How to Know if Someone Unfollowed You on Facebook

How to Know if Someone Unfollowed You on Facebook in 2024

Published on: August 12, 2022
Last Updated: August 12, 2022

How to Know if Someone Unfollowed You on Facebook in 2024

Published on: August 12, 2022
Last Updated: August 12, 2022

Let’s find out the answer to one of the most Googled questions today: “how to know if someone unfollowed you on Facebook?”.

Admit it, the number of likes and follows we get across social media platforms stroke our little ego.

This is why we go through lengths, exactly the reason why you are reading this blog, to find out if we have been unfollowed and who did the act. 

Sadly, Facebook does not rub it on your face whenever someone chooses to drive off course from our path.

Fair enough, reading a notification saying “John Doe unfollows you” would turn us with a slight resentment against the person.

Still, just for the sake of feeding our curiosity, finding people who unfollowed us could be good know-how.

How to Know if Someone Unfollowed You on Facebook


Facebook is all about privacy. If unfriending someone can be done in silence, so as unfollowing.

But there is an easy way how to know if someone unfollowed you on Facebook. Although this requires a bit of your time and focus to accomplish since you have to do it manually.

Step 1. Login to your Facebook account by entering your correct login credentials

Step 2. Upon successful login, you will automatically be redirected to your homepage which houses your feed

Step 3. Click on your image icon to land on your profile page

Step 4. Once on your profile page, scroll down until you see the “Facebook Friends” corner at the side of your screen

Step 5. On your friends’ list, click on the “Following” list tab next to the icon labeled “Friends”. This will show the people who are currently following you on Facebook

Step 6. On the search bar, type the name of your Facebook friend whom you suspect has unfollowed you.

If their name does not appear on the search results, chances are they have officially kicked you out of their “following” roster. 

In a worst-case scenario, they have also unfriended you. Note that someone can unfollow you without necessarily unfriending you.

Moreover, remember that accounts which are temporarily deactivated will also be absent from your “Followers” list.

How to Unfollow Someone on Facebook?

Likewise, there will be moments when you need to do the groundwork and unfollow some accounts that are no longer serving you right.

Unfollowing has become an important 21st-century skill. Knowing this will help protect your peace in an otherwise chaotic nature of social media sites.

Here is a how to unfollow someone directly on Facebook.

Step 1. Type the person’s name on your Facebook search bar and click on their profile

Step 2. Near their profile picture is an icon labeled “Friends.” Clicking this will show a dropdown menu of actions you can take next.

You may opt to unfollow, unfriend, or block the account. For the sake of this article, click on “Unfollow” to proceed

Step 3. Confirm your decision and you have just unfollowed someone on Facebook

Unfollowing a Facebook Page/Group


Unfollowing Facebook pages require a slightly different approach than doing it on a regular Facebook account. 

Step 1. To unfollow a page, you need to go to a page’s profile and click on the three ellipses found next to the profile icon

Step 2. A drop-down menu of actions to be taken next will appear. Click on “Following” and Facebook will show the prompt “Unfollow this page” after this 

Step 3. Tap on “Update” to confirm your choice

Unfollowing a Facebook group involves the same steps except that you need to click on the “Joined” tab and select “Unfollow group” instead of “Unfollow this page”

Unfollowing Instead of Unfriending

Before unfriending or blocking someone on Facebook, the site gives the user a list of actions they can take instead of going the hard (and often irreversible) way. 

The platform encourages users to “Unfollow” instead of removing people permanently. The good thing about this feature is discreet resistance.

People often notice immediately if someone unfriended them on Facebook since there will be an “Add Friend” option that will show whenever you visit their profile. 

And given that we are living in a culture that encourages *utmost* tolerance even to friends that are heralds of fake news and poor quality content, exercising patience makes you the bigger person. 

Similarly, unfollowing allows room for improvement.

In case the person whom you badly wanted to kick out of your friend list make rectifies his actions, you can rekindle your relationship like nothing happened.

Especially since users never find out once you cut yourself some slack off of their updates.

Reasons Why Unfollowing on Facebook is Healthy

How Do You Unfollow Someone on Facebook

Cancel culture is highly discouraged nowadays.

On the other hand, if exercising maximum tolerance for someone robs you of your peace and wellness, there is always room for reconsideration.

Here are some of the benefits of unfollowing someone on Facebook.

1. It Keeps You Free from Low-Quality Content

Nothing robs your mental wellness more than low-quality content. This includes but is not limited to gossip, explicit content, and hate speech, among others.

2. Your Timeline Is Spared from Frequent Updates

Don’t we all have a Facebook friend that seemingly posts updates every minute or two?

I know how difficult it is to keep seeing their posts, especially ones that are, to make things worse, low-quality.

3. You Ditch All The Vanity

Some people post updates just to get an ego boost. You, not seeing their posts, also mean you made yourself free from joining their vanity squad.

They don’t need your likes and compliments, someone could also do that for them.

4. Get the Heart Out of It

Unfollowing someone spares you of all the drama which you do not need in your life.

Some people rant and vent out their personal dilemmas on Facebook which not only leads to self-destruction but also makes others get a negative perception about their ability to handle problems 


You do not need to waste time searching for every single person that secretly kicks you out of their “following” circle.

But learning this is a skill that will save you a lot of time from the stress that comes with trying to figure out whether someone likes to keep you in their company or not.

As a social media consumer, knowing how to unfollow someone on Facebook is important.

It is best to shut someone discreetly or temporarily instead of tolerating their poor-quality content that does not serve you right.

Thanks for reading our article on how to know if someone unfollowed you on Facebook in 2024.

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