How to Find Someone’s IP Address on YouTube (Our 5-Step Process)

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on YouTube

Published on: March 25, 2023
Last Updated: March 25, 2023

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on YouTube

Published on: March 25, 2023
Last Updated: March 25, 2023

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Are you wondering how you can find someone’s IP (Internet Protocol) address on the YouTube website? If yes, then this blog post will tell you how to detect someone’s IP address on YouTube. It might be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

YouTube is a well-known video streaming and sharing website around the world. It has different types of content, including music videos, live streams, cooking videos, sports videos, etc.

YouTube is free of cost and it can stream videos smoothly even on slow internet connections. This is what makes YouTube a favorite of many video lovers.

In this blog, you can know the IP address of someone with whom you have been communicating on YouTube.

Or, someone might be putting offensive comments on your YouTube videos and you would want to know their identity.

You must know your purpose for finding out someone’s IP address. Most of the reasons are fraudulent and illegal, such as carrying out botnet attacks and malicious tracking, unless you want to discover it for research or education purposes.

You can also discover one’s IP address and rough location to stop rude people from bullying you.

IP addresses have no or very little info. They just give you a rough idea of the person’s geolocation details.

So, if you do not want someone’s real location, then there is no point in identifying one’s IP address. You could use the geolocation data to find the location of a specific IP address user.

Step-by-Step Guiding to Finding Someone’s IP Address on YouTube

YouTube does not reveal its users’ IP addresses. Moreover, if you will ask YouTube about someone’s IP address, they will not answer you; they only respond to law enforcement firms.

Your communication with other users on YouTube is not in a direct form, which means you cannot make use of the command line to attain their IP number.

The communication of users on YouTube is centralized, which means it goes straight away to the server of YouTube.

So, how can you attain someone’s IP address on YouTube? You can do so by using an IP logger that has already been made or you can just make your own.

However, it is not advised to make your own IP logger for YouTube since it is quite hard to find someone’s IP address on YouTube through this. This is because of the strict measures that YouTube takes to prevent spamming.

Therefore, you must use an IP logger that has already been made. And, in case you are not successful finding someone’s IP address from this method, then you can just forget it.

Keep in mind that an IP address can only tell you someone’s real location and that too is not an exact one.

Use an Already-Made IP Logger

You can find someone’s IP address on YouTube without any coding skills with the help of IP grabbers and loggers that have already been made. These tools have been developed earlier to get one’s IP address on YouTube.

A majority of IP loggers act as URL shorteners. This means when your target hits the condensed URL that you give to them, their IP number is initially recorded and then they are directed to the compressed URL.

The target does not doubt anything through this. You can find several IP loggers out there.

Here, Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener is used since it is simple to use for everyone, including novices, and it is available free of cost.

You do not have to make an account on Grabify to make use of it. But, if you make an account, you can avail some great features.

You can use Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener by following the below-mentioned steps to obtain someone’s IP address on the YouTube site.

Step 1: Get a “Hook URL”

In order to find one’s IP address with the help of Grabify, you must know the type of content that person likes. It can be a web application, blog post, news post, etc.

When you find the content, you have to copy its URL and then go to the homepage of Grabify.


Step 2: Mask the URL with shortened URL

Now, you have to paste the web content’s URL that you copied in the first step in the space provided. Then, you have to hit the button of ‘Create URL’ in order to create a compressed URL.

This condensed URL will take the target to the real URL that you copied in step one. Plus, it will generate a tracking code, which you need to copy in order to get the recorded IP addresses.

Grabify URL

Step 3: Enable your URLs on YouTube channels

Now, you have to visit YouTube and put this link in the comments where you’re conversing with the target user.

However, this may not work on a few YouTube channels that have disabled URLs. In such a scenario, you have to find a technique to take your target user to a different service from YouTube wherein you can paste the URL.

This depends on how good are your social engineering skills.

Enable your URLs on YouTube channels

Step 4: Waiting for Users click the URL

After the user hits the URL, their IP number is collected before redirecting them to the real web content that they would like to see.

Step 5: Tracking Users IP address via IP Logger

Now, you have to go to the website of Grabify and copy the tracking code that was provided before in the space provided.

Then, you have to hit the button of ‘Tracking Code’ in order to see the information on all tracked requests, including browser details, geolocation, and IP address of each web request.

IP Logger

How to Prevent IP Tracking on YouTube

Just like you want to know someone’s IP address, others might also want to know yours. The video channel’s owner can try to find out your IP address.

A YouTube channel owner can track all the activities that take place within their channel. Plus, advertisers can attain your IP number through your searches and ads on YouTube.

Furthermore, someone can discover your IP address and approximate location if you have made an account on YouTube with your full name or email address. They can also know your IP address if you click on any link provided in the comment section.

You can avoid this by keeping your personal details private on YouTube. This means you can avoid using your real name as your username on YouTube.

Plus, you can conceal your email address by changing your YouTube channel settings so that nobody can track your IP address, approximate location, and internet service provider through it.

When you upload any videos on YouTube, you should try to avoid displaying a lot of personal details on your family, home, etc. so that hackers cannot invade your privacy.

Plus, do not reveal too much information on your YouTube channel and videos.

You can also prevent your IP tracking by not opening any links on YouTube. However, this might be difficult to do every time and it can also ruin your experience on YouTube. This is why you can fake your actual IP address.

It means that you can employ a distinct IP number than your actual one when you go online. This way nobody can attain your actual IP address, including YouTube users. You can do so in two ways, which include either using VPN software or a proxy server.


Is it Illegal to Access One’s IP Address Without their Consent?

Every IP address is unique and therefore it can be employed to recognize individuals on the internet.

But, it does not mean that IP addresses are private data, in fact, they are public data. Every device that has the internet sends the IP address with each web request that it sends.

There is no law that criminalizes accessing someone’s IP address. Thus, it is completely lawful, but the purpose for which you use someone’s IP address can be unlawful.

Is Grabify Effective at Grabbing IP Address of YouTube User?

How well Grabify works depends on your social engineering skills as well as if the user on YouTube is using some IP spoofing method or not.

In case your target user on YouTube is using a VPN or proxy server, then Grabify or any other IP logger cannot help you in finding out their IP address.

This is because the IP address that such a program will find for you will be the proxy server’s IP address and not the actual one.


Every online activity can be tracked, which also includes YouTube profiles and videos. You can track someone’s YouTube account as well as discover someone’s IP address on YouTube by using the method listed above.

However, you can also be misled if your target user is using any techniques to prevent their IP address from tracking.

Therefore, you must remember that the IP number you attain might be incorrect since the user could be faking their IP address by using a proxy server. And, if this is the case, then you cannot do anything about it.

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