How To Find Vehicle Owner By Vin

How to Find Vehicle Owner by VIN in 2024 (The Easy Way)

Published on: November 19, 2023
Last Updated: November 19, 2023

How to Find Vehicle Owner by VIN in 2024 (The Easy Way)

Published on: November 19, 2023
Last Updated: November 19, 2023

Discovering a vehicle’s owner through its Vehicle Identification Number is possible, but it is a task that necessitates an efficient approach.

In this guide, we look at the practical methods and reliable resources that will help you know how to find vehicle owner by VIN. 

How to Find Vehicle Owner by VIN

The following are effective ways to find a vehicle owner with just a VIN.

1. Use a Dedicated Vehicle Search Tool – BeenVerified

BeenVerified VIN Number Lookup 1

Discovering the owner details of a car may initially appear challenging, but the process can be remarkably straightforward by utilizing professional online vehicle lookup tools. 

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BeenVerified emerges as a leader in vehicle lookup, boasting a dynamic database of over 150 million vehicles, continuously updated to provide users with accurate and current information. 

For the past 15 years, the platform has facilitated public access to various public records, offering a seamless experience for those seeking information on vehicle ownership.

The comprehensive services BeenVerified offers extend beyond VIN lookup, encompassing people search, address lookup, reverse phone lookup, and other valuable tools that provide insights into the seller’s background. 

Individuals buying or selling used cars can make more informed decisions with additional information. 

The platform’s success is evident in its extensive customer base, exceeding one million satisfied users who appreciate the wealth of information provided at a reasonable cost.

How to Use BeenVerified to Find the Owner of a Vehicle 

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The process of utilizing BeenVerified to discover the owner of a vehicle is really straightforward. 

  1. Go to the official BeenVerified website and navigate to the “Vehicle Research” page.
  2. On the Vehicle Research page, locate the search box designed for VIN numbers.
  3. Input the desired vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) into the provided search box.
  4. Click on the search button to prompt BeenVerified to initiate a search within its extensive database.
  5. Allow BeenVerified a brief moment, typically within 10 seconds, to scan its database and compile a detailed report.
  6. Once the search is complete, examine the comprehensive report generated by BeenVerified. This report includes valuable information such as the owner’s name, age, and contact details.
  7. If desired, you can delve deeper into the vehicle owner’s details by clicking the “Search person” option in the Owner Details section.

What Can a BeenVerified VIN Number Search Provide?

BeenVerified VIN Number Lookup

When conducting a VIN search on BeenVerified, users gain access to a trove of essential information that goes beyond the basics of a standard vehicle lookup.

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Here are the key insights a BeenVerified VIN number search can provide:

Unveiling Accident History

The search provides a transparent view of the vehicle’s past, disclosing whether it has been part of any accidents. 

It extends beyond a simple acknowledgment, offering details about the extent of the damage and helping potential buyers assess the vehicle’s overall condition.

Tracing Salvage Auction Participation

For a deeper understanding of the vehicle’s journey, the search reveals whether it has ever been part of a salvage auction.

This information is a crucial indicator, shedding light on potential repairs or damage that might impact the vehicle’s reliability and market value.

Validating Security

In buyer assurance, the search checks for any theft reports associated with the vehicle, so it provides peace of mind to potential buyers, assuring them of the transaction’s legitimacy.

Navigating Sales History

The search offers a comprehensive timeline of the vehicle’s sales listings, complete with pricing details and images. 

This detailed sales history becomes a valuable tool for buyers, aiding in assessing market value and facilitating informed decisions.

Exploring Equipment Specifications

BeenVerified’s VIN search furnishes users with a thorough list of standard equipment, allowing them to evaluate the features and functionalities of the vehicle.

Calculating Market Value

By analyzing comparable sales in the local market, BeenVerified calculates the vehicle’s current market value. 

This dynamic insight gives users a real-time understanding of the vehicle’s competitive pricing.

Forecasting Ownership Costs

Ownership planning extends beyond the purchase price. 

BeenVerified’s VIN number search forecasts ownership costs over the next five years, considering depreciation, maintenance, fuel, insurance, and repair costs. 

2. Connect with the Department of Motor Vehicles

Vehicles 678

Your local DMV can be another valuable hub for uncovering detailed vehicle records, offering a crucial resource for obtaining ownership information. 

With its extensive repository, the DMV provides a comprehensive look into a vehicle’s history, encompassing registration data and potential title discrepancies. 

You need to discuss the DMV’s specialized information request procedures carefully. 

