How Much is the Tattoo Industry Worth

How Much is the Tattoo Industry Worth in 2024?

Published on: November 12, 2023
Last Updated: November 12, 2023

How Much is the Tattoo Industry Worth in 2024?

Published on: November 12, 2023
Last Updated: November 12, 2023

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How much is the tattoo industry worth in 2024?

The global tattoo industry is said to be worth $1.89 billion (USD) as of 2022.

We will discuss how much the tattoo industry is worth and the demographics about tattoos you might want to know like who gets tattooed the most, where do people put tattoos, what tattoo designs are most popular, and how the industry has changed over time.

We will learn that the tattoo industry is a thriving and robust industry, especially among certain demographics.

Let’s dive into the world of tattoos.

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Key Statistics

  • In 2022, the tattoo industry was valued at $1.89 billion.
  • The European tattoo market size accounted for 0.63 billion in 2022.
  • Between 2017 and 2022, the tattoo market growth was 3.8% year on year.
  • 38% of women get tattoos compared to 27% of men.
  • 30% of those between 25 and 39 in the United Kingdom have tattoos.
  • Ishan Rana spent 91 consecutive hours giving 74 tattoos.
  • 35% of people in the United Kingdom aged 30 to 39 have tattoos.
  • 47% of the population of Sweden have tattoos.
  • In America, 45% of the total population admits to having at least one tattoo.
  • Argentina and Australia each have a 43% share of tattooed citizens.

How Much is the Tattoo Industry Worth in 2024?

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1. In 2022, The Tattoo Industry Was Valued at $1.89 Billion.

The global tattoo industry was said to be worth $1.89 billion (USD) as of 2022.

Moreover, it’s expected to reach $3.92 billion (USD) by 2030.

The forecast period is expected to experience a CAGR of 9.87%.

The popularity of getting inked is higher than ever in 2023 and is still growing.


2. The European Tattoo Market Size Accounted for 0.63 Billion in 2022.

The European tattoo market size in 2022 was valued at 0.63 in 2022.

In fact, this was the most prominent market in the world in 2022 which accounted for 33.5% of the global tattoo market share.

Most body art ink in Europe was imported from the United States.

(Fortune Business Insights) 

3. Between 2017 and 2022, the Tattoo Artist Market Growth Was 3.8% Year on Year.

Taking a look back to 2017, the market growth in the tattoo artists industry accounted for 3.8% yearly between 2017 and 2022.

Therefore, the growth in tattoo artists also grew alongside the overall tattoo industry.


4. 38% of American Women Get Tattoos Compared to 27% of Men.

People who identify as women dominate in terms of having tattoos with 38% admitting to having tattoos compared to 27% of those who identify as American men.

Of the 38% of American women who have tattoos, 56% are between 18 and 29 years old. 


5. 30% of Those Between 25 and 39 in The United Kingdom Have Tattoos.

Tattoo 1026

In the United Kingdom, 30% of the population aged 25 to 39 have tattoos.

This statistic reveals that people in the U.K. are most likely to have body art.

In Italy, more women than men have tattoos and 48% of the Italian population has at least one tattoo.

(Gitnux Blog)

6. Ishan Rana Spent 91 Consecutive Hours Giving 74 Tattoos.

In March 2023, Ishan Rana, a tattoo artist from Vadodara, India spent 91 straight hours giving tattoos for 64 individuals for a total of 74 tattoos.

This event set the Guinness World Record for most consecutive hours spent on tattooing.

For perspective, Ishan started the tattoo marathon on March 3rd and finished on March 7th.

(Fortune Business Insights)

7. 35% of People in The United Kingdom Aged 30 to 39 Have Tattoos.

In the United Kingdom, 35% of the population aged 30 to 39 have tattoos.

So, this statistic narrows the age demographics compared to 33% of those between 25 and 39. 

(History of Tattoos)

8. 47% of The Population of Sweden Have Tattoos.

Sweden is one of the most tattooed nations in the world with 47% of its population having at least one tattoo.

Moreover, the average number of tattoos among the Swedish population is four.

Stockholm, Sweden has a massive tattoo culture and has been referred to as the ““Tattoo City” of the world.” 

