How to Spy on Someone With an App

How to Spy on Someone With a Spying App in 2024

Published on: April 18, 2023
Last Updated: April 18, 2023

How to Spy on Someone With a Spying App in 2024

Published on: April 18, 2023
Last Updated: April 18, 2023

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In a hurry?
The best app to spy on someone in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is uMobix!

Are you here because you want to learn how to spy on someone?

The term “spy” sounds unethical, right?

In a time when privacy breaches and data theft cases are on the rise, it is understandable to be cynical about spying on someone.

However, there are many legitimate reasons why you need to spy on someone.

However, as with anything, there are both ethical and unethical uses of spying apps. 

Spying apps have been around for quite some time. As the name suggests, these are apps designed to monitor someone’s mobile activities.

It may sound counterintuitive, but there are many good reasons to use one.

If you are a parent and are concerned about your child getting bullied on social media or want to determine whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, a spying app is your answer. 

But how do you spy on someone with an app?

Well, spying apps nowadays come with advanced features, such as Email monitoring, call recording, etc., that allow you to keep an eye on someone’s activities.

So, if these points have sparked an interest in your mind and you want to invest in a spying app, you may be overwhelmed with the countless options available.

So, how do you know which one is right for you? 

Today, we intend to share our picks for the top apps to spy on someone. Let’s delve into it without any further ado!

How to Spy on Someone with a Spying App (Top Apps in 2024)

Here’s a quick look at the top apps to spy on someone:

  1. uMobix – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Cocospy
  3. eyeZy

1. uMobix


If you are wondering how to spy on someone with a spying app, here is your answer!

With its tons of innovative features, the uMobix app has staked its claim on the hearts of millions of users all over the world.

It is basically a parental control app designed to help parents keep an eye on their child’s online and even offline activities on the mobile phone. 

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No doubt, the internet is beneficial for kids in many ways.

There are many productive games available on the internet that improve their problem-solving skills and boost their confidence. 

However, it’s no secret that the internet is heaven for bad guys who may approach and harm your innocent child.

According to the company, around 36% of kids nowadays fall victim to cyberbullying and are unlikely to tell anyone about it.

So, if you are concerned about your child’s phone addiction, look no further than the uMobix app. 


uMobix spy-apps-compatibility_mobile

uMobix was launched quite a long time ago, and today, it enjoys a prominent place in the spying apps industry.

First things first, it is designed for Android and iOS devices only.

So, if the person you want to spy on uses a Windows phone, you may need to look elsewhere. 

And yes, it is important to note that it only works on Android phones with version 4 or more.

Furthermore, it is only compatible with the non-jailbreak models. The company is yet to release a version for jailbroken iPhone devices. 

Setup Process

The setup process of the uMobix spying app is quite straightforward, and you do not need to root or jailbreak any device.

However, it is pertinent to mention that it requires you to set up on both devices, i.e., your device and the other person’s device.

So, you will need to access the targeted device physically at least once to activate the uMobix spying app. 

However, the setup process does not take long.

After downloading it on both devices, simply sign in by giving the asked credentials, and you are good to go! And yes, you also need to allow it to record the activities. 



Technology is high on the agenda with the uMobix spying app. For starters, it gives you partial control of the targeted phone.

For example, you can open the camera or turn on the microphone.

So, if you want to know the location of your loved one, you can simply open the camera and see it yourself.

You can also use the microphone to hear their conversations. 

Hidden Mode

The hidden mode is another striking feature that distinguishes the uMobix spying app from its competition.

It is capable of operating in a hidden mode in the background of the targeted phone. 

This feature is available in very few monitoring apps. Fortunately, you get it with the uMobix spying app.

However, it must be pointed out that you need to hide the icon in order to operate it in the hidden mode.

Once activated, this feature will make the app invisible. So, do not forget to hide the uMobix spying app icon when installing it on the loved one’s phone. 



