How to Disable YouTube Shorts in 2022?

Last Updated: June 17, 2022
Learn how to disable YouTube Shorts with three different and easy-to-follow methods.
How to Disable YouTube Shorts
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YouTube Shorts is finally here! But not all users are happy about it. Don’t worry, we heard you.

This is exactly why we made this guide on how to disable YouTube Shorts to help you navigate around and escape the world of bite-sized videos on your priced app. 

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How to Disable YouTube Shorts

Upon launching Shorts in 2020, YouTube knows not everyone has an appetite for short videos.

Some viewers find this type of content too fast-paced for their liking and therefore would like to keep their OG YouTube app the way it was from 2005 to this day—home for longer videos and more talking.

We get you. These short videos swarm our timeline most of the time and we find ourselves scrolling too much here and there.

This time-consuming habit is a dilemma for everyone.

Ditch this challenge and check out this detailed guide on how to disable YouTube Shorts using three different ways below.

Change YouTube Settings

The first way to get out of all this YouTube Shorts bonanza is to change YouTube settings.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of bite videos on your app for good.

1. Open the YouTube app and enter the login credentials of your channel by linking your Google Account

2. Tap on your profile icon or the circle button containing your profile picture found at the upper rear view of your screen

3. From here, a dropdown menu will show. Scroll down to find ‘Settings’ and click

4. You will be redirected to another page containing a list of actions you can take next. Select ‘General’ to proceed

5. Once on the General tab, tap the toggle next to ‘Shorts’ to ‘off’ or slide the button from right to left

6. You have just disabled your YouTube Shorts. Exit and restart the app to see changes

Important reminder: some countries do not contain the on/off toggle button for YouTube Shorts.

Nevertheless, there are still other ways to disable Shorts videos altogether

Clicking ‘Not Interested’ or ‘Don’t Recommend Channel’

Another way to ditch YouTube Shorts is by making the app know about your preferred videos—what you like and what you don’t. 

While this will not remove the entire feature and some Shorts will still continue to show on your timeline, this will help in getting rid of content you do not like.

This way, the videos that pass through your channel are tailored to your liking.

1. Upon opening the YouTube app, click the ‘Shorts’ feature on the bottom of the screen, located between the ‘Home’ and the ‘+’ button.

Another way to do it is to simply scroll down through your timeline after logging in.

Some Shorts are automatically shown in between full-length videos

2. Once finding a specific video with a content that does not interest you, click on the three dots located at the upper right side of the app

3. Select ‘Not Interested’ or ‘Don’t Recommend Channel’ and YouTube will automatically remove the content and avoid showing content from the same channel again

Downgrading the YouTube App

This might never have come to you, but downgrading a mobile application is also possible.

Doing this will revert your app to its basic version, also known as the factory version, and will remove all the updates that happened recently. 

Since YouTube Shorts only launched two years ago, switching to the factory version will automatically disable it from your app.

For Android users, follow the steps below on how to disable YouTube Shorts by downgrading your app:

1. Open the YouTube app and enter the login credentials of your channel or link Google Account

2. Tap on your profile icon or the circle button containing your profile picture found at the upper rear view of your screen

3. Click ‘Apps’ then proceed to ‘All Apps’ and tap ‘YouTube’

4. Select the three dots found on the screen and go for ‘Uninstall Updates.’ YouTube will automatically go back to its basic version which does not contain YouTube Shorts

Important reminder: the fastest way to access YouTube without Shorts is through watching on a web browser.

Go to and watch videos as usual. Short videos are not enabled in this version.

Advantages of YouTube Shorts

image 3


Before deciding to let go of your YouTube Shorts, think it through.

This feature comes with many advantages that could help to easily market your products and even establish your personal branding online.

To guide you better with your decision, see this list of the advantages of YouTube Shorts

1. It has *BILLIONS* of Daily Audience

YouTube Shorts generate six and a half billion views every day! This massive amount of following is what you will let go of when you disable the app.

YouTube’s short video content is battling head-to-head against established names in the field namely TikTok and Instagram Reels despite launching only in 2020. 

This means it still has a huge room for growth, with marketers now realizing its potential and sponsoring millions of short video content among influencers.

2. It Is Easy to Use

Unlike the original version, YouTube Shorts is known to be more user-friendly.

You can create a short video of 15 seconds to 60 seconds by burning just a few minutes of your time.

The feature already houses a wide number of editing tools that are essential in creating impactful and entertaining videos.

You may also use old videos stored in your gallery and stitch them together using this feature.

Just add non-copyright music generated from the app itself and you have already created content.

3. YouTubee Shorts Is a Fast Way to Gain Subscribers

It only takes a minute or two for viewers to click that ‘subscribe’ button we all have been waiting for.

Long videos sure bring in a good number of new subscribers, but short videos are now bringing loads of viewers to a channel without a sweat. 

Make sure to create click-worthy Shorts to see your subscriber count increase.

One hit video that lasts less than a minute is all you need. Use YouTube Shorts to your advantage.


We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to disable YouTube Shorts. It is fast and easy, and you can do it in just a few clicks.

On the downside, letting go of YouTube Shorts also means you will miss the fun and trend that comes with this bite-sized content.

You can always enable it back by reinstalling the YouTube app’s latest version. Don’t miss the fun and start creating Shorts!

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