How to Get More OnlyFans Subscribers and Likes

25 LEGIT Ways to Get More Subscribers on OnlyFans in 2024

Published on: February 22, 2024
Last Updated: February 22, 2024

25 LEGIT Ways to Get More Subscribers on OnlyFans in 2024

Published on: February 22, 2024
Last Updated: February 22, 2024

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The thing about OnlyFans that you might not be aware of is that it is a fan site, not an adult site.

This means that what’s more important than the fact that it offers explicit content from time to time is that it is a site dedicated to fans, which turn into subscribers.

In this article we’re going to breakdown the key components to getting more OnlyFans subscribers.

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Key Takeaways

  • The best way to get more OnlyFans subscribers and likes is to use Media Mister. Media Mister can help you get more engagement on your content straight away.
  • OnlyFans is so much more than just an adult site – it’s a fan site. This means that you need to bring value to your fans, otherwise you won’t be able to grow.
  • There are plenty of ways to get more OnlyFans subscribers and likes, you’ve just got to know how to apply the strategies correctly.

How to Get Subscribers on OnlyFans

1. Use Media Mister

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Media Mister is number one in the industry when it comes to being able to help its clients get more OnlyFans subscribers.

What you might not know about these guys, especially if you have known them for a while, is that they can actually help you with every aspect of your social media in general, so if you create content that goes up on other social media sites beyond OnlyFans, they are going to be able to assist you with this engagement as well.

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However, it can’t hurt that they are one of the best when it comes to being able to help you with subscribers and likes.

All you need to do is get in touch with them today to talk to them about what your goals are as far as your OnlyFans content goes, and from here they’re going to be able to create the ultimate game plan when it comes to your subscribers, so that you can get even more people that are relevant to your content interacting with it.

Get in touch with them today, so that you can benefit immediately from their personability, their ability to offer their clients really good customer support, and their quick delivery times.

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2. Be a Stripper, not an Adult Star

If you are creating adult content on OnlyFans, then there is definitely a specific way to approach the entire thing, so that you can keep people around and subscribing to your content for a long time.

This is why you need to think like a stripper, as opposed to an adult star.

An adult star is somebody who is good at what they do, and aesthetically pleasing, but they might not hang around for a long time.

They might produce content for a short amount of time, before disappearing again.

However, a stripper in a typical strip club is known for having regulars, because men appreciate her talents, and come back time and again to engage with her.

The same concept can be applied to OnlyFans. If you are creating adult content or OnlyFans, you need to think like a stripper, not an adult star.

Yes, you might be tempted to put your best stuff out there from the get go, but if you don’t build up your content, and you don’t create something that is of value, then you aren’t going to have people wanting to subscribe to you regularly.

You’re going to have people that will come to check you out for the novelty of your content, but they will quickly fall off again, and get bored.

3. Don’t Forget Social Media

When you’ve got a new project that you’re working on, like OnlyFans, and you are focused on producing content so that you can get more subscribers, it is only natural to forget all about the rest of your social media.

However, the opposite is actually true, and while you might not have the time in your schedule right now to focus on every aspect of your social media online, the more you can cross promote your content, the better off you’re going to be.

Yes, focus on your content for OnlyFans, and don’t forget to upload it at consistent times as regularly as possible, but as soon as you do, you need to market your OnlyFans content on your other social media sites, so that you can encourage audiences over there to come and check out what you’ve got going on with your OnlyFans profile.

If you forget to do this, then you limit yourself just to the existing and potential audience that you have on OnlyFans and this can only go so far.

4. Don’t Get Defeated

If you have been trying to grow your OnlyFans for a while now, then you might every now and then experience feelings of defeat, like everybody else for some reason seems to be able to be doing way better than you, and for some reason you can’t get your content out there and in front of the right people.

There is a saying, and it goes like this, it is not personal, it is just business.

This is something that you need to understand if you want to to get more OnlyFans subscribers.

You want to convince yourself that your page and your content is the best there is, and that the people that are out there subscribe to other people’s OnlyFans profiles need to subscribe to yours instead.

