20+ NEW Coupon Statistics for 2024

Published on: January 12, 2024
Last Updated: January 12, 2024

20+ NEW Coupon Statistics for 2024

Published on: January 12, 2024
Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Did you know that coupons have been around for over 130 years?

Well, they have even though the popularity and main medium have evolved a lot since the first one that was created in 1887 by the Coca-Cola company. 

So, Coca-Cola invented coupons, or were at least the first company to create one.

Today, we see coupons in magazines, your mailbox, newspapers, and online in digital form. 

In this article, we are going to share several important coupon statistics to show you how popular they are and other interesting data.

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Key Statistics

  • 770 million coupons were redeemed in 2022 worldwide.
  • In only two years, digital coupon usage surpassed the use of paper coupons.
  • 90% of American consumers say they have used coupons.
  • Using coupons became 60% more important during the pandemic in 2020.
  • More than 90% of Americans said they got their digital coupons through their smartphone. 
  • More than 66.7% of American adults redeemed digital coupons in 2022. 
  • Data shows that 86% of consumers who shop online are more apt to try a new business after getting a coupon.
  • In 2020, the digital coupon sector was valued at more than $4.67 million.
  • Data from 2023 shows that 57% of consumers use digital coupons and 43% use paper coupons.
  • In 2021, roughly $176.73 billion in coupons were circulated.

Top Coupon Statistics in 2024

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1. 770 Million Coupons Were Redeemed in 2022 All Over the Globe.

Data shows that roughly 770 million coupons were redeemed in 2022 worldwide.

If this number seems low to you, it is. In fact, this is the first time since the 1960s that under a billion coupons were redeemed.

The 770 million figure represents a 19% decrease over the number of coupons redeemed in 2021.

However, it’s believed coupons (especially digital) will soon make a big comeback. 


2. In only Two Years, Digital Coupon Usage Surpassed the Use of Paper Coupons.

Newspaper and magazine subscriptions are down as people move to digital news and magazines.

With that comes the switch to digital coupons that can mostly be found online almost everywhere.

There are specific sites like that have coupons, and survey sites that make digital coupons part of their point-earning solutions like MyPoints and Swagbucks.

(Coupons In The News)

3. 90% of American Consumers Say They Have Used Coupons.

Most Americans (90%) admit to using coupons in one study.

Moreover, around 50% of those who have used coupons said they searched for coupons online or got them via email from their favorite brands that they follow.

Furthermore, around one-fifth of survey respondents said they happened upon coupons or vouchers while scrolling through their social media feeds.


4. Using Coupons Became 60% More Important During the Pandemic in 2020.

According to the data we found, the usage of coupons during the global pandemic was more important.

This data comes from a survey of coupon users in 2020 who said that coupons were 60% more important during the pandemic.

Another 35% said that coupons were of the same importance, and only 8% said coupons were less important.


5. More than 90% of Americans Said They Got Their Digital Coupons Through Their Smartphone. 

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Data from 2022 revealed that over 90% of Americans access digital coupons and vouchers through their smartphone.

However, data shows that while this coupon medium seems popular, the adoption rate among tablet digital coupon usage is very slowly growing, almost static.


6. More than 66.7% of American Adults Redeemed Digital Coupons in 2022. 

In the United States, data shows that 177.9 million adults redeemed digital coupons as of 2022.

That’s around 66.7% of American adults using digital coupons for the year.

Digital deals and coupons are most commonly delivered via mobile phone (smartphone) and come from retailer’s apps.

This growth is due to consumers looking for an easy way to use coupons. 

(Insider Intelligence)

7. Data Shows that 86% of Consumers Who Shop Online Are More Apt to Try a New Business After Getting a Coupon.

According to Capital One Shopping as of July 2023, 86% of people who shop online say that they are willing to try out a new business because they received a coupon.

Moreover, another 39*% said they are highly likely to try out a business for the same reason. 

(Capital One Shopping) 

8. In 2020, the Digital Coupon Sector Was Valued at More than $4.67 Million.

The digital coupon sector was said to be worth more than $4.67 million in 2020.

However, it’s expected to grow to over $29.7 billion by 2031.

The CAGR between 2021 and 2031 is expected to achieve 19.6%.

This data tells us that the digital coupon sector is thriving and growing.


9. Data from 2023 Shows that 57% of Consumers Use Digital Coupons and 43% Use Paper Coupons.

As mentioned on this list, digital coupons outpaced paper coupons in usage around two years ago.

As of 2023, 57% of consumers use digital coupons these days.

Compare this with 43% who use paper coupons and you see how much more popular digital coupons are becoming.


10. In 2021, Roughly $176.73 Billion in Coupons Were Circulated.

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This data from 2021 is going to show you how coupon usage has declined, but later, we will show you how it’s going to make a comeback.

So, in 2021, around $1769.73 billion worth of coupons were circulated, but roughly $970 million worth were redeemed.

Compare that to 2022’s $770 million and you’ll see the decline.

However, that decline won’t last, according to experts.


11. 62% of Americans Claim to Print Their Online Coupons.

Even though digital coupons are starting to dominate the coupon market, 62% of Americans still print coupons they find online and use them.

This is what’s known as “hybrid” deals that allow you to either use the digital coupons or print them.

(Coupon Science)

12. 60% of Consumers Will Redeem Their Digital Coupons with A 24-Hour Period.

