How Many Blogs Posts Are Published per Day in 2021? [Latest Statistics]

How Many Blog Posts Are Published Per Day in 2024? (NEW Statistics)

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

How Many Blog Posts Are Published Per Day in 2024? (NEW Statistics)

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

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How many blog posts are published per day in 2024?

7.5 million blog posts are published per day.

The idea of blogging on the internet started in 1994. Justin Hall, a student from Swarthmore College, created “” and named it his “personal home page.”

There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet, with over 7.5 million blog posts published per day in 2024.

According to the statistics, businesses that have blog support get up to 55% more visitors.

Most business websites have a blog since 97% of blogs attached to the website create inbound visitors.

It is estimated that around 60% of internet users like to read blogs.

Key Statistics

  • 7.5 million blog posts are published per day
  • 1% of bloggers post articles daily
  • 5 million WordPress blogs are created per day
  • 46% of bloggers feel satisfied when publishing multiple posts daily
  • 60% of bloggers reuse their content on various platforms.
  • 11% of people read blogs every day

“Where the internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.”

George Siemens

How Many Blog Posts Are Published Per Day in 2024?


1. 7.5 Million Blog Posts Are Published per Day in 2024

In 1999 there were only a total of 23 blogs available on the internet!

Now in 2024, the total number of blog posts published per day is 7.5 million.

Today most industries have started investing the majority of their marketing budget in digital marketing.

Therefore, blogs are considered one of the most prominent tools in digital marketing.

2. 1% Bloggers Upload More than One Blog per Day

61% of bloggers post new blogs once a week according to stats. The articles can be related to technology, fashion, lifestyle, adventure, or anything.

Generally, the weekly posts have to be well researched, and the word count should exceed the competing article by a good percentage.

There are only 1% of bloggers who post content multiple times a day. If the industry in which you are writing articles demands more attention in short intervals, publishing various blogs in a day is acceptable.

Otherwise, if you are creating random blogposts to increase the blog traffic, it will be a losing strategy.

Another vital thing is uniqueness. There are millions of blogs getting published daily. So if your content is not unique, then it will bring a boring experience to the reader.

3. 3% of Bloggers Post Articles Daily

There are plenty of elements that come into consideration when deciding to post blogs daily.

The first factor is the genre of the website.

If it comes under daily news or shares market updates niche, it is mandatory to post daily news to engage the target audience. Google search tries to encourage new content.

However, the old blog accounts that post recent articles regularly have a good chance of getting promoted by the search engines.

4. 576,000 Websites Are Created Each Day

What a website can’t exist without is the content!  Creating a website and hosting it on the internet is not a small task.

Then what is the most challenging side? Yes, making creative content is the hardest part.

But even with range, some websites are dead from the first day of getting published.

If you are not posting a specific number of blogs in a day or a week, then the scope of your website to get noticed by the public is null.

With zero blog activities, the site is going to be at the bottom of the search list.

5. 5 Million WordPress Blogs Are Created in A Single Day

WordPress is one of the easiest ways of publishing a standard and responsive website for your blog.

WordPress offers excellent support to people new to the technology world and experts who can implement a lot of customization to their WordPress sites.

Stats show that around 42% of the websites in the world are built upon WordPress.

In the first quarter of 2021, people used WordPress to create almost five million blogs each day.

6. Better Results for 57% of Daily Bloggers 

The most important question that every blogger asks is how often they should post new articles to get better reach and revenue.

Well, the answer is, it depends upon the industry based on which the blog content is created. 

Industries such as electronic gadgets, current affairs, weather forecasts, etc., need regular updates.

Statistics show that 15% of bloggers post articles daily.

However, people who follow fashion, home, and living, health, and fitness industries can stick to 2-3 blog posts in a week.

Stats show that 37% of bloggers who publish posts twice a week are getting successful results.

7. 46% of Bloggers Are Satisfied with Publishing Multiple Blogs Daily.

As we discussed earlier, only 1% of bloggers publish multiple blogs in a single day.

But statistics show that  11% of them feel that the numerous blog publishing lowers their satisfaction levels, whereas 46% of them feel satisfied.

8. 661 WordPress Sites Are Created Per Day

Bloggers have several options to choose the best UI based on the writing theme.

The WordPress platform offers a lot of customization options to its customers.

The most beautiful aspect of WordPress is its simplicity and flexibility.

Platforms such as Shopify and Squarespace creates less than 100 websites a day.

image 125

9. Bill Simmons Got 45,000 Hits in A Day

It is tough to generate massive revenue from blogging.

In times past, few people were able to generate significant revenue from blogging.

Bill Simons, who was a bartender, created sensation through sports writing as a part-time job.

He was able to earn $15 million a year and got a writing job at ESPN sports channel.

10. Based on Stats, 60% of Bloggers Reuse Their Content on Various Platforms.

The best way to influence people who are not following blogs is to approach them in the media platforms that they follow.

Digital marketing experts use the same content from blogs on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Email, etc., daily to get maximum reach.

