How to Know if Someone Blocked You on iMessage

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on iMessage in 2024?

Published on: October 13, 2023
Last Updated: October 13, 2023

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on iMessage in 2024?

Published on: October 13, 2023
Last Updated: October 13, 2023

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How to know if someone blocked you on iMessage.

You know the feeling. Someone who you’ve been close to has stopped responding to your calls and messages.

Even if they were just an acquaintance, it still tends to cause a dilemma: have they blocked me?

It can be pretty unnerving to say the least, especially if you can’t put a finger on it.

This is precisely why this article solves the question of how to know if someone blocked you on iMessage.

The symptoms are all familiar. You have sent a message to a friend or relative, but they simply haven’t responded.

It feels weird, so you send them a couple more messages. Still nothing. Perhaps you have tried calling them, but their number always seems to be busy.

You haven’t a clue what’s going on. Suddenly, a debilitating feeling sinks in – have I been blocked?

As if to rub salt into the wound, Apple has no feature or official software designed to point out whether your number has been blocked by a recipient. Which sucks, yeah.

So, is there a way to know if someone blocked you on iMessage? Can you find out for sure?

Yes, you can. Today, you’re going to find out precisely how.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on iMessage in 2024

Let’s get this over with as soon as possible, as you must have been burning for the answer for quite a while now. 

Just one thing before we begin, let us introduce a scale that measures the reliability of every solution.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll call solutions with reliability factor of 60-70% “somewhat reliable”, 70-80% “relatively reliable”, 80-90% “highly reliable”, 90-95% “almost definitely”, and 100% “guaranteed”.

Here we go.

eyeZy – Guaranteed (100%)

eyeZy iMessage

With eyeZy, a next-gen phone tracking and surveillance app, you can employ the most advanced AI systems to track someone’s digital activity and footprint on a grand scale.

How does eyeZy work?

Well, by using their near industrial-grade spying and surveillance features you can essentially keep track of every activity that a person employs on their device – with absolute accuracy.

Finding out if someone has blocked you? Absolutely doable and 100% accurate.

Once eyeZy gains access to a certain device, much more intricate and delicate activities become clearly observable: when compared with those, finding whether someone has blocked you on iMessage is a breeze.

👉 Get eyeZy FREE

Besides checking whether someone has been blocked, eyeZy has quite a plethora of services at its disposal.

If you install it on your child’s device, you can keep track of their messaging activities, and not only Facebook Messenger and Instagram, but pretty much every messaging software out there, like WhatsApp and even Tinder!

Furthermore, you can at all times pinpoint the location of that device, as long as it has GPS location on and/or WiFi access.

You can also set up Magic Alerts that notify you when the device enters a predetermined zone that you have selected.

This way you can afford some peace of mind even if you’re not observing digital activities in real time.

These, and many more features come for $47.99 for a one-month subscription, $27.99 per month for a three-month subscription, and $9.99/month for a year-long pricing plan.

Only 30 cents per day for absolute control over your children’s (or anyone else’s) digital activities? A bargain!

But we’re here to know if someone blocked you on iMessage, after all.

This can be verified by eyeZy, no problem, and it is the only guaranteed (100%) way to know on this list. 

Observe the Color of Sent Messages – Relatively Reliable (70-80%)

There are two colors associated with the messages sent and shown in the iMessage app: blue and green.

The blue messages are free and sent or received by the app via Internet.

The green messages, on the other hand, are sent as regular SMS, which is charged by your network operator and does not require Internet to be sent or received.

How can this help you find out if someone blocked you? First, iMessage conversations are blue.

However, if you send a message to a friend in blue, then within several minutes it turns green and you never get the delivery report, there is a high chance that you have been blocked.

Testing this with just one message is not very reliable, as there may have been other issues with the network operator or the app itself.

However, it is near-impossible for a technical error to cause this repeatedly over several attempts at sending a message.

If you are blocked, whomever it is that you’re sending won’t receive either iMessage or SMS. 

To properly do this method, send several messages over a longer period of time.

If the behavior noted above keeps repeating, there’s a big chance that you have been blocked.

iMessage Is Not Delivered – Relatively Reliable (70-80%)

This method relies on mechanics similar to the previous one.

Open the iMessage app and go to the thread with the person that you suspect has blocked you.

Check for the notification below the the last message – it should have a read/delivered receipt.

This feature is on by default. If the receipt is not there, it is likely that you have been blocked.

Keep in mind that the indicator does not show in cases when the phone is out of service, turned off, out of battery, or put in airplane or “do not disturb” mode.

Delay your conclusion for a couple of hours, just in case.

Check iMessage Status Updates – Somewhat Reliable (60-70%)

The other case is that the message got delivered, but never read.

iPhone users, as noted above, have the “read” indicator turned on by default, so if the message is blue (delivered) but it never got read, it may indicate that you have been blocked.

After all, if someone has got your message but never opened it, it might indicate that something isn’t right. Right?

This technique is not as precise as it sounds, though, as users have a way to disable the “read” indicator feature by default.

This severely hinders the reliability of this, so you might as well couple this method with another one from this list to be (more) sure in your conclusion.

