Hide.me VPN Review

Hide.me VPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: October 29, 2023
Last Updated: October 29, 2023

Hide.me VPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: October 29, 2023
Last Updated: October 29, 2023


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Hide.me VPN Review 2024: Summary

Hide.me logo

Hide.me, a VPN service, was released in 2011 in Malaysia. According to the company, its inventive zero-logging policy and heavy attention to privacy set it apart as good.

This policy, combined with Hide.me’s respectable privacy options, makes the Premium subscription worthwhile if the ordinary connection speed doesn’t blow your mind.

Hide.me is a VPN service with a small but constantly trying to improve server network.

Netflix and BBC iPlayer are two streaming services that have been consistently unreliable.

Even while Hide.me claims they’re 100 percent reliable, they don’t function sometimes. Contacting customer service will reveal which server is currently being used.

To circumvent this problem, we suggest using just NordVPN.

This Hide.me VPN review will look at how the service performs across various important parameters to paying users.

Not only must the very minimum requirements be met, but also things like security, privacy, speed, effectiveness, cost, accessibility, and support.

  • Superior functionality.
  • Ten active connections at once.
  • Fairly dispersed server load.
  • Expensive
  • Weird patterns in picking a residence.
  • There aren’t any particular server configurations.
  • Reduced size of server infrastructure.
  • Not all devices are compatible with streaming.
  • Quite a hefty price tag
  • Lack of real-time chat

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Hide.me VPN Review 2024: In-depth


So far, Hide.me has released free proxy extensions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Fire TV, and the company claims that more than 10 million people have used its services.

There are no restrictions on your freedom of choice, as the VPN can be used for free. 

We utilized free and premium services when doing this Hide.me VPN review.

Both versions of Hide.me perform poorly in our speed testing and provide inadequate security and unreliable customer service.

The company claims an extensive server network in 66 cities and 2,000 countries is included in the premium membership.

There are also servers tailored to American streaming providers’ unique needs, but most don’t work.

The free version of the VPN has a limited number of servers (5 total) and a monthly data cap of 10GB. It is about equivalent to 10 hours of streaming time.

It isn’t the best VPN for P2P file-sharing or broadcasting, so Hide.me is not a good option.

It does not provide the essential privacy and protection features for using public WiFi, such as IP masking and SSL encryption.

There are a lot of problems with the Hide.me apps, including sluggish connection speeds, application failures, and a kill switch that isn’t always effective.

The verdict of this Hide.me VPN review is that the service is unreliable and should be avoided.


Hide.me Speed

Regarding functionality and server speed, Hide.me VPN does not set any new standards or deliver anything particularly remarkable.

You can’t receive speeds higher than 50 Mbps no matter which server you connect to or how powerful your regular internet access is.

In New York, for instance, the final result was only 17.17 Mbps from a standard connection speed of 98.71 Mbps.

There was a significant slowdown in upload speeds, going from 53 Mbps to 10.10 Mbps. The situation improved slightly on the EU server in Amsterdam.

It was possible to download at 27.60 Mbps and upload at 19.92 Mbps.

With a maximum download speed of 12.69 Mbps and an upload speed of 10.41 Mbps, the UK servers in London performed even worse.

Compared to other anonymizing services, Hide.me got poor results regarding DNS access time (how long it takes for a website to load).

This VPN is not the fastest in the world. That middling rating will have to do.

The company claims that based on the strength of your internet service provider, you shouldn’t have any trouble enjoying any format of data, such as HD.


Hide.me WiFi Security

According to the company, “Logs can easily relate activities straight to you, and certain VPN providers share these onto law enforcement agents when asked to do so.” it does not have a strict “no logging, ever” policy.

Hide.me keeps track of how much data you transfer, which is expected from service with capped subscriptions. Obviously, it also stores your email address.

The company has stated that it will obey valid court orders from government agencies.

However, this is to be assumed, and if the logs reveal nothing noteworthy, it will be of no consequence.

The company states, “Hide.me has been verified as the most private VPN service in the industry,” claiming that a “comprehensive audit backs up this claim.”

However, most reviewers are unhappy with their level of privacy protection.

Stealth Guard

Hide.me Stealth Guard

The company claims that Hide.me’s VPN has a special Stealth Guard feature that combines the best kill switch and split tunneling features.

You can restrict your VPN’s access to specific programs or your entire network.

Therefore, it goes beyond split tunneling in that the chosen applications will also be disabled if the close connection between your phone and the VPN server drops.

To better understand this function, consider what would happen if your VPN connection suddenly failed while downloading torrents.

If you have a torrent client installed and use Stealth Guard, it will shut down along with your Internet connection.


SOCKS5 proxy is built into the VPN connection, unlike with other services. Therefore, a VPN connection is required for use.

While it is needed to complete one of the underlying difficulties with SOCKS5 proxies, it does so at the expense of limiting the possible application areas.

The SOCKS5 protocol simply redirects your traffic through a VPN server and does not encrypt it.

The confidentiality of your connection is nonetheless enforced by the obligation to utilize SOCKS5.

Because authentication is set when you first establish the VPN connection, you won’t need to enter it again when you connect to the server.

IPv6 Networking

Hide.me IPv6

Internet Protocol version 4, on which most of the Internet currently relies, will eventually become incompatible with modern hardware.

Therefore, Hide.me VPN claims to support IPv6 to be ready for the future. 

All of the Hide.me VPN servers are IPv4 and IPv6 ready. Keep in mind that IPv4 is used for the VPN connection and is also encrypted.

However, connecting to a VPN server unlocks IPv6 addresses and, in theory, faster download speeds for all outbound connections.


