Good Instagram Names for Boys

Good Instagram Names for Boys in 2024

Published on: September 14, 2022
Last Updated: September 14, 2022

Good Instagram Names for Boys in 2024

Published on: September 14, 2022
Last Updated: September 14, 2022


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When it comes to choosing good Instagram names for boys, you should consider how the name will reflect on you.

Your Instagram name can attract followers to you, make them stop scrolling, or repel them while they keep scrolling.

What is your desire for your Instagram profile? 

When your ultimate goal is to make money by having fun on Instagram, the ideal IG names for boys will come in handy.

It raises that age-old question, “What’s in a name?” In this case, your name is your brand. 

Your name needs to represent you, your personality, hobbies, interests, and/or your business offerings. It depends on your content. 

We have gathered over 300 good Instagram names for boys to help you either choose one, or brainstorm from what we have in this list. 

Good Instagram Names for Boys In 2024

The whole goal of this article is to introduce new, trendy, fun, interesting, unique, and good Instagram names for boys.

You can either use these as-is, or you can brainstorm from the ideas for Instagram names for boys in 2024.

Good Instagram Names for Boys 

Here are a few good names to consider, use, or alter to your niche, personality, content, passion, etc.

Remember that your Instagram name should be purposeful. 

1. Baby Face Killer

2. Bachelor Teacher

3. Boring Nose

4. Crazy Leader

5. Dare to Face

6. Double Trouble

7. Drama Creator

8. Famous Cat Planet

9. Firewinds

10. Foolish Admin

11. Freak of Instagram

12. Irritating Love

13. Laughing Bird

14. Life Racer

15. Love Donor

16. Ludacris Lunacy

17. Mindset Player

18. Mistake Manager

19. Obvious Dump

20. Past Eraser

21. Peace Fighter

22. President Punch

23. Problem Repeater

24. Silent Singer

25. Super Face

26. Teasing Puppy

27. Telling Big

28. The Sentinel

29. Tree Walker

30. Waiting Room Man

Stylish Instagram Names for Boys

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If you’re a guy with style, these are a few good Instagram names for boys that will attract followers and engagement. 

1. American Ape

2. Bald Saloon

3. Balloon Face

4. Best in Bad

5. Biggie Small

6. Bounty Banana

7. Brainy Clicks

8. Capital Punch

9. Center of Mental

10. Clever California

11. Day Owl

12. Disco Cop

13. Drama Gram

14. Extra Loud

15. Famelicose

16. Fly Like a Rat

17. Freedom Belly

18. Gowpenful

19. Helping Max

20. Hero of Itching

21. Hi Bye

22. Imported Sense

23. King Elf

24. King Eyeball

25. King Mammering

26. King of Diamond Eyes

27. Little Texas

28. Lovely Devil

29. Malagrugrous

30. Nevada Nines

31. Ninja Nun

32. Pick a Sick

33. Prince Heaven

34. Silent Jazz

35. Slipping Gold

36. Stalwart King

37. Stymphalist

38. Swag Prince

39. Valiant Prince

40. Widdendream

41. Winning Ex

42. Wish a Fish

43. Wow How

Instagram ID Attitude Names for Boys 

Boys with attitude need to reflect that in their Instagram name. These are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

You can use these as they are (as long as they aren’t already used), or make some changes that fit your personality/attitude.

1.  Bandit Goblin

2.  Booty Fury

3.  Bumble Flyer

4.  Call Me Packet

5.  Chatty Explorer

6.  Chubby Nomad

7.  Copy Mars

8.  Diy Ticker

9.  Dumb Leader

10.  Endless Falcon

11.  Fav Emperor

12.  Furry Healer

13.  Fuzzy Squard

14.  Giggly Seeder

15.  Hokum Candy

16.  Hokum Lover

17.  Hot Trek

18.  Hyper Rover

19.  Loafer Rocky

20.  Lord Missi

21.  Lusty Kaarmic

22.  Miny Falcon

23.  Night Pooh

24.  Nugget Creature

25.  Nugget Gun

26.  Nugget Healer

27.  Odd Howler

28.  Panda Caller

29.  Perky Cobra

30.  Piggy Whistler

31.  Real Toddle

32.  Screwed Candy

33.  Screwed Soldier

34.  Shady Yeti

35.  Silver Kisser

36.  Sleepy Howler

37.  Slow Charmer

38.  Slow Legend

39.  Sole Caller

40.  Spanky Theta

41.  Swag Toddle

42.  Sweet Glider

43.  Tech Bachelor

44.  Tweety Sphinx

45.  Twinkle Hunter

46.  Unborn Clown

47.  Yo Yo Cracker

Attitude Instagram Names for Boys 

Here are some more attitude names you can use on Instagram to draw followers and engagement.

You can alter these with dashes, underlining, numbers, or you can add your name or nickname to the beginning or the end of the name. Use your imagination.

