DeleteMe vs Reputation Defender

DeleteMe vs Reputation Defender Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: January 10, 2024
Last Updated: January 10, 2024

DeleteMe vs Reputation Defender Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: January 10, 2024
Last Updated: January 10, 2024

Many services boast about cleaning up your online information, but there are differences in costs and approaches that you should be aware of. 

Exploring various data removal tools is a helpful method to discover what fits your needs.

When we compare DeleteMe vs Reputation Defender, it becomes clear that each has its unique focus and approach in the data removal landscape.

DeleteMe vs Reputation Defender

Here is a comparison of both platforms.



ReputationDefender Home

Michael Fertik started the company in 2006, ReputationDefender is a service that helps manage your online image.

It’s based in Tempe, Arizona, and also has offices in the UK and  Silicon Valley.


Joindeleteme Home 1

The company, established by Rob Shavell, has been around since 2011.

The firm is based in Somerville, Massachusetts, and has its main office in Boston, Massachusetts.

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ReputationDefender’s Fair Reach

ReputationDefender extends its services to both customers within the United States and those across international borders, spanning more than 100 countries worldwide.

DeleteMe’s Wide Range

DeleteMe is accessible to both customers within the United States and internationally. 

The global version of DeleteMe caters to individuals in the following locations: Canada, Czech Republic, Belgium, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Italy, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Service for Removing Data Brokers

ReputationDefender 4

ReputationDefender is good at pushing down search results that might harm your reputation.

But it also provides options to help you stay off data broker platforms, like Executive Privacy and Executive Privacy Pro.

The second option is more thorough but at a more significant cost.

On the flip side, DeleteMe is all about getting your personal info removed from online data broker amenities.

Sites Removed

ReputationDefender 2

ReputationDefender’s Partial Methodology

ReputationDefender does not identify the number of data broker sites it cleans personal information from using its Privacy Pro service, nor does it publish a complete list of the platforms it targets. 

However, with ReputationDefender’s ExecutivePrivacy plan, data is removed from more than 100 sources. 

The company cites examples like People Finders, Spokeo, and Nuwber as data brokers from which customer information is removed.

DeleteMe’s Broad Influence

In contrast, DeleteMe takes care of personal information removal from more than 580 data broker websites, such as,, and 

Even better, DeleteMe regularly refreshes this list with new information brokers at no expense to existing subscribers.

Information covered

ReputationsDefenter’s Tight Restrictions

ReputationDefender takes out personal information like your age, name, and address. 

With Privacy Pro from ReputationDefender, you’re covered for two addresses, two aliases, and two email addresses. 

If you go for ExecutivePrivacy, you can get more – up to ten phone numbers, three addresses, and two aliases, depending on the package.

Keep in mind, though, that custom elimination is only an option for the best three tiers.

DeleteMe: Limitless Service

DeleteMe removes personal info such as your name, age, residence, phone number, email address, and even photos of your home. 

The cool part is there’s no limit to how many names and addresses tied to one customer DeleteMe can take care of.

Removing Methods

ReputationDefender’s process for getting rid of data brokers involves a few simple steps:

  1. Customers join the platform and pick the plan they like.
  2. Customers share their personal details with ReputationDefender.
  3. ReputationDefender looks through data brokers.
  4. ReputationDefender removes your info from the data brokers it deals with.
  5. ReputationDefender keeps you posted on opt-outs through an online dashboard. They also give you a list of other information brokers where you need to opt out on your own.
  6. ReputationDefender checks data broker sites for your info reappearing, usually at least four times per year, depending on your plan.

Now, DeleteMe uses its own tech and a team of privacy professionals to get the job done.

DeleteMe is all about removing personal info from tons of data broker sites that collect and sell this data.

