Ways to Grow Your WhatsApp Audience

13 Ways to Grow Your WhatsApp Audience Fast

Published on: February 18, 2024
Last Updated: February 18, 2024

13 Ways to Grow Your WhatsApp Audience Fast

Published on: February 18, 2024
Last Updated: February 18, 2024

Welcome to a helpful guide that suggests 13 ways to grow your WhatsApp audience.

Let’s jump into the basics of creating a lively and genuine WhatsApp community!

How to Grow Your WhatsApp Audience

1. Buy WhatsApp Channel Followers and Reactions With Media Mister

GetAFollower Buy WhatsApp Channel Followers 1

If you want to give your WhatsApp channel a quick boost in followers and reactions, consider purchasing them hassle-free through Media Mister

This efficient service not only rapidly increases your follower count but also enhances the visibility of your channel. 

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More followers not only amplify your current reach but also attract new ones who are genuinely interested in your content. 

What sets Media Mister apart is its reputation for retaining followers, providing a secure payment system, and backing it all up with a money-back guarantee. 

The confidence in offering a complete refund lies in the expectation that you’ll be satisfied with the service. 

Investing in WhatsApp followers and reactions from Media Mister is a surefire way to elevate the popularity of your content swiftly.

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2. Durable Click-to-Chat Link

To connect with more people on WhatsApp easily, just link your social media bio with a lasting link. 

When others click it, it starts a direct WhatsApp chat without hassles.

Use the click-to-chat link to get more people to follow you on WhatsApp. 

The good thing is this link stays there all the time so that people can find it easily, even with all your posts and stories going on!

3. Instagram Post

Instagram Stories 741

A great way to get more people interested in your WhatsApp services is by posting a video on Instagram.

Boost your WhatsApp audience by talking about it on Instagram. 

While a photo can also help, facts show that, on average, videos on Instagram get twice as many likes and comments compared to other types of posts. 

It’s clear that moving videos catch more attention than still pictures.

But keep in mind regular Instagram posts can’t have clickable links. 

So, if someone wants to contact you, they must enter the number displayed in the words in the caption or the video.

Also, these posts don’t stay visible for a very long time.

4. Instagram Story Highlight

Instagram, known for its square photos, now focuses more on Stories, getting lots of user attention.

Regular Stories disappear after 24 hours, but with “Story Highlights,” you can keep them permanently above your feed.

To increase your WhatsApp audience, use Highlighted Stories. 

It not only lets you show animated content perpetually but also makes it easy for users to start chatting – just swipe up!

5. Facebook Post

Facebook Messages 121

Even though not everyone prefers Facebook, it’s still essential for specific groups and industries.

To get more people on your WhatsApp, make a post on Facebook. Use a good message, a video, and a chat link to let more people know about your WhatsApp.

The good part is you can share lots of info about your WhatsApp and talk about a unique chat feature. 

Adding a solid request and a unique link makes the WhatsApp chat personal from the beginning.

Remember, like other regular posts, Facebook posts are seen for a short time. 

But if many people follow you on your profile or in a Facebook group, this method can work really well.

6. Facebook Page Link

Why overthink when a simple button can do the talking?

Grow your WhatsApp audience. Link your WhatsApp Business account to a Facebook Page, and include a ‘Send Message’ option to your profile. 

It’s always there, so your followers can easily reach out whenever they need to.

7. Website “Contact Us” Page

If WhatsApp is relevant to your goal, you can easily integrate it into your website via the Contact Us page. 

You can effortlessly make WhatsApp a prominent contact option by sharing your WhatsApp QR code, number, or a particular link. 

How you present it on your site influences how people engage with it. 

The more accessible WhatsApp is on your website, the simpler it becomes for visitors to initiate a conversation. 

Remember that including a clickable link or a scannable QR code is quicker and more user-friendly than manually typing a phone number. 

Also, the more noticeable the placement, the higher the likelihood that people will pick WhatsApp to connect with your business. 

If you use WhatsApp for various purposes, incorporating specific links can cause different chatbot responses or direct users to other teams, providing additional context for conversations.

8. Website Home Page

Website Home Page 537

Think about putting your channel front and center on your homepage. 

You can use simple tools like a phone number, QR code, or a call-to-action link. 

If you want people to get in touch and learn more about your goods, adding a link to your WhatsApp channel on your homepage is smart.

To make it work well, it’s essential to be clear about what users can expect when they contact you through WhatsApp. 

You can do this by showing pictures of the WhatsApp experience, talking about when WhatsApp can be helpful, and making sure your website content is set up to show up high when people search for WhatsApp customer service. 

This way, users know what to expect, and they’re more likely to reach out through WhatsApp for any questions they have.

9. Website Footer, Header or Floating Element

You can also put a WhatsApp logo that people can click on your page. It can be at the top, bottom, or a little icon in the corner.

This really helps to grow your WhatsApp audience. 

When there’s a floating WhatsApp icon, it’s easy for visitors to message you if they have questions or need help.

The only thing is users might not know what to expect right away. 

To help, begin the chat with a friendly welcome message that explains what they can do using this channel.

10. Conversation Starter Button

Another essential feature is the chat start button.

To reach more people on WhatsApp, think about using this button. 

It’s similar to the floating icon but gives you more options to be creative with design. 

You can include more details and make it easier for users to understand compared to the floating icon. 

Also, you can try different positions on your page to see which one gets the most visitors over time.

11. IVR Deflection

If your company uses a partially automated phone system, you can give customers the option to use WhatsApp in the menu.

Sending customers from the phone to WhatsApp, especially when it’s busy, can be very helpful.

It makes customers happier because even though WhatsApp replies may not be instant, people can continue their day instead of waiting on the phone.

Add a “Switch to WhatsApp” choice in your phone menu to do this. Also, use the Contacts API to check if the client’s phone number is on WhatsApp.

12. Missed Call

Another way to link your phone service with WhatsApp is by sending an automatic message when someone misses a call.

If a customer calls you, but all lines are busy, they’ll get an automatic message on WhatsApp.

Just remember, this might not be common everywhere, as it’s more prevalent in some places like India than in others.

13. Search Engine Ads

SERP 534

We shouldn’t overlook search engine ads when discussing traditional advertising. 

Despite being around for a while, they are considered traditional.

Increase your audience on the WhatsApp platform.

Apply your knowledge of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) to direct traffic to WhatsApp chats instead of landing pages. 

This works whether you’re aiming to gather leads, nurture potential customers, or provide customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Engage My Audience on WhatsApp?

Share helpful content: Give your audience valuable information, updates, or special deals. 

Use different media: Add pictures, videos, or voice messages to make your content more engaging. 

Encourage interaction: Get users involved by asking questions, running polls, or hosting contests.

What is WhatsApp Strategy?

A strategy for marketing on WhatsApp involves using the messenger platform to promote your brand and engage directly with your intended audience.

Is WhatsApp 100% Private?

WhatsApp makes sure all your messages, calls, photos, and videos are secure with end-to-end encryption. 

This ensures only the person you’re sending to can unlock and read your message. 

Even WhatsApp itself can’t peek into the content of what you’re saying.


Enter the world of WhatsApp enhancement with a guide that shows you 13 ways to grow your WhatsApp audience.

From the swift boost of followers using Media Mister to incorporating durable click-to-chat links, Instagram, and Facebook posts, these strategies span both paid services and organic approaches. 

The emphasis is on user engagement, advocating for sharing valuable content, utilizing diverse media formats, and sparking interaction through polls and contests. 

Whether through website integration, missed call responses, or search engine ads, this guide presents a varied set of approaches to grow your WhatsApp audience authentically and foster a vibrant community.

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