How to Find People on OnlyFans

How to Find People on OnlyFans in 2024: 6 Easy Ways

Published on: November 10, 2023
Last Updated: November 10, 2023

How to Find People on OnlyFans in 2024: 6 Easy Ways

Published on: November 10, 2023
Last Updated: November 10, 2023

OnlyFans search is known to be a very restrictive feature, and users cannot easily look up creators as they please.

This is a bummer for most subscribers on the website who just want to search for their favorite creator’s profile and enjoy their content.

But, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you cannot search people on OnlyFans at all; there are still a few workarounds. 

In this guide, we will be discussing how to find people on OnlyFans using the website OnlyFinder plus a few other methods.

Why Does OnlyFans Have a Buggy Search Feature?

It is important that we address the reason why OnlyFans has such a strange search feature, in the first place.

If you are a new user on the site and are expecting sophisticated searching tools like other prominent social media apps, you will be severely disappointed. 

But, it makes sense once you understand the purpose of the site.

OnlyFans, as a platform, always aims to safeguard its users’ privacy and in that attempt, the site has several security policies in place that it strictly follows. 

Since OnlyFans offers a platform to create exclusive content, it makes sure to deploy numerous security settings so that other people cannot steal your content or misuse it in any way.

With that same idea in mind, the site has made a rather bothersome search tool, to better protect its users. 

You must have seen OnlyFans creators promoting their profiles on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Apart from the obvious reason for advertising their profiles and increasing their reach, the other reason why OnlyFans creators must take the help of other sites is that people cannot look them up on OnlyFans with just their usernames. 

While OnlyFans had a good intention when it made such a tight search feature, there is no denying that this makes navigating through the platform a headache sometimes.

But, don’t lose hope! There are a few tricks up our sleeves that you can use to search creators on OnlyFans. 

How to Find People on OnlyFans


As already mentioned, sometimes content creators promote their OnlyFans profiles on their other social media accounts.

They do this by linking their OnlyFans profile with that of Facebook or Twitter.

As a result, if you have a specific creator in mind whose work you want to check out, you can just go to their Twitter or Facebook account, and see if they have shared the link for their profile on their bio or on any other post. 

However, more often than not, this trick doesn’t work since it defeats the purpose of the platform itself.

Most creators wish to keep their work anonymous and create OnlyFans accounts with fictitious names and do not promote the same anywhere in an attempt to keep a low profile.

How do you look up such creators on OnlyFans?

1. Using Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate can help.

As a top-rated people search engine with a 4.6/5 rating on, Instant Checkmate has access to millions of cross-referenced police records and civil judgment records.

👉 Get Instant Checkmate Here

It updates its data on public and hidden social media profiles regularly, making it the ideal tool to search for people on OnlyFans.

With powerful search features like reverse phone lookup, email search, and deep web scanning, you can search by name, phone number, email, or even with an image without knowing the OnlyFans username.

Compared to other people search services, Instant Checkmate is affordable, and occasionally offers limited-time deals.

To use Instant Checkmate, visit their website here and enter the first and last name of the person you’re looking for on OnlyFans in the search box.

Check the results to see if there is an OnlyFans account that matches the name.

2. Using Username

While there is indeed a dedicated search field on OnlyFans where you can enter someone’s username to look up their profile, the truth is that it isn’t as advanced as other sites.

It takes a whole lot of time to locate a specific user’s profile, making you wish you had some alternative.

Luckily for you, there is still a method you can make use of. 

If you know someone’s exact username, you can follow the steps below to find their OnlyFans profile. 

Step 1: Launch the browser of your preference. 

Step 2: Type in, in the URL field, but instead of the “username”, just replace it with the username of the creator you are looking for and press Enter.

For instance, if the username of the creator is Sophia, you can just type in and press Enter. 

Doing this will take you to the profile of the content creator you are looking for.

However, note that if you have entered the wrong username, your browser will fail to generate any webpage and show a “Requested Page Found” error.

