Does NordVPN Work with Netflix

Does NordVPN Work with Netflix in 2023? (Updated Info)

Published on: March 22, 2023
Last Updated: March 22, 2023

Does NordVPN Work with Netflix in 2023? (Updated Info)

Published on: March 22, 2023
Last Updated: March 22, 2023


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If you want to access different countries’ content libraries on Netflix, you’re at the right place.

In this post, we’ll answer Netflix users’ favorite question – does NordVPN work with Netflix.

You might be surprised to know that Netflix’s content library varies from country to country.

This implies that you only see and enjoy a small part of the vast content on Netflix.

It’s due to the fact that the streaming platform only has the right to broadcast certain titles in some specific locations only.

Don’t worry; you can easily use a VPN to change your IP address and access Netflix’s content library in any country.

However, the service is getting better at finding out if you’re using a VPN or not.

And only a few VPN providers can still work with Netflix.

That’s why in this post, we’re going to discuss whether NordVPN works with Netflix and can help you access it.

And some easy fixes if it doesn’t. So, let’s get started!

Does NordVPN Work with Netflix in 2023?


You have already seen that Netflix bases its content library on your geographical location (that is, where you are in the world).

This means that if you’re in the United States and accessing the streaming platform from there, you’ll be able to watch American Netflix.

Likewise, if you’re streaming Netflix from the United Kingdom, you’ll have the content library of Netflix UK.

Moreover, the streaming platform has implemented a stringent IP monitoring system making even high-end VPNs hard to circumvent.

As a result, it’s getting increasingly complex for anyone to use a VPN to unblock many libraries.

So, the question is – does NordVPN work with Netflix? And luckily, the answer is yes!

In fact, NordVPN works amazingly well with Netflix.

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It can successfully unblock the content library of Netflix America and 17 other Netflix libraries around the world.

These are Netflix Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Sweden, and France.

NordVPN offers lightning-fast speed on some of its VPN servers and devices, which include Firesticks, Smart TVs, and computers.

Moreover, you can install it on the raspberry pi as well.

So, even if you’re traveling abroad to any other country, NordVPN will open doors and will allow you to access geo-restricted online content.

Netflix RegionNordVPN Server LocationSpeed Test Result (Mbps)
USANew York City95

With full-HD and 4K streaming quality on our test network connection, NordVPN passed with flying colors across all the Netflix regions we tested.

Although there were instances when a specific server location failed to connect at times, this was a rare occurrence in an otherwise smooth experience. NordVPN, with its built-in SmartPlay function, combines the advantage of a Smart DNS service with the safety and security of a VPN.

This automatically masks and changes your IP address and DNS while encrypting your data.

As a result, you can quickly and safely access Netflix or any other online streaming platform.

Moreover, some of its servers are faster and more stable than others.

As per our research, when connecting to Italy, NordVPN’s connection kept on dropping and reconnecting to various servers multiple times.

However, don’t worry; that won’t have any impact on your viewing experience.

That’s because NordVPN has more than 5,552 servers spread over 60 countries worldwide, which means you have enough alternatives to try even if you’re struggling with a VPN server.

That’s not all! NordVPN allows you to buy a dedicated IP address that will belong to you exclusively; isn’t it amazing?

Having a dedicated IP address is always a better option.

That’s due to the fact that you don’t need to share it with any other users, and as a result, Netflix won’t be able to find and block your new IP address.

As of now, you can choose to have a dedicated IP address from the United States, UK, Sweden, France, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and Japan.

In short, NordVPN works like magic with Netflix, and it’s one of the best VPNs that can actually defeat Netflix’s VPN bans and unlock its content with ease.

So, you need to focus on what Netflix hits to watch and leave everything else on NordVPN.

However, sometimes you face issues while streaming.

Let’s understand how NordVPN works with a different content library of Netflix!

1. Netflix America

We tested Netflix USA with NordVPN, and it worked successfully with 10 different servers, with speeds averaging around 95 Mbps. 

Netflix US, as you might know, is the largest and most popular version of Netflix, offering a vast collection of TV shows and movies that are exclusive to the American market.

Its library includes some of the most highly-rated and sought-after content, such as Grey’s Anatomy, the Crown, and Narcos.

The partnership of NordVPN with Netflix US to unlock the American Netflix library is a game-changer for streaming enthusiasts.

It has created a seamless and secure way for users to access a vast collection of TV shows and movies that were previously inaccessible due to geographical restrictions.

Moreover, it ensures that users can access their favorite shows and movies without any buffering or lag issues, thanks to NordVPN’s high-speed servers.

2. Netflix UK

The UK catalog of Netflix content can be unlocked with NordVPN, at average speeds of 90 Mbps across 9 servers. 

Netflix UK’s content library is one of the most diverse and extensive collections of movies and TV shows available anywhere in the world.

The library is exclusive to viewers located in the UK, meaning that it cannot be accessed from outside of the country.

It includes a wide range of content, like Deadline, Peaky Blinders, and more.

