How Many Employees Does Instagram Have

How Many Employees Does Instagram Have in 2024?

Published on: August 12, 2023
Last Updated: August 12, 2023

How Many Employees Does Instagram Have in 2024?

Published on: August 12, 2023
Last Updated: August 12, 2023

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How many employees does Instagram have in 2024?

Instagram has 450 employees.

You know what Instagram is, but how many employees does Instagram have in 2024? You might be surprised at what we find out about how many employees work for Instagram, which handles loads of data across billions of users. 

If you use Instagram for personal reasons, you will likely find the following data interesting. If you’re a job seeker, it may be more significant to you.

If you are a marketer for job recruiters, you will need this data to create a solid marketing strategy.

This article will discuss some interesting things about Instagram that relate to the topic at hand: How many employees does Instagram have? 

How Many Employees Does Instagram Have in 2024?

How many employees does Instagram have in 2024? Recent data revealed that Instagram has 450 employees.

These employees service the social media platform’s more than 1.393 billion active monthly users

This seems like such a small number of employees when compared to Facebook’s more than 58,600 employees who service Facebook’s nearly 3 billion users.

After all, Twitter has 6,600 employees for what’s one-third of the monthly users of Instagram.

Something must be working since it seems the platform usually runs smoothly. It’s likely the algorithms that keep Instagram going. 

Facebook, now Meta, owns Instagram, which means both social media platforms operate under the Meta brand. 

For comparison purposes, in 2012, Instagram had only 13 employees servicing 30 million users. This was just before Facebook (Meta) acquired the company. 

Let’s talk about Instagram’s employees regarding what it’s like to work there and what it takes to work for Instagram.

What’s It Like to Work for Instagram?

This information comes from more than one job site with reviews that reveal how employees feel about working for this social media outlet. Let’s dig into this data.

According to Comparably, Instagram as a workplace has 79% positive reviews and 21% negative.

That seems pretty solid for a workplace these days. The overall rating for Instagram as a place to work is an A+. 

The metrics on Comparably include compensation, environment, happiness, perks and benefits, retention, team, meetings, work culture, gender, diversity, professional development, office culture, manager, and other metrics. 

While some metrics were given Bs and Cs, overall scores ranged from A+ to A-. Their overall happiness related to the culture, pay, and perks of the job. 

At the time of this writing, there are 921 Comparably ratings for Instagram as a job.

Indeed’s ratings for Instagram as a workplace by employees and former employees stands at 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

What Jobs Are Offered at Instagram?

Instagram employees

Since Instagram is part of the Meta family now, the jobs that are offered relate to technology. 

According to the Meta Careers page, here are some Instagram jobs offered:

  • Product Marketing Manager, Instagram Creator Blockchain Experience – London
  • US Research Manager – Canada
  • Lead Counsel, Product – Remote, US
  • Instagram Communications Manager, Sydney, Australia
  • Public Policy Manager for Youth – Washington DC
  • Data Science Director – Wellbeing – Remote, US

This is a very short list of Instagram jobs for job seekers looking to work for the company.

How Much Can Instagram Employees Make?

How much you can make is pertinent to answering how many employees does Instagram have, which is what we are addressing in this section. 

According to Comparably, the average estimate for Instagram salaries is between $148,203 to over $155,581 per year. Half of Instagram’s annual salaries are over $155,581.

The lowest paying job is for the Office Manager position, which is around $60,000 per year.

The highest paid position is for Director of Sales, which is about $254,566 per year. 

The average annual salary (base and bonuses) accounts for $72 per hour, while the median salary estimate is $74 per hour. 

How Is Instagram Used to Find Jobs?

Besides working for Instagram, the platform is used by millions of businesses to recruit talent across industries.

Grant it, Instagram is no LinkedIn, but it is a hub of activity for businesses to find skilled talent. 

Businesses and brands use Instagram to showcase jobs they have open to the over one billion users of the platform. 

Branded visual content with the job position and contact information is used to let Instagrammers know they are hiring.

Likewise, infographics with more details about specific jobs are used to draw attention from job seekers. 

Brands and businesses also use Instagram Stories and Reels to announce job openings or job fairs.

Whatever tools are available for businesses to promote their products and services can also be used to  find skilled workers.


So, we have answered the question: How many employees does Instagram have in 2024?

Now that you know that, are you surprised that only 450 employees are responsible for managing the billions of Instagram users?

If you want to work for Instagram, you will be applying for jobs at Meta, under the Instagram jobs on the platform.

You can find these jobs right on the Meta website, or almost any other job search website. 

Besides working at Instagram for a living, Instagram is also a huge opportunity for influencers, affiliate marketers, businesses, and brands to make money.


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