Best Deribit Trading Bots

5 Best Deribit Trading Bots in 2024 (Free & Premium)

Published on: June 13, 2023
Last Updated: June 13, 2023

5 Best Deribit Trading Bots in 2024 (Free & Premium)

Published on: June 13, 2023
Last Updated: June 13, 2023

In a hurry?
The best Deribit trading bot, as found in our independent research, is Coinrule!

Looking for one of the best Deribit trading bot options?

We can help you. Deribit is a well-known institution when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency, but you’ve got to think outside the box a little bit, especially if you want to increase the value of your portfolio and ensure that the trades that you are implementing are taking your money further.

The thing about using an exchange like Deribit to implement your cryptocurrency trades is that they allow for trading bots, which are going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Trading bots are valuable for one really simple reason, they’re going to help you streamline the process of cryptocurrency trading.

You are able to learn more about things like speculation, and you can work with assistants so that you can set simple strategies, work with different signals, and use bot features to improve your overall experience.

The thing about the world of cryptocurrency is that the market fluctuates violently on a consistent basis.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are making calculated trades, where you can remove the emotion from them, is to make the most of a Deribit trading bot.

Let’s review the best Deribit trading bots in the industry.

Best Deribit Trading Bots 2024

Here’s a quick look at the best Deribit trading bot:

  1. Coinrule – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Shrimpy
  3. Haasonline
  4. Wundertrading
  5. Mudrex

1. Coinrule


Coinrule might be simple as far as what they offer when it comes to being a Deribit bot, but simple doesn’t mean that they aren’t providing some of the best features in the industry.

They can help their clients outrun the digital money market, and they can also help them build a tool and make winning rules, all of which can be done around the clock.

👉 Get Coinrule FREE

  • Price: Free-$449.99/mo
  • Free Trial: Unlimited for basic accounts
  • Types of Bots:  Order Types, Conditions and Triggers, Trend Following Technique, and Accumulation Bot. Total 150+ Rules
  • Supported Exchanges: Binance, HitBTC, Coinbase Pro, Okex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Bitpanda pro, Liquid, Binance US
  • Mobile App: Not available

They want to help their clients utilize automatic cryptocurrency bots that are connected to exchanges, so that you can day trade your cryptocurrency tokens.

As well as working with Deribit, they work with nine other popular exchanges, and their encryption and security are guaranteed, so that you can make the most of military grade security, and not have to worry about your personal assets being compromised.

One of the best ways to get started with these guys is to plan out an automatic trading rule, so that you can build your automatic cryptocurrency bots without any previous coding skills.

You can even test the performance of your rules against historical data.

2. Shrimpy


Shrimpy is an excellent choice if you want to find a Deribit bot that is going to be able to help you easily manage your complete cryptocurrency portfolio, all in one place.

They offer links to all your wallets and exchanges, so that you can easily manage your assets, so that you can not only track your performance, but you can trade it with these, and analyze the market.

You can view a demo so that you can see how they work, or you can get started with them straight away.

One of the biggest advantages to using a Deribit trading bot like this is that you can connect all of your accounts in one place, including wallets and exchanges.

This way, you can manage your entire portfolio through one portal, and you can monitor the market in real time.

You can even backtest strategies too, because they have advanced portfolio backtesting features.

They have a comprehensive set of specific market data, so that you can construct some of the most accurate strategy profiles in the industry.

Of course, they also make it easier for you to make your trades, and you can even copy trading strategies from top traders in the industry.

3. HaasBot


Haasonline is an efficient and effective Deribit bot, and offers some of the most comprehensive features compared to rivals out there.

Their program has been helping traders with digital assets for a long time now, and they capitalize on innovative software, including a number of customized bots, as well as a range of indicators.

They also have advanced features if you are an experienced trader, and you want to level up your trades.

They offer a number of services that are customized to suit traders that might be less experienced, so that you can benefit from automated trading in general.

When you get down to the nitty gritty of their services, they have some of the most comprehensive options out there, and they incorporate features like real time backtesting, historical backtesting, safety, and insurance.

As far as their backtesting features go, they have more than 50 technical indicators as well as testing tools, so that you can perform a comprehensive backtesting strategy, in order to successfully run your trading program.

4. WunderTrading


Wundertrading makes it super simple and easy to use their Deribit bot, so that you can invest your cryptocurrency tokens where it matters the most.

You can register with this Deribit bot whether you are an investor or a trader, and if you are an investor, you can find a good trader that is going to be able to trade on your behalf, for a small commission.

