Family Travel Statistics

19+ New Family Travel Statistics in 2024

Published on: December 13, 2023
Last Updated: December 13, 2023

19+ New Family Travel Statistics in 2024

Published on: December 13, 2023
Last Updated: December 13, 2023

Family trips are not just a growing trend or a phenomenon.

It is a blend of discovery, breaking daily routines, and nurturing deep connections while enjoying new cultures, cuisines, and experiences.

But have you ever thought how many families explore together?

How do they plan their budget and where do they mostly go? Learn more about the latest family travel statistics below. 

Key Statistics

  • Osaka, Japan is 1st on the list of family-friendly trips.
  • Beach resorts are the top destination for 41% of family trips.
  • Foodie families prefer Rome, London, and Paris
  • 88% of the parents are likely to travel with their children in the next 12 months
  • 60% of families said they would stay more in hotels than in other people’s homes
  • People who went on family trips agree that experience is better than expenses
  • The expenses for a family of four cost an average of $4,580
  • 62% of family trips are looking to pay a visit to family and friends

Top Family Travel Statistics in 2024

1. Japan Takes the Top Spot as The Best Place for A Family Trip

Japan 700

There are a ton of landmarks in Japan that every traveler should visit.

But among those places, there is one that stood out as the most family-friendly, Osaka.

Osaka is the most compelling and one of the best places in Japan.

Though it may not be as famous as Tokyo, it still holds a lot of kid-friendly landmarks and estates that you and your little ones will surely enjoy.

Visiting Osaka as a family can be a hassle if there are a bunch of spots to go to.

If having fun and enjoying the culture is a top priority, here are the top 2 spots each family should consider.

  1. Universal Studios Japan

Families who seek thrill-seeking adventures and paradise will love this landmark in Osaka.

With its amazing rides and fairy tale atmosphere, the whole family can enjoy the time of their lives.

     2. Osaka Castle

The Osaka Castle offers a historic experience where each family can go back in time and feel like a samurai.

In addition, families will have their bellies full of the infamous takoyaki and okonomiyaki in the restaurants.

(Resonance, Dream Big Travel Far)

2. FaMilies Love to Soak Their Toes by The Beach

According to a Resonance study, approximately 41% of families that beach resorts are by far the best trip destination that they get.

It’s no surprise to most of the other parents since beaches offer a stress-free environment to them.

With the endless fun that the beach can offer, parents can just lay on a bench while sunbathing while their children are busy building sand castles or playing beach volleyball with other kids.

Moreover, beach trips allow parents and children to come together and relax, play games, go on a picnic, and make lifetime memories.

(Resonance, PR News)

3. Families with a big appetite go to Rome, London, and Paris

For every family that loves food more than ever, each dish becomes an adventure.

According to Tripadvisor, families who love to eat prefer making a trip to Rome, London, and Paris as they offer Michelin-starred meals and rising-star experiences.

Rome is celebrated for its flavors, variety, and deeply rooted culinary tradition.

One of the famous Roman cuisines is Roscioli which is known for its amazing bread, cheese, and cured meats.

London boasts several cuisines that offer a unique dining experience for friends and families.

Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant in London, is known for its food chain and family set up where kids and parents can enjoy eating tacos and other delights.

And finally, we have Paris, home to the city of love and its wonderful pastries.

Paris shares its number of famous food chains but Angelina is a top tier amongst families as its hot chocolate and delicious pastries bring families together.

(Condor, Dream Big Travel Far)

4. 88% of Parents in 2021 Look to Spend More with Their Children in The Next 12 Months

In a recent survey from the Family Travel Association (FTA) in 2021, approximately 9 out of 10 parents shared that they are planning trips with their young ones in the next 12 months.

The survey also highlights how families are prepping up for adventures after the pandemic in 2020 where approximately 44% of families were able to go out on beach trips.

The research also shares how the family’s travel habits are affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Data shows that about 80% of the respondents stated that they have to change their habits to avoid unwanted symptoms from the virus.

The study also mentions that families will be eager to prepare for their flights if only the travel agencies and companies become more transparent, and maintain clear communication, and flight cancellation protocols.

(Travel Agent Central)

5. 60% of Families Spend Their Nights in Hotels During Trips

Hotels 700

When traveling, parents must consider where to stay to fully enjoy their vacation with their young ones.

According to Condor, 60% of families book their flights alongside a hotel deal to accommodate them along the way.

Based on the research, there are multiple factors as to why families prefer staying in hotels rather than staying in other people’s homes, Let’s take a look at them:

  • Amenities and services – families can enjoy a variety of facilities in hotels like pools, gyms, on-site restaurants, and room service.
  • Space and privacy – hotels have dedicated space and bedrooms for parents and children, allowing everyone to have their own space without the worry of their family barging.
  • Safety and security – numerous hotels prioritize the safety of their customers, offering security when families travel to unfamiliar places.

Although staying with a close friend or family brings familiarity and a feeling of closeness, staying at hotels offers a unique combination of comfort, ease, relaxation, and a bit of adventure.


