How to Spy on an iPhone

How to Spy on an iPhone Without Them Knowing in 2024

Published on: January 28, 2024
Last Updated: January 28, 2024

How to Spy on an iPhone Without Them Knowing in 2024

Published on: January 28, 2024
Last Updated: January 28, 2024

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With the modern world becoming increasingly more dangerous, staying connected with your loved ones is more critical than ever.

More specifically, children are susceptible to all kinds of online interactions, and it’s vital that they steer clear of the wrong types of influence.

In other scenarios, you may feel the need to spy on a disloyal spouse if you feel you’ve been done wrong.

With social media applications so widely accessible, it isn’t so much about staying in contact with your immediate loved ones and more about establishing virtual spaces where awful things might happen. 

Children may be targeted by kidnappers, cyberstalking, or others who may just persuade them to make poor decisions.

Fortunately, there are programs available that let you spy on an individual’s iPhone without a need for any technical understanding. In addition, you can implement these methods without ever being discovered by the target.

This write-up will teach you how to spy on an iPhone without them knowing. You will learn how to view text messages, application activity, GPS, and more on an iPhone.

How to Spy on an iPhone Without Them Knowing: Using a Spy App

Using uMobix gives you a plethora of knowledge while staying entirely anonymous, as well as comfort that you simply cannot buy as a parent.

With the uMobix app, you’ll have a slew of innovative features with the iPhone monitoring app to let you spy and get a better look at the target’s digital lives. 

The famed Apple iOS is outstanding, particularly since it allows iPhones to connect with one another flawlessly. 

Contrary to what you may believe about the level of security iOS has, you can easily use uMobix to view their iMessages without the target ever finding out. 

Features uMobix Provides


Sure, spying on a few text messages is easy enough, but there are quite a few other features that let you spy on an iPhone that provides different types of information.

This spy app enables you to view conversations sent and received on your children’s iPhone via applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, and many others.

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uMobix lets you navigate to the control panel on the phone and scan the requested information.

Messages, media files, and even details such as timestamps are available. Below, you’ll find additional information on the services and features uMobix offers.

Additional Features

Track Their Location


You’re able to keep track of their physical whereabouts by looking at their location on a map. The uMobix app also gives geolocation notifications, and you’ll always know if the targeted device ever leaves the defined region.

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Simply set the zone parameters in your iPhone, and you’re good to go. You’ll know immediately when they come and go from the predetermined area.

View Media Files

Kids can easily find any photo or video they want online, and it can be difficult to shield them from the unsavory content on the internet.

You’ll want an iPhone surveillance tool that displays their media content kept on their phone’s camera roll. uMobix gives you the ability to see all of this, and if you’re curious where they got a photo from, the uMobix app can help dig a bit deeper.

Check Browser History

You can take a look at their browser history using an iPhone. In addition, you can also view any bookmarks they’ve been saving.

Track Specific Keywords

Like any parent, you want to ensure your child isn’t saying offensive things in person or online. In many cases, children don’t feel as much remorse when interacting online as there isn’t any physical or tangible interaction, and they may feel more comfortable making offensive comments.

With uMobix, you can track particular keywords on an iPhone to ensure your children speak and act accordingly.

Check Call History

Simply put, uMobix also has the ability to view the targeted phone’s call log. This is vital to ensure that your children aren’t having conversations with any strangers with ill-intent. 

uMobix offers quite a few other features that allow you to spy on an iPhone in a multitude of ways. The details mentioned above tend to be the most popular, as these are of great concern for many parents in today’s world.

Even though a child may not like the idea of a spy app, many kids don’t have a concept of how easy it is to be tricked by technology or strangers online. So, this is an approach that’s better safe than sorry.

How to Get Started With uMobix

To recap, uMobix is designed for spying and surveillance of other devices, and it’s the best option if you’re looking to spy on an iPhone.

The application lets you monitor anything that happens on the targeted phone, but there are a few things you have to do before diving in. 