You need to put a lot of work in in order to get the success that you’re looking for, so if you’re just starting out, or even if you have been doing it for a while, definitely don’t get defeated.

You never know how close you are to success; it could be right around the corner.

5. Check Your DMs

A really interesting place to potentially pick up OnlyFans subscribers is through your direct messages.

You have probably heard from other people that OnlyFans that direct messages are a waste of time, but the sooner you realize that this isn’t true at all, the more successful you’re going to be.

You can approach your direct messages with a 3-minute conversation rule, which means that you give somebody 3 minutes, and then politely let them know that you have something else you need to do.

If you’re wanting to be successful on OnlyFans, we think that there is a good chance that you have 3 minutes of your day to give to a potential subscriber.

3 minutes could be all it takes to convince them to start subscribing to you and interacting with your content on a daily basis.

We suggest that every day, or every couple of days, remember to check your direct messages, to see who has messaged you.

You never know, this could be the primary way that you get new OnlyFans subscribers.

6. Check Your Comments


Once you have checked your direct messages, another source for OnlyFans subscribers is your comments.

Remember, the people that are bold enough to comment on your content are going to be the people that actually enjoy it, because there’ll be plenty of other people that interact with your content that don’t bother to comment on it.

People’s time is very precious these days, so they’re only going to bother leaving a comment on something if they really like it.

Therefore, comments are really worth it when it comes to interacting with people that potentially turn into subscribers.

You also will want to check out the profiles of the people who are commenting on your content, to work out who you are dealing with.

We recommend that instead of replying to their comments straight away, you go to their profile first, and see who they are before making that decision.

Then, you can start to create a connection with them.

7. People Who Like Your Posts

Just like with comments, only people who are genuinely interested in your OnlyFans content are going to bother liking it.

Again, with so much other stuff to do, and so much other content interact with, there’s only a small percentage of people that are going to bother liking your content, and these are going to be people who really enjoy it, and really enjoy interacting with it.

Therefore, it is definitely worth interacting with them in return, in the off chance that you can learn how to turn them into OnlyFans subscribers.

The best way to spot people who like your OnlyFans content is to look at your posts on a daily basis.

Eventually, you’ll see a pattern start to emerge, and you’ll start to see a few people that are liking everything that you put out there.

Why not offer them the chance to check out a free trial, to thank them for being so loyal to your content?

8. Liking Creator’s Posts That are Similar

When you think about people that are your direct competitors and the OnlyFans space, you might think that they only serve one purpose, and that is to compete against you.

However, this isn’t true in all, and you can actually leverage your competition to get more OnlyFans subscribers.

One of the best ways to leverage your competition is to see who is interacting with their content.

If they are producing similar content to you, then there is a good chance that the people that are interacting with their content are going to want to interact with yours.

If you think that these people are going to be interested in your content as well, let them know that you exist with a direct message, a comment, or even a link to a free trial for your content.

Not only can you attract more OnlyFans subscribers this way, but you can tempt them to check out your content instead of your competitions, and beat your competition ultimately.

9. Hashtags


Obviously, hashtags are incredibly important, even on OnlyFans.

Yes, they were first important on Twitter back in the day, but they have since moved on to other social media sites, and OnlyFans is no exception.

Hashtags can reveal a lot about what people are interested in, and it’s a great way for people to interact with and find content that they like.

We highly recommend that you do a quick hashtag search, and find people that are searching for content using the hashtags that fall within your niche.

This way, you can be led directly to people who are out there looking for content exactly like yours, so that you can interact with them, and tempt them to subscribe to you.

When you find somebody who is already looking for your content, it is going to be much easier to convince them to subscribe to your OnlyFans profile.

10. On a New Social Media Channel

You probably have all the basic social media channels out there, including Instagram and Facebook, but what if you have a few people that you could turn into super fans on OnlyFans that are hiding on TikTok, or even Reddit?

