FollowerPackages Review – Is it a Scam?

Follower Packages Review 2024 – Is it a Scam?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Follower Packages Review 2024 – Is it a Scam?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Follower Packages Review 2024

There are so many social media users out there looking to grow their audiences in order to keep up with the high levels of competition and enhance their business results. It’s no surprise that there are plenty of companies out there claiming they can provide all of the necessary engagements for social media stardom. 

So many companies are now offering follower and engagement packages for social media users, but the unfortunate thing is that not all of them are above board, and not all of them are safe and trusted providers for social media growth. 

One option that has been making news, Follower Packages, offers quite a few different packages for users to buy across many different social media networks, but are they legit, or are they a scam? 

In order to help you make your decision, we’ve put together this Follower Packages review so that you can get the real scoop and see what the fuss is all about.

After this review, you’ll understand what Follower Packages is, what they actually do, and why you may want to check out some alternatives. 

Let’s get moving!


What Is Follower Packages?

Follower Packages is a social media growth company that offers people the chance to buy followers and engagements for an array of social media networks. They only offer services for four social media websites, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud. 

The first thing we noticed is that there are not so many options; there are other services that offer more comprehensive social media growth packages that can help to grow multi-platform presence. 

That’s not the main problem, though— Instagram and Facebook are two of the strictest platforms in terms of buying followers and engagements, so it’s highly unlikely that this service abides by the terms of use of Instagram and Facebook, which means your account can easily be flagged through the use of this service. 

Not only that, the quality of these followers and engagements are described as “premium,” but this is just a buzzword that doesn’t mean much of anything. You won’t really know what you’re getting when you buy from Follower Packages. 

What’s more, many of their larger packages are unavailable; this is because the platforms have restrictions on these services and don’t condone the use of them.

Ultimately, Follower Packages knows that they have no way to deliver the larger packages because they will be immediately detected by YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook since their service is against the terms of use. 

Let’s talk more about the potential red flags that we can see in the service of Follower Packages.

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Red Flags

As we mentioned in the previous section, this service isn’t compliant with the Instagram and Facebook terms of use, which means your account is at risk when you use this service.

What’s more, TrustPilot, a reputable rating website that gauges the trustworthiness of businesses, has flagged Follower Packages as an unapproved service

FollowerPackages Trustpilot

That’s a big red flag— TrustPilot says that they “cannot support or advocate the type of business carried out by this company” and that they “recommend exercising extreme caution if you choose to engage with this company.” 

When you see something like this, it’s important to heed the warning. TrustPilot is a big resource for understanding what businesses are worth your time and which ones aren’t; if they’ve placed this banner at the top of the business page for Follower Packages, you know that they are not a viable service for social media growth. 

It’s not worth it to put your accounts at risk for a few extra followers and likes. There are much more effective Instagram and Facebook growth services out there that can help you get real results that will actually help your account goals. 

Follower Packages knows that they can’t do this, and even give a disclaimer that they are not endorsed by the social media platforms. They claim huge numbers of engagements and followers delivered, but there’s no way that they could have effectively done this, much less with the warnings placed on their service. 

They also link to a site of customer reviews, but all of these are fortified as well; they aren’t real. You can tell because they completely ignore the TrustPilot site and don’t link to it anywhere; they only link to a fake review site called Reviews XP, and wouldn’t you know it, they have 92 five-star reviews. 

How convenient, right? 


FollowerPackages Pricing

In terms of pricing, Follower Packages does offer fairly decent rates, but when you consider the nature of their services, it’s not a surprise that they try to offer cheaper pricing than some competitors.

Ultimately, when you purchase from them, you’re not going to get real, sustainable growth for your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or SoundCloud, so your investment really isn’t getting much. In addition, these services can put your account at risk, which means the price is much higher in terms of safety and security. 

All in all, don’t be fooled into thinking Follower Packages offers affordable and valuable pricing plans; they may be cheaper, but don’t forget the saying— you get what you pay for. 

Review Conclusion 

As we can see from our Follower Packages review, you are not likely to get valuable and sustainable social media growth from FollowerPackages. They try to create an air of usefulness and value for their clients, but their services are clearly against the terms of use of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud — and TrustPilot knows it. 

When you see warning signs like the ones available for Follower Packages, heed them. Don’t look for shortcuts that are unlikely to have a payoff in terms of follower growth or account health. While you may see a quick boost in numbers from Follower Packages, you could be flagged by the social media platform, and even disabled from using your account. We all want to grow our social media platforms, that’s not the issue.

You have to be careful when selecting the right company; there are a variety of other companies out there that can actually deliver results that will benefit your account instead of harming it. Follower Packages isn’t one of those companies.

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