How to Unlock YouTube

How to Unlock YouTube in 2024?

Published on: November 30, 2023
Last Updated: November 30, 2023

How to Unlock YouTube in 2024?

Published on: November 30, 2023
Last Updated: November 30, 2023

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There are a lot of reasons why Google puts a restriction on your YouTube access.

Most commonly, you have engaged in an unusual activity that solicited Google’s suspicion.

In some cases, you might have directly violated the platform’s community rules which triggered it to cast your access to any of its services without your knowledge.

Whatever the underlying reason is, you have to get out of this dilemma to continue using its services.

In this article, we will dive deeper into how to unlock your YouTube account.

This might sound like a problem that requires only a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude where you have to wait a certain period, often lasting 24 to 48 hours, for the restriction to automatically lift.

But in some cases, you may file for a report to resolve the issue faster.

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How to Unlock YouTube

Suddenly, your YouTube account has been locked.

You are now in panic mode—this is the first time that this situation has ever happened.

Calm your nerves as we are about to introduce you to the easiest guide on how to unlock YouTube. 

Having your account locked sure may come as a hassle. On the other hand, coming out of it is not as complicated as you think it is.

Lucky you, there is an easy way to get out of a locked account.

Using Google’s Help Center

One of the ways how to unlock YouTube is to file an incident report on Google’s Help Center.

Make sure to ready your YouTube channel link as Google requires you to enter this information on one of the questionnaires.

1. Go to Google Help Center’s page on ‘Unable to access a Google Product’ provided on the link.

YouTube is part of Google’s umbrella services and account-related problems, such as a suspected account suspension, are filed directly to the parent company

2. Enter your personal information namely your full name, the email address used in your YouTube account, the email address you want Google to contact for progress updates on your case, the link or URL of your YouTube channel, and a brief explanation on why your channel has been suspended in error.

Keep your report short but direct, and put all the information you think will help your case

3. Click ‘submit’ to process your request. Google will contact you at the email address you have provided for any progress.

Important reminder: do not resubmit the appeal request as this could cause further delay in YouTube’s response.

The platform has well-trained personnel handling complaints of this nature and submitting a request more than once could confuse their record

Grounds on YouTube Account Locking

YouTube has set its community rules which users are required to observe diligently.

Violators will be subjected to restrictions, including the locking or even termination of an account. 

Engaging in the following scenarios could lead to a violation of YouTube’s community guidelines.

Users are encouraged to disengage from any of the following:

  • Fake engagement
  • Pretending to be another person you are not or impersonation
  • Providing external links that feature content that is violent and harassing
  • Engaging in deceptive practices, scams, and spam
  • Jeopardizing child safety
  • Inciting malicious content related to nudity and sexual content, suicide and self-harm, and harassment and cyberbullying
  • Hate speech and vulgar language
  • Violence in any form
  • Spreading misinformation or fake news, especially for Covid and vaccine-related information

YouTube Community Guidelines aim to make the platform a safe space for all users, where everyone could consume content without inciting fear and violence.

This will also help ensure that YouTube continues to serve its purpose as a trusted site among parents and guardians as a safe educational space for younger users. 

Using YouTube’s Custom Passcode

As an additional safety measure for parents, YouTube allows parents to set their custom passcode to access parental controls when their children use the YouTube Kids app.

Here is how to create one according to the YouTube Kids Parental Guidance primer:

1. Go the YouTube Kids and tap the lock button. 

2. Select ‘Set My Own Passcode’ and enter your custom four-digit passcode. Make sure to keep this from your kids to prevent them from accessing the account

3. Reenter the code to verify. You have just created a passcode for YouTube Kids!

Deleting the Custom Passcode

In case you want to retract a passcode for some reason, you may do it by making some changes to your settings. 

1. To start, open the YouTube Kids app and enter the four-digit passcode you have set earlier

2. Click ‘Settings.’ Once redirected to a new page, select ‘Change Passcode’ and proceed with ‘Delete Passcode’ to remove it

3. In cases where the parent forgot their passcode credentials, simply delete and reinstall the YouTube Kids app and the passcode will be automatically removed. To reinstate the passcode, repeat the steps above

Managing Your Content While YouTube Account is Inaccessible

image 1


While waiting for Google’s response to your bid, you may still manage the uploaded content on your YouTube account by hiding and removing some of them.

This is to ensure that your videos will not remain under the public’s radar in case your account will be locked for a sustained period or be terminated for good.

1. Sign in with your official YouTube channel’s Google Account 

2. Go to the Google Account Settings or reach it through its official website

3. On the left-hand corner of your screen, select the tab housing your data and privacy, just below the ‘Personal Information’ tab

4. After this, choose the option labeled ‘data from the apps & services you use’

5. You will be redirected to another page housing all the apps and services you use from Alphabet Inc’s services.

From here, click on the YouTube logo or the red play button

6. You will be presented with two options: choose between ‘Download Your Data’ or ‘Delete a Service.’

For those planning to delete their publicly-posted content, select the latter

7. Click the tab ‘Delete a Service’ again and enter your Google account credentials to proceed

8. Select ‘YouTube’ and choose whether to hide or delete your YouTube channel and the content on it.

Take note that deleting any of the content will be permanent. This means once you clicked the delete button, you can never access the video again


Over the years, YouTube has been firm in implementing its community guidelines to help its users feel safe and secure while using the platform.

In some cases, these rules are unintentionally violated which could lead to a temporary lock or even permanent disabling of an account.

Have you enjoyed this article on how to unlock YouTube?

Make sure to get back to this article in case you get involved in a similar scenario.

There is always a way out—don’t worry!

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