How to Remove Shorts from YouTube

How to Remove Shorts from YouTube in 2024?

Published on: April 16, 2023
Last Updated: April 16, 2023

How to Remove Shorts from YouTube in 2024?

Published on: April 16, 2023
Last Updated: April 16, 2023

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Every YouTube fan raves about it except you. In fact, you landed on this site because you are in search of how to remove Shorts from YouTube over the past few days.

Drop your worries because removing this feature from your account permanently is possible.

The good news is, that this is doable in many ways and only takes a couple of minutes to accomplish.

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How to Remove Shorts from YouTube

They say that the best way to win against an enemy is to retreat from fighting, and this is also true to cases like the one you are dealing with.

A direct and fast way on how to remove Shorts from YouTube without using a third-party plugin is to ditch the YouTube app altogether and watch videos through a browser.

Regardless of which service provider you use among Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, among others, YouTube in desktop view or browser mode does not support loading Shorts.

For users who are on their last nerve about these short videos showing up from anywhere on your timeline, always use your browser or put your phones on desktop mode when accessing YouTube.

How to Remove Shorts from YouTube Using App Settings

There is another way to remove Shorts from YouTube, and this can be done by tweaking some defaults on your settings.

But before we walk you through the guide, note that this option is not available to all YouTube users worldwide.

It can only work for some users in selected countries.

1. Download the YouTube app, if you still did not prior to this guide, and enter your channel’s login credentials

2. Upon reaching the homepage, click on your profile icon which is the small round figure with your image or initials found at the corner of the page

3. Among the selection, click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘General’ among the options available

4. Scroll through the tabs until you find the one labeled ‘Shorts’ and turn the toggle sitting beside it to ‘off’

5. YouTube Shorts will be automatically removed after turning the button off. But in case not, you may exit the app or uninstall and reinstall it to see changes

Remove YouTube Shorts by Using YouTube’s Old Version

YouTube Shorts launched just more than a year ago. Since it is a new feature, it is not available for users stuck in using the app’s older version.

The same will apply to users who will downgrade their version of YouTube pre-Shorts era.

If your device is still using the ancient YouTube version, then it’s your lucky day because there is none to do.

Just keep using this version until you realize wanting to join the Shorts bandwagon in the future.

Meanwhile, to our ‘more futuristic’ audience with the latest of the latest versions of the YouTube app, reversing updates is very easy.

Go to your phone settings and browse through your apps until you find YouTube and click.

From the options, select ‘Uninstall Updates’ and you will be reverted to the basic version of the video streaming platform.

Bonus Tip: Be Uninterested

Bonus tip for those with patience to click on individual Shorts videos to accomplish this option.

Another way to get rid of Shorts videos you are not a fan or nor interested about is simply clicking the three symmetrical dots located on the side of the content.

This will open a number of options you can take, choose ‘Not Interested’ and YouTube will automatically take down the video from your feed.

This action will help in limiting Shorts popping up on your timeline with similar or related content with the video you had just taken down,

How to Delete a YouTube Shorts Video

YouTube Shorts

Like Instagram Reels and TikTok, YouTube Shorts also encourages users to follow current trends.

On the other hand, your find videos once considered trendy ‘too old’ for your liking after a while, which makes you want to delete them right away.

The content posted on YouTube Shorts can be deleted and you may do so by following this guide.

1. Go to the YouTube app and enter your login credentials

2. Once on your channel’s homepage, click on the ‘Library’ tab located at the rear right corner of your screen, next to ‘Subscriptions’

3. The page houses all your watch history, playlists, downloads, movies, and videos. Below the History tab, click on ‘Your videos’ to proceed

4. The ‘Your videos’ page has all the videos, Shorts, and live streams you posted on your channel in the past, and you can delete content in any of these tabs. For the sake of this guide, click ‘Shorts’

5. Browse through all the Shorts you have posted until finding the video you want to delete. Click the three symmetrical dots next to the video and press ‘Delete’

6. Confirm your action and you have just deleted a video from your YouTube Shorts. It is that easy! Repeat the same steps for other Shorts you want to remove.

Note: follow the same guide when deleting a full-length YouTube video but click ‘Videos’ instead of ‘Shorts’ when you do this


There you have the answer to the question ‘How to remove Shorts from YouTube,’ with bonus information on deleting a Shorts video from your channel.

While this feature is loved and enjoyed by many, especially the younger population, it does not go the same for everyone.

Many of YouTube’s users find Shorts too striking not to watch and therefore consume much of their time while on the app.

Others still prefer the original YouTube content format lasting for minutes to hours.

The next time you want to remove YouTube Shorts, make sure to check out this content again. Happy watching!

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