Best Sites to Buy YouTube Dislikes Cheap

10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Dislikes CHEAP in 2024

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024

10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Dislikes CHEAP in 2024

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024

In a hurry?
The best site to buy YouTube dislikes in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Media Mister!

As with most websites that offer services on the internet, there are some risks involved when considering buying youtube dislikes.

You can avoid being scammed by purchasing dislikes from sites that have been around long enough to offer experience and feedback from their customers.

If you need a reliable place to buy YouTube dislikes/views, etc., then here are the best sites to do so.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Dislikes Cheap in 2024

  1. Media Mister – 🏆 Winner!
  2. GetAFollower
  3. Buy Real Media

1. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy YouTube Dislikes

So you’re looking to buy cheap YouTube dislikes?

If yes, then Media Mister is the platform for you!

The best part about buying dislikes here is that they offer options from 10$ for 100 dislikes to 250 dislikes for 240$.

👉 Buy YouTube Dislikes

Your offer you will send is placed within 1-5 days. You can buy likes from them if that’s your thing too. Let’s face it: nobody wants to stick out like a sore thumb in the online world.

We all want to blend in and be well-liked by many people. On YouTube, however, this is not so easy. YouTube emphasizes its rating system and how important ratings and views are in helping improve search engine ranking and advertising revenue.

It would be fair to wonder why YouTube even cares about rating when other factors such as social media following and subscribers should be considered?

It’s because YouTube uses a rating system to identify how many dislikes a certain video has before their algorithm recognizes the content as “unhealthy.”

No, taking down videos will not get rid of the views or ratings. Media Mister is a go-to place to get YouTube dislikes from as their service is pretty fast and affordable.

Want to save some money?

EarthWeb has partnered with Media Mister to get you a 15% exclusive discount on any order with our promo code. Click to redeem.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy YouTube Dislikes

GetAFollower is a website that works like magic when you wish to buy dislikes on YouTube.

You can purchase YouTube dislikes for as low as 5$ from GetAFollower.

👉 Get YouTube Dislikes

If you are looking for the perfect website to get YouTube dislikes, look no further.

You can easily influence the growth of any YouTube channel by using more packages provided by the website.

Since the website was launched, it has undergone tremendous development as a YouTube management website. With the help of GetAFollower, you can easily reduce the impact of your YouTube channel on specific groups of people.

Maybe you want to influence the growth of a young channel, or you want to manage an old competitor; whatever your needs, GetAFollower can meet your expectations.

This site not only provides content that you don’t like on YouTube but it can also be used to purchase other YouTube services. For example, you can buy likes, views, comments, and even purchase more YouTube subscribers.

It has a wide range of influence and applies to other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Needless to say, if you choose this site, you will not go wrong.

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Buy YouTube Dislikes

Buy Real Media is another website that people can buy more dislikes. It also provides many other services that you can use.

The dislikes they provided are real and had a huge impact on social media algorithms. Rarely, the website does not match the service it claims to provide.

👉 Get YouTube Dislikes

Buy Real Media is a must for people who want to get dislikes.

All you have to do is provide basic information such as the channel name, and the rest will be completed soon.

In addition, there are different packages and packages you can choose according to your budget and needs. They have a huge influence on YouTube, which means few goals they cannot achieve.

They also provide inexpensive services. Packages start at $3, which is very cost-effective. SocialWick is a leading social media store that provides a wide range of services. I especially like your simple and user-friendly website.

However, the big problem here is that they didn’t mention their prices. Instead, choose the number of disapprovals you want, and it will give you an estimate. Fortunately, this process is very fast.

4. StormViews


The YouTube service provided by StormViews is excellent. As we all know, they can provide a series of views within a few hours, which I like very much.

They are also very experts at dealing with content they don’t like on YouTube. Its performance can easily be considered above average. We can prove the same as we inspect the services they provide.

They provide things that not everyone likes. However, true disgust can be a bit difficult because it is an extremely difficult task.

You should try their services this year and use every opportunity to achieve the success you have always wanted. If you want to buy something you don’t like on YouTube, there isn’t much to look for.

Over the years, StormViews has become popular. Currently, it is one of the most widely used websites in the history of social media. The service they provide is, of course, top-notch and at the same time very cheap.

5. SocialWick

SocialWick YouTube Dislikes

You can apply for 10 to 50,000 dislikes on SocialWick at the cost of between $0.22 and $1099.95.

It is cheaper than the one provided by others. If you are looking for a more economical option, SocialWick is a perfect choice.

Please note that SocialWick, like its name, is not limited to a single social media channel. They provide incredible service. Everything from website traffic to the UK likes, and Apple Music is streaming.