1. Alt Wrestler

2. Anonymous Pooh

3. Ascetic Falcon

4. Bitchy Player

5. Bliss Clown

6. Brutal Cracker

7. Calm Clown

8. Calm Traveler

9. Chatty God

10. Cheap Foxtrot

11. Clever Kisser

12. Creative Serpent

13. Dazzling Master

14. Deal Tutor

15. Dim Soldier

16. Diy Charlie

17. Fav Flyer

18. Fluffy Puppet

19. Jolly Professor

20. Juicy Butler

21. Lead Chief

22. Loafer Shark

23. Local Kaarmic

24. Lusty Caller

25. Magnificent Runner

26. Nugget Watcher

27. Odd Runner

28. Perky Toddle

29. Pimp Fury

30. Pink Bachelor

31. Retro Girl

32. Rude Serpent

33. Same Goddess

34. Silver Looser

35. Sleepy Kaarmic

36. Spanky Whopper

37. Top To Bachelor

38. Windy Gangster

39. Windy Goblin

40. Windy Howler

Cool Instagram Names for Boys

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If you are a person with a calm demeanor, these names can help you come up with some great ideas for Instagram names. 

1. Eye Roller

2. Angry Eagle

3. Apothecary’s Weight

4. Baking Brain

5. Big Thumb

6. Blue Bus

7. Breakup Master

8. Daily Punch

9. Disco Psycho

10. Dry Fisher

11. Frustrated Monk

12. Instant Genius

13. Last Man Stand on the Earth

14. Legal Heartbreaker

15. Little Fingers

16. Little Gorilla

17. Lol Fool

18. Lover Dropper

19. Mad Boxer

20. Mental World

21. Mind Freezer

22. No Limits

23. No Rules

24. Planted Brain

25. Serious Haha

26. Seven Shots

27. Sober Slap

28. Still Dancer

29. Stilt Walker

30. Tattoo Puncher

31. Tiny Wrestler

32. Tricky Mind

33. Walking Statue

34. Winning Loser

35. Wrong Advisor

36. Zombie Edge

Best Instagram Names for Boys In 2024

When you’re looking for good Instagram names for boys, these are some of the best ones you can use. Make these as fun and unique as you can. 

1.  A Killer

2.  Attitude Boy

3.  Attitude Dudel

4.  Cozy Buttons

5.  Dark Lord

6.  Desi Boy

7.  Desi Dude

8.   Devil

9.   Gentle Man

10. Hart Hacker

11. Honey Hug

12. I Don’t Care

13. I’m Mystery

14. I’m Not Full

15. IG Info

16. IG King

17. IG Agent

18. Instagram Info

19. Jason

20. Jupiter Ascending Seeditch

21. Kung Fu Monk

22. Lovely Parson

23. Loyal Guy

24. Miny_Fizz

25. Mr. Mystery

26. Mr. Perfect

27. Mr. Rowdy

28. Oblivion

29. Ooh It’s Me

30. Perfect Smile

31. Prince Of Darkness

32. Shadow Man

33. Silent Eyes

34. Small Town Boy

35. Small Town Girl

36. Stories_Dean

37. Suit And Tie

38. Texas Chainsaw

39. Tune Major

40. Untoward Story

Classy Instagram Names for Boys

If you see yourself as a person with class and style, here are some ideas for good Instagram names for boys that will help you find your perfect name for the platform.

These are also highly editable to be more specific to your personality, niche, etc. 

1. (Favorite Place)_IsMyHeart

2. (Favorite Place)_InTha(City)

3. (Hobby)_intheMorning

4. (Hobby)_Loving(Your Name/Nickname)

5. (Initials)_InThe(City)

6. (Name)_AllDayI(Your Habit)

7. (Name)_theColor(Favorite Color)

