How to Upload YouTube Shorts

How to Upload YouTube Shorts in 2024?

Published on: November 12, 2022
Last Updated: November 12, 2022

How to Upload YouTube Shorts in 2024?

Published on: November 12, 2022
Last Updated: November 12, 2022

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Money is in short videos and YouTube is not willing to lose the game.

After seeing TikTok rake millions of users worldwide, along with the sudden shirt of appetite from longer videos to short videos, the video-sharing platform launched YouTube shorts.

Since then, the platform has become both an avenue for viewers to watch varied content of all lengths, depending on their mood for the day.

Let us dive right in and learn how to upload your first YouTube Shorts and make money out of it.

Making your first Shorts is easy! You have all the tools you need so make sure to download the YouTube app before getting started. 

How to Upload YouTube Shorts

There is no question that the types of content that consumers of today love are short, direct to the point, and entertaining.

Take, for example, your niche is in making recipe videos.

Today, recipe videos range as short as 15 seconds to a minute—people are a big fan of fast transitions. 

Gone were the days when lengthy explanations are a thing. Feeling old enough? It’s time you learn how to upload YouTube Shorts.

Getting Started with YouTube Shorts

1. Now that you already have the YouTube app on your phone, another requirement before proceeding is signing in Google account.

Since YouTube is under the umbrella companies of Alphabet Inc, the same as Google and Gmail, doing this step is easy.

Just link your Google account when logging in to your YouTube app.

For those with an existing YouTube channel, you can skip this step altogether.

2. Once signed in, tap on the “+” button located at the center of your screen

3. You will be asked to select among three categories namely ‘Create a Short,’ ‘Upload a Video,’ and ‘Go Live.’ Pick ‘Create a Short’ to proceed

Choosing Your Music 

4. Now that you are already in the YouTube shorts interface, the best way to start is to decide on how long your content will be.

You will choose between two options: 15 seconds and 60 seconds.

The first is better for fast-transition content such as travel, while the latter is commonly used for videos that require the creator to explain, such as in cooking shows or product reviews

5. When inserting music into your video, tap ‘Add Sound’ found in the upper section.

Note that using music from YouTube’s library is only limited to 15-second videos

6. Start recording your videos by clicking the red circle icon on the center of your screen.

Long press to continue recording and release when stopping.

You may delete your recent activity by clicking the arrow pointing to the left and redo your changes on the arrow pointing to the right

7. Some also use videos pre-recorded and saved on their galleries for their content.

To do this, tap the “Add” label on the rear left side and browse through the videos on your gallery.

Select individual videos you want to upload and trim them to the length of your liking

Editing Your Video Using YouTube Shorts’ In-house Tools

8. YouTube Shorts have plenty of tools you can choose from to enhance your videos.

These include setting a timer, enhancing speed, making use of the green screen, applying filters, retouching, aligning frames, adjusting the lighting, and adding text.

Learn how to use these tools to your advantage and make your content more entertaining for viewers

9. Once done, click on the check mark found at the right rear corner of the screen.

If you want to start over or save the video on drafts, just click the ‘X’ button on the left side

10. After clicking the check mark, select ‘Next.’

You will be asked to add a caption to your video, choose visibility namely public, unlisted, or private, and select your audience.

Tick ‘Yes it is made for kids’ if your content is applicable for young viewers. Choose a setting for the comments on your video

Uploading and Sharing Your First Video on Shorts

11. Once the details have been filled in, click ‘UPLOAD SHORT’, and your video will be automatically uploaded to your channel.

You have made your first Short! Follow these steps on how to upload YouTube Shorts the next time you will make one again. 

For those wanting to make popular Shorts on the first try, you may buy cheap YouTube views and see your audience explode in one click.

This is a no-sweat way to gain popularity on the platform, especially for YouTubers that are just starting.

How to Make Money Out of YouTube Shorts



Unlike its long video counterpart, YouTube Short content creators do not make money from advertisements.

YouTube launched a $100 million fund to finance its short video initiative and encourage vloggers to get on the zone.

Eligible channels earn between $100 or less to over $10,000 which was the previous maximum bonus set for creators.

To qualify, channels are required to meet the following:

1. The creator must have uploaded at least one YouTube Shorts within 180 days following their application

2. Channels are required to observe YouTube’s Community Guidelines, rules on copyright, and monetization schemes

3. Non-original videos or content re-uploaded from another creator’s channel will not qualify

4. Creators must observe the minimum age requirement observed by YouTube on their country of residence

5. Content creators are required to set up an AdSense account to function as a payment channel.

In case he/she is 13 to 18 years old, a parent or guardian is required to accept the terms and conditions of YouTube

6. Only residents from eligible countries will be included.

Check if your country is included on the list through the YouTube website’s Customer Support Page.

As of 2021, there are over 100 countries eligible for monetization of YouTube Shorts.


Roughly two years after its introduction to the market, YouTube Shorts is already making rounds and collecting over six billion views in one day!

This is why marketers are rushing to get their products out on these bite-size videos to make use of their massive audience to their advantage.

Now that you already know how to upload YouTube shorts, start making out of it by creating one.

Think about the content you love, create videos anchored on it, and find a specific niche you want to target.

Make money out of your passion without sweat with YouTube shorts

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