How to get more viewers on Twitch

How to Get More Viewers on Twitch in 2024 (21 PRO Tips!)

Published on: December 3, 2022
Last Updated: December 3, 2022

How to Get More Viewers on Twitch in 2024 (21 PRO Tips!)

Published on: December 3, 2022
Last Updated: December 3, 2022

Many gamers are wondering the same thing, ”how to get more viewers on Twitch?”

If you’ve ever tried taking a shot at the career of a Twitch streamer, you know how tough it can be to cross the steamrolling growth threshold.

Most of the time, you’re stuck with a dozen dedicated followers and that’s it.

However, there are a couple of things you can do to change that.

Quite a few factors affect the popularity of your Twitch channel.

Yeah, the total number of followers stands as a major contributor, but it’s not the most important one and definitely not the only one.

Besides the total follower count, you need a fanatic core of followers whose critical quality isn’t the numbers, but dedication.

With their regular activity and heartfelt support, you will attract new community members AND inspire next level support from those who deem themselves true fans.

Here we will share some tips and tricks on how to get more viewers on Twitch so that you can grow both aspects of your follower base.

By adhering to these, you will see your Twitch grow before you can say “live stream boss”.

How to Get More Viewers on Twitch in 2024

1. Buy Viewers from UseViral

UseViral Twitch Promotion Service

One of the most effective ways to get more viewers on Twitch is to buy them from Media Mister or UseViral.

Both of these companies have plenty of experience in this industry and know exactly what their clients are looking for as far as their features and their viewers go.

They aren’t just going to send you a one-size-fits-all package, full of random viewers that aren’t actually going to add to your Twitch profile in any way.

They’re going to get as specific as possible, and even sit down with you in the beginning, and talk to you about what you want your Twitch viewers to look like and where you want them to come from.

This way, you can find the perfect Twitch viewers for your niche and industry and connect your content to people who are actually going to want to interact with it for a long time.

2. Play Games with Viewers not Broadcasters

When learning how to get more viewers on Twitch, remember that you are attempting to get new viewers, which means that you need to be streaming a game that has a lot of existing people watching it, and not a lot of streamers.

Yes, you might be tempted to play a game, because a lot of other streamers are playing the same game, which means you know that the likelihood of it being a good game is pretty high, but unless there are a lot of people out there that are willing to view people playing the game, then you aren’t going to attract more viewers.

You need to make sure you stream a game where you’re going to be in the top 15, or even the top 20.

If there are over 20 streamers playing a game simultaneously, then you need to think about another game.

This is especially relevant if those other people have more people watching them already than you do, because you stand next to no chance of competing with them.

When looking for the right game to play so that you attract more viewers to your Twitch streams, you also need to ensure that the game that you are streaming has enough people watching it for you to have a really good chance of being noticed.

It is a balancing act, and you’ve got to get right in the middle there, otherwise you aren’t going to be able to do well with the game that you have chosen.

3. Talk During Your Streams

You might be somebody who is naturally introverted, but unfortunately, if you want to be a Twitch gamer, you’ve got to bring out your extroverted side even if it is just for your Twitch streams.

You’ve got to put on a brave face, and at least convey what you are feeling inside about your game; that is that you are excited to be playing it, and excited to be playing it in front of people who want to watch you play it.

Talking during your streams is incredibly important, especially if you’ve got people watching your live streams.

If you are just sitting there without talking, playing your game, nobody is going to want to stick around, because nobody wants to just sit there, and watch somebody just sitting there.

Remember, people are tuning into your Twitch streams because they want to get something entertaining out of it.

They watch to interact and converse with you as the streamer so if you aren’t entertaining them, and trying to build relationships through your Twitch streams, then you don’t have a very high chance of keeping people around.

As practice, you might want to try try talking about what you are doing while you are playing the game before going live.

4. Get Family and Friends to Watch Your Streams

Twitch Streams

There are a couple of reasons that we can think of why you might want to get your family and friends watching your streams, and how this can help you find more viewers.

The first is that your family and friends are going to add to your view count, which is incredibly important in the beginning, when you don’t have that many people viewing your streams.

Even if they’re just sitting there, and they don’t interact with you, their view count still counts, and this is still going to expose your Twitch streams to more people.

The second reason is that more individuals in your chat means that your channel is going to rank better, especially when people are looking for channels like yours to watch.

This means that even if you just have three people watching your stream, you are going to rank higher than somebody who has no people watching your stream.

The last reason is that people are a lot more likely to enter a stream if they can see that there are other people in it.

A huge part of being on Twitch is being involved in a community, and making friends, so if people think that they are likely to be involved in a community when entering a stream, they are more likely to enter it.

