How Big is LinkedIn

How Big is LinkedIn in 2024?

Published on: April 23, 2023
Last Updated: April 23, 2023

How Big is LinkedIn in 2024?

Published on: April 23, 2023
Last Updated: April 23, 2023

LinkedIn is unquestionably a big company in terms of user count and business scope. Millions of people have created their accounts on the platform, with companies and universities also on the roster.

Similarly, its operational scope has ceased to limit itself to employment search and provisions.

It now has an established reputation as an advertising haven for marketers during the last three years.

In this article, we will discuss how big is LinkedIn, which countries have the largest number of LinkedIn audiences, and other interesting information about the site.

How Big is LinkedIn?

How big is LinkedIn in 2022? In terms of user count, LinkedIn is not lagging behind its social media counterparts namely Facebook and Instagram which both have billions of patrons.

While its audience count is still yet to cross the one billion mark, it is close to such a threshold and boasts 830 million users on its pipeline.

Below is the list of LinkedIn’s user count in the last 10 years:

  • 2012 – 174 million users
  • 2013 – 238 million users
  • 2014 – 313 million users
  • 2015 – 380 million users
  • 2016 – 450 million users
  • 2017 – 490 million users
  • 2018 – 556 million users
  • 2019 – 604 million users
  • 2020 – 690 million users
  • 2021 – 810 million users
  • 2022 – 830 million users

LinkedIn saw the biggest jump in its audience in periods between 2019 to 2020 and 2020 to 2021.

During these years, the pandemic sent the labor market into panic given the uncertainty of global economic stability and the high unemployment rate in many countries.

How Big Is LinkedIn in Terms of Employee Count?

The size of a company can also be measured based on its employee count.

LinkedIn is currently home to 19,000 employees taking on-site, remote, and hybrid positions across its 36 offices worldwide.

Aside from its North American locations, LinkedIn also operates evenly across continents namely Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America.

How Big is LinkedIn’s Headquarters?

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Many of us wonder how big is LinkedIn’s headquarters and what goes inside the location.

Its San Francisco headquarters takes a massive 440,000 square feet space to accommodate the needs of LinkedIn’s growing team.

Every corner is specifically designed to adhere to each team’s needs, with central zones dedicated to employees’ leisure and wellness centers.

LinkedIn’s Presence per Country

LinkedIn has a well-rounded user base in some countries more than others.

Here are the top countries where the company has the biggest presence and their respective user counts:

  • The United States – 171 million users
  • India – 69 million users
  • China – 51 million users
  • Brazil – 45 million users
  • United Kingdom – 29 million users
  • France – 20 million users
  • Canada – 17 million users
  • Indonesia – 16 million users
  • Mexico – 15 million users
  • Italy – 14 million users

Aside from professionals, there are now more than 58 million companies and 120,000 schools listed on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Presence per Region

Here is LinkedIn’s presence according to every region of the world:

  • North America – 208 million users
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa – 216 million users
  • Asia Pacific – 230 million users
  • Latin America – 128 million users
  • The Middle East and North Africa – 45 million users

The Asia Pacific is LinkedIn’s biggest clientele as China and India, occupying the second and third spots on the list of countries with the highest number of users, are located in the region.

Social Media Platforms with the Highest Number of User Growth in 2021

LinkedIn’s best years have come in 2020 and 2021. Last year, it entered the list of social media platforms with the highest percentage of user growth.

Here are other platforms that entered the list:

  • TikTok – 18.3%
  • Reddit – 14.4%
  • LinkedIn – 4.2%%
  • Pinterest – 3.7%
  • Instagram – 3.1%

LinkedIn is the third fastest-growing social media platform, in terms of user count growth, in 2021.

It managed to surpass media giants such as Pinterest and Instagram which occupied the third and fourth spots, respectively. 

Only TikTok and Reddit came before LinkedIn as more people turned to short video apps for entertainment and forum information for market insights during the pandemic.

LinkedIn’s Business Growth

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In the third quarter of the fiscal year 2022, LinkedIn hit a 36% year-over-year growth in its revenue.

Its two sectors namely Talent Solutions and Marketing Solutions respectively recorded 44% and 36% currency-adjusted growth in the same period.

Moreover, the platform’s overall engagement increased by 22%.

LinkedIn’s Revenue Over the Years

Aside from the number of employees and the land area of its headquarters, revenue is also an important determinant to measure how big is LinkedIn.

Take a look at this data showing the company’s annual revenue from 2015 to 2021:

  • 2015 – $2.9 billion
  • 2016 – $3.7 billion
  • 2017 – $4.5 billion
  • 2018 – $5.2 billion
  • 2019 – $6.7 billion
  • 2020 – $8.0 billion
  • 2021 – $10.3 billion

From 2020 to 2021, LinkedIn enjoyed a $2 billion increase in its annual revenue generated from a sudden influx of ad revenue, more membership sign-ups, and other income streams from its other ancillary services.

LinkedIn’s Hire Rate

A big contributor to LinkedIn’s growth is the trust put by both employers and job seekers in the platform’s efficacy to find the best candidates and companies. 

There are 55 applications posted on LinkedIn every second, and three people get hired over the same period.

40 million job seekers are competing for job positions every week. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of job-to-applicant rates as 100 million job postings get on the site every month. 

Companies such as Tesla, Amazon, and Amazon Web Services were among the companies with the highest growth hires in the past years, each generating 8.50%, 5.16%, and 4.39% upgrades on their respective hiring rates.


LinkedIn is winning all across the board with no question.

Be it in revenue, user count, employee population, and headquarter size, the site has shown an impressive uptrend in the past years.

So far, 2020 and 2021 are LinkedIn’s best years which helped it get to where it is right now.

How big is LinkedIn?

With 19,000 employees, $10.3 billion in revenue, and 800 million users under its belt, it is safe to say that LinkedIn is more massive we would have expected.


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