Like every monitoring app in the market, the uMobix app also sends updates on its dashboard, where you can see it.

Once you have signed in, you will be taken to this dashboard. The first section is the location of the targeted mobile phone.

Here, you can see the places they recently visited. It gives you a zoomed-out view, so you can zoom in to get the accurate location. 

Below the location section, you will see the last visited places.

So, the uMobix monitoring app gives you complete information about the location, including the current location and the recently visited.  

On the bottom right side of the dashboard, you will see the most frequently called contacts, both incoming and outgoing.

Furthermore, there is also a frequently texted feature, which shows you the contacts that have been messaged.

And yes, you get to see both sent and received messages. It also gives you updates about the last added contacts here. 

The best thing about the dashboard is its intuitive interface.

As mentioned earlier, the uMobix monitoring app is primarily designed for parents to help them track their kids’ activities.

Since most parents tend to be non-techies, the company has kept the interface as simple as possible. 

The text is easy to read, and there are separate sections for all the features.

So, if you want to spy on or track your child’s activities and do not know how to do it, uMobix is the perfect option. 

Apart from that, the current battery percentage, Android version of the other person’s device, app version, and other information about the device are also given in the dashboard.

On the left side of the dashboard, you get several categories, such as calls, address book, messages, etc. The features in these sections are discussed below. 

Unread Notifications

The uMobix monitoring app gives you regular updates about the targeted device.

You get these updates in the unread section, which automatically disappears once you see the notifications.

If the person you are spying on gets a new notification or engages in some activity on a social media app, you will see it in the unread section. 

In addition to that, the unread section also tells you the current status of the apps. So, you’d know which app is currently being used on the targeted phone.

For example, if the person is using Instagram, the uMobix monitoring app will let you know. 

So, if you are a beginner and have no idea how to spy on someone with an app, this will be a handy feature as it will automatically show you all the updates.


uMobix Call Logs

Like every spying app, the uMobix monitoring app gives you the complete call history of your beloved person.

No doubt, social media networks are the primary platforms for communication nowadays.

However, call history cannot be overlooked if you are to monitor your child’s activities.

Apart from the most frequently contacted person, the call section tells you everything about calls, including incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, and declined calls.

The uMobix monitoring app is so powerful that you can even see a deleted call log.

Apart from that, the call duration, contact details, and the time and date when the call took place are also displayed in the call section. 

The uMobix monitoring app updates after every five minutes.

So, it’s a good thing that you won’t have to wait for hours to get the latest updates about the current happenings. 

Text Messages

uMobix Text Messages Monitoring

Even after the advent of social media platforms, text messages are still a preferred mode of communication for many users.

With the uMobix monitoring app, you can keep track of the text messages too. 

The messages section is located on the left side of the dashboard, right under the “Address Book.”

Here, you can access all the text messages (both incoming and outgoing), along with their date and time.

Moreover, it also gives you the contact info of the other person. 

And yes, we almost forgot to mention that the uMobix monitoring app also lets you block a contact.

In the text messages section, tap the “Click to Block” button, and that person won’t be able to send a message to your loved one again. 

Social Media Apps


The immense popularity of social media apps is no secret. It has opened new ways of communication, and people of every age use social media nowadays.

According to a survey, around 90% of the kids from age 13 to 17 have used social media platforms at least once.

75% of these users said that they own a social media account, and over 50% of them are regular social media users. 

This is why keeping an eye on your kids’ activities is now more important than ever before.

With the uMobix monitoring app, you can navigate through your kids’ social media accounts without them knowing about it. 

One of the major reasons why the uMobix monitoring app is so popular among parents is that it lets you monitor a wide range of social media platforms.

With this app, you can monitor around 20 social media platforms, including the popular ones that your kids are likely to use. 

If your loved person is using a rooted device, the uMobix monitoring app will give you deeper insight into social media, including the name and profile of the person they are communicating with, their profile picture, last message, and nature of chat (group chat or private chat). 

