DeleteMe vs Kanary

DeleteMe vs Kanary Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: January 10, 2024
Last Updated: January 10, 2024

DeleteMe vs Kanary Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: January 10, 2024
Last Updated: January 10, 2024

People seeking to reclaim control over their personal information often explore solutions offered by various data removal services. 

In this article, we compare two prominent players in the data removal industry: DeleteMe vs Kanary. 

DeleteMe vs Kanary

Let’s analyze the two companies’ benefits and drawbacks and determine which is the superior option.



Joindeleteme Home 1

Abine’s DeleteMe presents a simple solution for removing data and safeguarding privacy, offering a convenient way to tidy up and maintain the confidentiality of personal information on the internet. 

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However, we find its cost relatively high compared to comparable services, considering that some aspects may be manageable independently without incurring additional expenses.



Kanary operates as a specialized service committed to the removal of personal data from brokers and the protection of your personal information across the vast expanse of the internet. 

This tool employs thorough online scans, systematically identifying and pinpointing websites that might inadvertently expose sensitive details such as home addresses, business emails, and phone numbers. 

By utilizing advanced technology and comprehensive scanning methods, Kanary ensures a proactive approach to enhancing your digital privacy and shielding your personal information from potential threats lurking online.

DeleteMe Pros and Cons


  • Streamlined opt-out for your convenience
  • Capability for customized requests
  • Incorporates email and phone masking features
  • Multiple support channels like email, live chat, and web contact forms are accessible.


  • There are no trial periods or complimentary tiers available.

Kanary Pros and Cons


  • Automates removal of personal data from data broker websites
  • Provides a transparent explanation of its removal process
  • Includes multi-factor authentication option


  • The screenshot feature is not compatible with all websites
  • The display of screenshots is too petite


DeleteMe: Array of Excellent Features

Joindeleteme Features

DeleteMe offers various features to enhance users’ ability to safeguard their online privacy. These features encompass:

Phone Masking

Phone masking works like hiding your phone number, just as you hide your email. 

DeleteMe gives you temporary phone numbers, or “burner” numbers, to use when signing up on websites. 

This protects your actual number from unwanted calls and scams.

Keep in mind that, in many cases, forwarding short-code messages for verification might not work with these hidden phone numbers due to rules set by most US phone companies.

Email masking

Using email masking, DeleteMe creates an email address on its servers to get registration confirmation emails for you. 

You can choose if you want all emails sent to this address to be forwarded to your private one. This keeps your actual email hidden, boosting your online privacy.

It’s a good option instead of using a temporary burner email address.

Custom Removal Requests

The addition of the custom removal requests feature enhances DeleteMe’s services, giving users unprecedented control over their online privacy. 

This feature enables you to submit personalized removal requests directly from your DeleteMe dashboard.

Whenever you find your personal data exposed online, regardless of the website, DeleteMe’s privacy advisors will promptly intervene. 

They’ll assess the situation and decide whether they can remove the information for you or guide you with clear instructions on how to do it yourself.

Exhaustive Privacy Reports

DeleteMe is not just about removing your data; it also cares about keeping your online privacy safe. 

It gives you detailed privacy reports, like a window into how your data removal is going. 

These reports show things like how many listings were checked, how many were successfully removed, and if there are any still in progress. 

This openness helps you know exactly where your data removal requests stand.

Moreover, DeleteMe’s privacy reports also share valuable details about the data broker sites where your personal information was found. 

They tell you what kind of information was there and give you an idea of how long it usually takes to remove it.

Kanary: A convoluted Approach to Online Security

Some of the features Kanary offers are:

Identification of Data Broker Profiles

Kanary employs sophisticated algorithms to search the web and pinpoint locations where your private details are revealed. 

It focuses on websites operated by data brokers that gather and trade personal information.

The tool furnishes a thorough roster of such sites, clearly indicating the places where your information, including residence addresses, work emails, and contact numbers, is accessible. 

This functionality forms the basis for all subsequent measures that Kanary implements to safeguard your privacy.

Automated Opt-Out Process

After recognizing the data broker sites, Kanary’s automatic opt-out mechanism comes into action. 

The program automatically dispatches requests to these sites, seeking the removal of your private details.

This occurs without needing any hands-on involvement from your end. 

The automated process extends to approximately two-thirds of the 327 monitored sites, making it a remarkably effective function for extensive data elimination.

User Participation

For individuals who like to take control, Kanary allows users to actively engage in the data elimination procedure. 

You have the ability to personally submit opt-out requests and inform Kanary once you’ve completed the process.

This functionality proves especially handy for websites that might necessitate extra confirmation or for users who desire to manage the specific data to be removed.

How Much Do They Cost


Joindeleteme Pricing 1

DeleteMe is priced at $10.75 per month for a single user, resulting in an annual cost of $129.

As you explore the details of DeleteMe’s pricing model, you’ll discover a high level of flexibility. 

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The available plans vary depending on the number of users and the selected duration, leading to billing cycles of either one or two years.

Regardless of the chosen plan, the features remain consistent, with distinctions in service duration and user count. 

While the plans are promoted with a monthly cost, they are invoiced on an annual or biennial basis. Here’s a breakdown of the DeleteMe plans:

  • For one user: $129 per year or $209 per two years.
  • For two users: $229 per year or $349 per two years.
  • For three users: $299 per year or $419 per two years.
  • For four users: $329 per or $499 per two years.

For five users: $412 per year or $625 per two years.

  • DeleteMe also caters to businesses, and you can request a quote for business plans by providing a business email address.


Kanary Pricing 1

Dealing with data consolidators requires effort, even for a company specializing in the task. Kanary is not in the business of birdseed. 

A subscription to safeguard your personal data is priced at $105 annually.

For $150 per year, you can protect yourself and two family members. There are also monthly subscription options available at $12 and $18 each month.


Is DeleteMe Legit?

Certainly, DeleteMe is proficient in initiating requests for data removal on your behalf and monitoring the adherence to those requests. 

Users receive a quarterly summary providing insights into data broker scans and identifying the specific pieces of information discovered online.

Is Kanary Legit?

The algorithm from Scam Detector determines thatKanary holds an authoritative rank of 58.9. 

This indicates that the business is currently active but with a mediocre standing, presenting a medium-risk level.


When evaluating DeleteMe vs Kanary, DeleteMe stands out as the preferred option for users in search of robust and user-friendly data removal services. 

While Kanary specializes in data broker removal, DeleteMe provides an extensive range of features, including efficient opt-out processes, personalized requests, and email and phone masking. 

Despite DeleteMe’s slightly higher cost, its impressive features, like custom removal requests and detailed privacy reports, set it apart as a top-notch solution. 

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DeleteMe’s dedication to transparency and empowering users with control over their online privacy solidifies its position as the preferred choice in digital privacy.

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