How Many Americans Use Facebook

How Many Americans Use Facebook in 2024? (the Latest Data)

Published on: November 28, 2023
Last Updated: November 28, 2023

How Many Americans Use Facebook in 2024? (the Latest Data)

Published on: November 28, 2023
Last Updated: November 28, 2023

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How many Americans use Facebook in 2024?

193.9 million Americans use Facebook every month.

How many Americans are on Facebook in 2024?

If you’re like most other people in America, then there’s a good chance that you wake up in the morning, and one of the first things you do is check your Facebook feed.

You scroll down through your feed, seeing what your friends have been up to lately.

Whether you love Facebook or you hate it, there’s no getting around the fact that the social media channel has become a big part of our day to day.

In fact, it’s pretty difficult to think of a world without it at this point. I mean, who isn’t signed up to a Facebook profile these days?

What might surprise you is the fact that Facebook’s popularity is actually on the decline.

Yes, it was one of the first social media platforms to get more than 1 billion registered profiles, but the younger generation is finding it a little bit old-fashioned.

Obviously, other controversies around things like security don’t help its cause either.

This article is all about the number of Americans on Facebook, whether Facebook is truly on the decline, or whether this is just an urban legend. Let’s jump into it.

Americans on Facebook in 2024: Key Stats

  • 193.9 million Americans use Facebook every month
  • This means 58.8% of the American population use Facebook
  • Facebook has lost 15 million users since 2017
  • 12.8 million American teens use Instagram
  • 93.55 million Americans use Snapchat
  • 44% of Facebook users between 18 and 29 have deleted the app
  • 56% of Americans over 65 use Facebook
  • 81% of American adults have a Facebook profile

Facebook is King

Or is it?

As we delve into the world of Facebook, this is definitely the million-dollar question.

There are Facebook statistics that show that more than two billion people in the world have a Facebook profile, and 65 million businesses around the world have a Facebook business page.

Marketers are also pretty excited about Facebook as well.

Most of your family and friends are on Facebook. In fact, you have probably just heard your phone go off, and there is a good chance that this was Facebook Messenger.

Facebook seems to offer it all. It has Facebook stories, a chat app, and even live videos, so, what more could you ask for from a social media platform?

It has a desktop version and a mobile app, so why would you want to leave? Well, over the last couple of years, 15 million people have found a good enough reason to stop using the app.

Why? We think the scenery is slowly beginning to change, and we are starting to see the dark side of Facebook.

Intrusive Ads and Security Nightmares

Facebook Security

It’s no secret that Facebook isn’t exactly an impenetrable system when it comes to security. We highly doubt that anybody has simply forgotten about the Cambridge Analytica controversy.

Let us refresh your memory. 87 million people that used Facebook got their information leaked to a company called Cambridge Analytica.

At the time, Cambridge Analytica was a consulting firm for British politicians, and it worked closely with Donald Trump when he was running for president.

In the first quarter of 2020 alone, the company managed to make $17 billion from targeted ad sales, which explains why they gathered so much information.

However, you can see where the problem is. This wasn’t the first breach of privacy. It is just one of many.

Mark Zuckerberg quickly went into damage control mode, promising users that it wouldn’t happen again. However, it was too little too late, and he had lost the trust of his users.

Think about how well Facebook is able to target you when it comes to the ads that you see.

Facebook isn’t only about making money when it comes to getting businesses to market their products in front of their users, but they are about being as targeted as they can with these ads, which means that you could be talking about wanting to get a stand mixer for baking, and next thing you know, you are seeing ads on your Facebook feed for stand mixers.

Now, you might not be that bothered about seeing ads that are targeted to your needs, but most people don’t find this that great.

Also, the thought that your personal information could be leaked to any moment isn’t a great one.

Even if you aren’t worried about ads on Facebook being targeted, the fact that there are so many has got to be annoying at some point.

Not only do you have to see them in your feed, but they’ve started popping up on Facebook Messenger as well.

At this point, you are seeing more ads on Facebook than you are seeing posts from people that you actually care about.

This isn’t what anybody signed up for when they first started using Facebook. So, what happens when people lose trust in a social media platform?

They leave it for another one. For Facebook to lose 15 million users is no small feat, and while there might be 58.8% of Americans using Facebook, this is surely going to decrease over time.

The Younger Generation is Going Elsewhere

What’s really interesting about Facebook statistics is that they show that not many American teens are using Facebook anymore.

They’ve moved to other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.


So, you’re probably wondering at this point, how many people use Instagram? Well, back in June 2018, the platform managed to garner 1 billion monthly active users.

Obviously, it is closely catching up to Facebook, and it won’t be long before it overtakes it. The younger generation is obsessed with Instagram.

72% of teenagers have an Instagram profile, and 12.8 million of American Facebook users are teens. There are a number of solid reasons for the increase in popularity of this app.

The first is that Instagram is a lot safer than Facebook. Of course, it’s not perfect, and there have been leaks.

However, there hasn’t been anything as serious as Facebook’s. Instagram also is a lot more of an open platform.

It has trending posts, videos, topics, and it also gives accurate recommendations about who you should be following.

Another thing that is so appealing about Instagram is that celebrities use it. Also, every influencer that you have heard of uses Instagram, brands use Instagram, and even fashion trends start up on Instagram.

Makeup trends start on Instagram. It’s no wonder that teenagers love it. It is where everything is currently happening. Instagram also lets you delve into your creative side.