The company claims that confidentiality on Hide.me is top-notch owing to the use of AES 256-bit encryption.

Most experts agree that this represents the pinnacle of cryptographic security. In addition, Hide.me is compatible with a wide range of protocols.

The following protocols are available for your consideration:

  • OpenVPN
  • SSTP
  • IKEv2
  • SoftEther
  • WireGuard

A comprehensive review of these many protocols is provided on the Hide.me website.

Here, the benefits and drawbacks of each protocol are laid forth for readers to compare and contrast.

This is helpful since it can reveal which protocol is compatible with your OS. Given its superior security, OpenVPN is the only protocol we would ever recommend.

Logging And Privacy

Hide.me Logging And Privacy

According to Hide.me, they have a “no-logs” policy. Therefore, they are not accumulating any information about you.

Hide.me is based in Malaysia, so the company is exempt from keeping user activity records. In Malaysia, there are no laws that require businesses to preserve records.

Although Hide.me does not store any user activity records, they keep anonymized connection logs for a short time (a few hours).

To put it another way, the corporation can track whenever ‘client x’ accesses one of their Vpn connection. 

Customer X’s identity remains hidden from Hide.me; all the company has access to is aggregated user data.

Furthermore, these logs are only kept for a few hours before being deleted forever.

Kill Switch

If you work in the VPN sector, you know that a kill switch is essential for protecting your data from exposure in the event of a connection drop.

To protect your privacy, the VPN servers you connect to will be the only ones to access the Internet while the kill switch is activated.

However, some Hide.me VPN users have complained that the kill switch isn’t 100% reliable.

We agree with the consensus that the Hide.me kill switch needs improving based on the feedback and data we’ve gathered. Hide.me VPN is not as effective as other options.


Hide.me is definitely not a top choice when it comes to watching content online.

In this Hide.me VPN review, we put the VPN to the test and found that it is not successfully bypassed geo-restrictions on all of the most popular streaming services from across the world.

Does Hide.me Unblock Netflix?

Regrettably, none of the Hide.me servers we tried successfully bypassed Netflix’s geo-blocking (US East, US West, and London, UK).

Many VPNs are still having trouble with this due to the crackdown of Netflix and other streaming services.

When they determine that a user’s IP address is associated with a VPN service, they will immediately disable their connection and display an error notice. 

Your search will have to continue if this is a dealbreaker for you. Users tried utilizing a UK server for Amazon Prime Video, but that didn’t work either.

Evidently, this service provider does not place a high focus on allowing access to mainstream streaming sites.

Does Hide.me Work In China?

A new blog post indicates that using the Hide.me service in China is not possible. China’s “Great Firewall prohibits the official Hide.me website.”

The Hide.me website is now unavailable in China, so if you intend to use the Internet during your trip, you should download any necessary programs before you leave, such as NordVPN.

Below Average Server Network

It’s to be expected that Hide.me, as a relatively new VPN, will have a more limited number of servers than more established services.

Currently, its 160+ servers may be found in 55 data centers across the Americas, the Pacific Rim, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

They still have a large variety of server locations to choose from.

However, when compared to other VPNs, which often have thousands of servers, those raw figures fall short.

For the most affordable package, you can only have one active connection at a time.

The Hide.me plan that falls in the middle of the pricing spectrum only allows for one simultaneous connection.

Indeed, that is also quite undesirable. Contrary to Hide.me. You’ll need to upgrade to their priciest plan if you want to use all five of those features.

Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of this option is poor.

Limited Free Plan

If you like to save money, the free plan may come as a bit of a letdown. The company claims that it has high-quality safety mechanisms built in.

However, you won’t have much freedom. If you want to do more than monitor your email and browse the web, you’ll quickly exceed the free plan’s 2GB (bandwidth) limit and be required to subscribe to a paid plan.

A maximum of three server locations and a single connection are available to you.

While their feature set is extensive, cheaper plans provide limitless bandwidth and more connections for the same price.


Hide.me Pricing

The $9.95 monthly cost of the company’s VPN service is in the area of industry norms.

Some service providers are significantly less expensive than this, but the average is to pay closer to $10 each month.

If you sign up for an annual subscription, your monthly cost reduces to $4.99 ($59.95 total). This is competitive with other services.

Last but not least, there’s a plan that’s a decent deal over the long run: $3.84 per month (paid $99.95 every two years), plus two free months.

As far as the market goes, this is one of the more reasonable prices you’ll find. Plans from NordVPN, for example, start at $2.50 per month.

Payment can be made via PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, and several other methods, and a 30-day money-back guarantee backs the program, but most users are not satisfied with it.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;

Review Verdict

This review of Hide.me VPN was intended to help you learn more about the service, from its essential features and installation instructions to any potential downsides.

Hide.me is not a good VPN if you require a dependable, secure service with fast speeds and an easy-to-use interface. It has a strict privacy policy and few security precautions.

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To get around this problem, you need to switch to NordVPN.

Superior speeds, impenetrable protection, and a no-logs approach are just a few of the benefits that users of NordVPN enjoy.

NordVPN is a great VPN service because of its user-friendly interface and robust feature set.

Hide.me VPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam? - EarthWeb

This Hide.me VPN review will look at how the service performs across various important parameters to paying users.

Price: $9.95

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Application Category: VPN

Editor's Rating:


  • Superior functionality.
  • Ten active connections at once.
  • Fairly dispersed server load.


  • Expensive
  • Weird patterns in picking a residence.
  • There aren’t any particular server configurations.
  • Reduced size of server infrastructure.
  • Not all devices are compatible with streaming.
  • Quite a hefty price tag
  • Lack of real-time chat

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