Expandi Review: Buyer Beware?

Expandi Review 2024: Will It Get You Banned?!

Published on: September 24, 2023
Last Updated: September 24, 2023

Expandi Review 2024: Will It Get You Banned?!

Published on: September 24, 2023
Last Updated: September 24, 2023

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Expandi Review 2024

While social media is rarely valuable without a large base of followers, there are some services out there that try to take advantage of people in need of growing their social media accounts.

They prey on honest people who are just looking to boost their opportunities, and this has been a recent phenomenon on LinkedIn. 

Some of these companies base their value on getting your follower or connection numbers up, but there is more to LinkedIn and all social media than just numbers.

Connections who do not engage are often fake or from inactive accounts.

That adds absolutely no value to your LinkedIn profile or your reputation.

There was a time when people didn’t notice fake engagement, but now they are all very aware of it and recognize it right away.

This is mostly because of all the generic and spammy comments and direct messages they get.

So, what your LinkedIn account really needs is real people who are active on the platform and who will engage with your content.

While LinkedIn is a bit different from conventional social media accounts, it still thrives on content activity and engagement.

Consider this.

LinkedIn was created with the purpose of making career connections and building networks for businesses and job seekers, so it’s understandable that people would want to gain more connections

Connections are the basis for the whole idea of networking through LinkedIn.

Lo and behold, growth services were quick to implement automation, which is a big problem on LinkedIn.

They’re not the first social media platform to have problems with the way that third party services interact with their platform. We’ll get into that later. 

One of these emerging services that seeks to propagate LinkedIn automation is Expandi.

While Expandi tries to convince potential clients that they’re actually useful for LinkedIn growth, we thought we should write this review to tell you exactly why they’re not. 

There are no shortage of negative reviews about these types of LinkedIn services, and we just want people out there to be aware of what’s going on and be extra careful when trying to grow their social media profiles. 

Using services like Expandi can have detrimental consequences. Let’s get started with our Expandi review and see what they’re all about. 

LinkedIn Automation – Is It Good or Bad?

There is no doubt that automation in some industries is a revolutionary improvement.

However, like all technology, there are drawbacks as well as advantages. 

This is also true in regard to LinkedIn automation. It comes with its good and bad elements. It’s a touchy subject.

While automation of tasks is acceptable amongst marketers and some businesses, it’s still against the terms of use on LinkedIn. 

The algorithm and detection programming on LinkedIn is significantly stronger and more restrictive than what is used on most other social media platforms. 

Let’s just say it this way. When automation works, it can be good. When automation gets detected, it’s bad. 

The likelihood of automated engagement getting detected now is higher than it’s ever been on social media outlets. 

The latest update on bots and automation is that these systems are no longer working effectively on social media platforms, which includes LinkedIn. 

Algorithm changes and updates have created an all-new environment and detection programming that affect the usefulness of bots and automation.

Plus, many of these types of services are getting negative reviews piled on top of them on third-party user review websites like Trustpilot.

There are even a few that have been shut down in recent months for various social media terms violations. 

If you don’t want to get caught up in the automation drama, you need to know more about the companies that use it.

Expandi does use automation, and they claim that it’s safe and under LinkedIn’s radar, but is it? 

What is Expandi? 

Expandi logo

Expandi is a self-proclaimed “reliable partner” for your LinkedIn growth.

They do acknowledge that LinkedIn is more important than ever, and then tout their services as being able to “connect with your leads” through the “safest automation service.” 

Check out how friendly and helpful their images and videos make them seem. They are good at marketing.

While that’s all well and good, there’s no such thing as a safe automation service for LinkedIn.

In the past few years, social media platforms have been at odds with automated services and bots that pre-generate engagements and interactions on their platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are among some mainstream social media platforms that are against automation. 

The terms of use are not just guidelines, but they are the rules users must abide by in order to have the privilege of using social media platforms.

While we often take for granted that free use of social media platforms is a “right”, these companies are providing a product and service, giving us the “privilege” of using their platforms.

Even though people sometimes pay for the privilege to get more features by paying for using LinkedIn, or advertising on social media, they still expect you to follow their rules.

Their rules are designed to protect users and their platforms, which is why it’s smart to adhere to them even if you think they are unfair.

You can only guess that LinkedIn would be one as well. Let’s take a look at why LinkedIn doesn’t allow automation on their platform, what they’re trying to do to curb it, and how Expandi is virtually rendered useless accordingly. 

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Why doesn’t LinkedIn Allow Automation? 

First of all, since LinkedIn is a professional platform that stores a lot of personal information about companies and people’s job history, there’s no surprise that LinkedIn would want to do everything in its power to keep all of that data safe. 