SocialWick is a very versatile platform. You can access them in different settings, and they won’t let you down.

SocialWick would put you in a position to spend more than the basic amount. Their global influence makes them better.

6. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert Review – Is It Legit?

ViewsExpert is another website that fully fulfilled its promises.

They know how to work perfectly, allowing you to increase the number of “dislikes” on your YouTube channel. The service they provide is excellent, and we believe it is one of the best.

They are also very efficient, knowing what is needed to cause the organic matter in the canal to deteriorate.

In addition, you can rest assured that you will only get the best service. Their work prices are also very low, starting from $20.

With this cost, you can get many “dislikes” on YouTube, and as the cost increases, you can also increase the number of “dislikes” you provide. In addition, it is provided to you at a very fast speed without unnecessary delay.

They also provide quality services and are always ready to serve you. In this way, they can ensure that all your problems are resolved at the right time.

In addition, they are committed to participating with you in your journey. Therefore, you will not feel alone when running a YouTube channel.

In addition, they provide various other services that you can also use. This includes buying real YouTube views, likes, and comments.

Therefore, you can stop the growth of your YouTube channel, but you can also increase the growth rate.

7. Viralyft

Viralyft YouTube Dislikes

Viralyft is currently the most popular and award-winning social media engagement platform on the market.

Every time I researched participating platforms, his name always ranked first. And there are good reasons.

Check out the Viralyft review on their website to know better. Forget the troubles of YouTube.

Viralyft is a good choice for all your participation needs, from Facebook fans to Spotify repeats, Instagram likes to TikTok fans.

Viralyft is proud to say that his team has more than 50 years of marketing experience. However, this whole experience is not cheap.

The cheapest YouTube dislikes Plan I found gave me 50 dislikes for $5.99. To get a higher price, you can buy up to 1,000 YouTube dislikes for $74.99.

Despite the savings of about $26, I still think its value is a bit high. In other words, if the service is within your budget, you cannot do better than Viralyft.

Note: Social media participation platforms should not require sensitive account information, such as usernames or passwords. If you find that a website needs your private data to run, then it is malware. Leave as soon as possible.

8. SocialFried


Social Fried is an amazing website, and it believes in customers first.

They have an amazing interface, easy to use and use. In addition, the site has an excellent digital creative team who knows the best way to run the site on social media.

You can’t go wrong when buying things I don’t like on YouTube. Over the years, the website has become very popular because of the services it provides.

After subscribing to this site, it only takes a few minutes to see how the number of “dislikes” in the video has changed.

Changes will be felt a few hours after the purchase. We felt very sad instantly on YouTube. The number of “dislikes” gradually increased in the next few days, and YouTube’s video statistics dropped sharply.

The site also has the task of protecting your identity so that the authorities can never find out, etc.

9. The Marketing Heaven

The Marketing Heaven

Among the various YouTube dislike bots, The Marketing Heaven is the first stop on the list. These dislikes are real, so you don’t have to worry about offending.

We agree that people who use Marketing Heaven are more disgusted than the other pages on this list. If you want to improve your position in the virtual world, this website will be very useful.

They have a team of experts who have worked in social media marketing for many years. Most importantly, your professionals already have a wealth of offline work experience, and they appreciate how it works in the real world.

Since you should not disclose private personal information, the platform is completely secure. You can enjoy various packages sold through the platform. You can start with more than 200 dislikes, if you wish, for a small cost of $7.

They also include various other packages to ensure that the specifications can be easily customized to your needs. If you get lost somewhere, you need to use customer service.

10. Bouxtie

Bouxtie Review (2021) — Does it Work for TikTok Growth?

Among the many sites on YouTube that offer YouTube dislikes services, Bouxtie occupies a special place. This is a relatively new website that has taken the social world by storm.

They have a professional team composed of managers and employees who have been engaged in YouTube marketing for a long time. When it comes to YouTube, they have almost nothing to do.

Not only do they provide YouTube “dislikes,” but they also provide other services such as “likes,” views, and subscribers. This site understands all the effective methods for handling YouTube’s algorithms.

Therefore, no matter what you need this website to do, it will help you. In addition, your employees have a moderate amount of offline experience and are already engaged in social media marketing in well-known companies.

The first surprise can be purchased on this website for less than a dollar. Even if the number of dislikes increased, the price did not rise significantly. The highest cost plan is also very suitable for your budget.

Over time, you will almost immediately notice the number of dislikes on your YouTube channel. Therefore, you can immediately deal with unnecessary competition.

How to Buy YouTube Dislikes

Find the Top Service 

Various sites promise free subscribers and likes. These places are not very reliable because these items cannot be purchased for free.