The thing about other social media sites is that unless they are super irrelevant to OnlyFans, like Pinterest, there is a good chance that you’re going to be able to find even more of your potential audience out there.

This is all a part of being active, and not passive, if you want to get more OnlyFans subscribers and likes on your content, you’ve got to go out there and find them, and convince them to come to you.

Yes, you could hang around and wait for them to interact with your content, but this is going to be a much slower endeavor.

11. Those That Aren’t Aware You’re on OnlyFans

Best OnlyFans Scrapers & How to Scrape OnlyFans Data

If you are somebody who hasn’t bothered to advertise your OnlyFans on your other social media channels yet, then you might have a long list of people out there that aren’t even aware that you have OnlyFans.

They love watching your videos on YouTube, and they love interacting with your content on TikTok, and they would interact with your content on OnlyFans as well if they knew that you produce content on there as well.

This is why it is so important to incorporate other social media sites at the same time, otherwise you are missing out on really valuable opportunities to connect with more people that you want to turn into OnlyFans subscribers.

The other thing to consider is that a lot of these people won’t realize that you have an OnlyFans page, because there can be a lot of restrictions on other video streaming platforms.

This is why you need to include a link to your OnlyFans profile, without violating any terms of conditions.

12. Secret Crush

This is one of the most difficult kinds of fans to secure, because they’re going to do everything that they can to keep themselves hidden for you.

They are called lurkers, which means that they’re going to be interacting with your posts, but they are never going to comment or like your content, because they don’t want you to know who they are.

The best way to draw these people out of the woodwork is to make them an offer that they can’t refuse, for example you could create exclusive content for your crushes, and say that you’re only going to send it to them through a direct message, so that they can stay anonymous, and don’t have to reveal themselves on your OnlyFans profile.

You need to make sure that they don’t have to do anything in order to be able to get this kind of content from you, because remember they aren’t going to want to expose themselves.

13. Subscribing to a Page that is Cheaper

You might want to look out for those people who are subscribed to an OnlyFans profile that are similar to yours, but it is cheaper.

At the end of the day, despite the fact that people are more than willing to spend their money on this kind of content, they don’t have a lot of that money to spend, which means that they are going to find the cheapest possible option when it comes to OnlyFans profiles, and not really branch outside of those.

As far as getting more subscribers onto your profile, the best way to target this additional audience is to offer them a free trial.

Everybody loves free stuff, so if you can convince them to come over to your own OnlyFans page to check out a free trial, you’re definitely going to increase your chances of them subscribing to you when they see the value that you put into your content.

14. Subscribing to a Page that is More Expensive

The same can be said for a page that is more expensive as well.

This kind of OnlyFans audience is even easier to get, because of course, they are going to resonate with the idea that they can watch high quality content, for less than they are paying right now.

Find OnlyFans profiles in your niche that are charging more than you are, and then interact through direct messages with the people who are subscribed to that content, either offering them a free trial in the beginning, or appealing to them with the fact that they are going to be paying less for their subscription with you, than they are currently.

Unless there is another reason why they’re subscribed to that existing profile, this is going to be one of the easiest ways to get more OnlyFans subscribers.

15. Make Sure You Offer TLC

We have talked a lot about ways to get more OnlyFans subscribers and we’re also going to discuss how to retain OnlyFans subscribers as well, so that you can create a steady income for yourself.

The more TLC you show your subscribers the more satisfied they are going to be, and the more likely they are to hang around.

As you probably already know, TLC stands for tender loving care, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give your subscribers individual attention, but you just have to make sure that your subscribers feel valued and cared for.

There are a lot of top corporations out there that understand this concept, and because they value their customers, their customers choose to come back time and again for their products.

16. Give Out a Freebie

One of the easiest ways to take care of your existing subscribers and to make sure that they hang around is to give a freebie out every once in a while.

Whether this is in the form of free content every couple of weeks or so or sending them a direct message asking them what they want to see from you, there are many ways to interact with your existing subscribers, and convince them to hang around for a long time to come.