  • Purchase an uMobix subscription on their official website
  • Ensure the targeted iPhone has a stable internet connection
  • To remotely install uMobix, you’ll need temporary access to the targeted device, or their login details will work as well
  • ​​Standby for uMobix to upload all of the information of the targeted device to your application dashboard. Depending on the storage capacity of the target device, this might take a couple of minutes to a few hours.

What to Know Before Installing uMobix

uMobix Review

This spy app is a unique surveillance app for your cellphone that doesn’t even necessitate jailbreaking the iPhone. This procedure eliminates Apple limitations from your cellphone.

Moreover, two different types of the uMobix app are available for install on an iPhone. The first lets you spy on a specific set of data spanning from geolocation and contacts to texts and social media apps.

The second version enables you to access a wider variety of data, including discussions on social networking apps, but this verse does require you to jailbreak the iPhone.

It is doable using the version of the application that doesn’t require you to jailbreak the phone. You will, nevertheless, have to know the necessary login credentials for iCloud.

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Furthermore, if they happen to have two-factor authentication enabled, this task becomes unfeasible. When this occurs, you’ll have to physically handle the device to validate the 2FA request and allow the uMobix app permission to access the targeted iPhone. 

This version of the spy app works with any version of the iPhone. The jailbroken versions are easily compatible with virtually any version, and a new update is generally available a few weeks after the Apple company puts out a new iOS update. 

uMobix is completely undetectable on the targeted phone and leaves no trail that it was ever there. When the spy app is installed, it operates in the background, and the user will be entirely unaware that it’s there.

Install Without Jailbreaking

To begin, ensure that the backup is set on the targeted iPhone. The uMobix app won’t have anything to trace from the iPhone’s information unless a backup has been enabled.

To clarify, the spy app connects to the user’s iCloud account and collects data when you enable a backup. Texts, conversations on social apps, and other important details will be included as well. It is pretty simple to verify if the enabled backup is running and performing properly.

Simply go to the iPhone’s settings, tap on the name of the owner account, select iCloud, select iCloud Backup, and ensure that this is turned on. 

From here, you must select from the various subscription plans available.  After purchasing, access your account, target the iPhone by tapping the Apple symbol, and provide the following details: the iPhone’s name, the target person’s age, and the iCloud credentials.

If 2FA is enabled, a message will appear regarding an attempt to access the iCloud account on the iPhone. 

If you see this, just tap ‘Allow.’ You’ve now successfully installed uMobix on the targeted iPhone without having to jailbreak it.

Now you can view all of their texts, media, social media interactions, and more through the app’s dashboard in your account.

In rare situations, the initial backup of information might take hours to complete the process entirely, so ensure that you consider this point before starting.

The Jailbroken Method

This install procedure is slightly more complex than the version that doesn’t require jailbreaking the phone. It’s not so much about the application as it is about the actual method of breaking into iOS.

Jailbreaking eliminates many restrictions and constraints, enabling you to install specific applications that the Apple company themselves has not approved. 

This method eliminates these impediments and weakens the overall operating system. In just about all circumstances, jailbreaking a smartphone is not advised since it exposes it to the danger of downloading viruses or harmful software that the Apple company would have otherwise filtered out.

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Furthermore, jailbreaking an iPhone can be a time-consuming operation, so when you’re ready, consult any of the numerous accessible instructions on the internet for your current operating system.

After jailbreaking, you’ll need to purchase a uMobix membership if you haven’t already. We previously spoke about their available subscription schedules, but you can select from either a Basic or Premium subscription.

After that, you’ll receive an email containing login information to access the account dashboard that you can view by logging in on their official website. 

The following step is to run the installation of the uMobix app on an iPhone. From there, open Cydia on the phone, which will show on the phone’s home screen once it’s jailbroken, and tap the Sources icon.

Then, choose Edit and select Add. Here, you’ll need to enter the following: to the provided URL bar.

Then uMobix will install on the phone, and after installing the app, you’ll be able to start the setup process.

Activate the Setup Process

  • Select the Mtechnology LTD repository in Cydia
  • Tap All Packages and then select iPhoneInternalService
  • From here, select Install, then Confirm, and finally, restart SpringBoard. 
  • The uMobix app will be shown on the home screen when the iPhone restarts.

