How to Hack iCloud

How to Hack iCloud Account Without Them Knowing in 2024

Published on: March 15, 2024
Last Updated: March 15, 2024

How to Hack iCloud Account Without Them Knowing in 2024

Published on: March 15, 2024
Last Updated: March 15, 2024

Apple has an enviable reputation for security. The truth is they don’t release source code to developers, making it very hard to hack an Apple device.  

That’s reassuring if you have an iPhone or similar device. 

Of course, even the best systems can be hacked, there are expert hackers who dedicate themselves to finding weaknesses in Apple products and exploiting them. 

Periodically, you’ll hear about an Apple hack, proving that it is possible.

You only have to look at the celebgate hack or the security flaw discovered by hackers in 2021.

Naturally, Apple takes security very seriously and will quickly close any vulnerabilities exploited by hackers. 

However, hackers spend years learning and honing their skills.

If you’re not a hacker you may be wondering how to hack iCloud accounts without these skills. 

There is a way. In fact, there are several options.

How to Hack iCloud Accounts in 2024


Eyezy iCloud Sync

EyeZy is the best starting point. It’s a third-party spying and hacking app designed to make your life easier.

You don’t need any tech experience to install and use this app.

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

Best of all, it works. There are other third-party options but this one is generally considered to be the industry leader. 

When you use EyeZy you can access everything on someone’s Apple device and you can do it all remotely. 

The phone doesn’t need to be jailbroken.

The app is actually web-based, allowing you to access it via a browser from anywhere, using any device. 

In addition, when EyeZy installs on a target iPhone it embeds itself into the phone’s operating system.

In other words, the target won’t have a clue that they are being hacked. 

To get this app you’ll need to visit the EyeZy website. Once there, it’s worth looking at the demo.

This highlights all the major features and shows how easy the app is to use. 

You can select try no or buy now and choose your subscription level. The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper it becomes.

Choose a twelve-month subscription and it will cost you less than $10 a month. 

It should be noted a subscription only covers one phone.

If you want to hack more than one phone/iCloud account you’ll need more than one subscription. 

It’s possible to install EyeZy via the iCloud. However, to do this you’ll need to know the target’s username and password.

If you have that you can already hack iCloud!

Of course, logging into their iCloud will show on the records, making it worthwhile installing EyeZy even if you already know the iCloud username and password. 

The alternative is to install the app directly on the Apple device you wish to target.

Providing you can access it for five minutes without needing a login password, this is an effective approach. 

All you have to do is open a browser and paste the link provided by EyeZy.

The app will automatically install and be ready to use in minutes. 

You then log into your EyeZy account from your own device and will be able to see everything they do in the iCloud in real time.

There are several features worth mentioning:

Tracks in Real Time

EyeZy pinpoint

You’ll be able to see what the target is doing as they do it.

👉 Get EyeZy FREE


As mentioned, EyeZy installs inside the operating system, making it invisible to the target.

Works With All iOS Devices

EyeZy on iOS

It doesn’t matter if they have an old Apple device or a new one, EyeZy will work.

Shows All Media

You’ll be able to see all media stored on the iCloud, including videos, pictures, and audio files.

Full Contact List

EyeZy analyzer

The app gives you full access to their contact list and call logs. It even alerts you when a new contact is added. 

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

Phone Tracking

EyeZy allows you to track the phone and know where it is at any given tile, as well as see the history of where it has been. 

View Social Media 

eyeZy Social Spotlight

It’s also possible to see everything that they are posting and receiving on social media. 

In short, you’ll have all the information to keep your child safe online or establish if a partner is cheating. 

Keystroke Logger

eyeZy Keylogger

EyeZy uses a keystroke logger to ensure it doesn’t miss anything.

This type of logger records every button that is pressed, allowing you to figure out usernames and passwords. 

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

You don’t need to use EyeZy, if you prefer you can use a standalone keystroke logger.

The app will need to be installed on the device, in the same way that EyeZy is. 

