How Many People Use Elpha

How Many People Use Elpha in 2024? (User Statistics)

Published on: July 16, 2023
Last Updated: July 16, 2023

How Many People Use Elpha in 2024? (User Statistics)

Published on: July 16, 2023
Last Updated: July 16, 2023

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How many people use Elpha in 2024?

Elpha is home to 75,000 women in tech professionals.

How many people use Elpha in 2024? This will be the topic of discussion for this article.

We will answer the question, and then include some details about Elpha that you should read. First, we want to introduce you to Elpha.

What is Elpha? Elpha is a community where women in tech can join in a safe space for support and encouragement.

It’s both social and professional for women in tech to candidly communicate online.

Cadran Cowansage, Kuan Luo, and Abadesi Osunsade are the co-founders of Elpha. They launched the app in 2019 with support from Y Combinator. 

If you’re a woman who works in the technology field, you will want to read about Elpha and how it benefits you. 

Let’s learn more about how many people use Elpha and more aspects of the platform that you need to know.

How Many People Use Elpha in 2024?

As of 2021, the platform is home to 75,000 women tech professionals.

That may not be Facebook numbers, but this is an exclusive network of women in technology.

It grew from 7,500 in 2020 to 35,000 in 2021.

Therefore, it’s grown at lightning speed in just one year. Since its inception, Elpha has experienced more than 69% growth.

The growth has been exponential among professional women in tech, so these figures are significant. 

What Can You Do with Elpha?


Elpha, a professional network of women in tech, is an online space where you can communicate, engage, and support one another. 

This is why you need to know how many people use Elpha.

There is a high standard of guidelines where you must respect one another and agree to no self-promotion.

Otherwise, there is no topic that has yet to be considered off limits on Elpha. 

With so many topics that are considered uncomfortable or even taboo in the workplace among colleagues, Elpha is an open forum where you can speak freely and candidly.

Some things members of Elpha discuss include guidance for your next career switch, or discussing how to cope with a toxic work environment. 

Essentially, as long as everyone is respectful, all questions and thoughts are welcome and even encouraged on this professional social app. 

Some discussions often addressed include:

  • Venting
  • Technology
  • Career Growth
  • Family & Relationships
  • Productivity
  • Compensation
  • Parenting
  • Personal Growth
  • Money
  • Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity

There is more, but this is a good example of what women in tech discuss on Elpha. 

The main goal of Elpha is to provide a supportive and caring community of women in tech who share common issues and thoughts. 

What Features Does Elpha Offer?

Elpha features Members Directories, virtual Chats, a Job Board, and a Resource Tab. 


Members Directories

The Member Directories resource allows Elpha members to explore, discover, and connect with other professional women based on common interests or specific needs. 

Coaches, advisors, mentors, board members, freelancers, consultants, funders, makers, and public speakers are resources for Elpha members to use.

Virtual Chats

Each week, Elpha hosts curated monthly virtual chats. Members are notified of these weekly chats.

They curate them according to your interests or field, so you aren’t going to get notified for any chat that’s not something you’re interested in. It’s another effective way to connect with new people.

Job Board

Elpha’s Job Board resource is an invaluable part of the platform. Members can use filters to find jobs based on their expertise and interests in tech. 

Resource Tab

The Resource Tab is where you can seek practical advice about career paths, finding a job, navigating issues in the workplace, and even launching a startup.

This section also provides articles across topics that interest women in tech.

How Does Elpha Work?

You can sign up to use Elpha using your LinkedIn account or via email.

You simply input the basic information they need about you, select your reasons for joining, and input your LinkedIn link, or other professional account link.

The good news is that joining Elpha is totally free, quick, and easy. You should hear from the platform within 24 hours after your information is verified. 

How Does Elpha Earn Revenue?

The platform is free for women in tech to use. However, companies are charged a $12,000 annual subscription fee, essentially for recruiting talent. 

At the time of this writing, there are 20 paying clients on Elpha, primarily made up of startups like Webflow and Lambda School. This is how the company earns revenue.

Otherwise, the company is investor-funded, with Cowasage being one of the main investors. 


Elpha is considered the “LinkedIn for women”, if that gives you an idea of its function.

You should also know that currently it’s only available on the iOS platform, so it’s iPhone compatible and not Android.

We couldn’t find out if they plan to expand into the Android market.

If you’re a woman working in the tech industry looking for resources, you may want to consider joining.

How many people use Elpha in 2024? Though the most current data says there are 35,000 Elpha members, we think it may have  grown since 2021.


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