Getviral Review – Real Social Media Growth?

GetViral Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 10, 2023
Last Updated: April 10, 2023

GetViral Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 10, 2023
Last Updated: April 10, 2023


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GetViral Review 2024

Social media is the preferred method for many businesses, brands, artists, etc. to reach new people in their target audience and generate interest around their endeavors.

After all, with billions of people active on these platforms, it’s a logical step to take if you want more potential clients and fans. 

Actually reaching the right people and gaining a solid follower base who actively engages with your content is no easy feat, however. To make matters more difficult, the huge amount of users in almost every niche imaginable is consistently increasing the competitiveness of social media success. 

When you want to reach your business or personal goals via social media, or look to make some money off of these platforms, you’ve got to set yourself apart and get a solid follower base that actually cares about your content.

Many companies have sprouted up claiming to help you do exactly that. 

Is it really that simple?

Paying for a service that gains you social media prowess?

It can be difficult to choose one that will actually deliver on their promises. We want to help you make your choice a bit easier. For this reason we’ve written a Getviral review that will dive into what this company can (or can’t) do to help your social media growth. 

It’s important to choose a service that will actually help and not hurt your account, so knowing your options is vital. Let’s review what Getviral offers in terms of social media growth. 

What Is GetViral? 

Getviral Review - logo

Getviral is a social media growth service that claims to help you build your real followers; their principal landing page has a message about Instagram growth, but below it lists options that are available for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. 

What we really thought was a red flag about this site is that they copied their service description from another very popular service, quoting it word for word: “We help you grow organically with real Instagram followers. No Fakes, No Bots just real people working on your account. The way it should be.”

This is not the description of their service, this is the description of another popular Instagram growth service, Growthoid. This is a really bad sign because they clearly are trying to fabricate their service and promote something that they, in fact, don’t offer. 

So, if that’s not what they offer, what exactly does Getviral service provide? Let’s examine this below. 

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Features and Services 


From the get go, doesn’t impress. When you click on “Instagram followers” from their main page blurb, you get a 404-error. Um, okay? 

So, they claim to offer four Instagram services: Instagram followers, likes, comments, and reels views. When you click on their menu from the top right, you’ll only see two options: followers and likes. They don’t even offer what they claim to, which is another red flag. 

Alright. We want to give them the benefit of the doubt. When you click on Instagram followers, you’ll see a variety of packages. There is no mention of follower quality, nor where the followers come from. 

Not only that, you’ll see that their 500 followers package is “currently inactive,” as well as their 20k package and 50k package. We looked into other services for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and every single one of the packages that they offer has sets that are “currently inactive.” 

How can a website offer you 3,000 YouTube views, for instance, but not 1,000? Something about this is real fishy. 

The service that you will receive from Getviral is nothing valuable— these are definitely fake engagements and followers and they will only harm your account. The inconsistencies on their website is more than enough to see that they are unorganized and cannot offer their clients what they claim to.

Why Follower and Engagement Quality Matters 

You may be wondering why follower and engagement quality matters on social media; there are so many companies out there ready to claim big growth and big numbers, and while the prices aren’t astronomical, what these companies provide is void of any value. This includes Getviral. 

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why you need real and active followers and engagement. 

Compliance with Terms of Use 

Social media platforms these days are hip to the schemes of these growth companies. They know there are services out there claiming to offer real and valuable growth results, and they simply won’t tolerate this on the platform.

It’s for this reason that social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others have created terms of use that prohibit growth services that offer fake followers and engagements from being used. 

Moreover, bots are also forbidden on these platforms and they will do everything they can to prohibit bots and fake followers from polluting their platforms; if you use services that provide these types of followers and engagements, you’ll run the risk of being banned from the platforms. 

See Real Results

If you have any tangible goals related to business or content consumption, you can forget about them when buying page followers and engagements. 

The whole purpose of having a big following on any social media platform is that they check out your content, engage with it, and take action. No followers purchased from Getviral will do that, and they will simply pollute your account, lower your reputation, and skew your analytics. 

There is zero business or ROI results from fake or bot engagements and followers. 

Engagement Matters

engagement is the most important factor in terms of social media algorithms; when people actively engage with your content, it will be shown to more people, and it indicates that your content is valuable and interesting to people. 

Fake and bot followers won’t engage with your content, thus filling your social media accounts with empty numbers that only flag the social media platform you are using.

Getviral offers nothing in terms of substantial engagement, and you’ll be throwing your money down the drain when you purchase from them. 

Review Conclusion

All in all, from our research and investigation, we can confidently say that Getviral offers you nothing valuable in terms of social media growth. 

None of their services are aligned with the terms of service of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, nor Twitter, and they make it a point to mention they are not associated nor endorsed by these platforms in very small print at the bottom of their website. 

Don’t waste your time or money hoping for real social media growth with Getviral review. It’s a shame, but it’s the reality of the market. 

Review Summary

GetViral Review

It’s important to choose a service that will actually help and not hurt your account, so knowing your options is vital. Let’s review what Getviral offers in terms of social media growth. 

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