If a bad bot or automated service gets in, it could corrupt all of this information and could even have detrimental consequences for users and businesses alike. 

As mentioned at the start of this review, there are good and bad things that come with LinkedIn automation. Mostly, it’s bad in the case of automation.

Not only that, using automation services goes against LinkedIn’s user agreement, with strict punishment for anyone caught using them, including suspension of your account.

They also automate personal interactions and messaging, which is exactly a feature of Expandi; LinkedIn views this as undermining the integrity of their platform, and we can’t disagree. 

You can believe that when it comes to any kind of messaging that automation will not provide value. It cannot be controlled, even if you think it can and use custom comments.

Even when your messages are sent according to your customization and content, it can appear generic or irrelevant. It is less likely nowadays to be effective than in past years because of the algorithm and detection programming updates.

Just be aware of these things.

On a platform that is built around real-world business and career opportunities, it’s only right that engagements are actually done by real people and not created by bots or spamming individuals on the platform. 

Expandi Review: The Service Can’t Work 

Based on LinkedIn’s position and efforts to deter automation, Expandi’s service simply can’t work the way it’s claimed to. And if it does work for a while, it won’t for long. 

Reread the introduction of this review to see why automation isn’t working any longer.

It’s common for service interruptions to occur with LinkedIn’s strict policies against automation, and if you’re not paying attention, Expandi won’t even be working for you, yet you’ll still be paying. We can’t think of anything worse. 

It’s plain and simple: LinkedIn is totally against services like Expandi, making it impossible for them to deliver the long list of services that they claim to provide. So, not only will you be paying for a service that is bound to be lacking in results, but you’ll also be putting your LinkedIn at risk. 

Not only that, when people discover that you use bots or automation to generate messages and engagements, it seriously hurts your credibility. LinkedIn is built around professional networking opportunities, and using automation to do your messaging and interactions is impersonal and disrespectful. 

Your reputation won’t thank you if you have a flub with your automation service and happen to send a totally wonky response when you didn’t mean to.

Your reputation is a vital part of your success on LinkedIn, so it’s imperative that you protect it.

Expandi Pricing Review: Are They Kidding? 


It’s bad enough that Expandi markets their product like there’s absolutely no problem with LinkedIn and automation, but they certainly don’t shy away from asking a high monthly premium for their services, either. 

Expandi expects clients to pay $99 a month for a service that is doomed to fail and could potentially have negative consequences for their clients’ LinkedIn profile. We think that’s pretty shoddy, and their reputation will eventually catch up to them.

While they claim that their service will save you time, 30 leads will save you 6 days, for example, it’s simply not worth the risk, nor the price.

There are other alternatives for increasing your productivity on LinkedIn without resorting to practices not allowed by LinkedIn. 

Review Conclusion

The final review verdict? Don’t waste your time. Expandi is just another automation service pretending to work well with LinkedIn, when in fact they can’t deliver on their many promises and ultimately put your profile at risk.

Honestly, nothing good can come from automation on LinkedIn. Technically, it was never good, but now, it’s even worse because of how ineffective it has become.

Honestly, nothing good can come from automation on LinkedIn these days. Technically, it was never good, but now, it’s even worse because of how ineffective it has become. 

What you need is real engagement to generate real connections and followers that will be active with your profile and content. 

LinkedIn is a highly professional platform that expects its users to stay within its rules and guidelines. When you do, you protect your profile and reputation. When you don’t, you will be penalized.

Do things the right way and your LinkedIn results will be much better off. 

We consistently recommend that people do their own homework before choosing how to engage on social media. It bears repeating that in the case of LinkedIn it’s even more important. 

Look for reputable alternatives to companies like Expandi, which we provide for you within our reviews. That way, you can investigate without having to look up every service available online. 

It’s also worth repeating that there is nothing more important than protecting your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t, you will lose your account, your online reputation, and if you use LinkedIn for marketing and making money, you will lose your revenue.

Final Thoughts

There’s no way that Expandi doesn’t know what they are doing. That they are providing an unacceptable method of engagement to LinkedIn users. They know that this kind of activity is prohibited by LinkedIn. 

Just because using automation isn’t illegal, doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without consequences when it breaks the terms of use on LinkedIn, or any other social media website.

That said, the punishment for providing such services is shutting down the service, which has been done in the past. Remember a few years ago when Instagram shut down Mass Planner and Instagress? These two are not the only ones to get shut down for their unethical practices. 

It’s inevitable that Expandi will be ostracized by LinkedIn, or even shut down. When that happens, any connections and engagement Expandi users have achieved using the system will lose it all. 

That may mean starting over again if they can keep their reputation intact.

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