Guide to Discord Server Boosts

The Ultimate Guide to Discord Server Boosts

Published on: March 9, 2024
Last Updated: March 9, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Discord Server Boosts

Published on: March 9, 2024
Last Updated: March 9, 2024

Discord’s pretty much the place to be if you’re into anything from gaming to DIY projects, or just like to chat about the latest series you’re into. 

It’s where connections happen, ideas get shared, and conversations flow 24/7. 

Now, there’s this thing called server boosts that can seriously kick your Discord experience up a notch. 

We’re diving into what Discord server boosts are, why they’re a game changer for your server, and how to use them without draining your wallet. 

Ready to amp up your Discord server?

Let’s get into it.

Buying Server Boosts from Media Mister

Buying Discord Server Boosts from Media Mister Guide to Discord Server Boosts

If you run a Discord server and are looking for an easy and cheaper way to get boosts, Media Mister is the top option. 

They sell boosts at good prices, making it simpler to make your server better.

👉 Buy Discord Server Boosts

This is especially helpful if you’re trying to get a lot of boosts to unlock more features.

When you buy boosts from Media Mister, you can save money and get the boosts faster. 

It means you don’t have to wait for each member to boost the server slowly. 

Getting boosts this way can make your server more fun and interesting for everyone because you can add new features much more quickly. 

Later in the article, we will compare the prices so you can get an idea of how advantageous it is to buy them from a reputable third-party service.

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What Are Discord Server Boosts?

Discord server boosts allow members to enhance their server’s capabilities, unlocking premium features that enrich the user experience for all members. 

These boosts improve server visibility, add customization options, and increase the limits for file uploads and voice channel quality, among other perks. 

With each boost applied, the server inches closer to reaching new levels, each offering a suite of upgrades that benefit the entire community.

Different Levels of Server Boosts

Discord categorizes server boosts into three distinct levels, each unlocking additional features and perks that escalate the server’s functionality and appeal. 

  • Level 1 requires 2 boosts and offers increased emoji slots, better audio quality, and more. 
  • Level 2, achievable with 7 boosts, further enhances the server with even more emojis, server banner customization, and a 50MB upload limit for all members. 
  • Level 3 requires 14 boosts, unlocking a 100MB upload limit, a custom server URL, and significantly improved voice channel capabilities. 

These levels are designed to cater to the growing needs of a server as it expands its membership and community engagement.

How to Boost a Discord Server

How to Boost a Discord Server Guide to Discord Server Boosts

Boosting a Discord server can significantly enhance the server’s functionality and the overall experience for its members. 

Here are the steps and considerations for boosting a server directly through Discord, followed by how Media Mister can further simplify this process:

Direct Boosting Through Discord

  • Step 1: Navigate to the server you want to boost.
    You must be a member of the server to boost it.
  • Step 2: Click on the server name at the top of the channel list to open the server menu.
    From there, select “Server Boost.”
  • Step 3: If you have not yet purchased boosts, you’ll be prompted to do so.
    You can choose the number of boosts you wish to apply to the server.
    Each boost will increase the server’s level, unlocking additional perks.
  • Step 4: Confirm your purchase and payment details.
    Once completed, the server will immediately benefit from the boost(s) applied.

The Cost of Boosting a Server

Understanding the financial commitment involved in boosting a Discord server is crucial for administrators aiming to maximize their community’s experience without breaking the bank. 

Every Discord user can contribute to boosting a server, with the cost of a single server boost set at $4.99 per month. 

Discord offers two main subscription plans that affect boosting costs and benefits: Discord Nitro Basic at $4.99 and Discord Nitro at $9.99 monthly. 

While both plans enhance a user’s Discord experience, Discord Nitro subscribers enjoy additional perks, including 30% off additional boosts and two free boosts, effectively reducing the cost of each extra boost to $3.49.

This pricing structure makes it particularly advantageous for users who plan on purchasing multiple boosts to first subscribe to Discord Nitro. 

The cost savings and extra perks significantly enhance the server’s functionality and member satisfaction.

For example:

  • Level 1 Perks, requiring 2 Server Boosts, will cost $9.98/month without Discord Nitro or $6.98/month with Discord Nitro.
  • Level 2 Perks, needing 7 Server Boosts, amount to $34.93/month without Discord Nitro or $24.43/month with Discord Nitro.
  • Level 3 Perks, requiring 14 Server Boosts, equates to $69.86/month without Discord Nitro or $48.86/month with Discord Nitro.

Buying boosts right from Discord is simple, but using Media Mister can be even easier and save you money. 

Media Mister offers a deal where you can get all the boost levels for your server for $79 for three months. 

This deal is a smart way to save, compared to $69.86 monthly, and it quickly unlocks all the best features for your server.

Benefits of Server Boosts

Server boosts unlock a variety of enhancements that elevate the Discord server experience.

Here’s are some of the key benefits:

Enhanced Voice and Chat Experience

  • Boosts improve voice clarity, making conversations and meetings more enjoyable.
  • Customize your server with more emojis, fostering a unique and expressive chat environment.

Upgraded File Sharing and Customization

  • Share larger files and media with ease, enriching the content shared within your server.
  • You Personalize your server’s look with a banner and simplify access with a vanity URL, enhancing its identity and discoverability.

Community Engagement and Recognition

  • Boosted servers are prioritized in Discord’s discovery features, helping attract new members.
  • Contributors receive badges, incentivizing boosts and acknowledging members’ support.

Managing Your Server Boosts

Managing Your Server Boosts Guide to Discord Server Boosts

Boosting your Discord server is like adding superpowers to it.

Here’s how to make the most of those powers and get your community involved:

Keep It Simple

Think of your server like a garden.

Boosts are like water and sunlight.

Use them to help your garden grow bigger and more beautiful. 

Just like plants need the right amount of water, your server needs the right number of boosts.

Talk About It

Tell your friends in the server what boosts do and why they’re cool.

It’s like telling them how watering the garden will make it look awesome. 

The more they know, the more they might want to help out.

Show Appreciation

When someone helps out by boosting the server, give them a high-five (virtually, of course).

Maybe even have a special tag or channel for those super helpers. 

It’s like thanking someone for watering the garden.

Set Goals

Have a big dream for your server, like a garden that has all kinds of flowers and plants. 

Tell everyone what that dream is and how boosts can get you there.

Maybe you all want to share bigger files or have cooler emojis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to reallocate my boost to another server?

Yes, but with a caveat.

Once you’ve boosted a server, you need to wait a 7-day cooldown period before you can move your boost to a different server. 

Think of it as a commitment period that ensures the boost’s benefits remain stable for a short while.

What happens to our server perks if we drop below the required boosts for our current level?

If your server falls below the necessary number of boosts for a particular level, you’ll temporarily retain your level’s perks for a grace period of 3 days. 

This allows your server some time to regain the lost boosts and maintain its perks.

Can anyone boost a server?

Any server member can contribute boosts, provided they have them available to use.

It is an excellent way for members to directly impact and improve their server’s community and features.

How can I see who has boosted the server?

Server administrators and members can view the list of boosters through the server’s settings under the “Server Boost” status section. 

This transparency helps recognize and appreciate members who contribute to improving the server.


Purchasing Discord server boosts is key for anyone looking to enhance their community. 

These boosts offer a range of benefits that not only improve the server experience but also encourage more interaction and make your server stand out. 

With each level of boost, you unlock new features that can truly transform your community space, making it a more vibrant and engaging place for everyone.

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