5. Stream During the Right Hours

Twitch Streams

Just like with other social media platforms out there, there is a right time and a wrong time to produce content, and if you plan on streaming to your audience, you’ve got to figure out when the majority of them are online.

There are going to be times when most of your audience is online, and then there are going to be times when there aren’t too many of them online.

This might not necessarily fit your personal schedule, but you’ve got to be able to be a little bit flexible when it comes to this, especially if you want to keep those viewers around.

If you want to be able to make a big impact with your content, and you want to be able to connect with as many viewers as is possible, you’ve got to get the timing right.

Play around a little bit with the timing in the beginning and see when most of the people who view your streams are online.

Keep in mind that depending on how your audience grows, this could change as well, so be prepared to have to switch up your schedule in the future.

6. Create a Cool Overlay

Coming up with a really creative and cool overlay is pretty important if you want to be able to encourage people to view your streams on Twitch.

Having an overlay on your stream gives off the appearance of being really official.

When people come and check out your stream, they’re going to see a well-designed overlay, and even if you throw in a little bit of animation, they are going to know that you are serious about your streams.

You will be pleased to know that there are a ton of free overlay options you can choose from to enhance the appearance of your streams.

We don’t think the overlays are necessarily going to make a massive difference, but it is definitely going to help your cause, especially over somebody who hasn’t bothered to put the time in when it comes to their overlay.

7. Come up with YouTube Videos

What’s really interesting about this suggestion when it comes to working out how to get more viewers on Twitch is that it can make all the difference in the world.

There are some streamers out there that have gone from nothing to everything by uploading YouTube videos that have gone viral.

One effective way to be seen on Twitch is through your YouTube channel.

If you create a video that ends up going viral, then this is a really easy way to draw attention to your Twitch channel, and to get more people heading over to your Twitch streams to check them out.

What type of content can you think of to get noticed?

If you come up with something that goes viral, then this is one of the best ways to cross promote your social media platforms, and help people realize that you have a Twitch platform as well.

8. Don’t Stream Overdone Games

Of course, it can be extremely tempting to stream a game that is already really popular, but the bad news is that it is popular for a reason, and at this point, it is probably over saturated, which means that people are pretty sick of seeing streamers playing the game.

It might have been popular for a while, but if you haven’t managed to catch the wave when it was at its peak, then this isn’t going to do you any favors.

If you are brand new to the world of Twitch streaming and you don’t have any viewers, this means that when people search for a specific game that they enjoy and enjoy watching, then your channel is going to come up at the bottom.

The bottom line here is that you can’t compete with the big guns when it comes to popular games out there, so in order to help your Twitch streams stand out, you’ve got to pick a game that hasn’t been over saturated yet.

This might mean that you have to sacrifice and play a game that you don’t necessarily love, but if it helps you get you on the map especially in the beginning, it can make all the difference.

9. Include a Plugin on Your Website

Twitch Streams

When it comes to getting more viewers on Twitch, it is all about thinking outside of the box, and in this case, it is all about thinking outside the Twitch box, and coming up with a website that can help you market your Twitch streams in another part of the internet.

There aren’t many people that seem to be aware of this, but there is a plugin for Twitch live that you are able to install through your website, so that people are going to know when you go live on Twitch.

First, you will need to create your site, and then install the plugin, so that people can be notified when you go live on your Twitch profile, and then all they need to do is click on the plug-in, and they will be sent directly to your stream.

This is easily one of the most straightforward and simple ways to get more viewers on your Twitch streams.

10. Guest Post on Websites

The great news is that you can leverage not only your website presence, but the website presence of other people as well.

If you are connected to a few others that have well known websites, then you can make the most of this, and guest post on their websites, where you can plug your Twitch channel.

Even if you don’t know anybody that has a website, you can always reach out to somebody that does, especially in the gaming industry, and ask them if you can create a guest post on their website that is going to encourage people to go and check out your Twitch streams at the end.

11. Be Hosted by a Fellow Streamer

A surefire way to work out how to get more viewers on Twitch is to be hosted by another streamer.

Of course, being hosted by a big-deal streamer is a pipe dream for most but getting hosted by a smaller streamer is actually more realistic than you might think and really effective when it comes to getting more viewers.

If you connect with streamers in your community you can host one another occasionally and this can lead to more people viewing your Twitch stream.

12. Personalize Your Channel 

How to get more viewers on Twitch - Twitch Personalize

Here’s a little something you can do even before you deliver your first stream.

To your fanbase, your Twitch channel page is the picture of, well… you.  Decorate it with stickers, pictures, and relevant details.

Give them the exciting part of you (or your streaming persona, but more on that later).

Add trivia about you, about what you do, and about what you aim to do in the future.

