Best Canada IPTV Service Providers

10 Best FREE IPTV Canada Service Providers in 2024

Published on: March 6, 2024
Last Updated: March 6, 2024

10 Best FREE IPTV Canada Service Providers in 2024

Published on: March 6, 2024
Last Updated: March 6, 2024

In a hurry?
The best IPTV Canada service provider in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is VocoTV!

Does your favorite content air when you cannot really get to watch it?

With IPTV, this is a thing of the past. On-demand videos and thousands of live channels beat traditional television any time.

Check out these IPTV reviews of the best IPTV Canada service providers and choose your path to the future.

You’ll thank us later.

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Best IPTV Canada Service Provider Reviews

  1. VocoTV – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Krooz TV
  3. XtremeHD IPTV
  4. Double Click TV
  5. OTT Ocean
  6. IPTV Trends
  7. Necro
  8. Worthystream

1. VocoTV


VocoTV is pretty vocal about their service.

As they should, naturally , since the service they provide is a whole different level when compared with their competition.

Putting a strong emphasis on user-friendly policies and maintaining a high standard of quality makes them shine and land pretty easily on many best Canada IPTV service providers lists around the web.

👉 Get FREE Trial

These guys carved their niche with a carefully selected choice of content ready for streaming, whether it is live channels or on-demand videos, they deliver television and entertainment from the US, UK, Central America, and South America in addition to the regular Canadian TV stuff.

Whether it is informative content, drama, entertainment, or sports, you will find what you are looking for, guaranteed! 

All your devices will support it since Voco TV claims to be compatible with almost all devices currently in use by the majority of people.

However, its specialty is mobile phones and all other on-the-go devices as it does not bind to a single IP address.

Being quite easy to install and launch, it is ideal for people who are often on the move. Just use your credentials to sign in and you are ready for streaming.

Feel free to add a nice customer support service, a stable image, and many other quality-of-life improvements to this.

We could go on but it’s quite unnecessary. You get the idea. Voco TV is cool.

2. Krooz TV

Krooz TV

Krooz TV has won their credentials by much more than with name only.

Being pretty popular in the North America region is no mean feat, and Krooz TV has achieved this by providing over 3,000 live channels in SD, HD, and Full HD quality.

On the VOD front, Krooz TV fields nearly 15,000 movies, music videos, radio channers, TV shows, and many more types of videos besides these.  

👉 Get FREE Trial

Buffering issues suck so Krooz TV does not have any of those.

This makes watching 24/7 live content especially pleasing since, well, it would not be pleasing if most of the time you get a rolling loading sign instead of your stream, duh.

The pay-per-view content that you paid for and got buffering instead is truly a hell, and Krooz TV one. Not Krooz TV one, however!

Throw a 24/7 live chat that helps with pretty much everything IPTV-related into the mix, of course. Then an IPTV reseller panel to boot.

And a money-back guarantee on all premium services and premium dissatisfactions.

So, you get it good or you get money back. Do you need more proof of good quality?

We don’t. We’re more than convinced. Excellent, Krooz TV!

3. XtremeHD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV - best IPTV service

Bringing the level of IPTV service to the extreme, XtremeHD IPTV dominates with the level of quality in the field.

It is filled to the brim with content and features that make traditional television an obsolete technology.

After all, when will your common television have more than 20,000 channels in its basic offer?

Besides this ludicrously good number of channels, this service provider delivers access to movies and TV shows in three layers of quality: HD, Full HD, and SD, depending on your connection and desires.

👉 Get Xtreme’s TRIAL

If you’re afraid that you might end up getting lost in the massive choice of channels, worry not since Xtreme HD IPTV integrates a detailed EPG TV guide in its every subscription plan.

This neat little guidance tool will tell you exactly when and what to watch to get to that favorite content you’ve always been looking for.

When it comes to accessibility, Xtreme HD IPTV can be installed on almost every device with a screen and a RAM memory out there!

Top this sweet deal with a >99.99% uptime, anti-freeze technology that prevents those horrible hiccups in streams, and a customer service that is more than ready to aid you with any issues or questions that you might have around the clock and you have yourself a worthy contender for the title of one of the best Canada IPTV service providers.

Extremely well done, Xtreme HD IPTV!