As we’ve already talked about, everybody likes free stuff, so the more you can give your existing audience an incentive to hang around, the more likely they are to.

17. Offer One-on-One Engagement


There is nothing like one-on-one engagement to make your existing subscribers feel special and valued.

This might be difficult for you to achieve on a daily basis, but the more one-on-one engagement you have with your subscribers, the more likely they are to hang around for a long time.

Remember, the OnlyFans space is incredibly competitive, and if you aren’t doing enough to retain your existing subscribers, they’re going to be easily convinced to go somewhere else.

In fact, the only massive difference between your own OnlyFans profile, and somebody else’s OnlyFans profile is how you are able to value your subscriber, and convince them to stick around.

18. Offer Live Content

We all know how enjoyable it is to see daily content uploaded onto an OnlyFans profile we are subscribed to, but it doesn’t hurt to interact through live streams every once in a while, as well.

If you are prepared to offer live streams, this is definitely going to set you apart from other creators in your space, especially if you want to be able to leverage your income and receive tips as well as profit from your monthly subscriptions.

This kind of approach is going to make it a lot less likely for subscribers to leave, because they are going to want to hang around to see what you do on your next live show.

The other great thing about this is that live streams like this are exclusive to OnlyFans, because it is one of the only platforms where anything can happen.

19. Provide Custom Content

The thing about providing your subscribers with custom content is that it can take a lot of your time and effort, but it does set you apart from other content creators, because your audience is going to know that they are going to be able to receive custom content from you if they subscribe to your profile.

Basically, anywhere where you can offer something to your subscribers that they can’t get anywhere else, is going to help you keep them on board, and engage with your content.

This is also going to give your OnlyFans page a more personalized feel, and people that interact with custom content from you are going to find your OnlyFans profile memorable.

20. Comment on Your Subscriber’s Social Media

As we’ve already talked about a little bit, you’ve got to go beyond OnlyFans sometimes in order to keep your existing subscribers.

Obviously, the majority of the people that are subscribed to you on OnlyFans are going to have their own social media platforms and pages.

This is a great opportunity to interact with them outside of OnlyFans, where you can make the most of your clout to interact with their content, and make them feel valued, even when they aren’t interacting with your OnlyFans content.

This is going to make them feel like you truly care about them as a subscriber, and you want to maintain that relationship for as long as possible.

21. Send a Surprise DM

There is little more exciting than receiving a surprise direct message from a creator that you subscribe to on OnlyFans.

Sending out an exclusive direct message especially with a video or an image can really help you maintain your subscriber count.

This is another place where you can establish better connections with your subscribers and show them that you appreciate them.

You will also want to personalize their direct message, by including information that you know about them, and making them feel like you are familiar with them on a more personal level.

22. Celebrate Things

Remember, a subscriber wants to be appreciated for the time that they are putting into spending with you.

If somebody has subscribed to you for more than a year, then send them a freebie, or a thank you direct message.

If you notice that they have something special to celebrate in their life, send them a congratulations.

You can also make your OnlyFans page festive based on a specific seasonal holiday, which is a really good idea, because it shows your subscribers that you are committed to keeping your content updated and fresh.

23. Indicate What You Have Coming Up

One of the best ways to work out get more OnlyFans subscribers and keep them when you have managed to convince them to subscribe is to indicate what you have coming up.

There is nothing more enticing than teasing future content, so that people will actively subscribe to you, in order to wait around and experience that content.

Nobody wants to miss out on something that is just around the corner, so make sure that your subscribers are aware of the content that you’ve got coming up in the next couple of weeks or so.

Tease them by saying that you’ve got some pretty exciting content coming up, and they won’t want to miss out on it.

24. Make Your Page Exciting and Fun

OnlyFans Contact The Support

Don’t forget that OnlyFans is an entertainment business.

This means that you need to constantly be thinking about how you can keep your OnlyFans profile up to date, so that it is exciting and fun for your subscribers.

If you haven’t updated things in a while, or you feel like you could do something to your banner to continue to be as creative as possible, then definitely work on this.