In such a case, you can use the search field on the OnlyFans website. 

3. Using the Built-In Search Bar

It might happen that you have forgotten the username of the creator you are looking for and remember bits of it or have no clue regarding their username but just know their name.

In such situations, you can turn for help to the dedicated search field on OnlyFans. 

Step 1: Launch the browser of your preference. 

Step 2: Log in to the account you use with the help of your credentials. If you do not have an OnlyFans account yet, you have to make one first if you wish to look up someone’s profile. 

Step 3: Once you have logged in, you will notice a small magnifying glass icon in your upper-right corner. Tap on it. It will reveal a search bar. 

Step 4: Now, in that search bar, enter the name of the user you are looking for, or if you know the full username of the creator, you can just enter that. Press Enter. 

After you press Enter, the platform will start looking for the accounts that match the entry you have made.

As previously said, the search tool on OnlyFans isn’t as advanced hence, it will take some time for the website to locate the appropriate results.

Once it has generated a result, navigate through the different profiles by looking at their profile pictures and usernames until you find the relevant profile that you are on the hunt for. 

4. Using Email

Other than the two tricks listed above, you can use another method to find out whether someone you know has an OnlyFans account.

While this trick doesn’t really help to locate a new user, it sure helps to let you know if someone you are acquainted with is active on the platform.

Follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Launch the browser of your preference and go to the OnlyFans website. 

Step 2: Now, click on Sign up for OnlyFans and try to make an account by entering the email address of the person you are looking for. 

Step 3: After you have entered the details, there are two things that can happen.

One, the email address you have entered will get accepted, meaning that the person you are looking for doesn’t have an OnlyFans account or perhaps does so but with a different email address.

Second, the email address you have entered will get rejected, meaning that the person you are looking for does indeed have an OnlyFans account linked with the concerned email address. 

5. By Using OnlyFinder

When all else fails, you can take the help of OnlyFinder to help you look for your desired content creator.

What is OnlyFinder?

It is a dedicated third-party website that helps you in searching OnlyFans profiles.

Owing to OnlyFans’s lack of proper search tools, OnlyFinder comes in handy since it has a much more flexible algorithm that helps in locating the relevant person. 

The search field of OnlyFinder works in a similar way as OnlyFans.

If you want to search for a creator and you know their username, you can just use that to look their profile up on OnlyFinder just like you would on OnlyFans.

The only difference is that you will get much better and more accurate results, relevant to the search keyword you had mentioned. 

If you hadn’t been able to locate the profile on OnlyFans, chances are you will find it on OnlyFinder.

Just navigate through the profile pictures and the usernames until you find the creator. 

6. OnlyFinder Location

OnlyFinder Location

It is crucial that we mention that you can search for someone’s profile using the location that they might use.

There are two tricks that you can use. Follow the instructions below.  

Map Feature:

To use the map feature, all you have to do is go to the OnlyFinder website and tap on the section called “Map” on your right. This will generate a map where you can just move the cursor to the desired location.

Once you have landed on the location where you think the person you are looking for is operating from, tap on it.

This will prompt the website to come up with results for OnlyFans profiles that are running from that location. From the list, you can look for your favorite creator.  

Manual Approach:

If maps are tricky for you, you can use another trick that can help you locate a creator using location.

All you have to do is go to the OnlyFinder website and do a manual search.

On the search field, type in Location: “Desired Location”, where instead of the “Desired Location”, type in the location where you think the creator is operating from.  

This will prompt OnlyFinder to come up with results for OnlyFans profiles that are operating from that location.

Keep looking through the list until you see the person you are searching for. 

Final Thoughts

OnlyFans allows you to interact and engage with your absolute favorites, artists, and celebrities.

Because the majority of the subject matter includes age-sensitive content, access is strictly limited.

However, not to worry because, in this blog, we have shown you how to find people on OnlyFans with OnlyFinder, Instant Checkmate and other methods so that you can locate your favorite creators in a jiffy. 

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