However, if the device is unrooted, you will only get limited access. The uMobix monitoring app will show you screenshot previews.

The screenshots may be enough for some users, but for most, they are not. 

Furthermore, the uMobix monitoring app offers limited monitoring on iOS devices.

You can only choose three messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, two social media platforms, such as Instagram, and one dating app.

On the other hand, if the targeted person is using an Android phone, you can track all listed platforms. 


uMobix Keylogger

The keylogger feature on the uMobix monitoring app helps you record all the keystrokes made by the other person.

It will tell you about the things your kid searches on the internet and posts on social media.

Furthermore, it will also tell you about the apps where these keystrokes were made, along with their date and time. 

With that out of the way, the keylogger feature could only be used on Android devices.

So, if you are to monitor an iPhone or iPad, this feature won’t be available.



The thing about the uMobix monitoring app is that it gives you complete access to the targeted phone. From emails to calls, you can monitor everything.

You can also access the photo/video gallery, which takes its already great monitoring capabilities a step further.

With this feature, you can know how they spent their day, the people they met, and even their likings. 

You can see all the pictures and videos and the time when they were captured. You can also sort the pictures and videos by the time they are created.

So, you won’t have to spend hours finding their latest pictures.

Moreover, you can also access the deleted media. The picture and video quality are also up to the mark. 

One thing that may offend you is that the gallery feature is only for Android devices, like the keylogger feature. 

Internet Activities

Lastly, the uMobix monitoring app also lets you see the user’s other activities on the internet.

This includes the websites they visited, their emails, browsing history, the browsers used, and even bookmarks saved. 

Of course, there are many sites on the internet that are not suitable for kids.

So, you should make sure that the content they consume is appropriate for their age. 


uMobix pricing

Sadly, these groundbreaking monitoring features do not come for free. However, the subscription costs are quite reasonable on the uMobix app. 

uMobix offers multiple plans, so you can choose one according to your budget and monitoring needs.

The basic plan costs $29.99, while the full plan comes at $59.99 per month.

The basic plan has limited features, so consider opting for the full plan for the best monitoring experience. 

It is seen that the plans are slightly less expensive for iOS devices. This is because the iOS version offers fewer features. 

All in all, the uMobix monitoring app covers all the areas, and you won’t miss a tiny bit of the user’s mobile phone activities.

It offers you complete access on Android devices but lacks a few features for iPhones and iPads. 

2. Cocospy


Cocospy is another popular spying app that enables you to track your child’s mobile activities.

It packs lots of features to offer the best monitoring experience and is certainly one of the best parental control tools available on the internet.

👉 Get Cocospy FREE

The Cocospy app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Just make a Cocospy account, install the app, and that’s pretty much it. 

Whether you want to access call records or social media accounts, you can do it all with the Cocospy app.

As a cherry on the cake, it is priced fairly and won’t break your wallet.

So, stop thinking about how to get started. Just install it, and experience the best monitoring features. 

3. eyeZy

eyeZy- cell phone tracker

Eyezy is the last spying app on our list. It is made for people who do not know what they are doing.

It has a simple interface, and parents can easily operate it.

So, if you have never used a spying app before and have no idea how to spy on someone, consider choosing the Eyezy spying app. 

👉 Get eyeZy FREE

With dozens of features, Eyezy surely offers a great monitoring experience.

You can access everything on your kid’s phone, be it their social media account or photo gallery.

This helps you monitor their mobile phones discreetly and ensure their safety. 


How to Spy on Someone with An App?

We have reviewed some of the best spying apps on the internet.

Tools like uMobix, Cocospy, and Eyezy can help you.

Using these apps, you track the other person’s activities easily and efficiently.

Is There an App Where You Can Spy on Someone? 

Yes, dozens of spying software are available that can be used to spy on someone.

Easy-to-use apps like uMobix and Cocospy can certainly help you.

Consider reading the full article above to know more about how to spy on someone with these spying apps. 

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