6. Experience Over Expenses, Says Most of The Family Travelers

When it comes to family travel, most people tend to agree that they value the adventure rather than the spending.

Families mostly prioritize the experience because the moments create long-lasting memories and meaningful connections.

According to Expedia Group’s survey, the value of forging experiences outweighs the focus on spending.

In addition, numerous responses from families stated that the experience from the trip offered them learning opportunities for all of the members of the family.

Exploring adventures and expanding their perspective widens their growth.

Essentially, the majority of the families in the survey believe that investing in experiences is far more essential because the cost can be generated again.

In return, all members can have long-lasting memories and quality time with one another.

(Expedia Group)

7. The Average Cost for A Family of Four Is $4,580

Finding the approximate amount when spending a beach with the family.

There are many factors to consider especially when the parents don’t have a clear estimate.

But in terms of a family of four, the cost is only an average of $4,580 per trip, according to studies from Dream Big Travel Far. 

The study states that there are multiple factors to consider, including travel preferences, transportation, accommodation, length of stay, and other family activities.

A family of four requires approximately $132 per day for the meals, as per CreditDonkey statistics.

However, it still doesn’t include snacks, shopping purchases, and sudden expenses. 

Conclusively, the $4,580 is legitimately an accurate average to acquire the fun trip that every family wants.

However, if the family is still looking to cut down more, then budgeting would be the solution.

(CreditDonkey, Dream Big Travel Far)

8. Family Trips Circle Visiting Friends and Families from Time to Time!

Visiting family is one of the top choices for family trips.

It is not just about catching up with them, but sharing the connections that each family member once had and making sure each time spent is more than gold.

According to a Family Travel study by New York University (NYU), more than 62% of families mentioned that visiting blood-related family members is far better than visiting friends.

The visits make lives fuller and give lessons regarding cherishing moments and memories with the people that matter the most.

(NYU, Dream Big Travel Far)

9. 1 in 4 Families Used a Travel Agent 5 Years Ago

Did you know that travel agents were a thing back then? Before travelling people used to seek help from travel agents and arrange flights and itineraries before going to their specified destination.

But have you ever wondered, “Do travel agents still exist?”

Despite being helpful amongst busy families who would like to seek help in travel deals and guidance, only a quarter of families look for the aid of these professionals.

According to the Family Travels Association (FTA) US Family Travel Survey in 2017, approximately 10% looked to travel agents and asked for inspiration and guidance for a family vacation.

And that was 5 years ago, but how about now?

  • The internet as the new travel guide

Travel agents still exist however they are called travel advisors now.

However, only a few families seek travel advisors mainly because some travel advisors think that they are invincible for some travelers, said FTA strategy consultant Peter Bopp.

Modern-day families now learn their ways on the internet and even some of them are posted on social media, sharing the strategies of family trips.

Although few are only known for their skills, travel advisors provide amazing help to travelers as they can handle the unexpected, especially in flight delays, cancellations, and loss of luggage.

(TravelMarketReport, Dream Big Travel Far)

10. 95% of Families Prioritize Entertainment and Happiness

Entertainment 706

For a parent, ensuring the young one’s enjoyment keeps them safe throughout the journey.

When safety, security, and enjoyment are assured, it helps them relax and enjoy the trip while holding hands with the family.

According to the Shorttermrentalz study, approximately 95% of families prioritize keeping themselves happy and entertained.

The study also states that 85% of the respondents plan outdoor activities for the family before going on a trip.

Overall, maintaining the enjoyment and happiness of family members during the trip strengthens the bond of both the child and the parent.

(Shorttermrentalz, Dream Big Travel Far)

11. Speedy Trip or Costly Trip?

Speedy trips allow for faster travel with only a few bucks involved.

Or costly trips that ensure safety and security for the family?

This debate has been part of family trips before the journey has even begun.

But, which one is better?

According to Expedia Group, 52% choose their transportation based on speed mainly because they don’t want to waste any time and want to keep the journey up and running.

On the other hand, 34% of the families said their transportation is based on the cost since it can give them security and safety along the way. 

Both are personal preferences from one family to another.

They are both desired for convenience and efficiency.

It just matters which family makes the most out of their trip.

(Expedia Group, Dream Big Travel Far)

12. Planes Remain as Top Preferred Transportation, Followed by Cars

When it comes to family travels, choosing the appropriate mode of transport essentially matters to achieve an enjoyable and smooth journey. 

According to Shorttermrentalz, the most popular means of transport is planes with 54% voting from several families, followed by cars with approximately 47% upvotes from multiple families.

So why is that? Well, planes are preferred for long-distance travel.

They also offer a speedy momentum for families that allows them to save time and lessen fatigue.

On the other hand, cars are really popular, especially for short-distance travel, particularly out of town or region.

It lets them control the speed of the trip as well.

In general, both planes and cars have their advantages when choosing a mode of transportation as both are enjoyable and ensure great traveling experiences.