Add hardware specification, VIP donor names, fellow streamer content… The options are limited.

The ultimate result? Make your page seem more like a personality, and less like a business. 

13. Regularly Deliver Content

If you’re just starting, try out different schedules and observe the engagement rates in different time slots.

Every fanbase is unique so you can’t really research it beforehand. If you’re streaming when no one’s looking, you might as well be doing something else.

Another tip is that, if you already know the best time to go live, you better stick to it and deliver content when your fans expect it.

Any unwelcome change turns the viewers off. The most disastrous thing to do?

Skip streaming altogether when you’re expected to deliver! 

14. Come Up With Attention-Grabbing Titles and Thumbnails

Twitch Thumbnails

You might have the best content on Twitch, but if you cover it with a boring thumbnail and an uninspiring title, you can bet no one will watch it.

Make sure the title of your stream sticks out and the thumbnails on your channel scream “AMAZING CONTENT RIGHT HERE, CLICK IT”.

A positive first impression is bound to get people to check you out, and only after do they stay for the content.

Having said this, keep in mind to put into the title what people can expect to see. Include the content that you cover, provide language cue, ranking, and time.

“Smooth WR FASTEST RUN w/o Getting Hit 1:26:54–Ghostrunner” vs. “Ghostrunner New World Record”? Easy.

15. Consider Inventing a Streaming Persona

Twitch Persona

We all have our boring everyday personalities–we don’t want to watch that on Twitch too.

To stand out, both apart from boredom and other content creators, you have to invent something new.

Consider cosplay, doing some gimmicks, pretending, acting… Think outside the box and create something that has never been seen before on Twitch, and you’ll get extra shares of that big Twitch cake. 

16. Involve the Audience

Twitch Audience

Audiences love it when they get some appreciation. Be both smart and kind by giving shoutouts to newcomers live, mentioning the fiercest fans, and publicly thanking the most generous donors.

You can streamline some of audience interaction by getting pop ups for donations, new followers, and VIP fans of the day.

However, don’t leave everything to software streamlining: your fanbase is there for you, so don’t leave them completely in the hands of software!

17. Gamify the Fanbase 

You might consider spicing things up with games, contests, and lotteries that would engage and incentivize your audience to follow you more often and in greater numbers.

For example, if you were a dedicated fan, how would you like if your favorite content creator gave you freebies?

Throw a random or most loyal fan contest and give prizes.

Appoint titular ranks, promote to chat moderators, or invent some other strategy that would engage your audience more. The resulting boost in popularity can be amazing.

18. Gear Up! 

Twitch Gaming

If you’re aiming to reach the Twitch stardom, do consider updating your hardware to match the level of your Twitch popularity.

Getting the most out of your audience requires giving the most to them.

In other words, as you grow larger you are expected to obtain equipment that will improve your engagement with the audience.

The fastest Internet speed is a must, as well as better headphones, webcam, and higher-quality microphone options. 

Low-level gear is for low-level characters, and you certainly want your Twitch to be as late-game as possible.

19. Keep the Chat Neat

Twitch Chat

Certain Twitch users can be obnoxious.

All of us can agree that the chat window doesn’t serve for spam purposes (only). Yeah, sure, every one of us has to vent out somewhere.

But get a couple dozen spammers and you can say goodbye to any proper communication.

And don’t even get us started on obscenity, profanity, trolling, and toxic behavior. Situations like these can seriously harm your community and turn off scores of followers.

It’s good that Twitch has integrated features that were designed to counter malicious efforts.

Don’t restrain yourself in utilizing auto-moderation options like user comment deleters and blocking tools, as well as live moderators.

As we mentioned, appoint dedicated fans as moderators and you’ve given attention to the most loyal and solved your community behavior. Two birds with one stone!

20. Follower Mode–or The Dedicated Few 

Turn on the Follower Mode to appoint fans and viewers an elevated status that will get them above the casual viewers.

As VIP members of your Twitch community, they can get access to VIP-only streams, which would thus be free of spammers, trollers, and other wrong-doers.

Streams for loyal fans only can also convince others to consider becoming ones as well.

21. Integrate Twitch With Other Social Media

Twitch linking Social Media

The last tip on this list: Twitch is not an isolated community.

By linking your Twitch with other social media platforms you open up vast marketing features that can be used to grow your audience even further.

Boosting your exposure on more platforms also offers your fans other channels where they can hear from you and communicate, aside from streams. 

Final Thoughts

With careful consideration, getting more Twitch viewers doesn’t need to be an insurmountable task, not even a chore.

By certain preparations, planning, and closely following these tips, you can not only increase your reach but also have fun doing it.

Which is what Twitch is all about, right?

Did you enjoy these tips on how to get more viewers on Twitch in 2024?

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