4. Double Click TV

Double Click TV

Stampeding its way into the best IPTV in Canada providers list comes Double Click TV, and it brings quite a good deal to the table.

What’s the deal?

For one, all users get access to over 20,000 live channels from Canada, yes, but the US, UK, and Latino America as well.

👉 Get Double Click TV’s TRIAL

Especially praised for its live sports channels, The Double Click TV is the prime choice of all the fiercest fans out there.

Tired of buffering, paywalls, and being locked out of major sports events?

Ride Double Click TV and you’ll get no such things.

Just live sports like the NFL, WWE, NHL, and UFC – all in Full HD quality. 

Expect the usual luxurious quality-of-life improvements.

Parental control? Check.

Device and audio support for literally every device in use today? Check.

Integrated web player? Check.

Two simultaneous connections not bound to location? Double check!

5. OTT Ocean

OTT Ocean

OTT Ocean comes from the US, but it proved more than capable of delivering to the Canadian IPTV market as well.

Is OTT Ocean the best buy for your money? We will let you be the judge of that, but they definitely have a basis for such a brag!

So, what does OTT Ocean provide? The core feature of its service is a vast collection of live channels and on-demand videos, more than 12,000 to be precise.

Both live channels and videos in their library come in Full HD quality and with Premium content included.

OTT Ocean even allows you a great degree of personal touch when it comes to channel playlist customization.

Forget about scrolling all day before you settle on your favorite channel!

Being versatile enough to cover vast markets, this neat little service is available on every platform and system, even Android, FireStick, and Roku.

The content that you can view is updated at least once a month to freshen up the offer so you never get bored with OTT Ocean.

Compared to the average Canada IPTV service provider, the price tag on OTT Ocean’s subscription is much lower.

To make things even more convenient, you can pay with PayPal as well as credit/debit cards.

But hey, check things out for yourself in a free trial run provided by the company and for the sake of transparency and trust. You’ll be amazed – just like we are. 

6. Worthystream


Appreciating your customers and listening to their thoughts and opinions is the quickest shortcut to popularity and success.

👉 Visit Worthystream

This is a lesson that Worthystream has learned and learned well.

The advantage of having user-friendliness as a core value ensures that you will be loved by your audience and client base, which propelled Worthystream right onto our IPTV service Canada list and we don’t regret it!

With over 10,000 live TV channels included into their offer, these guys sure have something to grab your attention with.

Being a German company does not prevent them from delivering top-tier Canada content, as well as from other English-speaking countries.

Okay, we admit it, even non-English speaking countries get their share, only because Worthystream is that influential and that awesome.

Nothing short of Full HD and Premium content, that’s for sure!

The setup process is easy – just download the service via APK and follow the steps. The whole procedure is set to keep you safe and your data privacy secure.

This is covered by a 100% guarantee, as well as the quality of their service in general.

Worthystream’s servers are supported by neuro-networks and operate on dedicated hardware to uphold the lightning-quick streaming speeds and maintain the highest possible uptime (>99.99%). 

If error-proof exists in the IPTV service providing branch of industry, it’s Worthystream. But just in case.

What else?

Well, we’re just starting here. First of all, they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their services.

Their servers rely on dedicated hardware and neuro-networks to enhance the speed of streaming and ensure the highest possible uptime.

This makes their services almost error-proof, but if anything unexpected happens they have amazing customer service that is available around the clock, 24/7.

Also, you shouldn’t worry about compatibility as Worthystream works hand-in-hand with most devices commonly used today.

Nothing much to add here, really. Quite a decent service that we couldn’t really find any flaw with. Kudos!

7. IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends - Fast IPTV Streaming

The title of the newest trend in IPTV providers goes to, well, who else than IPTV Trends?

After all, they do claim to be the fastest IPTV service on the market!

While we cannot know for sure whether they are the fastest or not, they do have an uptime of more than 99.99%, which makes them one of the stablest, if not one of the fastest around.

Besides speed and stability, though, IPTV Trends boasts more than 19,000 live channels and a whopping 60,000 on-demand videos available whenever you feel like watching them.

👉 Get the IPTV Trends App

Excessive? In IPTV service providers vocabulary, this one goes under abundant and fascinating.

Take into consideration that, apart from Canadian, you can watch channels and videos from the US, UK, and a whole bunch of places from around the globe. 