(Shorttermrentalz, Dream Big Travel Far)

13. 64% of Families Canceled Their Trips when COVID-19 Came

Cancelling trips last minute or tearing down your plans is one of the most heartbreaking things that a parent must do.

Despite saving up money and energy, they have to tell their kids about the news about their travel plans.

According to a survey from NYU, 64% of the families said they canceled the domestic trips they had booked during Covid.

On the other hand, 36% of the families adjusted their transportation mode so that they could drive instead of fly.

Looking back, COVID changed the patterns of numerous families.

But due to the distribution of vaccines, the trips are coming back to the books.

(NYU, Dream Big Travel Far)

14. Some Families Received Perks After Canceling Their Flights in 2020

Due to the COVID pandemic, numerous airlines gave flexible policies and offered perks to families or individuals who canceled their domestic flights.

Furthermore, these perks or benefits serve as a response to the uncertainties and the heightened travel restrictions that are implemented worldwide.

In addition, the move aims to support travellers during difficult times in 2020.

In a study from Dream Big Travel Far, 43% of family travelers received full refunds for their domestic flights.

Meanwhile, 27% of the respondents acquired full travel credits that they can use for their next journey.

The perks offered later suggest that the travel and tourism industry is doing its utmost best to address the challenges that individuals and family trips faced during that era.

(Dream Big Travel Far)

15. 23% of American Families Intend to Travel Abroad This Spring of 2023

Millennials Travel Statistics

Spring is one of the most beloved seasons that is loved by Americans and one of the four seasons before summer and after winter.

The weather gets warm and cozy and plans and flowers start to blossom.

The season softly whispers new beginnings which is why approximately 23% of American families are looking to travel abroad and spend their spring in either London, Rome, or Paris.

The parks in London are booming with flowers, Roman historical landmarks offer great and warm weather, and lastly, Paris has lovely gardens and amazing pastries that each family will love.

The top 3 destinations offer a mix of culture, beauty, and history.

Perfect for American families that are looking to spend their spring abroad.

(TripAdvisor, Dream Big Travel Far)

16. National Parks Bring Families Close Together

Parents love to bring their children to national parks as a way to bond while immersing themselves in the beauty of nature.

According to research, approximately 43% of families brought their children to national parks for vacation.

These trips give chances for the little adventurers to have a new perspective on nature, appreciate the environment around them, and spark their curiosity and love of nature and animals.

(Dream Big Travel Far)

17. Free Internet and Internet Equals 5-Star Feedback

Hotels are amazing for family trips because they offer comfort, and security, and offer kids the freedom to play at the amenities of the hotel. 

Families need multiple needs and amenities that each hotel they stay in must offer.

If you guessed Wifi or the internet, then you are correct. 

According to Resonance, approximately 68% of families mentioned that the internet or wifi passes are the most essential to enjoy their stay at the hotel.

To give a clear view of the other sought amenities, here are the top 3:

  1. 68% of families voted wifi as the most sought-after hotel service.
  2. 57% of families shared that security and safety is their priority.
  3. 50% of families said pools and water fun are what they are looking for.

(Dream Big Travel Far)

18. 89% of Family Travelers Prioritize Deals and Discounts and Traveling

According to a Shorttermrentalz study, approximately 89% of family travelers agreed that deals and discounts must be a top priority before booking a flight.

It also allows them to get the best possible deals that the whole family can enjoy.

In conclusion, finding good deals and discounts is a smart move for families.

It helps them save more money and use it to purchase souvenirs or for other fun stuff.

(Shorttermrentalz, Dream Big Travel Far)

19. Shopping and Attending Concerts Is Taking a Quick Decline Among Family Trips

Before COVID hit, shopping and attending concerts were a huge trend amongst family trips.

But after the pandemic hit and the increasing number of dangerous occurrences in large crowds, these trends are dipping in 2022.

According to a survey from Dream Big Travel Far, about 6% to 7% of those activities from family members are part of their to-do list when traveling. 

In short, family trips aim to make memories that solely focus on each and everyone’s enjoyment without worrying about someone’s safety.

(Dream Big Travel Far)

20. Parents’ Top Inspiration for Traveling: Their Young Ones

Millennials Travel Statistics

Family trips stem from parents who are inspired by great adventures and new experiences. They thrive from that energy and use it to gain an advantage in working hard to fulfill their travel plans.

In a research by GlobalData, 76% shared that their main inspiration for planning their family travels is their children while 52% responded is to see their family members.

The data shows that parents do their utmost best to provide the best opportunities for their children.

Family trips are top-tier occurrences for parents as they strengthen the bond between them and their children



Family travel will remain a popular trend in the upcoming years.

Despite the canceled plans due to the pandemic, several families are looking back to the drawing board and planning for the best family vacation.

The  family travel statistics statistics presented helps you to further understand that although there are disruptions, the growing interest in exploring and finding new perspective and experience for family travelers is a huge swing in making long-lasting memories


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