Here’s how DeleteMe does it:

  1. Customers sign up and get an email request to their customer profile.
  2. Customers securely share the necessary personal details in their customer account.
  3. DeleteMe’s privacy experts find your info on data broker websites and handle opt-out requests for you.
  4. Customers get a detailed DeleteMe report in about 7 business days, showing what info was found and the standing of every opt-out request. Here’s an example of the report.
  5. DeleteMe keeps an eye on data broker sites for your info every three months, making four privacy reports each year.
  6. If customers spot their info on a data broker website between reports, they can complete a custom cancellation request right from their DeleteMe dashboard. DeleteMe’s privacy team will check it out and remove your information as promptly as they can.

Scan Speed and Turnaround Period

ReputationDefender’s Unclear Procedures

ReputationDefender’s website doesn’t mention how quickly they work or when your personal information will be removed.

DeleteMe: A Comprehensive and Continuous Strategy

Joindeleteme Work

DeleteMe gets to work on removing your info from data broker sites right after you sign up. 

Once DeleteMe finishes the initial cleanup and successfully eliminates your information from all the covered platforms, it does it all again every three months.

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Since each data broker platform has its own removal process (some are online, and others need written confirmation), the time it takes can vary. 

But usually, most requests to remove your personal information are sorted out within six weeks.

Proven Track Record

ReputationDefender: Mixed Reviews

ReputationDefender 3

ReputationDefender holds the 4th position among marketing websites on SiteJabber with a score of 4.49 stars.

Still, some critiques on the site express frustration and even label its services as “terrible.”

DeleteMe’s Excellency

Joindeleteme Chart Report 2

DeleteMe, on the other hand, has handled over 10 million buyer opt-outs thus far.

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It’s at the top spot among privacy websites, according to SiteJabber, boasting a customer score of 4.67. 

Additionally, DeleteMe proudly carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.



The company gives you options with both monthly and yearly pricing plans, offering various packages, including:

  • Individual Privacy Pro subscription: $9.95 monthly or $99 every year
  • Individual Executive Privacy Essentials subscription: $1000 per year
  • Individual Status Defender Executive Privacy Plus subscription: $5,000 annually
  • Individual Executive Privacy Preferred subscription: $7,500 per year
  • Privacy Premium option (two-people plan): $10,000 annually

While the starting Privacy Pro plan is affordable, it only removes your information from a limited amount of information broker platforms. 

The Executive strategies, though more expensive, remove your data from over 100 data broker websites and come with extra features.


Joindeleteme Pricing 1

DeleteMe presents yearly and multi-year subscriptions too:

  • 1-person plan: $129 every year or $209 per two years
  • 2-people subscription: $229 every year or $349 per two years
  • Four-member (Family) plan: $329 every year or $499 per two years
  • Business plan: personalize (reach out to customer support)

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Regardless of the DeleteMe plan you go for, it doesn’t change the amount of data broker websites your personal information gets removed from. 

Also, with a DeleteMe plan, you may add as many individuals as you like, and the more you add, the higher the discount.

Customer Service

ReputationDefender users can reach out to the customer service team through email or phone.

DeleteMe’s customer service crew can be contacted through email at any time, via live chat during regular office hours, and over the phone from 9 am to 8 pm Eastern time.

Cancellation Policy

ReputationDefender’s Cancellation Procedure

ReputationDefender users need to get in touch with customer service to end their subscriptions.

If you’re on a monthly plan, charges will continue during the cancellation process.

DeleteMe’s Simple Withdrawal Process

For DeleteMe users, canceling recurring billing is accessible through their customer account. 

If you decide to change your mind after signing up, DeleteMe offers a total money return with no questions asked until your first report is complete. 

After that, you can still get a refund, but it’ll be based on the time left in your subscription.


ReputationDefender puts its energy into pushing down negative information on Google searches, while DeleteMe is all about taking your personal data off data broker websites. 

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So, when we compare DeleteMe vs Reputation Defender, it turns out that only DeleteMe is fully committed to safeguarding your data from scammers, hackers, and other nefarious folks.

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