How to Disable VPN on iPhone & Mac

How to Disable VPN on iPhone & Mac in 2024

Published on: October 21, 2023
Last Updated: October 21, 2023

How to Disable VPN on iPhone & Mac in 2024

Published on: October 21, 2023
Last Updated: October 21, 2023


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Whenever we mention disconnecting a VPN, we might be referring to either a temporary or permanent disability.

But, before we get into that, let’s first understand a VPN and how deactivating it impacts our privacy.

A VPN is essentially necessary for remaining electronically secure, in the new age of internet surfing.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a security technology that effectively wraps your personal online activity in a conspiracy of silence.

VPNs may not give complete protection from being monitored or spied on, but they are an important component of the shield of privacy rights.

So, if you don’t even have one, you should get one, but if you do and need to disable it for any reason, you might not know-how.

Let’s take a look at how to disable VPN on iPhone and Mac.

How to Disable VPN on iPhone

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If you use a virtual private network on your iPhone for safety concerns, you may wish to disable it at some time.

There are several methods for disconnecting it from your iPhone. 

Disable VPN on iPhone, Using a VPN App

To deactivate a VPN program from your iPhone:

  • Locate and open a VPN app on your iPhone.
  • There will be an option to disconnect. Click on the disconnect button. 

Although this is a very frequent keyword, certain apps may display different terms such as ‘Turn Off’ or ‘Disable.’

Understand that they both represent the same idea and that you may disable the VPN on your iPhone by selecting one of these alternatives.

Remember that an iPhone lacks a built-in VPN. The iPhone App Store must be used to download and install the VPN app.

Otherwise, your iPhone will have no VPN to turn off.

Again, there are several advantages to using a VPN, so whether or not you wish to use it from time to time, it’s a good idea to have one installed.

Disable VPN Using iPhone Settings

  • Navigate to your iPhone settings. 
  • There will be a VPN option in the menu bar.

Ever since the release of iOS14, there has been a “VPN” icon right beneath “Cellular” on all iPhones.

Apple’s iOS has been upgraded to connect more effectively with VPNs such as NordVPN.

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  • Set the VPN status to “Not Connected.”

Now your VPN will be turned off on your iPhone unless you turn it back on.

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Can Your iPhone Be Harmed By VPN?

Is it secure to choose a VPN on an iPhone? The short answer is yes—using a VPN on your phone is completely secure. That is, as long as you use reputable software.

A good VPN tool will allow you to change the internet server through which you access the internet, effectively hiding your location.

When Should the iPhone’s VPN be Turned on or off?

Unless your VPN is mostly about personal security and privacy, you should keep it on.

If you use a VPN on your iPhone for financial services or PayPal bank transactions, be cautious since they might shut you out if a VPN is discovered.

This may be prevented by utilizing a server near your location.

How to Disable VPN on Mac

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You can disable VPN setups if the VPN service isn’t operating properly or isn’t connected.

You may then re-establish them afterwards. There are several methods for removing it from your Mac device. 

Disable VPN on Mac Using Built-in Tools

If you’re using an in-built tool to protect your Internet access, you may modify the VPN on your Mac via your network configuration.

Steps that need to be fulfilled for this procedure include:

  • On your device, click the Apple symbol.
  • System Preferences and Networks should be selected.
  • The VPN will be shown on the left pane of the Devices window.
  • Choose the VPN that you want to disable.
  • To switch off VPN on Mac, click Disconnect.

This will result in the deactivation of the VPN connection on your machine. Then, restart your Mac and connect to another VPN.

This does not have to be done all of the time. It is best to have a VPN connection when browsing the Internet to ensure secure connectivity.

When accessing a public network, such as a cafe’s Wi-Fi, it is much more critical to use the VPN.

Disable VPN on Mac Using a VPN App

If you use a VPN program on your Mac, you can disable it from your desktop. To do so,

  • Locate a VPN app on your Mac.
  • Click on the Disconnect button.