An Inmar study showed that 82% of people who shop with coupons redeem digital coupons within under a week’s time.

Moreover, 30% redeem them within a 24-hour period.

This phemonenon seems to be due to the more personalized nature of digital coupons.

People who receive coupons that are personalized to a specific product or service, are more apt to use them sooner rather than later.


13. only 12% of All Kinds of Coupons Are for Edible Things.

Last year, one of the most in-demand coupons was for food.

It’s what shoppers said they wanted, but they were harder to find because only 12% of all accessible coupons were for food.

However, this year 21% of coupons are now for food.

As a result, they are being redeemed more often. 

(Coupons In the News)

14. More than 80% of Shoppers in 2022 Said They only Subscribe to Emails to Get Coupons and Discounts.

This data means that more than 80% of shoppers in America say they sign up for emails solely to get online coupons, coupon codes, etc.

While there are some who require coupons due to finances, mostly the financial status of a coupon user isn’t a big factor in usage.

(Coupon Follow)

15. A Survey from 2021 Showed that Shoppers Said They Enjoyed Getting Coupons for Food and Groceries via Their Mobile Apps.

Coupons 1257

Mobile apps tend to make things easier, and getting and using coupons is no exception.

In fact, in 2021, one survey revealed that 40% of people who shop for groceries like to get food and grocery coupons and promotions through their mobile apps.

That’s a huge convenience. 


16. 69% of The Generation X Demographic Use Coupon Pairing and Store-Specific Circular Offers to Plan Their Shopping Trips.

Generation X is the biggest user of coupon pairing and store-specific circular offers when planning their shoppoing excursions.

Among Baby Boomers that percentage is 64% and Millennials account for 58% of this type of coupon shopper. 


17. In 2020, 96% of Millennials with Kids Said They Used Digital Coupons.

Millennials who are parents now are using digital coupons to save money on the things they need and want.

This isn’t unusual when a generation gets old enough to have children.

In 2020, 96% of Millennial parents said they used digital coupons.

Moreover, 94% of Millennials with kids found these digital coupons on websites.

Furthermore, 79% of all Millennials said they used coupon websites to find coupons compared to 53% of Baby Boomers.

(Coupon Follow)

18. In 2022, The Global Mobile Coupon Segment Had a Value of $509.7 Billion.

Data from 2022 showed that the mobile coupon market had a valuation of $509.7 billion.

That’s with a mere 0.47% of all coupons of all types being redeemed from those issues in 2022.

For reference, 176 billion coupons were delivered in America in 2021.

(Capital One Shopping)

19. 87% of People Earning Between $20,000 and $40,000 Used Coupons.

We mentioned that usage of coupons of all types is pretty much equally distributed between yearly earnings.

The highest percentage of users earn between $20,000 and $40,000 per year at 87%.

However, those who earn $200,000 or more account for 86% of coupon users.

Furthermore, 85% of coupon users earned between $100,000 and $150,000 annually.


20. 55% of Coupon Users Get Upset when They Can’t Use Their Coupons for Household Products. 

Coupons 1256

It’s important to address the emotional response among coupon users who are unable to use coupons for something they really want.

For example. 55% of consumers feel strongly about not being able to use coupons to buy household products.

With the rising cost of household products, this shouldn’t be a surprise.



What Is a Digital Coupon?

Digital coupons are used in lieu of paper coupons and are paperless versions of such.

They work and are used exactly the same way as a paper coupon offering promotions or discounts on a variety of services and products.

Instead of being printed on paper, they are electronic, digital coupons and are redeemed as such. 

What Are Some Features of Digital Coupons?

Digital coupons come with various features which include:

•  Formats – Some formats you will see for digital coupons include barcodes, links, and codes. 

•  Delivery – They can be delivered to you via websites, emails, apps, social media, or through loyalty programs.

•  Redemption – Digital coupons can be redeemed via online during checkout, in a store by showing the code or barcode on your smartphone, or by scanning via scanner.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Coupons?

We found some benefits of using digital coupons which are the following:

•  Convenient and easy access
•  Eco-friendly – No wasted paper 
•  Personalized and targeted – tailored to your shopping habits
•  Real-time updates – Easily update and alter digital coupons to make sure you have the most recent
•  Tracking and analysis – Some shopping/coupon platforms let you track and analyze your spending habits over a period

Where Can You Find Coupons?

There are several places where you can find coupons, but we have pinpointed a few for your considerati0on. 

•  A retailer’s website like JC Penney, Walmart, Kohl’s, etc.
•  Social media coupon groups and pages.
•  Coupon email blasts.
•  Paper flyers.
•  Coupon websites like Honey, RetailMeNot, and Rakuten.
•  Physical magazines and newspapers. 

Remember, you can’t use expired coupons, so be organized and update your coupons or vouchers regularly.

Online digital coupons are easier and faster to update, but you can also find updated printable coupons online. 


Now you have some idea of the coupon industry, people who use coupons, and the value of the overall coupon industry. 

While digital coupons are rapidly becoming the most used form of coupon, there are still many people who print their coupons from online coupon sites. 

There are some differences in age groups in terms of coupon usage, but overall, using paper or digital coupons is universally similar across genders, age groups, income statuses and other demographics. 

We hope you have learned something new from these coupon statistics and that you can apply your knowledge in your personal or business life.


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