How to Get Instagram Famous Overnight: 11 Pro Tips

11 Pro Tips to Become Famous on Instagram Overnight

Published on: February 20, 2024
Last Updated: February 20, 2024

11 Pro Tips to Become Famous on Instagram Overnight

Published on: February 20, 2024
Last Updated: February 20, 2024


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Instagram is without a doubt one of the top social media platforms for all things marketing and branding— there is so much potential to harness on the platform and so much money to be made through things like becoming an influencer, selling your products and services, affiliate marketing, and more. 

So, since there are so many awesome things about Instagram, people want more followers, and they want them now. They basically want to become an instagram sensation overnight. Is it really possible to get Instagram famous overnight? 

If you’re considering a ‘yes,’ you’re probably a bit more hopeful than anything. While it’s not impossible to become Instagram famous overnight, it’s highly unlikely. Top accounts on Instagram make it seem so easy and like you can hit big popularity levels from one day to the next. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case. Unless you’re a mega-celeb like Jennfer Aniston, who got a whopping 8.6 million IG followers the first day that she joined, you’re going to have to put in the time and work to develop a successful platform. 

In fact, all of the popular influencers and brands you see out there today make it look easy now, but they all started from the bottom and worked their way up over the course of years. All in all, it’s not about how long it takes you— you’ve got to make sure that you work hard to drive great results in terms of your popularity. 

There are plenty of ways that you can fortify your Instagram growth through best practices and top strategies used by the best Instagrammers, and we are sure that our 10 pro tips will help you get the popularity you’ve been searching for on Instagram. 

How to Become Famous on Instagram Overnight

Instagram Famous Tip 1: Optimize Your Bio 


Your bio is really important because it’s the first thing that people will see when they arrive at your Instagram profile. It tells users who you are, what you’re about, and also allows you to add an external link to your Instagram, the only place on the platform that makes it clickable. 

In order to optimize your bio, you should have an effective and on-brand written bio that gives followers all the info they need about you to make them curious, and you can even use hashtags there to appear in profile searches related to certain terms. 

You also want to make sure your profile picture is clear, attractive, and a good representation of you or your brand as a whole. If you’re a business, you can also add certain contact information and other location or business-specific data for users.

Instagram Famous Tip 2: Use Niche-Specific Hashtags


Hashtags is the one thing that makes your content discoverable, and it’s been the universal social media marker for discoverability since it became available on Twitter in 2007. Using hashtags on Instagram is the best way to get your content out to more people. 

Make sure your profile is set to public to get maximum reach and don’t use overly general hashtags. Make sure that you give yourself the best chance to be seen by using hashtags that can help you reach your target audience. 

Using a tool like Task Ant makes your hashtag strategy super simple and easy to implement, so it’s a must-have! 

Instagram Famous Tip 3: Track Your Hashtag Performance

You should also know how your posts are performing when you use certain hashtags and which ones get you the best results. You can do some tests on your hashtags by using a few pieces of similar content and changing up your hashtags on each one.

Sometimes different combinations of hashtags work better than others. Task Ant aso allows you to create go-to hashtag sets so that you can vary your hashtag use depending on what type of content you’re putting out. It’s important to be knowledgeable about your hashtags so that you know which ones actually bring you good results. If you don’t know this, you won’t be able to enhance your performance for Instafame. 

Instagram Famous Tip 4: Develop Your Own Branded Hashtag 

Another way that you can leverage the power of hashtags is to create your own branded hashtag that connects your content to one representative hashtag. This is great for a couple of reasons: 

  • Make all of your content searchable in one place: when people look for that hashtag, they’ll see all your content tagged with it
  • User-generated content (UGC): if other IG users use your tag, you can get some UGC, which always increases your engagement and builds your community. 
  • Established image: once you build up that hashtag feed with content from both you and users in the Instagram community, you’ll have a better reputation and an established public image on the platform that people can find.

Instagram Famous Tip 5: Monitor Your Competitors 

You should always keep tabs on your competitors and see what they’re up to so you know what is trending in your niche and what ways you can expand your content to align with current trends on the platform. 

You should also keep your eye on accounts that you would eventually like to mirror so that you know some of their best practices and you can model their style with your own personal twist. 

Instagram Famous Tip 6: Engage with Your Audience 


If you aren’t active and involved on the Instagram platform, people aren’t likely to notice you. You should always be as present as possible and make yourself accessible so that you can build bonds with your followers and users. 

When you get comments on your photos, always respond with a like or with a comment. Promote discussions in your comment sections because the more engaged you are, the more people will respond, and this will do wonders for your engagement. 

The Instagram algorithm works based on engagement, so if you have high numbers of engagement on your posts, your content will perform better and get more natural reach.  

Instagram Famous Tip 7: Use all IG Features 

Instagram has come a long way from single photo posts. You can now post videos, carousel posts (multiple photos on one post), as well as use features like reels, IGTV, and the most popular— Instagram stories. 

Instagram stories is a huge factor in making you an Instagram success, and you must use them if you want to be worth anything on Instagram. People expect top profiles to have active stories on a daily basis and that’s another engaging way to connect with your followers. 

If you want to become Instagram famous, you have to have well-developed, visually-pleasing, engaging content in different media styles to keep your followers interested and to promote a professional image. 

Instagram Famous Tip 8: Create a Cohesive Brand Image 

When people look at your profile page and different pieces of content, you should have a clear brand image and people should know who you are and what you’re about. If you don’t have anything linear about your image, people won’t stick around because they want to know what they can expect from you. 

What’s more, you should try to follow trends and use your voice on Instagram for social issues and to engage your followers in positive and productive ways. Nowadays, more people want their businesses and public figures to stand for something, so you should always let people know about your values or your particular stance on trending or important issues. 

Instagram Famous Tip 9: Be Consistent 

If you are posting a photo at 7 am one day, then a story once a week on Thursdays, and then a few days later a video, that’s really not going to be a well-designed posting schedule that will keep your followers interested.

People like to know more or less when and how often they’re going to see a post from you, so know your optimal posting times and know when your target audience will be looking at Instagram. 

When enough people interact with and look at your post, it will appear in their feeds at the top because the algorithm recognizes that they’re interested in that content and will feature it for them. This is exactly what you want and can help you get more engagement right out of the gate.

Instagram Famous Tip 10: Host a Giveaway 


People love free stuff, and if you offer something valuable that is niche-specific to your followers, you’re likely to build a good number of followers and engagement through the giveaway. 

In order for people to gain entries, they should be required to do 2-3 things, such as follow your account, like your post, and tag one or two friends in the comments. It’s like an ultra-boost to your followers and engagement, especially when you choose a desirable prize. 

You can also partner with other similar accounts to take advantage of their audience as well and increase your results even further. You don’t want to run these all the time because they’re like a special feature, but they’re good now and then to give yourself a boost and make your followers happy. 

Always feature the winner so that people know you’re legit and even encourage the winner to create some content that you can later feature on your Instagram for even better results. 

11. Use a Growth Service

This is probably one of the best tips, if you want to become successful on Instagram. We recommend you engage with an Instagram growth service to supercharge your results on Instagram using a tool like Kicksta will help you increase your reach organically with real followers, while you focus on posting high quality content.

Final Thoughts on Becoming Instagram Famous 

Sadly there is no overnight formula for becoming an Instagram superstar, but there are a variety of strategies you can follow to help you gain popularity on Instagram and maybe one day reach your dreams of being Instagram famous. 

The key is to always use hashtags strategically and use the other tips to help optimize your content; if you offer something that people are interested in and you show your personality, image, and heart, you’re bound to be a success! 

Authenticity matters a lot on Instagram.

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