Best Discord Hacking Apps

5 Best Discord Hacking Apps in 2024

Published on: July 28, 2023
Last Updated: July 28, 2023

5 Best Discord Hacking Apps in 2024

Published on: July 28, 2023
Last Updated: July 28, 2023

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The best Discord hacking app in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is EyeZy!

Discord is an online community where individuals connect and interact through many channels, including text chats, voice calls, and voice messages. 

Its purpose is to provide a space for people to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues and to foster social relationships. 

However, Discord also offers a gaming platform for video game enthusiasts to play their favorite games and connect with others. 

As the number of Discord users continues to grow, it’s essential to be aware of potential security risks, as Discord accounts can be hacked.

That is why we compiled a list of the best Discord hacking apps.

Best Discord Hacking Apps in 2024

  1. EyeZy – 🏆 Winner!
  2. mSpy
  3. uMobix
  4. Hoverwatch
  5. XNSPY

1. EyeZy

Eyezy Home

EyeZy is a widely used tool for hacking Discord chats because it has a keylogger capability that records keystrokes made on the device that is being targeted.

Thanks to this feature, users can now access critical data like passwords and messages on the Discord platform.

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EyeZy features a keylogger function, but in addition to that, it also has a screen recorder function that can take screenshots of the device that it is monitoring.

During testing, this functionality did not appear to operate with screens other than those for WhatsApp and Instagram.

In addition, EyeZy provides several additional helpful capabilities, such as monitoring the user’s browsing history and preventing access to adult material on devices used by minors.

The software also includes a built-in capability that can track the target phone’s specific position, making it the best tool for tracking and monitoring device activities.

This feature can track the location of the target phone.

EyeZy has been demonstrated to be an effective and trustworthy tool for hacking into Discord chats, as evidenced by the testing results.

EyeZy is a useful application for anyone who wants to monitor and follow a target device.

The screen recorder function may not operate consistently across all platforms; nevertheless, the keylogger function and extra capabilities make EyeZy a valuable tool.

2. mSpy

mSpy Home

mSpy is a sophisticated and versatile phone monitoring tool that enables you to hack someone’s Android or iPhone without their knowledge remotely. 

👉 Get mSpy FREE

With full access to the phone, mSpy empowers you to view every aspect of the device, from call logs and text messages (including iMessage) to social media apps and their associated attachments, including conversations, contacts, stickers, video chats, notifications, and much more. 

You can also retrieve all usernames and passwords entered via the keyboard, including the Discord password.

In addition, mSpy lets you access the phone’s media files, such as the camera roll, screenshots, app photos, recordings, videos, movies, and songs, as well as other essential details, such as phone location, notes, calendars, and more.

It’s worth noting that mSpy doesn’t just allow you to hack Discord but the entire phone.

This level of access can prove invaluable in various situations, from parental monitoring to employee oversight. 

All you need is the mSpy app, which can be easily installed and configured on the target device in just a few simple steps.

3. uMobix


uMobix is a sophisticated software tool that provides a range of features for users needing access to another individual’s Discord profile. 

While its primary purpose is to help parents monitor their teenagers’ online activity, it can also be used by individuals who want to monitor someone else’s online presence.

👉 Get uMobix FREE

One of the critical advantages of uMobix is its versatility.

In addition to providing access to Discord, it can also help you to monitor someone’s activity on Facebook and Instagram, giving you a comprehensive view of their online presence. 

This is especially important for parents who want to ensure their children engage in appropriate online behavior.

Another advantage of uMobix is its compatibility.

The software can be used on both Android and Apple devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users. 

Additionally, if you’re interested in trying out the software before purchasing, you can check out the demo on their website.

In addition to providing access to Discord and other social media platforms, uMobix allows you to view text messages and phone call logs. 

This can be particularly useful if you’re concerned about who your child is talking to or want to keep track of their communication with others.

While some people may be hesitant about using a tool like uMobix to monitor someone else’s online activity, it can provide valuable information and help to keep individuals safe. 

Whether you’re a parent who wants to keep tabs on their teenager’s online behavior or someone who needs to monitor another individual’s activity for other reasons, uMobix is a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals.

4. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is an ideal solution for parents who want to stay up-to-date with their child’s activities on Discord. 

The platform provides timely updates every few minutes to ensure parents are aware of any inappropriate content their child may post, potentially causing trouble. 

👉 Get Hoverwatch FREE

With Hoverwatch, there’s no need to constantly log into their Discord account as notifications are sent directly to the parent’s device.

Moreover, for parents who want a comprehensive overview of their child’s phone activities, Hoverwatch offers a range of features to track text messages, audio recordings, contacts, and more. 

Parents can also monitor their child’s Instagram, and Facebook accounts since many teenagers who use Discord also use these social media sites.

Creating a free account on the Hoverwatch website and setting up the device are all required to track and monitor a teenager’s online activities.


XNSPY App Review

XNSPY offers an efficient and comprehensive solution for cell phone monitoring.

If you are looking for top-quality software to hack Discord or check on someone’s phone activity, XNSPY provides the necessary features and tools.

Upon visiting XNSPY’s website, you will be greeted with a chat box that offers support and guidance. 


This personalized touch ensures that users have a smooth experience and can make the most out of the software.

XNSPY allows users to monitor their target’s phone activity, including social media interactions and location. 

