How Many People Use Band

How Many People Use Band in 2024? (Statistics)

Published on: April 6, 2023
Last Updated: April 6, 2023

How Many People Use Band in 2024? (Statistics)

Published on: April 6, 2023
Last Updated: April 6, 2023

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How many people use Band in 2024?

Globally, Band has 19 million users.

How many people use Band?

This is the topic of the day, so we will discuss how many people use Band, and discuss what it is and how it works.

Band is a different type of social media platform that was founded in 2013.

Its uniqueness comes in the form of being geared toward better communication for leaders.

The website literally promotes the idea, “Where leaders communicate better”.

Band describes itself as an app that plays the role of a robust team communications platform.

The services and features that this platform offers can sometimes be overwhelming, but after reading this article, it will clear things up for you.

First, Band is free to use. There are no hidden membership fees or other charges.

You just sign up using your email, phone number, or your Facebook account.

That said, there are a few in-app purchases that are optional. These options don’t impact your usage or access.

The goal is to help people communicate better with their groups.

It allows for better organization and engagement than traditional social media, though it does work much like conventional social media networks.

We will have a section to discuss that later.

Without further ado, we will discuss how many people use Band, and how it makes leader and group engagement better.

How Many People Use Band in 2024?

Band’s live monthly users went beyond 2.5 million in March 2020 in the US.

However, the full global user base shows that Band has 19 million users.

Band also has 8 million leaders.

According to Similarweb, Band has roughly 11.6 visitors per month. And, according to the parent company, Naver, their live monthly user base increased 17-fold from 2016 to 2020.

Since its founding in 2013 in Palo Alto, California, its 5-year search growth is at 73%. It’s available on Android and iOS.

On Google Play alone, there have been over 50 million downloads of the Band app.

The Apple Store doesn’t openly reveal its downloads. However, the Band site cites 100 million total downloads. 

How Does Naver Band Work?

band app

Knowing how this platform and app works is part of knowing how many people use Band. So, we will discuss some how and where elements of the app.


Band can be used on mobile and desktop/laptop computers. You can easily sign in through the website. In fact, you can be signed in to multiple devices simultaneously when needed.

If you’re a business owner, teacher, or generally busy transitioning from place-to-place throughout the day, you can maintain access to our team. 


Once you have your totally free account setup, you can use these services and features right away. This is the “how” of the Band network.

Announcement Alerts

Band Announcement Alerts

You can avoid missed appointments by setting up this service.

It comes with features like posting on the community board, maintaining member accountability, and you get Band reminders, and you can put all the information you need to share in one post.

Attach a poll, sign-up sheet, video, location, or images.

Shared Calendar

Band Shared Calendar

Each group has access to a shared calendar for all members. This is where you manage events and changes to events.

Even if you have a last minute delay or change, Band will notify the whole group.

If you tire of dealing with surprise guests, you can set up the RSVP deadline feature, which allows you to see the guests coming with members.

You can prevent members from forgetting to show with reminders. You can even quickly access members for chat through the shared calendar. 

Instant Messaging

Band Instant Messaging

This service allows you to chat with your members in real-time. These messages can be private or public.

Using this service keeps your phone number private, so you don’t need to share your phone number.

You are allowed up to 30 members using this service.

Use Instant Messaging to leave voice notes when you’re on-the-go and need to answer questions. You can even set this up to view who has read the message.

Getting Feedback

Band Getting Feedback

Getting feedback is a crucial step in the decision-making process of teamwork. Get a consensus through transparency.

Use Poll to get the quickest responses. This kind of collaboration tool helps members use their voices as all members share in the responsibility of making decisions.

This is functional beyond simple feedback.

You can create dates and times for people to sign up for shifts and tasks. The attendance feature allows you to download and/or print attendance lists. 

Easy Sharing

Band Easy Sharing

Keeping everyone in the loop plays a major role in collaboration and teamwork. So, Band has made it easy to share everything with a single tap.

Share things like important documents, fond memories, photos, etc.

Easy sharing is connected to chat, so you can easily do the same in the chat feature. 

Advance Management

Band Advance Management

Band has created stress-free management to help you stay focused. This is where you manage who can do what in the group.

Invite co-admins to help keep things flowing. Members can choose to get the notifications they want, or “Do not disturb” when needed.

If you need more time-saving options. You can schedule posts to share later. 

These are the services and features of how to use Band to your advantage. This information is taken right from the Band site.

Band is also easily customized to your needs. Band Groups can be created for any activity.

This includes, faith-based, family, gaming, dance teams, cheer teams, sports teams, etc. 


How many people use Band? We know there are 100 million downloads across devices, over 8 million leaders on the platform, and the 2020 figure is 2.5 million in America. Globally, Band has 19 million users.

Since Band is available across several countries, it’s also available in 8 languages.

As Band grows and evolves, it’s pretty obvious that its user base, features, and language offerings will grow with it. 

Have you ever been in a group on Band? Did it help your team succeed?

Can you see Band being an efficient way to successfully engage in Project Management

If you own a small business, Band can be an effective and efficient way to save time and money through collaboration and keeping everyone in the loop and on task.


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