However, with NordVPN, you’re able to connect to VPN servers in the UK and enjoy all of the Britain TV shows and movies, which are available exclusively to viewers in the UK, regardless of your actual location.

Moreover, you can now enjoy the incredible selection of movies and TV shows that Netflix UK offers, which is definitely something to celebrate.

3. Netflix Japan

During testing we successfully unlocked Japanese Netflix content through 10 servers and enjoyed average transfer speeds of 80 Mbps.

If you’re an anime fan, you already know that Netflix Japan is a treasure trove of movies, TV shows, and anime series exclusive to viewers in Japan.

From popular shows like “Demon Slayer” and “Attack on Titan” to classic titles like “Dragon Ball” and “Sailor Moon,” the Netflix Japanese content library has something for every anime fan.

However, due to licensing agreements with content providers, the streaming platform can only offer these titles in Japan rather than in other regions.

Don’t worry; the partnership of NordVPN with Netflix Japan has been a boon for anyone looking to access the vast and diverse library of Japanese content available on Netflix.

4. Netflix Canada

The combination of NordVPN with Netflix Canada has unlocked a world of possibilities for anyone interested in the rich and diverse Canadian content available on Netflix.

Our tests with NordVPN successfully unblocked Netflix Canada.

From popular dramas like “Anne with an E” and “Heartland,” to hilarious comedies like “Schitt’s Creek” and “Kim’s Convenience,” you can have access to all of them by connecting to a NordVPN server in Canada.

NordVPN’s reliable and fast connection enables you to stream high-quality content without any buffering or lag.

Moreover, its dedication to user privacy and security ensures users can browse and stream with peace of mind, knowing their data is protected.

So whether you’re a Canadian living abroad or simply a fan of Canadian movies and TV shows, NordVPN and Netflix Canada have you covered.

5. Netflix Australia

Despite bring “Down under” and away from the mainstream infrastructure, we were able to unlock Netflix Australia with decent speeds across the 9 servers available. 

NordVPN has revolutionized how viewers access the vast and diverse content library of Netflix, available exclusively to Australian users.

From Australian classics to the latest blockbusters, the integration ensures that viewers can access hours of entertainment while keeping their online activity secure and private.

Specific NordVPN Servers That Work With Netflix

How Many Subscribers Does Netflix Have

Although NordVPN servers that work with Netflix keep on changing, here are a few of them that can unblock different regional Netflix libraries:

United States (US)#5521, #5411, #8147, #8082, #6503, #5387, #6950, #5391, #5404, #8030
United Kingdom (UK)#2022, #2116, #1886, #2029, #2196, #1869, #1789, #1856, #1996
Japan (JP)#582, #585, #573, #533, #576, #597, #563, #569, #521, #526
Australia (AU)#560, #692, #644, #517, #681, #599, #578, #701, #658
South Korea (SK)#157, #138, #131, #141, #134, #165, #170
France (FR)#535, #553, #658, #524, #547, #625, #545, #595, #725
Netherlands (NL)#805, #815, #904, #839, #828, #820
Italy (IT)#160, #155, #154, #192, #158, #199
Germany (DE)#1012, #798, #936, #844, #779, #936, #785, #893,
Brazil (BR)#1055, #1172, #1129, #1230, #1053, #1159, #1106, #1179, #1232

Why is NordVPN Not Working with Netflix?

If, however, your NordVPN doesn’t work with Netflix, don’t worry; it sometimes happens to even the best VPN.

You may sometimes face problems watching Netflix with a VPN, for that matter.

Most of the time, it’s because of cache, cookies, and browsers or apps that may have created a mismatch.

In such a case, you can head over to the settings of your browser or device and clear the cookies and cache.

Apart from that, Netflix consistently develops new and improved strategies to ban VPN traffic.

While NordVPN is undoubtedly one of the best VPNs for Netflix, the streaming platform’s restrictions are strong that they can compromise NordVPN’s incredible content-unlocking abilities.

These are error codes M7111-5003, M7037-1111, and M7111-5059.

You’ll see a proxy error message on your screen if that’s the case.

Additionally, you may face errors like “NordVPN Netflix not working on iPad” and “NordVPN Netflix not working on Android”, which you can efficiently resolve by doing a few tweaks.

However, it’s essential to know how to solve all the issues to enjoy Netflix with NordVPN.

Tried and Tested Solutions if NordVPN isn’t Working with Netflix

As you’ve already seen, users sometimes face issues while trying to access Netflix through NordVPN.

So, if you’re one of them, here are some fixes that can help you overcome this problem:

NordVPN Netflix

1. Connect to a Different Server

Usually, Netflix restriction works by blocklisting the IP address of a VPN server.

That is, if the streaming platform finds a server overcrowded (which means many users are connected via a single server), it may ban the server.

Luckily, NordVPN offers a wide range of VPN servers to choose from.

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Therefore, if you’re having trouble accessing Netflix, you should first try connecting to a different VPN server. Moreover, the provider has dedicated servers optimized for streaming, and you can find them under the “Specialty Servers” tab.