Of course, you can also make the most of their trading bots, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

They are going to make it easy for you to copy the best cryptocurrency traders, that have transparent track records, and a really good reputation.

You can also make the most of mirror trading, where you can come up with the same results as professional traders, without having to spend a lot of time in the market like they have.

Using their advanced trading features, you can create unique portfolios, with trading strategies that are consistent.

All of their portfolios are available for any kind of investor on their exchange.

If you want to get your hands dirty when it comes to their bots, you can even customize your own, based on your personal preferences.

5. Mudrex


Mudrex is well known in the industry for being a Deribit bot that is pretty new agey, because they conduct everything in the cloud, meaning that if you want to be able to make the most of them, you are going to be doing everything through your web browser.

If you’re someone who wants to be able to download software to use when it comes to your crypto trades, then this might not be a good option for you, but for everybody else, these guys are going to be great.

If you are a new trader, you can just leave the trading to the experts, and you can invest in trading bots with these guys that are reliable, and have been tested time and again.

They are completely automated, so you won’t even have to think about your trades when they are conducted.

However, if you want to get a little bit involved with the process of coming up with the right customized trading bot for your needs, you can do so, and you can even build your own and backtest it against historical data.

The best part is that you won’t need to write any code in order to do this.


Can I Use a Trading Bot on Deribit?

Yes, the good news is that you can use a Deribit bot on Deribit.

This is because Deribit is an exchange that is competitive, meaning that they want to keep up with what everyone else is doing.

They want to make sure that they are offering their clients some of the best features in the industry, which includes being able to offer them the opportunity to use a Deribit trading bot.

They cater to both professionals and novices, and the company provides access to specific entities with the application programming interface.

This way, they can offer users what they want, while keeping their information completely safe and secure.

They offer a plethora of options and factors available, but you need to make sure that you are using the right Deribit bot, with a good reputation.

Will I Need to Download Any Software?

There is a high likelihood that you are going to need to download specialized software if you use a Deribit trading bot, but at the same time, it depends on the trading bot that you are using.

As an example, some of the trading bots that we have talked about above are going to be based in the cloud, while others are going to require you to download software.

Some are going to offer compatibility with mobile as well, so that you will be able to take your trades on the go.

It all really depends on what you are wanting to get out of being in the cryptocurrency trading industry in general, and how you are trying to conduct your trades.

Just take note that if you want to be able to download software on your computer and conduct your trades this way, it is going to require more work from your end.

Are Deribit Trading Bots Safe to Use?

Yes, a Deribit trading bot is going to be safe to use.

Just remember that the bot is only going to conduct trades on your behalf, which means that they aren’t going to seize your funds and transfer them to a third party.

However, you still need to make sure that you have two factor authentication turned on, and you also need to be ensuring that you are working with a Deribit bot that has a good reputation in the industry, and good customer reviews.

There are going to be third party applications and bots out there that are trying to get hold of your information, so if they are asking for access to more than the bare minimum, this could be considered a red flag.

Can I Use a Free Deribit Trading Bot?

The thing about the world of trading bots is that there are plenty of options available out there, which in a lot of ways makes your decision that much harder.

Yes, there are free Deribit bots that you can make the most of our there, but we don’t necessarily recommend that you use them.

Why? Two reasons. Security, and basic features.

The majority of free trading bots out there are only going to offer you the most basic of features, so that you aren’t going to be able to actually achieve what you’re hoping to achieve through them.

They are also going to lack when it comes to security, so you are going to be worried a lot of the time about whether they are able to access your personal funds or not.

You might not have a huge budget right now when it comes to a Deribit bot, but it is much better to invest more than you’re comfortable with now because it will pay off massively later.

How Much Money Should I Have to Begin?

The answer to this is relatively simple. You will need at least $1000 at a base level to trade in cryptocurrency.

You will need to split this based on how many strategies you plan on implementing, and you also need to consider other factors as well, including commission, and platform fees.

Deribit is going to charge you a fee for trading on the exchange, so this will need to be factored into any profits that you make.

Final Thoughts

Being able to trade on Deribit using a Deribit trading bot is definitely going to be an advantage that not everybody has had in the past, and with the Deribit bot industry growing exponentially, it makes sense to capitalize on those that have a good reputation and can carry you through to making a profit with your trades.

We highly recommend that you stick to Deribit trading bots like the ones we’ve talked about above, because at the end of the day, it can be really difficult to discern which ones are worth your time and energy, and which ones are best that you avoid.

Check out the best Deribit trading bot options that we talked about above and give yourself a really good chance of making a profit with your trades.

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