Once installed it will let you see every key that is pressed or every tap of the screen.

The keystroke logger can give you the iCloud username and password. 

On your own device you can then go to iCloud and login with the username and password. 

Once in the iCloud you’ll be able to see all the apps that have been installed and all media saved, whether pictures or videos. 

It’s effective, easy to use, and gives you access as long as the target doesn’t change the password. 

Of course, logging into the iCloud does show on the login records. The target may notice that someone else has logged in using their details. 

That will quickly put an end to your ability to see what they are doing on the iCloud. 

Use A Professional Hacker

Another option, if you’re struggling to locate the username and password, is to use the services of a professional hacker. 

You will have to be careful when locating and negotiating with a hacker.

You need to be certain that they will do what you ask and nothing else. 

There are plenty of professional hackers that are simply out to get your details.

With the data they hack from you they will be able to cause issues with your Apple account or even steal your identity. 

That’s why you need to be certain they will do what you want, simply hack the iCloud without taking any data. 

Reset The Password


Obviously, resetting the iCloud password for someone else means they won’t be able to access their own iCloud.

Once they realize they will either change the password back or file a report with Apple.

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

That means, resetting a password is really a one-time way to check what they have in the iCloud. 

To access their password you’re going to need access to their phone.

As soon as you have it and the phone is unlocked you can send an iCloud password reset request.

They will send a link confirming the change, to the target phone. You simply click on it and change the password. 

You can then log into the iCloud from your own device using the username and password you’ve created. 

Don’t forget, some people have two-factor identification turned on.

That means you’ll need their face or a code sent to their device to finish the login procedure. This would be a problem.

Fortunately, it’s not a problem you face if using EyeZy. 

It’s then easy to see everything stored on the iCloud. 

If you’re concerned with how long you’ll have before the target realizes you’ve changed the password then you’ll want to sync the iCloud.

This will allow you to download copies of all the files onto your own device, giving you as long as you like to look at them. 

It’s worth noting that when you click on ‘forgot password’ you will be presented with an option to answer security questions.

If you know the target well enough you should be able to answer these questions and you’ll be given access to the iCloud without needing to reset the password. 

Borrow Their Phone

If you already have access to their phone and either know the unlock code or it is left unlocked, then you can simply look on their iPhone whenever you want. Providing the target isn’t around or using the device. 

You’ll have to make sure they aren’t going to catch you looking at their phone, which means keeping any look short.

Just pick up the phone and head straight to the iCloud to see what they have been doing. 

This will give you a full picture of what they are doing online but it can be difficult to monitor regularly. 

Why Hack iCloud?

Eyezy iCloud Sync

The most common reason to hack an iCloud is to check on what a child is doing. The law says this is okay if they are living with you and are your child. 

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

After all, the internet can be a dangerous space. But, children also need space to mature.

Trying to give them space means you need to monitor their online activities remotely. Hacking iCloud is an effective way to do this. 

The other common reason to hack someone’s iCloud is when you’re concerned about a partner.

If you suspect they are cheating on you then there is a good chance the evidence is in the iCloud. 

When a partner becomes secretive and doesn’t let you see their phone and personal information, it’s normal to be suspicious.

Hacking their iCloud allows you to see if your suspicions are right or not. 

Having the answer can help you build trust in a relationship or even know when to end it and save yourself future heartache.  

Summing Up

Fortunately, there are several options you can use to hack an iCloud account. But, by far the best option is a third-party iCloud hacking app, such as EyeZy.  

It’s fast and effective, needs no tech skills to install, and it gives you all the information you need without letting the target know their iCloud has been hacked. 

That doesn’t just make it the simplest solution. With EyeZy you can keep up-to-date with your target in real time.

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

Combine this with the built-in location tracker and you’ll easily be able to see what the target has been up to.

This includes understanding when they need help. 

Don’t just read about it! Check out the demo today and sign up for an EyeZy account.

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