IPTV Trends does not reduce your mobility, as you won’t be chained to your living room.

You can use this fabulous service on the go, from wherever you want, regardless of location or registered IP address.

It is compatible with most devices available and commonly used today, such as Windows, Android, Apple, Amazon Fire TV, FireStick, and Roku, among others. 

The only supported payment method is sadly the credit card, but it’s a small inconvenience when taken besides the whole plethora of excellent features in their service.

In overall, IPTV Trends rightfully belongs to the list of Canada IPTV service giants, if you ask us.

No need to take our word for it. Go check them out, they allow a 24-hour free trial version of all their services. Neat!

8. Necro


If you’ve been in contact with IPTV Canada service providers, you must have already heard of Necro IPTV.

First of all, the quality of its on-demand videos and streaming channels is extravagantly high and loading speeds are so quick you will hardly notice the loading at all.

Necro IPTV is compatible with virtually every modern device, from Windows to FireStick. Mobile devices included, needless to say. 

👉 Visit Necro

More than 2000 live channels from around the world are provided to Necro IPTV’s users, with content hailing from the UK and US to Australia and New Zealand, with everything in-between thrown into the mix.

One subscription covers all the features provided by the service, so no stress about choice and calculations about cost-to-efficiency ratio.

A complete EPG guide is included, as well as two connections in the standard plan.

No dead people work at Necro IPTV so expect lively, friendly, and amiable customer support ready to answer any question and solve any issue that might pop up.

For customers’ convenience, payments are accepted in PayPal and Bitcoin in addition to the regular credit and debit card methods widely used today.

A strawberry on top of the cake is a free trial that lasts no less than three days.

Spend them generously to explore the vast possibilities of this IPTV service provider and ensure yourself that you’re making the right choice.

Spoiler alert – you are. Kudos, Necro IPTV!

9. IPTV Builders

IPTV Builders

Ready for something so good it’s out of this world?

IPTV Builders delivers on the promise by delivering luxuriously exotic quality of service.

In fact, over 16,000 live channels and more than 60,000 videos on-demand such as TV shows and movies lie at your disposal.

This vast library of never-ending TV entertainment and information is bound to sate all your visual media desires. 

Anything else? Sure!

The service is rock-solid with more than 99% of uptime.

Although extra-terrestrial, IPTV Builders has strong foundations and provides exceedingly quick loading times.

In addition to these qualities, IPTV Builders is compatible with pretty much every device used today. 

They have been around for several years now and they sure know what they are doing in the industry.

The result of this is that they can proudly boast being on our IPTV Canada service providers list! 

See for yourself in their 2-day money-back guarantee period with every feature unlocked and ready for test and analysis.

10. IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters

Are you into an IPTV subscription for personal use or do you want to expand your platform with the help of a bigger supplier of IPTV service?

Why don’t you get an IPTV service provider that can get you both?

Yes, you have read that correctly, IPTV Smarters is so professional that it even helps other professionals within the niche.

Whether you are a regular IPTV service or an ambitious soon-to-be streaming service platform yourself, with IPTV Smarters you will get high-quality service regardless.

What’s the secret of IPTV Smarters offer?

Well, for one, they offer an enormously high number of live channels, music videos, VODs, and radio channels with a single, pretty affordable subscription.

Not only will you never get bored with it, but you will also get extremely good quality streams!

A big degree of stability caused by cutting-edge anti-freeze technology and miniscule loading times will make the streams near-uninterruptible, and the service itself is available on many types of devices, so don’t worry about compatibility.

Another jewel in their crown is an eye-candy of an IPTV player that is so desirable it gets to be a feature on its own, available for streaming services to include it within their framework.

It’s quite an experience!

A bunch of other quality-of-life improvements, e.g. master search, VPN integration, EPGs, parental controls, picture-in-picture support, and so on give IPTV Smarters a huge advantage over its competition. 

See why it’s so good?

IPTV Smarters is always a smart option for your Canada IPTV service provider.

Concluding Words

That’s about all there is to it, really.

The cream of the crop for the Canadian market, filtered, reviewed and hand-picked so you don’t have to deal with the substandard lot.

Heavens forbid the illegal ones!

Whichever of these IPTV Canada services you pick has our blessing.

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