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Gimmer Review – AI Wizard or Just Another Trading Bot?

Last Updated: November 5, 2021

Is Gimmer a money-making AI wizard? Most definitely not. It is just a crypto trading bot service like many others out there.
Gimmer Bot Review – Money-Making AI Wizard or Just Another Trading Bot?
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Automated and automatic profit?

We’d all love that.

Especially when there’s technology involved with sophisticated software and intricate coding that “guarantees” that you’ll earn money. Welcome, then, to the world of crypto trading bots as we introduce today’s representative, Gimmer. Is it really as good as it claims to be?

Trading bots seem to be the new reality of today’s market. In cryptocurrency trading, though, they are inevitable. With its rapid growth and exponential expansion, the cryptocurrency market has become a battleground of ideas where the quickest, smartest, and most well-coded pieces of software bring a steady income that is, for all intents and purposes, guaranteed.

However, the decentralized nature of the new trading medium leaves enough room for everyone to try and make their way with a wide variety of bots and tools for automation.

And automation is crucial. The new way of trading has no place for idleness, unpreparedness, or other activities that are typically human in nature. Once the user winds up the bot, or has someone else do the setup, the bot should be able to commit trades with little to none human influence. 

With neck-breaking speeds by which things change in cryptocurrency markets, unpredictable patterns of behavior, and even potential scams and machinations made by shady players, having a well-designed, intelligent, and efficient trading bot is vital.

Is Gimmer up to the task? It’s on us today to try and find it out.

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Gimmer Review

The Gimmer trading bot represents a relatively decentralized platform that is designed to provide everyone, from utter beginners to seasoned veterans of crypto trading, with a set of tools that allow competitive cryptocurrency trading.

By stressing simplicity and ease of use that is coupled with user-friendly interface, Gimmer tends to cater to the less-experienced part of the crypto bot user base.

It requires no particular knowledge of coding or cryptocurrency, instead relying on the user base for exchanging codes, strategies, and settings themselves. Gimmer claims, however, that the app has the ability to conform to experienced traders and possesses the options to make it worth their while.

This implies that Gimmer is leaning towards simplicity and ease of use that perhaps does not always perform well on the crypto market. It might be a bit misleading for novice traders, especially when a service doesn’t require previous experience in trading and coding.

There is a community that can assist with things as well as a support service whom you can contact directly, but not all users are necessarily informed about those risks when they opt for Gimmer.

You as a Gimmer user have access to a dashboard with several active bots that you can “hire”, or you can make one from scratch. With a point-and-click interface things seem simple, but the devil’s in the details and ineffective scripts can seriously harm your income and result in a net loss.

Of course, you can always rely on regularly updated pre-formed bots, but then you have little control over the whole process. There are alerts and hints enabled for beginners and the activities are transparent, but that requires more human presence than would be desirable for a “trading automation” service.

Simplicity of Use

Gimmer Freatures

The whole “ease of use” aspect of Gimmer requires further discussion. It is true that the majority of crypto traders have just ventured into the industry, especially due to its rapid expansion. This new user base simply can’t rely on complex settings, fine-tuning, and coding requirements of more elaborate bots, and Gimmer aims to become attractive to that particular user base, which makes sense, right?

So, make things simple and be done with it? Well, no. Markets are extremely unpredictable, convoluted, and chaotic, with lots of parameters, shifts, and fluctuations that depend on so many things.

It isn’t that difficult to make something simple and easy, but it is very difficult to train simple things to calculate complex processes, especially if the users don’t have the necessary experience.

Simple codes as a rule are less accurate, since there are less parameters that they follow and are able to respond to. Once made, these bots require constant human care and attention since their limited scope simply cannot deal with all issues.

Last but not least, simple codes are predictable. This makes them particularly vulnerable to intentional meddling with crypto prices.

Albeit immoral and illegal on some markets, it is more than possible for bigger players to tamper with the prices that simpler bot scripts are bound to follow and fall into traps that as a consequence have disastrous losses. 

So yes, Gimmer user-friendliness is nice, but not without its disadvantages. Tread carefully. 

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Gimmer Review

Gimmer covers the issue by opening up a market of bots and scripts that users can rent out to others. The more complex scripts cost more, however, and no efficient script comes free. This way provides ample opportunities to learn from more experienced players, but this help comes with a price tag. 

Gimmer has a plethora of tools that you can’t access unless you have a sufficient amount of GMR, which is a form of crypto currency in itself. The choice is clear, you can have simple and ineffective codes for little money, but anything viable requires hefty investments and former experience in the field. 

On the other hand, if you’re sufficiently experienced and skilled enough to make a winning formula, nothing prevents you from putting a price tag on your code and earning money that way. Perhaps this is the way Gimmer provides opportunities for crypto trading veterans? Although, to be frank, it does defeat the whole “simplicity for novices” idea at the start.

Dev Team’s Transparency and Accessibility

From what has been shown since their beginnings in 2017, the Gimmer team highly values transparency, openness, and accessibility of their product.

For example, they have kept their roadmap open for everyone and checked all the goals they have accomplished while keeping missed goals stated as long as it takes for them to finally implement them on a later date.

They update their software and pre-configured codes when they can, which is a plus, although it comes too slowly to meaningfully affect near-instant shifts in the crypto market.

To prevent ill-intended scammers from earning money from faulty codes, the developers have established a system of verifiable public profiles for all those who decide to rent out their codes to other users. 

The option to backtest any strategy is by now a part of the basic crypto bot offer, but including it still proves that devs appreciate fair play and safety. Speaking of safety, they also guarantee that their services are encrypted with the latest technologies, being safe and secure for every user account. Give credits where it’s due!


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Review Conclusion

To wrap up, let’s try to give an answer to the questions from the beginning.

Is Gimmer a money-making AI wizard? Most definitely not.

It is just a crypto trading bot service like many others out there. It is decentralized, it gives you some options, but ultimately it leaves you to your fate, either to purchase advice from those with more experience or gamble your investment with rudimentary scripts.

It’s neither good nor bad. It simply does what it says it does.

Do we recommend it?

While there certainly are some pros to Gimmer, there are better options out there for the same investment of time and money.

For example, both Bitsgap and Quadency have more bang for the same bucks or less. More options, much clearer structure, and more sophisticated tools make these variants superior to Gimmer.

In either case, we wish you good fortunes in trading! Keep your wits sharp and your bots honed. 

Written by Jason Wise

Hi! I’m Jason. I tend to gravitate towards business and technology topics, with a deep interest in social media, privacy and crypto. I enjoy testing and reviewing products, so you’ll see a lot of that by me here on EarthWeb.