11. 2 Million Blogs Created Daily in 2012

In 2012 around 2 million blogs were published daily.

In 2022, people will be reading more than 20 billion pages in a month.

12. 4,393,086 WordPress Blog Posts Per Day

According to the statistics, In December 2018, there were 136,185,666 blogs published using WordPress.

In addition, every day, there are approximately 281 new Woocomerce sites created with the WordPress platform.

13. 11% of People Read Blogs Every Day

About 75% of the people who use the internet are active blog readers. The frequency at which they read blogs differ.

More than 30% of readers visit blogs 2-3 times a week, while less than 10% of people read blog posts 4 to 6 times per week.

14. 69% Business Generates Two Times Traffic from Daily Blogging

Blogs are sometimes crucial to increase the target audience traffic to business websites.

Statistics prove that creative blogs designed to market the products and services can catch readers’ attention, taking them to the brand website.

image 126

15. 12.8 Million Blog Posts Daily on Tumblr

Apart from Twitter, Tumblr is a good platform for microblogging.

There are more than 496 million Tumblr blogging accounts as of April 2020(Statista).

About 69% of the users of this microblogging platform are Millennials.

Experts predict that the next generation will be more interested in reading small content with videos and animations added to the content.

16. the Best Time to Read the Blog in A Day

Based on a study by Hubspot on 170,000 blogs, it was found that the best time people like to read blogs are between 7 am – 10 am.

In addition, people want to read blogs on the weekends compared to busy working days.

17. 4-6 Hours Required to Create the Daily Blog

Influential blogs have a word count between 2000 and 3000. Such blogs are created with deep research.

Latest daily blogs perform better when high-quality infographics, videos, and photos are included. 

18. Monday for Maximum Traffic and Saturday for Top Comments

The most traffic for blogs was seen on Mondays around 11 am. If the blogger wants more audience interaction, then the best day to upload the blog is Saturday.

Since many people enjoy the weekend holiday on Saturday, there will be plenty of time for them to read your blog and leave some comments. 

How to Create the Best Daily Blog Content?


If you are aiming for a space to jot down your thoughts and don’t consider blog writing a good source of income, you can skip this part.

However, if you are staying and reading further, it means you are looking for a way to build professional blog content. 

It is necessary to understand the thought process of your target audience to create an excellent daily blog.

The statistic shows that only 20% of the people read the blog content thoroughly.

The rest of the people either read the headlines only or skim-read the content.

If you can analyze the audience’s thoughts, you can deliver the best content according to their likes.

One technique you can follow to understand your target audience is to check the blog contents of other websites that come under the same niche.

Most probably, your content topic will be already published by someone else.

If those posts have a comment section, you can read and understand the crowd’s thoughts, and then you can plan accordingly.


How to Create the Best Title for Daily Blogs?

Special characters in the title increase the click-through rate (CTR) of the blog.

For example, the usage of certain special characters like ‘-’ or ‘:’ in the blog title can increase the click-through rate by 10%. 

You can create titles like below.

– Trending Blog Statistics – Interesting Facts about Blogs published Everyday
– Blogs published per day:  New Stats

What Is the Ideal Length for Daily Blog Posts?

Always try to keep the daily blog post length between 2100-4000.

The articles must contain all the necessary information searched by the reader.

At the same time, the post should not be wordy or dragging.

How Many Blog Posts Per Week Should You Publish?

Sometimes it may not be possible to post daily blog posts.

For example, if you create blogs for a website other than daily news, stock market rates, etc., it could be better to keep the blog count to 2-3 per week.

What Is the Ideal Title Length of The Daily Blog?

The title says it all!

Therefore, 60 characters are the ideal Title length of the blog. 

The title should convey the correct meaning of the blog content. It should not be too short or too long. 

How Much Time Should a Blog Post Last?

According to the stats, the reader should wrap up the daily blog in 7 minutes.

Nobody prefers to spend all their time reading your blog.

Therefore, even the most exciting blog content should never cross the 7-minute timeline.

How to Create the Best Headlines for The Blog?

Longer headlines with 14 or more characters can achieve double the traffic, share, and backlinks.


People write blogs for personal purposes (like diary writing) or business purposes (brand marketing, service marketing, etc.).

The blogs related to technology, fashion, and lifestyle industries depend upon the latest marketing techniques available.

image 127

The current trends and statistics around the number of blog posts published each day show that content marketing is a vital part of digital marketing.

For example, the e-commerce fashion industry is expected to generate a revenue of $829.6 billion by 2026.

Also, the online learning platforms are targeting a $375 billion market by 2026. Such industries need great blog content support to widen their market.

There are thousands of businesses that are successfully running without the help of blogs.

For example, industries running inside a local city with no scope outside the city can survive without blog support. They need other marketing techniques.

But if your product or service is extended to a broader location and if you have a target audience distributed among various parts of the world, then undoubtedly, content marketing with the help of blogs is a great tool to climb up the ladder.

Understanding the target audience’s requirements and creating blog content that can entertain people is crucial for blog writing.


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