signal that your smartphone will send out is that of your actual location and not that of the proxy location.

Also, countries where Pokemon Go is banned or places where the game developers have not put any Pokemon are entirely bare.

Therefore, playing the game would be boring as you won’t achieve the game’s goal even though you have access to it.

To fight this, you’ll need to research geolocation spoofing and apps that let you tweak your smartphone map’s settings.

With this, you will be able to tackle the problem arising from the GPS signal of your smartphone.

Adjusting your smartphone map’s settings is only possible with Android devices but may not work for iOS devices.

If you can successfully carry out geolocation spoofing, there are some benefits it would offer you when playing Pokemon Go.

You can take advantage of geolocation spoofing to be in different countries without ever actually going there and collect several Pokemon present in other different physical locations.

This gives you access to more Pokemons than your country would. It is important to note that this doesn’t work perfectly, and you could be caught.

If you are caught, you will be banned immediately. Also, there are legal implications of geolocation spoofing, and it might attract legal punishments from the authorities.

2. Proxies as a Source of Protection for Collecting Eggs

Pokemon Go Collect Eggs

Using proxies as a source of protection when collecting eggs is another proxy hack for Pokemon Go.

This is possible because proxies not only change your geolocation they also provide you with a high degree of anonymity.

A lot of internet users don’t want their actual location broadcast on the internet, and this is one of the main reasons most people use proxies when playing Pokemon Go.

Also, if you are to hack Pokemon Go, then you have to use proxies.

The rationale behind it is that all hackers use proxies, and one way to protect yourself against hackers and successfully hack Pokemon Go is by using proxies.

To hatch as many eggs as possible while hacking Pokemon Go, you will need the protection and anonymity that proxies offer.

Adding another service called bots is the best way to efficiently and effectively hatch it all while using proxies. The bot is a service created by coders to aid with tweaking systems such as Pokemon Go.

With this bot, Pokemon Go players can walk many miles in the game without even lifting a foot. How this works is complicated and involves a lot of heavy codes.

To collect eggs in Pokemon Go to get new Pokemon, you will have to engage in a great deal of physical walking, not in your general location.

Using bots can save you from this stress, as it can be used to simulate walking. With this, whenever you open your game, there will be many eggs ready to be hatched.

NecroBot was one of the most famous bots used for Pokemon Go until it got shut down. Insta-PokeGo is another bot many Pokemon Go players use when playing the game.

3. Collect Eggs Anywhere and Anytime

Pokemon Go Collect Eggs

The easiest way of hacking Pokemon Go using proxies is letting bots do all the collecting for you on Pokemon Go.

That way, you can collect your eggs anywhere and anytime. The beauty of using bots is that they can be programmed to perform all activities humans can perform with ease.

The trick to using bots successfully on Pokemon Go is to ensure that the coding is good enough and looks like a human is carrying out these activities. That way, you can easily deceive Niantic servers.

Bots like Insta-PokeGo are very effective when playing Pokemon Go. All you need to do is log in to your Pokemon Go account with this bot and let it do its work.

Insta-PokeGo will capture new Pokemon for you and also travel to new locations to collect rare Pokemon.

Interestingly, you don’t need to use your phone for it and it will still do its job reasonably flawlessly.

How to use it is to visit the website and log in. When next you check your Pokemon Go account on your device, you will find out that your in-game collection has increased massively.

4. Level Up!

Pokemon Go Level Up!

Using Proxies to play Pokemon Go automatically gets you experience and helps you return a glorified Pokemon Go Player.

The use of bots, as stated above, makes it easier for you to play the game, and the more these bots are used, the more experience you gain. Whenever new Pokemon are caught, or you visit new places, you’ll gain experience.

Once you’ve gained enough experience, you will also level up and gain access to some of the game’s features because the game is level-specific.

For instance, you can’t battle at a gym until you have attained level five. The higher your level, the more exciting Pokemon you can catch. Also, this makes you appear as a boss in the Pokemon Go world.

Attaining new levels takes time, and this means you need to play the game consistently. If you use bots, you don’t have to worry about this because your bots would continuously help you while you are at work, eating, or asleep.

With this, you’ll easily become a Pokemon Go hero.

Whenever you choose to turn off the bots to enjoy the game yourself, you’ll easily catch the hardest Pokemon immediately, destroy your enemies, and revel in the awesomeness.

5. Create Your Own World

Pokemon Go World

Continuously playing in the world of Pokemon Go can be too boring and cliché for some players.

This is because you have to abide by the strict rules created by Niantic, deal with people snatching up your Pokemon, and you don’t have access to rule your imaginary landscape.

To spice up the game, you have to create your world on Pokemon Go, and using proxies allows you to do this.

The combination of a proxy service and a bot allows you to use all the data transmitted to your phone by Niantic from the world of Pokemon Go to create your world by altering it in your server.

This way, you don’t get to change anything on the game officially or play with other people that can steal your Pokemon.

In this new world of Pokemon Go, you can catch new Pokemons like Ditto, Mewtwo, and some rare birds that are not even available in the actual Pokemon Go.

It is easy to automatically max out the HP of your Pokemons and other stats you wish to be maxed out.

You can also continue playing the game in the collective Pokemon Go world; however, you will have to transpose new skins over the Pokemon you’ve collected. This would make it look like you caught a rare Pokemon.


Using proxies to hack Pokemon Go is entirely cheating, and it is essential you are aware of this before you try it out.

If you still choose to go ahead with it, you must always use the best private proxies in the market to alter any aspects of Pokemon Go you want to hack.

Elite proxies guarantee absolute security, true anonymity, high speeds, and continued support when you or the bot plays the game.

Also, remember that you could get caught, and once you are caught, you’ll be banned.

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