So, connect to a server optimized for streaming, and try reaccessing Netflix.

2. Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

NordVPN malwares

Sometimes, the issue isn’t with NordVPN but with your browser.

In fact, Netflix can identify your actual location since data is stored in your browser’s cache.

And as a result, it could slow down the performance of your device and may enable Netflix to find your location.

In such a case, you should consider clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and stop Netflix from knowing your actual location.

Here’s how you can do it:

For Chrome:

  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your browser window.
  • Select “More tools” and click on “Clear browsing data.”
  • Tap on “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files.”
  • Click on “Clear data.”

For Firefox:

  • Click on the three lines in the top right corner of your browser window.
  • Select “Options” and click on “Privacy & Security” on the left-hand side.
  • Scroll down to “Cookies and Site Data” and click “Clear Data.”
  • Select “Cookies and Site Data” and “Cached Web Content.” Then, click on “Clear.”

3. Disable Your Firewall and Antivirus Software

NordVPN malicious ads

Although firewalls and antivirus software are designed to protect your computer from external threats, they can also block NordVPN from working with Netflix.

You should try temporarily disabling your firewall and antivirus software and reaccessing Netflix.

4. Change the DNS Servers of your Device

Switching to a different DNS server is another way to fix your problem; that’s because DNS servers sometimes malfunction.

You can do it in the NordVPN Options area.

However, remember that when you use custom DNS servers, it increases the risk of DNS leaks.

5. Update Your NordVPN App


NordVPN frequently releases updates to its software to improve its performance and fix bugs.

So, if you’re having trouble accessing Netflix through NordVPN, ensure you’ve the latest version of NordVPN installed on your device.

You can check for updates by going to NordVPN’s official website or the NordVPN app.

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6. Try Using a Different Device

If none of the above fixes works and you still have trouble accessing Netflix via NordVPN, try using a different device.

Fortunately, NordVPN supports various devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

If you’re using NordVPN on your computer, try accessing Netflix through your smartphone or tablet.

7. Get in Touch with NordVPN’s Customer Support

NordVPN Threat Protection

You can contact NordVPN’s customer support (which is available 24-7) if you face any issues with NordVPN not working with Netflix.

It has a dedicated support staff who can help you troubleshoot any problems you’re facing.

You can contact its support team through live chat, email, or phone.

They’re generally kind and respond quickly.

From informing you about the best and fastest server for Netflix in a specific region to canceling your paid subscription plan, the live chat feature of NordVPN is a one-stop solution for all your problems.


Is NordVPN Good for Watching Netflix?

Absolutely! NordVPN is an excellent choice for watching Netflix, especially if you’re looking to access content unavailable in your region.

With its SmartPlay feature, NordVPN can help you bypass geo-restrictions and access a wide range of Netflix libraries worldwide.

Additionally, NordVPN offers fast and reliable connections, which means you can stream your favorite TV shows and movies in high definition with no buffering or lag.

So if you’re looking for a reliable VPN that works well with Netflix, NordVPN is 100% worth giving a shot.

Is it Legal to Access Netflix with NordVPN?

Yes, it is entirely legal to access Netflix with NordVPN.

VPNs are permitted to use in most countries, and no laws expressly prohibit VPN providers from accessing Netflix or any other streaming service.

NordVPN is a reputable and well-known VPN provider that takes user privacy and security seriously, and its service fully complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

NordVPN is one of the few VPN providers that can bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions and allow you to access the streaming platform’s content libraries that may not be available in your country.

So if you’re considering using NordVPN to access Netflix, you can do so confidently, knowing that it’s a perfectly legal and safe way to watch your favorite shows and movies.

What Can I Watch on Netflix?

Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming platforms worldwide, so it is no surprise that it offers a vast selection of movies, TV shows, web series, documentaries, and original content.

Here are a few popular titles you can watch on Netflix:

• Stranger Things
• Bridgerton
• The Crown
• Lupin
• Narcos
• The Witcher
• Ozark
• Black Mirror
• Money Heist
• The Queen’s Gambit
• Breaking Bad
• Friends
• The Office
• Avatar: The Last Airbender

However, remember that some of these might not be available in your country.

Well, you can use NordVPN to get access to Netflix’s vast content library.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2023 are;


That’s all for today; we’ve answered one of the most searched questions – “does NordVPN work with Netflix?”

So, you’ve got your answer.

In a world where geo-restrictions can be a significant pain for streaming enthusiasts, NordVPN is the superhero that swoops in to save the day!

With NordVPN, accessing the vast content library of Netflix from any part of the world has always been much easier.

Its servers are fast enough to let you watch and stream online Netflix movies and shows with no lag or buffering issues.

Moreover, NordVPN is compatible with most operating systems, which means you can use it to unblock Netflix from any device.

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However, keep in mind that Netflix is getting stricter about VPN users daily.

So, you may occasionally find that NordVPN isn’t working with Netflix.

In such a case, you may opt for some easy fixes (mentioned above) to solve the issues. 

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