How to Make uMobix Anonymous

  • Launch the uMobix application. Continue and then Accept are the two options you need to select.
  • A screen titled Amenability will appear. From here, tap ‘Select’ and select the proper choice, and the application is now hidden.
  • Enter a code for registration and then tap ‘Finish.’ This code will be delivered to the provided email address, just as it was when you initially purchased your uMobix subscription.
  • Then you’re good to go!

Details on uMobix Subscriptions

You’ll need to purchase a uMobix subscription at some point and time. You can select numerous plans to fit your needs by reviewing their subscription details on their website.

Once you’ve decided, you can pay with either a prepaid or credit card. After that’s finalized, you’ll get an email with login information for your account and dashboard. 

You’ll also be provided with installation instructions for the application. Once the program is installed on the targeted iPhone, it begins gathering data, and this information will be displayed in your control panel.

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You’ll be to view it from anywhere as long as there’s a reliable connection.

You’re able to install the uMobix app on a single device with one license. In addition,  you can remove the app from one device and reinstall it on another at any moment, so you aren’t stuck to one phone.

If you’re looking to track several phones at the same time, you’ll have to purchase two memberships or request a family plan. 

The basic subscription allows you to spy on a few key aspects such as read texts, stored media files, current GPS positions, browser history, and a few other minor bits of information.

You won’t be able to spy on social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or iMessage, and the like with the basic package.

Of course, as one would assume, the Premium subscription includes everything you might need. You can monitor everything that happens on the targeted iPhone, including all of their available networking and social applications.

Multiple Use Cases


Applications geared towards spying on your children’s activities are also intended for teenagers as well. In general, teens are more likely to want to try new activities.

The more vulnerable they may become, particularly when forming new relationships online, teens may be tempted to use apps to make new friends or interact with strangers

This is particularly alarming for parents who wish to keep their children secure. You never know what they’re up to on their phone or who they’re interacting with if you don’t have a spy app such as uMobix.

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Your child might be connecting with suspicious individuals, sharing personal photos, or even planning meetups that could get them into trouble.

Although uMobix may be geared towards monitoring your children’s activities, the capabilities of this application could do wonders for law enforcement in particular circumstances.

On another note, maybe you suspect a long-time partner hasn’t been entirely faithful lately, and you feel like they aren’t telling the truth.

Whatever your reasons may be, you should never use the uMobix app with harmful ill-intent. The spy application should only be used for security and privacy reasons.

Moreover, there are other services like uMobix on the market, but none of them compare in regards to features and pricing structure.

Best Alternative to uMobix

Suppose you want to have a backup alternative on hand. In that case, the Recovery Stick for iPhone is a USB drive produced by, a business that specializes in spy products and equipment.

The gadget provides access to the targeted iPhone’s browsing history, texts and messages from social media applications, and much more.

The Recovery Stick is simple to use, but you’ll need to link the targeted device to a standard PC USB port. Insert the stick into an open USB port while the device is connected to the Windows computer.

The software completes its data recovery procedure in about 15 minutes or less. 

Consider that it may take longer based on the total amount of info that has to be transported. If you’re looking for specific information, this method offers the ability to look for fairly precise data.

You can look for particular keywords across all applications, for example. You must, nevertheless, ensure that you own a PC that can run the application fluidly.

This method may be a bit more complex, but it’s good to have an alternative on hand if uMobix doesn’t work out for you.

Although uMobix is the number one option available, the Recovery Stick is an interesting second.

To Conclude

This article has covered vital points and details about the uMobix application and the multiple ways how to spy on iPhone without them knowing.

With the current social media culture and online interactions, children can become easily influenced by the wrong ideas and information.

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Using uMobix, whether they know it or not, will only make their social circles and lives safer. Today’s parents have been around since the beginning of the internet, and they’ve seen everything that can possibly go wrong.

uMobix will ensure that you know who your child is communicating with and that they’re safely navigating our online world.

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