How Much Time Does the Average American Spend on Their Phone

How Much Time Does the Average American Spend on Their Phone in 2024?

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

How Much Time Does the Average American Spend on Their Phone in 2024?

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

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How much time does the average american spend on their phone in 2024?

Americans spend an average of 5 ½ hours a day on their phone.

Have you ever wondered how much time people spend on their phones?

The answer is a lot.

In fact, there’s a good chance that you are reading this right now on your phone. We all know how big the Internet has become when it comes to our day-to-day lives.

In fact, some of us can’t even go the whole day without looking at the Internet. The consistent growth of smartphone devices around the world doesn’t seem to be helping matters either.

This means that a huge number of people globally are now able to access the Internet wherever they are, whenever.

Here are some screentime statistics so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

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Key Screentime Statistics 2024

  • The average smartphone user checks their phone 63 times a day
  • Americans spend an average of 5 ½ hours a day on their phone
  • There are currently 294.15 million smartphone users in the states
  • The average smartphone user spends 2 ½ hours a day on social media
  • 13% of millennials spend more than 12 hours on their phones every day
  • Baby boomers spend five hours a day on their phones
  • Millennials spend 48 minutes a day texting

How Much Time Does the Average American Spend on their Phone in 2024?

In the world today, being on our phone accounts for more than half of our time on Internet. This trend is expected to increase even more.

1. The Average Smartphone User Checks Their Phone up To 63 Times a Day

This is a lot of times, but of course it’s spread out throughout the day.

2. 86% of Americans Go on The Internet Using Their Phone Every Day

Of course, the thing about smartphones is that they’re easy to use and they are durable. They also make it easy for you to quickly look up information wherever you are.

It should then come as no surprise that so many people use their smartphone to access the internet.

3. Americans Spend an Average of 5 ½ Hours on Their Phone Every Day

This is a lot of time to spend every day on a phone.

How Many Americans Own a Smartphone in 2024?

The number of people that own a smartphone is increasing, and it has been so over the past few years. Almost every household in America has a smartphone in it.

4. There Are Currently 294.15 Million Smartphones Being Used in The States Right Now

And this number is expected to increase.

5. 94% of Americans Aged Between 18 and 29 Have a Smartphone

As we mentioned before, the rate of Americans who own and use a smartphone is pretty high, and this statistics only bolsters this.

100% of Americans within this age bracket own a mobile phone, so 94% of these own a smartphone.

6. 91% of College Graduates in The States Own a Smartphone

This means that almost every college student in America has a smartphone.

7. 46% of Americans Aged 65 and Older Are Smartphone Users

There is a big chunk of baby boomers that say that they like to use the internet through their computer, but as you can see there are still a lot of them that also like using their smartphone.

How do Americans use Their Smartphones?


8. 81% of Americans Use the Internet Every Day

Research has shown that no matter what generation you fall into, you most likely go on the internet every day.

9. Americans Spend 6 ½ Hours on The Internet Every Day

The worldwide average is around the same, but Americans have one of the highest screen time statistics.

10. Millennials Spend 48 Minutes a Day Texting

This is compared to 30 minutes in the baby boomer category.

11. Baby Boomers Spend 43 Minutes Emailing Compared to 10 Minutes Among Millennials

As you can see, baby boomers are still caught up in the email cycle, and they can’t seem to let it go like millennials can.

12. Millennials Spend 5 ½ Hours Every Day on Their Smartphone

This might feel like a lot of time, but what’s scary is that generation Z is spending even more time – up to 10 hours.

13. Baby Boomers Spend 5 Hours on Their Smartphones Every Day

This is actually quite a surprising statistic, considering baby boomers are known for liking email a bit more than texting.

14. 13% of Millennials Spend More than 12 Hours a Day on Their Phones

What’s interesting about this statistic is that it sits at 5% for baby boomers, which is quite high.

15. Americans Spend 38 Minutes on Facebook Every Day

Instagram and Facebook are the two most popular social networks, and two of the reasons why Americans spend so much time on the internet, period.

How Much is Screen Time Increasing in America?

Whether you like it or not, screen time is increasing in the states. Let’s take a look at some statistics.

16. The Average Adult in America Spends 4 ½ Hours a Day Watching TV

What’s interesting is that the TV is another screen that is taking up Americans’ time, not just smartphones.

17. The Average American Spends 10 Hours a Day on A Screen

This includes time spent on their phone, personal computer, and TV.

18. American Teens Spend on Average 9 Hours a Day in Front of A Screen

The amount of time that Americans spend in front of a screen is highest among teens.

How Much Time Does a Person Spend on Their Phone Around the World?


19. 92% of People that Use the Internet Do so On Their Phone

Over half of the world’s population are active internet users.

20. Smartphone Users Spend on Average Almost 3 Hours a Day on Their Phones

The ease of access and convenience makes it all too easy to jump on your phone and spend time on it every day.

21. Tablet and Smartphone Owners Spend 4 ½ Hours a Day on Their Devices

This shows that tablets are still popular as well.

22. 3.5 Billion People Around the World Have a Smartphone

This means that roughly 45.04% of people around the world own a smartphone.

How Much Time do People Spend Online Around the World?

23. 84% of Internet Users Around the World Are on Social Media Every Month

Or 3.8 billion, to be exact. There is no getting around it – social media is addictive.

24. The Average Internet User Spends 6 ½ Hours Online Every Day

What’s interesting is that Japan has one of the lowest online rates, at just 4 hours and 22 minutes a day.

25. People Spend 2 ½ Hours Every Day on Social Media

Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives, as you can see from this statistic.

Worldwide Screen Time Statistics 2024

26. Women in South Asia Are Three Times Less Likely to Use Social Media when Compared to Men

This is because social media in South Asia is considered corrupted, and people believe that females are more susceptible to this corruption than males.

27. 80% of Men in America Use a Smartphone

This means that more men have smartphones than women. 75% of American women use a smartphone.

28. More than Half of The Female Population in India Don’t Know that The Internet Exists

This is because in India, social media is seen as corrupt.

Smartphone Addiction Statistics 2024

Smartphone addiction

Of course, there are disadvantages to everything, and one downside to social media and smartphones is that they are addictive.

29. 70% of Complete Digital Time in America Is Spent on Smartphones

Evidently, there are a lot of people in America that own a phone and use it.

30. 50% of American Teenagers Believe that They Are Addicted to Their Phone

One of the biggest reasons why teens are addicted to their phones is because of the urge to respond to a message as soon as it comes in. Also, games and fun-filled apps don’t help.

31. 69% of Americans Look at Reviews on Their Phone Instead of Approaching an Employee

This is an interesting statistic that shows the prevalence of smartphone addiction.

32. 58% of People Try to Restrict how Much Time They Spend on Their Phone, and 41% Succeed

The good news is that a lot of people are aware of the dangers of smartphone addiction, and seem to be doing something about it.

How to Spend Less Time on Your Phone

If these statistics have shocked you, then let us help you work out how to spend less time on your phone:

  • Turn off notifications: that way, you won’t be tempted to reply straight away when you get a message and you won’t be tempted to constantly check your phone.
  • Disable the ‘raise to wake’ feature: this means that your phone can come to life when you just nudge it. Of course, this is going to tempt you to unlock it and use it.
  • Use the ‘do not disturb’ button as much as possible: this way, you won’t be distracted at work or school by your phone.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these statistics show that people are spending far too much time on their smartphones.

If you are worried about the stats on the average time spent on phones, the good news is that there are things you can do about it, so that you can get back to more of a balance when it comes to how you spend your time.


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