8. Across(Country)_ (Your Name/Nickname)

9. AFriend2Follow_(Your Name/Nickname)

10. AnotherDayas(Your Name/Nickname)

11. BlissfulLiving(Your Name/Nickname) (Town)

12. ClimbingIvy(Your Name/Nickname)

13. CountryLyfeWith(Your Name/Nickname)

14. DiscoveringLifeas(Your Name/Nickname)

15. DogDaysof(Your Name)

16. Finding(Hobby)4Life

17. FindingTruthin(Your Passion)

18. FlyinginTime[Name]

19. FollowMeThrough(Hobby)

20. HomeIsHome_Mom((Your Name/Nickname)

21. I’mAll4(Your Passion)

22. Inside[Name]’sWorld

23. IntotheUnknown(Your Name/Nickname)

24. ItsRainingFlowers_(Your Initials)

25. Joie_de_vivre(Your Name/Nickname)(Town)

26. JustSayYes(Your Name/Nickname)

27. LifeIsButa(Hobby)

28. Lillies&Lilac_(Initials, Name/Nickname, Hobby, Passion, Etc.)

29. LittleFishBig(Your Name/Nickname)

30. LivinginLight(Your Name/Nickname)Lost(Gender)in the(City)

31. LuckyNumber_(Your Name/Nickname)

32. Luna&Luz_(Initials)

33. MyDogIsMyWorld_(Your Name/Nickname)

34. MyWorldIs(Hobby)

35. NightOwl(Your Name/Nickname)

36. Plane(#)_(Your Name/Nickname)

37. Raisedintha(Town)

38. SacredSpace(Your Name/Nickname)

39. Searching4(Passion)

40. Simply(Name/Nickname)DoingMe

41. SmilesSayItAll(Your Name/Nickname)

42. SoIfPigsCouldFly(Number, Town, City, Name, Nickname, Niche, Etc.)

43. TheWorldIs(Hobby)

44. TheWorldIsFlat(Your Name/Nickname)

45. TimeTravelWith(Your Name/Nickname)

46. Trucks&Weights_(Your Name/Nickname)

47. TruthorDare(Your Name/Nickname)

48. WhenYouShine_(Your Name/Nickname)

49. Wine&Dine(Your Name/Nickname)

50. YourLens2(Your Name/Nickname)

Foodie Instagram Names for Boys

Are you a foodie guy? If so, you can edit and use these Instagram foodie names for boys.

Whether you are a professional chef, a really good cook, or are just a food lover, these names will get you started.

1. Blend’ndrink

2. CafeCon

3. Charcoal&Pit – (Optional: Your Name/Nickname)

4. Chefly_Cuisine

5. ExplosiveFarm

6. FlavorFoodie

7. FoodBasket

8. GiveaLittleLife

9. LocalFoodLover

10. Menu_NextLevel

11. PalettePlates

12. Rawn’Recipe

13. SpicyTable

14. Tasty_Turnip

Fun Instagram Names for Boys 

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Here are a few fun Instagram names for boys that you can consider. Some of these are for people who love sports, or who have great personalities. 

1. Bad Captain

3. 2 Bad Chatty

4. Beacon Bin

5. Compact Racer

6. Crazy Anyone

7. Dead Deal

8. Dead Guru

9. Deadline Dork

10. Deal Anneal

11. Deal Cereal

12. Deal Loser

13. Facer Racer

14. Far Racer

15. Fear Swag

16. Feature Swag

17. Floating Heart

18. Freak Bad

19. Gamer Simmer

20. Gamer Slayer

21. Gamer Tales

22. Interior Bad

23. Jade Bad

24. Looney Looser

25. Nucking Futz

26. Silver Shades

27. Tonight Gamer

28. Various Eye

29. Virgin Vanilla

30. Yoyo Guitarist


What Can You Do if The Instagram Name Is Already Used?

There is always a chance that the name you want to use as your Instagram name or username is being used by another Instagrammer.

What can you do in that case?

Add characters – You can add a number, character, number or punctuation to make it your own. 

Mashup – To mashup good Instagram names for boys, just combine words or concepts until you create something that is uniquely you.

Use verbs – Verbs show action, so you can play with some verbs. You can use action words to make any one of the above Instagram names to make it yours. Verbs like bake, play, game, and others are good to use.

Inactive account – If the IG name you want to use is taken by an inactive account, just send a DM to the owner. They may help you.

How Do You Change Your Instagram Name?

This is a step-by-step process to help you change your Instagram name.

1. Open the Instagram app
2. Tap your profile picture
3. Tap on “Edit Profile”
4. Select the “Name” field to type in a new Instagram name
5. Tap on “Done” and you’re done. 

That’s all it takes. You can also update your handle (username) in the “Username” field in your profile (see Step 4). 

What Are the Elements of Good Instagram Names?

As you decide what Instagram name to use, we want to offer you a few tips to help you.

KISS – Keep it super simple. You want your name on the platform to stand out, but it needs to be simple enough to remember. 

Catchy – Make it catchy enough to stand out from the rest. 

Original – Be original. Even if you use one of the ideas we have on this list, simple editing like adding characters, numbers, verbs, or other terms will make it yours.

Short and Sweet – Try to keep your Instagram name short and memorable. 

Brand/Personality Congruity – Make your Instagram name the same as what you use across other social media accounts. This helps to build your presence. It’s also a great way to help others find you on other networks. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it.

These are the things you need to know about choosing a good Instagram name to boost your online presence and social proof.

Need names for girls? Check out our guide to good Instagram names for girls.

Whether you are building a brand, business, or your own personality, it’s important to use your Instagram name to reflect who you are. 

You can use your niche, content, name or nickname, numbers, special characters, passions, hobbies, career, or any terms that describe who you are and what you do or love.

The Instagram names we have shared with you are good names that you can use or alter to make them your own unique name.

The best way to create good Instagram names for boys is to add your special twist to them.

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