Follow Liker Review and Best Alternatives

FollowLiker Review 2024: Is it a SCAM?

Published on: February 24, 2024
Last Updated: February 24, 2024

FollowLiker Review 2024: Is it a SCAM?

Published on: February 24, 2024
Last Updated: February 24, 2024


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FollowLiker Review 2024

The thing that you need to be successful on Instagram is very simple— more content reach. 

When you have better content reach, you can generate more interest in your brand and gain more Instagram followers.

It’s true that followers are the key to Instagram success, but not in the way you might think, nor in the way that they were in the past. 

There are plenty of growth service companies that will offer you more followers for Instagram, and while there are some that do what they offer, many of them will leave you high and dry with no additional followers and less money in your pocket. 

For this reason, we decided to make your decision a little easier and review a relatively known tool called Followliker.

Let’s get started. 

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What is Follow Liker? 

FollowLiker Review
FollowLiker Review

FollowLiker is an automation service that can provide you with bot tools for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

They boast a variety of automations that they can do across the platforms, which runs 24/7 and is meant to gain you more followers across these different social media platforms. 

We’ll focus mostly on the Instagram service, as that is what we are most interested here, but if you are considering their other services, they would be similar to those that are given in terms of Instagram. 

In any case, all of them are based on automation, which unfortunately is not the best way to go about Instagram growth these days.

There are a number of reasons why that is, and we’ll discuss them later in the article. 

How Does FollowLiker Work? 

FollowLiker - How Does it Work?

FollowLiker, as we mentioned, is a service that provides Instagram automation services that are meant to increase your following.

They claim to interact with users in a variety of ways through automation in order to draw attention and gain more followers for your Instagram. 

According to FollowLiker, they automate the following engagements: 

  • Follow/unfollow: this feature works based on the premise that the service will follow users, and after a few days, will unfollow them. It can be quite complicated for automation services to run this type of engagement without having some issues; for instance, it’s common that they’ll only unfollow users that don’t follow you back. In addition, they may unfollow all users or none at all. This method is quite unattractive in the sense that it makes your follower count grow substantially, putting you at way more followers 
  • Direct Messages: FollowLiker promotes sending direct messages to users in order to attract their attention and promote your account. This feature is incredibly dangerous when considering Instagram automation because the messages always appear generic and auto-generated, which actually negates the quality of your account and lowers your reputation. It’s uncommon that users respond favorably to auto-generated DMs. 
  • Comment on Photos: Another feature mentioned on the FollowLiker website is that they’ll comment on photos for you. This, like DMs, creates problems because the engagements are inauthentic. They are all generated by the Instagram bot service, which looks really bad for your reputation, especially because these comments can be seen by other users. When people see your comments, they can tell they are generated by bots, which will lower your credibility and deter people from checking out your profile. 
  • Like Photos and View Stories: FollowLiker will also like and view stories on your behalf, all of which are automated views. This is a less risky engagement when done through automation, but it can still cause you problems with Instagram. 

Overall, these are some of the basic services that FollowLiker offers, and in reality we’ve given you more details about what the services actually do than FollowLiker’s website does. 

The bad news is that all of them are done by automation, which is unfortunately not an option anymore for Instagram growth.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems that automation can bring to your account. 

Why Automation doesn’t Work 

FollowLiker doesn’t work simply because Instagram automation doesn’t work through the platform. It’s impossible to provide real results through Instagram automation because of the restrictions that Instagram has imposed on the platform. 

When Instagram follower growth first became a thing, it was mostly done through purchasing fake followers.

Instagram quickly realized that this was presenting problems with the user experience and discrediting the platform, so they began to clear out all fake followers, which include any followers that are considered bots, inactive or fake. 

This made it difficult to deliver followers that would actually stay on a client’s Instagram account, which means that these services effectively fell out of business. 

Not only that, none of these followers actually provide business results because they are fake and inactive, meaning that they are useless in terms of gaining more clients or gaining a return on investment. 

After the fake follower trend became extinct, companies emerged with bot and automation services that were able to interact with users of Instagram through pre-programmed engagement. 

For a while, this worked. People were gaining followers and grabbing the attention of other users on the platform. After a while, various problems arose. 

The user experience of Instagram was hindered because users were continuously bothered by bot interactions, which made Instagram take immediate notice. They then began banning these interactions and basically removing bot platforms from operating. 

