How to Change Your Email on Instagram

How to Change Your Email on Instagram in 2024

Published on: November 11, 2022
Last Updated: November 11, 2022

How to Change Your Email on Instagram in 2024

Published on: November 11, 2022
Last Updated: November 11, 2022


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Are you trying to find out how to change your email on Instagram?

Many people express that they find it challenging to change the email on their official Instagram account.

This content is a guideline on changing the email on your Instagram, irrespective of your active follower size.

Of course, your reason for the email change might be for personal or business reasons, but don’t worry, you can get it done without wasting a single sweat.

It is possible to be experiencing one or more challenges with an Instagram account. To offer a solution to this difficulty, most professionals will advise changing your email address.

When you adhere to this advice completely, you won’t lose the details of your account as you only change to identify if the fault is from you or the platform.

In a situation where a device is hacked, or you forgot the password. I know anxiety might bring the notion to delete the account and create a new one but are you willing to risk losing all your followers with the lovely engagement you enjoy because of this small challenge?

The process below is effortless, as if you experience any challenge, you can drop a comment below and get your reply swiftly.

One of the reasons most Instagram users find it challenging to change their email is that some use fake email addresses or old mail accounts that they don’t actively use.

When this situation occurs, the thought of going through a rigorous process of retrieving the email account is why they might suggest forgetting their Instagram account, which they intend to change.

Although fake email addresses might come in handy in some instances, it is essential to consider experiencing future challenges with your account.

The fact is, if you register your IG account with a fake email, there is no way there won’t be issues accessing your account during an emergency. 

You currently have an Instagram account that uses an old email address, and you won’t like to lose all your followers or intriguing content memories.

In that case, the best advice is to change the email address now before it gets too late. Using an old email for an IG account might lead to you losing access to the account, and I am sure you won’t like a situation like that.

Below is insight on how to change your Instagram email. These steps are an opportunity for you to change if you are using a previous email. Keep reading to learn about how to change your email on Instagram.

How to Change Your Email on Instagram Using the App

Instagram App

Changing the email of an Instagram account is a seamless process if you adhere to the process below.

However, this process does not warranty any expertise and can be done from any location worldwide as long as you have an active Instagram account.

Access Your Account and Tab “edit Profile”

Although you would like to change your Instagram email, I am sure you still have access to the account. First, open the homepage of the social media account and click on the “Edit profile.”

If you find it difficult to identify where the intended tab is, click on the picture icon beside the like option on the app. On the next page, you will see the edit profile option.

Identify the Private Information Option

The edit profile tab indicates where IG account owners can change necessary details about themselves. After clicking on the “edit profile,” you will see an email in the private information section.

Confirm the Email 

After opening the “private information,” ensure the email address you find your own with zero typographical error.

Most individuals make the mistake of going to the next step without pursuing their private information. Please don’t make a similar mistake.

Click the Edit Option

After confirming that the email in the private information is your details, tap the edit option and input your new email address.

Please note that if there is any mistake from the step above or the new input email, you might not achieve the desired plan, so it is vital to be careful when cross-checking or inputting the emails.

Click Complete

It might be complete or done that appears on your device; the important information is you are through with the process. You can decide to go through the whole process again for affirmation.

Access Your Email Account

After completing all necessary procedures on your Instagram account, the next step is to access your email address.

Most individuals have a notion that Gmail is the only mail address appropriate for an IG account.

Well, the type of email you use for your social account depends on preference; just ensure you have prompt access to it when required.

Confirm the Email Address

After inputting the new email and accessing your mail address, Instagram will send a notification to confirm that you want to change your email address. You are to click the link in the message, and the email process confirms.

If you made any mistake inputting your email in the IG account, the confirmation message would go to another destination, so you must always cross out every detail and be patient before clicking any tab.

Note that email verification is crucial for every Instagram account, or you might find it challenging to access the social media platform through email.

If you have any other challenges regarding your Instagram account, you can drop a comment below or check out our other blog post.

How to Change Your Email on Instagram without Accessing Your Account

How to Change Your Email on Instagram

Do you know how to change your email on Instagram without logging in?

It might sound surprising that you can change your email address without logging in to your IG account, but this task is possible with less hard work.

First, ensure you have your phone or any computable device so you can access your signed-up email.

It is important to have access to your phone or previous account because it will determine the success of this procedure.

The information below is as simple as the previous outline, and you will attain a similar desire to change to a new email address. The process is;

Go to The Instagram Login Page

Going to the Instagram login page does not illustrate that you want to sign in; it only reiterates that you want to use another process to register your new email. 

Click Forgotten Password

When you access the login page, click the forgotten password option instead of inputting your details to access the Instagram page.

Choose to Need More Help

After clicking the forgotten password option, you click the need for help to take you to another page.

Enter the Username or Email Address

The need for help option will take you to another page that will require information about your username or email address. Enter the username of the IG account or the email registered with the account.

Change Password

When you enter these details, Instagram will direct you to the change the password page. The duration for loading the page might take 10-20 seconds.

Adhere to Instructions and Confirm the Email Address

You will see a series of instructions; ensure to go through them and fill them appropriately before getting to the email address option.

Confirm Email Address

Enter the new email you want to use and phone number, then confirm, and the process is complete.

Does Changing Email Require Paying Any Charges?

Instagram is a free platform with numerous features that keeps users excited. For example, you do not need to pay any fee to have access to an Instagram account. Similarly, you don’t have to pay any fee to change the email address on your account.

The model of Instagram advertisement depends on bidding like CPC or CPM. Instagram pays as high as $0.2 – $6.0 for 1000 impressions for their advertisement, which is pretty high compared to some platforms.

With more than 1 billion active users, you can connect your brand or service with the right audience with this platform, and their charges for advertisement are relatively cheap.

However, the price might vary based on each country’s currency value. If you want to know more about Instagram ads, you can check out their site for details.

The only option where payment might be required on Instagram is to request an advert for your brand or like to push your opinion to reach a large audience.

However, Instagram has one of the best ads on the internet; you can give them a try soon.

Conclusion: How to Change Your Email on Instagram

In the end, your email address will stay the same. You can use a different name or pseudonym to sign up for Instagram if you want. The only thing that changes is the email from which notifications are sent and received. 

You can always change your Instagram email address whether you prefer to log in or not. Note that both processes are effortless if you adhere to the procedures above.

This article has helped explain how to change your email on Instagram soyou’ll know what steps to take when switching over!

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