How Many Twitter Users In The US Are There

How Many Twitter Users in the US Are There in 2024?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

How Many Twitter Users in the US Are There in 2024?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

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How many Twitter users in the US are there in 2024?

Twitter has 76.9 million users in the US.

How many Twitter users are there in the US? We will be covering this information and some other relevant pieces of data and Twitter statistics for you in this article. 

Twitter, a microblogging and social media platform, promotes engagement between its users through tweets.

People can then like, comment, or retweet tweets that they find interesting. 

This platform is used in a variety of ways including, communications with friends and family, exchanging information, marketing, paid advertising, and even as a customer service and support portal by businesses and brands via the messaging feature.

How Many Twitter Users in the US Are There in Total?

As of January 2022, a reported 76.9 million users are using the Twitter platform via the app, or web browser. 

The United States is the biggest and most active country of Twitter users by far.

Japan is second to the US in Twitter users at 58.95 million. Third is India with 23.6 million, which is a large difference between the figures for the United States and Japan. 

For comparison, the latest data on its monetizable daily active users (mDAUs), Twitter at the global level has 217 million users. 

While at the global level, Twitter ranks 16th among the top social media networks in the US, Twitter is within the top 7 of the 9 most popular social media networks in the US. 

What Are the Demographics of US Twitter Users?

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In this section of this article, we will address the gender of Twitter users, what age group(s) use it the most, and other demographics related to US Twitter users. 


The most recent data related to Twitter users by gender comes from January 2021 stats. In the US, the male audience outweighs the female audience 61.6% versus 38.4%.

This is pretty well aligned with the global data that shows male Twitter users outweighing female users 68.5% to 31.5%.


Coming from February 2021 data, The age group in America that uses Twitter the most is the 18 to 29 age demographic. 

The 30 to 49-year-old age group is next at 27%, and 18% of Twitter users in the US are between 50 and 64 years old. 

Only 7% of US Twitter users are 65 and older. 

In comparison, at the global level, those who use Twitter the most include the 35 to 49 age range. 


Since ethnicity is used as a demographic in the marketing arena, we are sharing what we learned about these demographics related to US Twitter users. 

Twitter has a relatively balanced ethnicity demographic on its platform, which is unlike most other social media outlets. 

The last reported data based on ethnicity is from 2018.  

  • 35% Asian Americans
  • 31% Hispanic Americans
  • 30% Non-Hispanic Caucasian Americans
  • 28% African Americans

So, you see that this platform is virtually equal across ethnic demographics.


Politically, Twitter is known as a primarily Democrat-leaning social media network. This data comes from 2020.

In a Pew Research Center survey, this is how the percentages of Twitter users in 2020 lean politically.

  • 69% Democrat
  • 26% Republican

Keep in mind that Twitter users’ political beliefs range from very liberal to very conservative on the scale.

That means that some are moderate, or middle-of-the-road in the political realm. 

Therefore, nothing is totally straight forward within the political realm on social media. 


We have discussed how many Twitter users in the US there are, and the percentages of the demographics of US Twitter users. 

We’ve learned that Twitter is probably the most diverse platform in the social media world, but not so much in terms of gender and political leanings. 

Why is this data important? If you’re a standard user of Twitter, it may be interesting, but it shouldn’t affect your usage of Twitter. 

However, if you’re a brand, business, or marketer, these demographics play a major role in creating a functional and effective marketing strategy.

Since Twitter’s messaging feature is used by big brands like Amazon, Warby-Parker, Adobe, and Evernote, it makes a viable solution for brands and businesses for connecting with their customers. 

How do you use Twitter? Do you use it at all? Would you use Twitter for customer support and service as a business owner or brand?


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