(Tattoo Apprenticeship)

9. In America, 45% of The Total Population Admits to Having at Least One Tattoo.

America has a pretty impressive tattoo culture with 45% of its population claiming to have at least one tattoo in a study.

Tattooing has become a widely popular form of expression in the United States along with other body modifications like piercings.

(Tattoo Apprenticeship)

10. Argentina and Australia Each Have a 43% Share of Tattooed Citizens.

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In Australia, 43% of the population reports having at least one tattoo.

Also, tattooing is almost equal among men and women.

Argentina also has a share of 43% of its population that is tattooed.

Moreover, this is the only South American country with this rank.

(Tattoo Apprenticeship)

11. Approximately 40% of The Workforce in America Has Tattoos.

In terms of tattoos in the workplace, about 40% of the United States workforce has tattoos.

Tattoos have become more accepted in the workplace even though only 12% have visible tattoos at work.

Another 40% of employees in the United States think that tattoos are inappropriate in the workplace.


12. 90% of Managers in America Say that Workplaces Are Less Formal About Attire and Body Art in The Workplace than Just 10 Years Ago.

Statistics show that a whopping 90% of managers in America say that the modern workplace is less formal about workplace attire and tattoos than they were a mere 10 years ago.

The modern workplace is more accepting of tattoos and casual attire.


13. 36% of U.S. Military Veterans and Currently Serving Military Members Have Tattoos. 

In the United States, 36% of active military members in the Army and military veterans have tattoos according to a survey.

Tattoos have been part of the military culture for many years even when it wasn’t as acceptable as it is today.

(History of Tattoos)

14. 76% of Employees Believe that Tattoos and Piercings Adversely Affect Job Interviews.

Whether it’s accurate or not, 76% of employees think that tattoos and piercings have an adverse impact on job interviews.

This would mean that there is still a stigma regarding sporting body art in America.

It’s still considered unprofessional among some people. 

(Gitnux Blog)

15. 69% of Respondents with Tattoos in A Survey Said Their Tattoo Was Intended to Honor Someone.

Tattoo 1029

The number one reason cited for getting a tattoo is to honor someone like a mother, father, spouse, girlfriend, or other special person at 69%.

Another 47% said they got tattoos to make a statement about what they believe in or for a cause.



How Much Does a Tattoo Cost?

The cost of getting a tattoo depends on several factors such as the experience and reputation of the tattoo artist, the placement of the ink, the size of the tattoo, and the complexity of the tattoo design. 

Essentially, you can expect to pay $100 to $200 per hour of ink work.

Larger and more complex tattoo designs can cost up to or more than $1,000.

What Does It Feel Like to Get Inked?

People who have gotten tattoos say that getting a tattoo feels like several tiny bee stings or needle scratches.

The pain is usually more intense at the beginning but subsides as the skin becomes numb. Additionally, tattoo size and placement affect pain levels.

Can You Have a Bad Reaction to Tattooing?

While adverse reactions are rare, if you’re allergic to the ink used in tattoos, you could experience an adverse skin reaction.

If you are prone to skin allergies, talk to your dermatologist and ask about getting a patch test to check for allergic reactions.

How Do You Care for A New Tattoo?

The care and maintenance for tattoos is usually addressed by the tattoo artist.

They normally let you know how to keep it clean and dry, and they tell you to avoid swimming, exposing it to sunlight for prolonged periods, and to avoid soaking in the tub for the first few weeks. 


More data suggests that 32% of people who get a tattoo do so because they feel it improves their appearance. 

These statistics show us the growth and massive size of the overall tattoo market across the globe.

What is known is that there are an estimated 2 billion people in the world who have at least one tattoo.

These figures are still growing.

Whether people want to commemorate a loved one, express their creativity, bring awareness to a cause, or get tattoos for religious reasons, this industry is much larger than we think.

Moreover, tattoos have become more acceptable than they used to be taboo.

We hope that after reading this article, you feel more informed about getting tattooed and enough to decide whether you want to get one or not.

Hopefully, you feel we have sufficiently answered how much the tattoo industry is worth?


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