DeleteMe Review

DeleteMe Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: January 9, 2024
Last Updated: January 9, 2024

DeleteMe Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: January 9, 2024
Last Updated: January 9, 2024

DeleteMe offers a simple solution for removing personal data and enhancing online privacy. 

While it may seem costly compared to similar services that allow you to handle the process independently, the investment might be justified. 

Considering the potential time savings, as you won’t need to ask opt-outs from numerous data brokers individually, DeleteMe’s price may be well worth it. 

To determine if this privacy service suits your needs, let’s jump into our DeleteMe review.

DeleteMe Review

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If the presence of your personal information on Google and, or other search engines bothers you, DeleteMe offers a practical solution. 

It is a service that searches the internet for personal information and requests that it be removed from various websites.

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While the idea may seem more than just innovative, given the increasing privacy concerns in the online landscape, the question remains: is DeleteMe more than a paid convenience? 

In reality, you can ask websites to erase your information.

However, DeleteMe is a convenience that could be well justified by its cost. 

Priced at less than $9 per month (depending on the subscription plan), DeleteMe provides the expertise of professionals who consistently work on removing your information every few months from many data broker websites.

Consider the time and effort required to identify all the data broker sites containing your data and submit opt-out applications individually. 

Additionally, consider the need to stay vigilant for follow-ups, as data brokers may take longer to respond to your questions. 

You’d also have to stay proactive in discovering new data broker websites or checking existing ones for any reappearance of your information.

Alternatively, you can opt for a service provider like DeleteMe to handle all these tasks on your behalf.

DeleteMe Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • Capable of eliminating your personal information from data broker websites
  • Offers regular removals every three months
  • Includes extra online privacy features such as phone, email, and card masking


  • Somewhat pricey

How Does DeleteMe Work?

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DeleteMe collaborates with over 750 brokers, including well-known names like,, and 

Agents from DeleteMe request the removal of personal data from these broker firms, such as name, age, address, email, relatives, marital status, and more. 

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To confirm identity, users must submit an ID with the option to censor specific details.

Upon completing the data form, an initial report is delivered within a week, detailing instances of data found on broker sites. 

Due to varying response times, the removal process lacks a clear timeline, but ongoing updates on request status are provided. 

DeleteMe conducts regular checks every three months, delivering quarterly reports summarizing data found on broker sites.

The service offers a Custom Removal Request feature, allowing users to submit personalized requests during removal. 

This option becomes accessible after the first Privacy Report. A free scan option provides facts about records found on 40+ data broker sites. 

The full report is reserved for subscribers who choose one of the available plans. 

To initiate the free scan, users only need to provide their name and consent and receive essential details about their records.

Removing Data Using DeleteMe

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DeleteMe handles the challenging task of eliminating your data from broker sites. 

Once you’ve set up your account, subscribed, and provided all necessary information, DeleteMe agents take charge, scouring the internet for your data without your consent.

Preparing your initial report takes approximately a week, offering a comprehensive overview of where your data was discovered on broker sites. 

The report covers key points, including the total records reviewed, the number of brokers with your records before removal, records removed, total personal data points found, and time saved through DeleteMe services. 

Additionally, the report outlines DeleteMe’s progress in removing your data, with status updates like “Removal in Progress” or “Clean! – New scan in 90 days.” 

Your report is promptly updated when there’s a change in removal status.


Joindeleteme Features

Free Scan

DeleteMe provides a complimentary scanning feature that explores the internet for your personal information. 

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Following the free scan, you gain visibility into the online information available.

At this juncture, you can enlist the assistance of DeleteMe to facilitate the removal of this data.

Email masking

Utilize DeleteMe to generate alternative email addresses, avoiding the need to disclose your email. 

While these newly created addresses direct emails to your regular inbox, they offer an additional layer of security by providing an alternative address for communication.

Phone masking

Just like email masking, phone masking generates an alternative phone number to use instead of sharing your actual contact information. 

This adds an extra layer of protection and prevents your number from being added to robo-caller lists.

Card masking

Ensure the security of your credit card details with DeleteMe’s masked card tool.

This functionality generates a disposable card number for your online credit card transactions.

DeleteMe Pricing Plans

Joindeleteme Pricing

DeleteMe provides four plans with pricing variations based on the chosen 1-year or 2-year subscription. 

Plans cater to individual use, covering one person or multiple users, accommodating two people, or up to four in a family plan.

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Business plan details are available upon direct contact with DeleteMe.

Long-term subscriptions offer more cost-effective deals, with more apparent savings for 2-people and family plans. 

For business inquiries, pricing details for the business plan require direct contact with DeleteMe.

DeleteMe doesn’t offer a traditional money-back guarantee but allows a full refund before the first Privacy Report completion or afterward, based on the remaining subscription time.

There are often DeleteMe promo codes and coupons you can use for a discount.

Is DeleteMe Worth It?

Joindeleteme Money Back Guarantee

DeleteMe delivers a thorough service for individuals seeking data removal from broker sites. 

With partnerships spanning over 750 data broker sites, DeleteMe relieves you from the responsibility of individually requesting data removal from the continuously expanding list of broker sites.

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This service streamlines managing your digital footprint by scanning online spaces for your data and leveraging existing licensing and privacy laws to ensure the removal of the identified information.

DeleteMe proves to be a valuable complement for those already utilizing various online security tools, such as a VPN or antivirus software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DeleteMe Work?

Indeed, DeleteMe is effective in actively removing your data from data brokers’ sites. 

Operating with an extensive roster of 750+ data broker sites, this service diligently enforces licensing and privacy laws on your behalf.

Does DeleteMe Sell Your Information?

DeleteMe does not engage in the sale of your information.

The privacy policy explicitly outlines that information is solely collected to remove it from broker sites. 

Any sensitive details shared with agents will only be disclosed to third parties if necessary for the removal process.

How Quickly Does DeleteMe Work?

The timeframe is flexible. The initial report, which includes the first data removals, typically arrives within a week. 

However, the duration of data removal can vary, as it depends on the responsiveness of data brokers to DeleteMe’s requests.

Subsequently, you can expect to receive a new report every three months.

Review Conclusion: Is DeleteMe Legit?

Our DeleteMe review finds that Abine DeleteMe offers a practical and comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to remove personal data from over 750 data broker sites. 

While it may seem somewhat pricey compared to other options, the investment is justified by its convenience and time savings. 

With regular removals every three months, DeleteMe ensures ongoing protection, and additional features like email, phone, and card masking contribute to enhanced online privacy. 

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The service’s commitment to enforcing licensing and privacy laws sets it apart, making DeleteMe a valuable complement to other online security tools. 

If safeguarding your digital footprint matters, DeleteMe is a worthwhile investment.

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