Call the Person You Think Blocked You on iMessage – Highly Reliable (80-90%)

There is a way how to know if someone blocked you on iMessage that has nothing to do with messages but everything to do with calls and voicemail.

Dial the person that you wish to check and pay close attention to the number of rings that you hear on the other side of the call.

If the receiving phone rings once then sends you to voicemail, there’s a high probability that the person has blocked you.

If you hear no ringing at all at the end of the line before you get sent to voicemail, you have not been blocked.

Give it a second try. Try a couple more times to confirm the results.

As the call gets sent to the voicemail of the person you called, you can leave a message even if the individual has blocked you.

However, if the person has indeed blocked you, they will not get a notification for the message that you left for them.

Instead, the voicemail will end up at the bottom of the list of voicemail messages, in the Blocked Messenger users section.

This is a pretty reliable way of finding out if someone blocked you on iMessage.

Alternatively, you can opt for calling someone from a masked number.

You do this by putting *67 before the number of the suspected blocker. This code is meant for the U.S. users, however the code may be different for your country.

You can check for your country’s masking code on the Wikipedia page. Masked numbers with caller ID hidden can serve the purpose of finding out whether you have been blocked, as iMessage does not recognize the number from which you are calling.

If the person answers regularly, you are blocked. Keep in mind, however, that many people decide not to answer if the called withholds their ID.

If after one ring you get sent to voicemail, the phone number in question may be out of use.

Masking your ID can be done without the country-specific code. In fact, you can switch off showing your ID in the phone settings.

Go to Settings, proceed to Phone, select Show my Caller ID and select Deactivate.

Simple, but effective!

Call via FaceTime – Highly Reliable (80-90%)

As with the previous technique, this one relies on calling rather than messaging, this time via FaceTime.

Call the one you think has blocked you on FaceTime.

If the call sounds normal but gets interrupted and hung up after a couple of rings (as if the call was rejected by the suspect), you are blocked.

This is an alternative to the previous method, however you or the other person may not be a regular user of FaceTime so the previous method in that case probably suits you more.

Location Sharing – Somewhat Reliable (60-70%)

Sometimes, the Location Sharing feature can be used to discover whether you are blocked on iMessage or not.

Sharing locations via Find my Friends feature can be utiziled as a definite conformation that you have been blocked.

If you no longer see a location visible before, the probability of you being blocked is pretty high and this points out that you are no longer allowed to send iMessages.

Get a Confirmation Via a Second App such as WhatsApp or Messenger – Almost Definitely (90-95%)

Different apps used for communication, such as WhatsApp or Messenger, can also be utilized to help you know if someone blocked you on iMessage. 

People who block you on iMessage almost always block you everywhere else as well.

If you suspect that this is a case, checking somewhere else is also a viable method.

The first alternative to iMessage that you need to check is WhatsApp.

There is a neat little feature (someone would call it a bug, but it is very useful for you now so we will not) that allows the “read” indicator to go through even if the option for displaying it is turned off.

First thing that you have to do is record a voice message. It does not have to be long, a couple of seconds should do the trick nicely.

This is then sent to the person that you think has blocked you.

Since the two blue ticks that indicate the “read” status on WhatsApp show on voice messages regardless of the settings of the user’s device, you will get to see it in every case.

If you see the two blue ticks, the message has been read and you have most likely been blocked across different services.

This “feature” is also available for Facebook Messenger, with pretty much the same steps involved in the process.

Can You Text the Person Who Blocked You on iMessage? How Do I Get Unblocked?


If it bothers you that you have been blocked on iMessage in the first place, the chances are that you have something to say to the person who blocked you.

Can you reach out to that person in any way? Well, not all is lost just yet. First, try other messaging apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, or Instagram.

If you have been blocked there as well, resort to sending an email. If that fails as well, you can always try to reach the person face-to-face or contact them via a mutual friend.

Communication predates virtual life and if the reason behind you getting blocked is not that severe, there’s hope you will be able to sort things out.

Can Those Who Blocked You on iMessage See Messages You Sent?

This is a resounding and confirmed no. If the person has blocked you, the messages that you sent during the period you have been blocked simply cannot be read.

This remains true even if the person suddenly unblocks you, as there is no way to store messages.

In other words, you do not have to worry that the messages you sent, even the messages sent as a way to confirm your blocked status, will suddenly be visible to the other party when you get unblocked.

No shaming involved afterwards as the content will never be visible!


Getting blocked on iMessage is a stressful experience. However, suspecting (or fearing) that you are blocked is not a good enough basis to make any conclusions.

As there’s no official way to check this status, you have to resort to some of these 8 methods that we have shown you.

Before making any judgments, make sure that you are blocked in the first place, as the other person might just be offline for a while due to undetermined reasons.

Pick a method and get a highly reliable conclusion first! You can do it right now.

In order to get a 100% reliable conclusion, though, we recommend that you get eyeZy.

👉 Get eyeZy FREE

This neat little piece of software has much more power within its code than mere confirmation of the blocked status, but it still can be used in this way.

The most likely outcome is that you will turn to eyeZy for this, but stay with eyeZy for its other kickass and useful services.

How to know if someone blocked you on iMessage? Well, now you know, and feel free to make use of this information as you please.

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