All of the top bot and automation services were either booted from the business or forced to close down because they could no longer provide the necessary services to their clients due to restrictions from Instagram. 

Instagram implemented various controls like caps on interactions which severely limited automation services from creating the necessary engagements that would gain the attention necessary, lowering the potential to gain followers. 

To this day, automation services have been effectively limited on Instagram, which means that these services are not able to deliver results as they describe on their website. 

For this reason, they are increasingly vague on their website, promising services in a general way, not telling followers how they operate. 

Review Verdict

While FollowLiker does still tell the truth in the sense that they say they offer automation services, they don’t disclose the fact that they are virtually ineffective and unable to produce results on the platform. 

In addition to automation services being unable to deliver results, their follower targets are also unable to provide delivered results that actually pertain to the clients or users that a business needs.

Top FollowLiker Alternatives 

There are still a variety of Instagram services out there that are changing the game and actually providing the results that clients need.

Here we’ll tell you about the best FollowLiker alternatives that are out there. 

1. Nitreo

Nitreo Review & 25% Discount Coupon

Nitreo is a great option for Instagram growth in that they focus on Instagram stories and leveraging the popularity of the feature to bring you better Instagram growth. 

Nitreo works through bulk interactions like story views, comments and likes in order to draw attention to your account and generate interest.

Since Instagram stories add an average of 28 minutes of time spent on the platform for each Instagram user, it’s a valid avenue to try out for Instagram growth. 

Nitreo has a variety of plans to choose from, those of which can work for any budget and goal. 

2. Growthoid


While growing your Instagram followers can be time-consuming if you don’t use a growth service, Growthoid can help you gain the results that you need lolso that you don’t have to worry about taking time away from other elements of Instagram. 

All of Growthoid’s services are completely organic and done manually, which is incredibly valuable in terms of Instagram growth.

Long gone are the days that you have to worry about strange engagements that don’t target the right audience. 

Growthoid will provide you with a dedicated account manager upon signing up, which means that you will have someone who focuses directly on your Instagram growth with no automation or bots.

That means that your account won’t be in danger of being flagged by Instagram and all of your interactions will engage users that are within your target audience. 

After you sign up, you will be asked to provide your target instructions to your account manager, who will then make interactions on your behalf.

The good thing about this is that you’ll have a hand-tailored touch in terms of your target audience, which will be more beneficial for your business in the long term. 

Growthoid offers two monthly pricing options that allow you to choose which works best for your needs and budget.

They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee to back up their services, which is also a great benefit. 

In terms of support and account managers, Growthoid is among the best. Their team is one of the most responsive and dedicated that we’ve seen in the Instagram growth game.

With a service like Growthoid, you’ll never look back to automation. 

3. Growthsilo 


Another top Instagram growth service is Growthsilo, which is also a fully-managed growth service that will grow your Instagram account by hand. 

The great thing about Growthsilo is that they don’t mess around with automation or bots, so your follower quality will be better, and you won’t be putting your Instagram account at risk. 

Growthsilo is also a fully-managed service, as we mentioned, which means that all of the engagements that are perpetuated by Growthsilo will be completely targeted and geared towards your business market or niche. 

The good thing about this is that you won’t have a bunch of uninterested or odd followers on your account, which will boost your credibility. 

One big drawback to automation services is that they are not able to directly target your audience; while they will ask you for your targeting instructions, they won’t be able to deliver on these promises because bots can’t make the necessary determinations between the accounts that will really bring you value, and ones that are less aligned. 

When you use a service like Growthsilo, you’ll avoid that headache by having a totally tailored strategy for Instagram growth. 

These types of organic services are much better for your overall Instagram health and results. 

Growthsilo offers you two monthly service options that can be cancelled at any time, and they also offer you a money-back guarantee which can give you extra peace of mind. 

Review Conclusion

Ultimately, it’s clear that Instagram growth tools such as FollowLiker that use automation simply can’t be effective given the restrictions that Instagram imposes.

Not only that, FollowLiker is really vague about how their service works and doesn’t offer complete transparency and support in terms of delivering results. 

Opting for a service like Growthoid or Growthsilo is a much better option. You can also try out something new like Nitreo and take advantage of the impactful Instagram stories feature. 

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