You increase your chances of receiving significant insights by offering a well-founded and legally compliant cause for your query. 

Remember that while DMVs frequently charge a fee for their services, the volume of information they provide can be invaluable in understanding the complete context of a vehicle’s history. 

However, we still think BeenVerified offers far more and is way more manageable when you compare the prices.

3. Utilize Online Resources to Check a VIN

Another method once you obtain the VIN is to kick off a comprehensive online investigation using various platforms and official databases.

Two valuable sources include the NHTSA and Carfax, offering extensive insights into the vehicle’s history, including crucial ownership records.


Carfax is a trusted name in the automotive industry, known for its detailed vehicle history reports. 

Input the VIN into Carfax’s database to receive a comprehensive dossier on the vehicle’s past, including details about previous owners, accident history, title transfers, and maintenance records. 

Carfax compiles information from diverse sources, such as state DMVs, insurance companies, and auto auctions, providing a holistic overview of the vehicle’s life.


The NHTSA, a federal agency dedicated to enhancing road safety and vehicle standards, provides a thorough VIN lookup service

Access a range of data covering safety recalls, technical service bulletins, crash test ratings, and consumer complaints. 

This information allows you to determine if the vehicle has been involved in safety incidents, undergone essential repairs, or boasts a clean safety record.

4. Private Investigators

In cases where conventional methods fall short or if you require specialized assistance, hiring a private investigator can be a strategic move to uncover vehicle details through the VIN.

Private investigators possess the expertise to navigate legal channels and leverage their network to trace vehicles using VINs. 

Their investigative skills extend beyond online databases, allowing for a more in-depth search that may include field inquiries, surveillance, and access to exclusive databases not readily available to the public.

Before enlisting a private investigator’s services, ensure they are licensed, reputable, and experienced in conducting VIN-based vehicle searches. 

Discuss the scope of the investigation, the fees involved, and the expected timeline. 

This option is particularly beneficial when dealing with complex cases or when traditional methods prove inconclusive.

What is the Process for Decoding a VIN?

BeenVerified Laptop

Decoding a VIN number involves understanding its 17-digit structure, which became standardized in 1981. 

Even older cars have VINs, but their formats vary.

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The decoding process applies to vehicles with a model year of 1980 or newer.

Breaking down the VIN, we find three distinct sections: the world manufacturer identifier, the vehicle descriptor section, and the vehicle identifier section. 

The first three digits represent the world manufacturer identifier, with the first digit denoting the country, the second indicating the region and manufacturer, and the third representing the division.

Digits four through nine form the vehicle descriptor section, detailing the model, body style, transmission, engine type, and other vehicle attributes.

The ninth digit is a “check” digit, ensuring the VIN’s validity.

Moving on to digits 10 through 17, known as the vehicle identifier section, the 10th digit signifies the model year. 

The year designation transitions from letters (A for 1980, B for 1981, etc.) to numbers from 2001 onwards.

Notably, the letters O and Z and the number 0 are excluded from VINs.

The 11th digit pinpoints the specific manufacturing plant, with each automaker utilizing its unique set of factory codes.

Digits 12 through 17 form the vehicle’s serial number, and since this sequence isn’t standardized, automakers establish their numbering systems. 

Some use it to indicate the car’s assembly line order; for example, the 500th car might have a serial number like 00500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal to Search for A Vehicle Owner by VIN?

In most cases, searching for a vehicle owner by VIN is legal.

However, the legality may vary depending on the purpose of the search and local regulations. 

It’s advisable to use reputable platforms and comply with relevant laws.

Can I Find out The Owner’s Contact Information Through a VIN Search?

While VIN searches can provide ownership details, accessing the owner’s contact information may be restricted due to privacy concerns. 

Official channels like the DMV may facilitate such requests.

How Accurate Are Online VIN Decoding Tools?

The accuracy of online VIN decoding tools depends on the platform’s reliability. 

Premium tools like BeenVerified are known for their accuracy, utilizing vast databases to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information.


As we conclude this guide on how to find vehicle owner by VIN, it’s clear that the key to success lies in leveraging the right tools and methods.

BeenVerified is our most suggested alternative among the abundance of options accessible, offering an effortless mix of accuracy and simplicity. 

BeenVerified is a dependable source for revealing the ownership information concealed within a VIN because of its thorough data discovery and intuitive interface. 

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Take advantage of BeenVerified’s quickness and empower yourself to confidently and accurately investigate the ownership background of any vehicle.

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