However, since this is a very prominent keyword, certain apps may display different terms such as “Turn Off” or “Hide” etc.

Understand that they all represent the same thing and that you may disable VPN on Mac by selecting one of these alternatives.

Disable VPN on Mac From the Menu Bar

If you wish to disconnect the VPN from the navigation bar, enable the following status: Display VPN.

There are steps to take about it:

  • Navigate to System Preferences.
  • Choose the Network Screen.
  • Choose a VPN connection on the left.
  • Tick the option that says “Show VPN status in the menu.”

If you wish to turn the VPN on or off, you may do so by clicking the symbol in the menu bar.

For example, if your VPN connection is labeled “XYZ VPN,” the option “Disable XYZ VPN” will appear in the menu bar.

How to Configure VPN Settings on a Mac

When utilizing a virtual private network, you may either configure it yourself or have it done for you by the application.

In any scenario, the VPN settings may be seen by performing various steps:

  • Navigate to the Apple menu.
  • Navigate to System Preferences, then choose Network.
  • The VPN setup parameters will be displayed in the window that appears. VPN accounts are represented by the locks.
  • You must first pick the VPN settings in order to inspect their attributes.

Delete VPN vs. Disable VPN on Your Mac or iPhone 

Disabling the VPN does not imply removing it. When you disconnect the VPN, the connection between your device and the VPN server is severed.

You can, however, reactivate the VPN when necessary.

Delete VPN on Mac

Removing the VPN will result in the permanent deletion of the VPN setup from your Mac. If you would like to reconnect to a VPN server, you must re-configure the VPN.

You have two alternatives for removing a VPN from Mac OS:

  1. Navigate to the Applications directory on your Mac. Search for the VPN software you wish to uninstall. Then, right-click on the app’s icon and select “Move to Trash.”
  2. Go over to System Preferences > Network, select the VPN setting you wish to remove, and then click the minus button at the bottom of the left sidebar.

Delete VPN from iPhone

If you wish to completely uninstall a VPN from your iPhone for any reason, there are two options.

First, remove the VPN program from your phone. Second, you may perform a manual removal of the VPN from your device’s configuration.

Simply disable the VPN, and then select “Delete VPN” after tapping the information icon next to the VPN name.

Why Should You Keep Your VPN Connected?

In most circumstances, it is advised to keep the VPN connection active because it adds an extra degree of protection to all of your online activity.

Most significantly, it keeps your data from being exposed or vulnerable to attackers.

If you’re utilizing an open Wi-Fi network, you must keep the VPN turned on because these connections are very susceptible to attacks and hacking.

Because a VPN encrypts the data, it is nearly impossible to break into it. Furthermore, it protects your personal details from ISPs and the authorities.

Another advantage of using a VPN is that it allows you to save cash when making reservations or flights.

Prices vary greatly depending on where you live and maybe rather extreme. Booking sites vary the pricing they give you based on your browsing history.

This identification is masked when you use a VPN, which enables you to receive the cheapest pricing on these websites.

When Is It Necessary to Disable a VPN?

Ideally, the VPN model should be on at all times when you are hooked up to the internet.

However, there are several situations in which you may need to disable the VPN on your Mac.


A VPN might sometimes slow down your System connection, particularly when accessing huge files or gaming apps.

This is because VPNs create an encrypted connection between your computer and a distant server. More traffic resources are necessary for this, lowering the pace.

In this case, you may choose to deactivate your VPN connection.


If you’re looking for material that’s only accessible in your area, you should disable the VPN, especially if the VPN provider doesn’t have a server in the area.


To keep your online purchases and private information safe, you must use a VPN that provides quicker connections and maximum security.

However, regardless of how good the VPN is, you will have to disable it at times.

Now you know how to turn off VPN on iPhone and Mac.

As you can see, deactivating a VPN is so simple that it takes less than a minute.

However, owing to the privacy implications, we do not encourage doing so on a regular basis.

If you must disable your VPN, remember to reactivate it as quickly as possible.

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