The more time and effort you put into your OnlyFans page, the more your subscribers realize that you are serious about what you do, and the more likely they are to hang around.


Where Can I Buy OnlyFans Subscribers?

The best place to buy subscribers for your OnlyFans account is Media Mister.

Media Mister has it all going on when it comes to being able to help you with your OnlyFan’s subscribers and the best part is that they are personable, and allow their clients to customize their content, so you can receive the kind of engagement that you are needing, and get the kind of subscribers that you need based on your niche and industry.

How Can I Grow My Subscribers on OnlyFans?

As you can see from above, there are many different ways that you can increase your subscriber count on OnlyFans.

From direct messaging each and every one individually, to cross promoting your content, there are many different ways to attract even more people to your OnlyFans content.

Can Do I Maximise My Earnings on OnlyFans?

One of the best ways to maximize your earnings on OnlyFans is to listen your subscribers.

Take a look back at the interactions that you have had on your current content, and work out where people have interacted with your content the most.

This is going to show you what they like to see from you, and what you should be producing more of in the future.

Why Can’t I Promote My OnlyFans Content Elsewhere?

The biggest reason why you can’t promote your OnlyFans content elsewhere is because other social media sites have restrictions when it comes to the kind of content that you can share.

You can’t usually share explicit content on the likes of Instagram and Facebook. However, you can include a link to a website that is going to send your audience over to your OnlyFans profile.

Does OnlyFans Steal My Money?

No, even though you might have heard a rumor at some point, the good news is that OnlyFans isn’t going to steal your money, so you don’t have to worry about putting a lot of effort into your content only for OnlyFans to take away your profit.

Why Aren’t My OnlyFans Messages Not Working?

Sometimes, just like any other website out there, OnlyFans is going to experience glitches, which is why your direct messages might not be sending out.

However, don’t worry about this, because usually, problems like this are fixed within just a few hours.

How Does a Payout Work on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans lets you withdraw your money through a number of different methods, including bank transfer, Cosmo pay, and a number of other services.

You can request to withdraw your money from OnlyFans once you have made $20.

How Often Can I Request a Payout from OnlyFans?

As often as you would like.

How Much Money Can I Make on OnlyFans?

This is a really good question. There are some models out there that make $500 a month, but there are some out there that make $500,000 a month.

It completely depends on how many fans you can get subscribed to your content, and whether you are good at retaining them or not.

Can My OnlyFans Content Be Leaked?

Yes, there is always the risk that your OnlyFans content gets leaked, but you can file to have any of your leaked content removed, because this is a copyright violation.

Is It Illegal to Buy Subscribers?

As long as you are purchasing OnlyFans subscribers from a company that has a really good reputation, and is prepared to take care of you as far as security goes, then there is no way that it is illegal to buy OnlyFans subscribers.

However, you do need to exercise caution, because there are a number of options out there that are going to want to take advantage of you, and potentially steal your personal information, and your money.

When Can I Expect Delivery?

Most companies out there, including Media Mister, have a good turnaround time when it comes to when you can expect delivery of your OnlyFans subscribers, and this can be anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days.

Media Mister promises that they start on your order straight away, as soon as you pay for it, so you can expect to receive your OnlyFans subscribers within a day or two.

This is the industry standard, so don’t feel like you’re waiting too long for your OnlyFans subscribers.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to discover gain OnlyFans subscribers, as you can see from our article above, there are many different ways to do this.

From being able to get more OnlyFans subscribers through Media Mister, to being able to leverage the value that you put into your content, to retaining your OnlyFans subscribers for a long time to come, there are many strategies that you can put in place to produce some of the best content on OnlyFans that anybody has ever seen and keep the subscribers who are interacting with it.

Remember, you’ve got to work really hard to get out of it what you put into it, so don’t feel discouraged if for some reason things aren’t working out right now.

There are plenty of options and possibilities that you can capitalize on, so take our advice, and discover how to get more subscribers on OnlyFans in a way that is going to preserve your OnlyFans reputation for a long time to come.

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