The software offers instant alerts, meaning users can receive real-time notifications whenever specific keywords are used in emails, text messages, WhatsApp messages, Twitter accounts, or Snapchat content.

XNSPY’s advanced features enable users to track and record call logs, messages, internet browsing history, and multimedia files. 

Additionally, the software allows users to view live screenshots of the target’s phone screen and access a detailed report of their phone usage.

Overall, XNSPY provides an effective solution for individuals who need to monitor phone activity for various reasons. 

Its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and instant alerts make it a top option for anyone seeking to keep tabs on someone’s phone usage.

Can You Easily Hack Into Someone’s Discord Account

Best VPN for Discord

Recently, hackers have been targeting the communication platform Discord to get illegal access to its users’ accounts.

Discord has a large user base and is an appealing target for hackers.

To ensure the safety of its users’ accounts, Discord employs some security protocols, including IP logging and two-factor authentication, among others. 

In addition, Discord strongly urges its users to report any potentially malicious activity that may take place on their accounts.

Despite the precautions taken, hackers can bypass the protections and get unauthorized access to Discord user accounts.

These applications, for instance, are instrumental pieces of hacking software that may circumvent the safety measures of a target device and access sensitive data and information stored on it, such as text messages, call logs, and location information.

It is imperative to remember that breaking into another person’s Discord account is against the law and can result in severe penalties.

Before attempting to enter another person’s account, it is necessary first to get the required authority and use only morally proper hacking techniques.

You must have experience and the appropriate tools to hack a Discord account. Discord’s security mechanisms make it difficult to hack a post without being discovered.

Nonetheless, with sophisticated hacking tools such as these programs, it is still feasible to obtain access to a target’s account.

It is vital to evaluate both the ethical implications and the legal repercussions of one’s actions before trying to hack into another person’s account.

Why Should You Hack Someone’s Discord Account

How To Fix ‘You Are Being Rate Limited’ On Discord

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to interact with different people online. 

However, while it can be a great way to connect with others, some potential risks and drawbacks can come with excessive app use. 

Here are some ways Discord can impact your relationships and daily life and what you can do to mitigate these risks.

Impact on Children: Potential for Internet Addiction

For parents, one of the significant anxieties in the digital age is the possibility of their children becoming excessively reliant on the internet, mainly through the overuse of Discord. 

In today’s world, kids who spend an excessive amount of time interacting with strangers and the gaming community online may develop an unhealthy attachment to their devices, leading to adverse outcomes such as academic underachievement and social isolation.

As a responsible parent, it is essential to establish appropriate limits and monitor your child’s online behavior to prevent the overuse of this app. 

By setting reasonable boundaries and watching your child’s Discord activity, you can help ensure that they are using technology healthily and productively. 

This can involve, for example, limiting screen time, restricting certain features or channels within the app, or encouraging alternative offline activities such as sports, music, or reading. 

Ultimately, by being proactive and engaged in your child’s online life, you can help them develop good habits and avoid the potential negative consequences of excessive internet use.

Impact on Employees: Potential for Distraction and Data Leaks

Discord may pose a significant challenge for employers, as it can distract employees during working hours and negatively impact their productivity. 

There is a possibility that some employees may be tempted to use the application to engage in recreational activities or socialize with friends, which may lead to a decline in their work output. 

Furthermore, the use of Discord may also pose a security risk as there is a potential for confidential company information to be shared on the platform, which could have severe consequences for the organization.

Employers must establish clear and concise guidelines regarding properly using company devices and networks to mitigate the risks associated with Discord. 

It is crucial to communicate expectations for using company-provided devices and ensure that employees understand the risks associated with using third-party applications such as Discord. 

By doing so, employers can ensure that their employees remain productive and focused while minimizing the potential for security breaches.

Impact on Spouses: Potential for Adultery and Infidelity

Discord has features such as voice and video calling and messaging capabilities that can make it easier for individuals to engage in adulterous acts. 

Even if it seems innocuous, Discord can be used as a tool for cheating and infidelity.

It’s essential for partners to have open and honest conversations about their boundaries and expectations regarding technology use and to be aware of the potential risks associated with platforms like Discord.

While Discord can be a great way to communicate with others and build relationships online, it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks and drawbacks associated with its use. 

By setting clear boundaries, monitoring usage, and communicating openly with others, you can minimize the negative impacts and enjoy the platform’s benefits while mitigating the potential risks.


While some may consider it unethical or intrusive, hacking into your child’s Discord account can provide valuable insights into their online activities. 

As a parent, it’s essential to ensure your child is using the internet safely and responsibly, and monitoring their Discord account can help you achieve that goal.

It may be the only way to confirm your suspicions about their online behavior.

Furthermore, hacking into Discord accounts can be a valuable tool for business owners.

By monitoring employee activity on the platform, you can identify potential saboteurs or disloyal employees, which can help protect your company and its assets.

Fortunately, numerous hacking apps are now available that can make hacking into Discord accounts easier and safer. 

These apps allow you to monitor everything from chat messages to pictures, videos, and voice calls, which can be particularly useful if you suspect your partner of engaging in inappropriate or suspicious behavior on the platform.

While it’s essential to use these tools responsibly and only for legitimate purposes, they can provide valuable insights and help you protect your loved ones and your business interests. 

So if you have concerns about your child’s online activities or need to monitor employee activity on Discord, consider using the best Discord hacking apps to help you achieve your goals.

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