How to Make Polls on YouTube

How to Make Polls on YouTube in 2024

Published on: April 10, 2023
Last Updated: April 10, 2023

How to Make Polls on YouTube in 2024

Published on: April 10, 2023
Last Updated: April 10, 2023

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Polling is the new way to increase engagements with fans. Good thing, YouTube is constantly adding new features to its community posts on its Community tab which now include polls.

But how to make polls on YouTube?

While this feature is still new on the platform, learning how to use it to your advantage is important for any YouTuber.

It helps content creators assess their fans’ preferences and can tailor content based on poll answers which could result in a closer bond and higher subscriber count. 

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How to Make Polls on YouTube

There are many ways how to make polls on YouTube, depending on the device a user is using at a given moment.

Here, we will discuss how to create one with YouTube Studio and YouTube app.

Using YouTube Studio to Create Polls

1. One of the ways to create a poll is through YouTube Studio. To start, enter on your browser

2. On the uppermost part of your screen, you will see a ‘Create’ tab placed next to the search bar. Click it to proceed

3. A drop-down menu will collapse and make you choose between three choices: Upload Video, Go Live, and Create a Post. Tap ‘Create Post.’

4. You will be redirected to the Community tab. Click ‘Poll’ located between the ‘Image’ and ‘Video’ tabs 

5. Enter a poll question and enter the choices available on the ‘Add Option’ tab.

You can add more fields, depending on how many choices you would like your viewers to choose from, by clicking the ‘Add another option’ tab

6. Once satisfied with your question and choices, click ‘Post’ and YouTube will automatically publish the poll on your channel

7. For those who would like to start a poll for later, you may also do so by scheduling your post

Using YouTube App to Make Polls (Android and iOS)

Using the YouTube app to make polls is faster compared with YouTube Studio.

It is also convenient for content creators to use only mobile devices for their interactions on the platform.

Here is how to make polls using the YouTube app for Android and iPhone users

1. YouTube is already pre-installed on all Android devices as both come from the same parent company, Alphabet Inc.

Just in case the app is not available, you may download the YouTube app from the Google Play Store

2. After downloading, open the app and log in with your channel’s credentials 

3. Click on your profile icon found at the top right side of your screen, sitting next to the search bar

4. A dropdown menu under ‘Account’ will shop several different options. Select ‘Your Channel’ found right under your channel’s name

5. Once landing on your channel, slide the menu bar found at the uppermost part of your screen until you see ‘Community’

6. Proceed by clicking ‘Create a Post’ and start by filling the box with your poll question.

Click on the poll icon or the small square box with a graph found at the rear left of the page.

Fill in the boxes with the choices you want your viewers to choose from

7. Tap the tab labeled ‘Add another option’ if you want to add more choices

8. Before posting, check if your audience is set to ‘Public’ to ensure that the poll will be read and participated by everyone.

If not, change it by clicking the dropdown menu found just above the text box and selecting ‘Public’

9. Once all done, click ‘Post’ and your poll will be published on your channel

What are YouTube Polls?

YouTube polls are like any other polls online. They encourage users to cast their votes on a limited number of choices anchored on a specific topic, more often related to the channel which opened the discussion.

This way, the content creator could assess viewers’ opinions on certain topics which could help in creating better and targeted content. 

While some polls require factual answers, often on educational sites, most of the creators today use them to solicit opinions.

This means there is no right or wrong answer but everything is based on someone’s personal preference and likes. 

Benefits of Opening Polls on YouTube


As highlighted earlier, creating polls helps content creators understand their audiences deeper and create content based on their wants and needs.

Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of opening YouTube polls for your channel.

1. Tailored Content Is the Best

In any enterprise, customer feedback is always important.

This helps businesses improve their services by meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations, resulting in increased loyalty and higher sales.

The same principle applies to YouTube. Without polls, creators navigate around without a direction.

Polls serve as a compass for YouTubers to improve their content and customize it according to what the consumers of their videos want.

As they say, the key to lasting longer in the industry is listening to what is being talked about and liked by many, and the best way to do this is through polling.

2. Making Viewers Feel Listened To

Audience engagement is important. YouTube viewers get excited about being asked about their opinions which they willingly give on polls.

This way, both the creator and the audience develop a degree of connection with one another which would otherwise be unavailable without opinion collection.

Once your audience feels connected with your channel, their loyalty increases, and the time they spend watching your videos also follows the uptrend. 

3. Why Not Use It? It’s Free!

YouTube polls are free to use! You can create one every day, as long as your channel hit the minimum subscriber count required to access the Community tab of 500 subscribers

Free-of-charge services that bring positive results to your channel do not come very often. Learn and use them often!


In this guide on how to make YouTube polls, you have learned that creating one is not as complicated as you thought it is.

Especially when one is using the YouTube app, this task takes a just bit of your time but the results are immense and impactful.

YouTube polls have become the best way to engage better with your subscribers which, in turn, increases their loyalty to your page.

Start polling and hear your audience with YouTube polls.

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