In a world where phones have up to four cameras, it’s easy to take a photo of literally anything, including your breakfast.

People also love to take pride in having a coherent and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.

There are even guides out there on how to have an appealing Instagram theme, with a specific color palette.

Has anyone written an article about how to make your Facebook profile pretty? We didn’t think so. On Instagram, it’s all about building your image.

It’s perfectly curated to play into your natural vanity. And a lot of people are falling for it.

However, we’ve got to stop here for a second, and remember something that’s pretty important. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

This begs the question: can Instagram really take over from Facebook if Facebook is still in charge when it comes to Instagram?

We will let you answer this question. For now, we’re going to move on to another popular social media platform that is particularly popular among the younger generation.


Back in October of 2019, Snapchat managed to amass 97.5 million American users. 41% of American teenagers consider Snapchat their favorite form of social media.

These demographics are pretty different to the demographics that we have talked about for Facebook.

One of the first things that you’ll notice about Snapchat is that there aren’t many adults on it. Again, this is quite a contrast to Facebook.

The thing that is appealing about Snapchat is that it is fun, and it comes with a number of different photo filters.

Snapchat also includes its own messaging system and this can be found in the app itself.

This means that you don’t have to download a second app to chat with your friends, you can chat with them directly through the Snapchat app.

The other thing that is super appealing when it comes to Snapchat is the fact that when you send a photo to somebody, this is going to disappear after a few seconds.

So, unless you screenshot the photo, you won’t have to worry about that image being passed around or lasting for longer than a few seconds.

So, Who Has Left Facebook?


So, let’s go back to Facebook for a second. When Facebook first became public, it was really popular among millennials.

Back in 2006, if we had to categorize Facebook users by age groups, the majority of them would have been teenagers.

They decided on the trends, and they dictated who and what was seen on Facebook. However, those teenagers are now almost 30.

And a big percentage of them aren’t staying on Facebook. Back in 2019, 44% of American Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 29 said that they had deleted the app off their phone.

This means that Facebook demographics have changed a bit.

Currently, Facebook consists primarily of adults. And when we say adults, we mean adult adults, not millennials trying to be adults.

You can see this in the statistics. 64% of people between the ages of 50 and 64 use Facebook. This is mostly woman, with 83% of females and 75% of males using the social media platform.

What’s also super surprising is that 56% of people over the age of 65 also have a Facebook profile.

81% of American adults use Facebook, but what’s interesting is that their children primarily use it to communicate with their parents and greater family.

How Many Americans Use Facebook in 2024?

Let’s take a look at some really interesting Facebook statistics around usage.

1. 193.9 Million Americans Use Facebook in 2022

The number of Facebook users in America right now is around 193.9 million.

This number is according to Statista and is a lot lower than the numbers for many of the previous years.

2. California Has the Most Facebook Users at 18 Million

Of course, it probably comes as no surprise that out of all of the American states, California has the most people using Facebook.

Of course, California has the highest population of people in America. New York comes in second with 10 million, and in third is Texas, with 11 million.

3. Wyoming Has the Least Amount of Facebook Users, Sitting at 252,020

Of course, it is going to come as no surprise that the state in America with the smallest population has the least number of Facebook users.

4. 27.1% of Facebook Users in America Are Between 25 and 34

This means that the largest group of Facebook users in the states are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old. 13.3% are female, and 13.8% are male.

5. 3.8 Billion People Around the World User Social Media

Have you ever wondered how many people use social media around the world? Well, this number is more than 3.8 billion.

This statistic has increased by 9% since last year, which means that 321 million people have joined the world of social media in a year.

This means that the future of Facebook is pretty uncertain. After so many scandals around data breaches as well as a flood of annoying ads, Facebook doesn’t have too many legs to stand on these days.

The other thing to worry about is that the younger generation is slowly but surely leaving the platform.

Instagram doesn’t pose that much of a threat, considering Facebook owns Instagram, but Snapchat definitely does.

And let’s not forget TikTok. TikTok since its inception a couple of years ago has shown itself to be incredibly popular among generation Z and it’s shown no signs of slowing down.

As a result, we think that Facebook definitely has something to worry about, and we believe that over time, we can expect to see a decline of Facebook users.

Honestly, this is probably for the better.


Which Country Has the Most Facebook Users?

India does, with 280 million.

Who Was the First Facebook User?

Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook.

Are Facebook Users Decreasing?

Yes, they are, and people using Instagram seems to be increasing.

Which Gender Uses Social Media the Most?

Males at 56%.

Which Age Groups Is on Facebook the Most?

25 to 34, at 32%

How Many Americans Use Facebook?

193.9 million Americans use Facebook every month, which is

What Percentage of U.S. Adults are on Facebook?

58.8% of the total U.S. population use Facebook.

Final Thoughts

The latest data shows that 193.9 million Americans use Facebook every month. Despite this massive statistic, Facebook is on the decline.

Facebook might have had good intentions starting out, but it’s clear to see that they have quickly run amok and struggled to keep afloat as more and more social media platforms have popped up.

They’ve also had major issues with security and ads, making them a less popular choice as social media platforms become more sophisticated.

Unless Facebook plans on making some dramatic moves, it is highly unlikely that it will stay at the top of the ladder when it comes to the most popular social media platforms, and we can expect to see more people leaving Facebook for other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Watch this space!


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