Check the history of the company you selected and view the feedback received on the website. If you see suspicious content, it is recommended not to use the platform and select other content.

Talk to The Support if Needed

It is best to send an email to people who have already used the platform. Since most of them are posted for advertising purposes, they are fraudulent, so it’s important to trust review sites.

Websites pay other websites to write positive reviews because it is difficult to trust the internet. Therefore, contacting people who have used these sites is the only way to understand how the sites work.

Purchase a Small Plan

If you buy a larger package, it is not recommended at the beginning. Each platform provides multiple options or packages to choose from. The platform provides different preferences, ideas, and followers at different costs.

It is recommended that you first consider small packages that are not expensive. In this way, you can determine the authenticity of the website at a lower speed.

Don’t Cause a Sudden Surge

If the number of dislikes on the channel suddenly changes, it will trigger the Youtube algorithm.

However, this is also a remote possibility because most channels cannot track the source of the increase or decrease.

However, it is still important to be careful and downgrade a few likes over a while.


Who Needs YouTube Dislike?

At first glance, this may seem like an illogical purchase for anyone who doesn’t know the importance of YouTube dislikes.

Every day, about 5 billion videos are viewed on this platform alone.
YouTube Dislikes
Surprisingly, it is estimated that at least 80% of people aged 18 to 49 use YouTube regularly.

This is a clear mile, the most competitive video sharing platform in the world, so why not enjoy your videos?

The truth is that it’s completely logical for publishers on YouTube to dislike competitors’ videos. Businesses and private users of all sizes are buying more and more likes to increase the appeal of their content.

You can buy hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of likes in one order.

But it’s important to remember that no video in YouTube’s history has received 100% positive feedback.

For some reason, even the most successful videos will end up with a lot of sadness.

Therefore, if you buy likes on YouTube, you can also buy dislikes for YouTube channels to make it look real.

Is Buying YouTube Dislikes Legit?

It’s all about finding the right balance between positive and negative reviews so that everything looks legitimate.

Purchasing YouTube dislikes can be a solution to your problem, but some things need mentioning.

Firstly, the whole process is not illegal in any way. It’s 100% safe, and it’s not something that will put your account at risk.

Also, it’s important to say that nobody will ever know who ordered these likes or what for. However, be aware that you can remain completely anonymous during the process.

It is not uncommon for you to ask yourself questions like, “how many YouTube dislikes should I buy?” The answer depends on how successful you wish your video to become.

If, after watching the video, somebody thinks “this is bad” and they don’t have anything nice to say about it, you might need a little boost in your dislikes. Youtube will trigger the algorithm to bring down the video.

As a competitor, you might use YouTube dislikes on your competitor videos.

On the other hand, you’re trying to make a good video go viral and become popular – only buy as many YouTube likes as you need.

For example: if your goal is to make your video go viral and reach at least 1k dislikes, all you need is 100 more YouTube dislikes than currently – don’t rush and order 1000 YouTube dislikes.

Be mindful of what people say about your videos, even though everyone watching the video won’t see those comments.

In addition, there are several ways for you to improve your video buying dislikes is not a good option to promote your videos.

In cases these dislikes will come from bots, the video will most likely not be affected.

What Does a Smart Business Do?

They don’t only rely on their current success. For example, if a company has been around for a long time, competitors will challenge the business.

They will try to discover the companies weak point when drafting their business plan and build on that.

Does it also occur on youtube? You guessed it right. There is fierce competition on youTube.

YouTubers try to see what their competitors are doing right and see how to challenge them. This is very common on youtube.

Competitors buy dislikes on other people’s videos to prevent those videos from growing and giving them a better chance of growing.

YouTube dislikes are not for those who do not want to make a joke out of their videos. You must know what you’re looking for and how many dislikes/views/comments you need to improve your video.

For this reason, never order more than you need!

This information will help keep both parties safe, the website selling the services, and the buyer – providing they follow certain guidelines.

The first thing that needs mentioning here is bots.

Bots are used by companies that sell YouTube services because they allow sellers to provide hundreds or even thousands of YouTube views, comments.

It would be best to consider where you buy them; this is not something you want to order off eBay or another lesser-known website.

Also, keep in mind how many you’d like to get because it can be easy to get hooked up and suddenly find yourself spending a lot of money.


Today, a large number of people do not realize the gap between the active and the poor. It seems that people without taste or prejudice prefer things that come to mind.

For YouTube users who want to build a digital career, this can be a very challenging obstacle.

However, you are likely to significantly reduce competition for the best sites YouTube wants to buy over time. We all know that desperate steps are required in difficult times.

Therefore, if you want to buy YouTube dislikes cheap, we recommend that you visit the website that we previously listed on the list. 

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